Magnificent Deception

Robert Menard

Notes of video by Darius. Search title above

Statutes are not law.

The corporation wishes us to be bound by statutes which are not law and were purposely made hard to understand.

Confiscate - remove without clear lawful authority.

When a cop or agent of the court asks for our legal name: “Do you have proof of claim that I have an obligation to have one?”

Legal Names - are part of the trap they have set for us. They use the legal name to create joinder.

Lawful Names - are what we use. A cop who is acting lawfully will never need your lawful family name if we have not faltered under common law.

We have no last name….only family names. I am John of the family of Smiths.

Our social security number is an employee identification number and another form of trap. The SS# creates joinder.

Payment into a payment pension plan is prima facie evidence of employee status. Only employees pay into a pension plan.

Prima facie - In common law jurisdictions, prima facie denotes evidence that – unless rebutted – would be sufficient to prove a particular proposition or fact.

Under The Legal Profession Act it states that only members of the legal profession may create or file documents for use in court.

We can abandon the social security number anytime.

A roman maxim: Let him who would be deceived, be deceived.

Getting a license is asking permission to engage in a perfectly lawful activity.

Anything you can do under license in the legislative framework you must be able to do without license outside of that framework or else the licensing authority is licensing unlawful activities.

We should never question an agent’s intelligence, integrity, or intentions. We should only question the meanings of the words they use and their knowledge of what those words mean.

We should always avoid conflict with the agents. It is the conflict that generates the revenue.

We always accept the agents offers with conditions which are too difficult for them to perform.

We have to know what can and cannot be accepted. We never accept a notice. (Respond and reject it.)

A notice should be dealt with using our own notice. Example: “Notice of discharge of notice by way of seeking clarification.”

Remittance - is a specie of money sent by one merchant to another.

Security Interest - is anything that is either tangible or intangible that can generate or create an obligation to pay or perform a service.

A transaction of a security interest is rendered void from the beginning by anything that would invalidate a contract at law. ….fraud, duress, mistake, coercion, I did not want to contract.

You can accept a traffic ticket and void it within 3 days under the Law & Equity Act.

Any power an agent or an officer has over us is a result of 2 things.

1) Their deception.

2) Our ignorance.

We can use two documents to reclaim our rights and hold agents responsible.

1) Notice of Understanding & Intent

2) Claim of Right.

The Notice of Understanding & Intent is filed. The other party has 10 days to respond.

Then the Claim of Right is filed. They have 10 days to respond. Once the claim of right is cured you are protected from having to ask permission from the agents.

Three words Rob never finds in the legislation. Love, compassion and truth.

When a cop is acting against you, you operate under protest and duress. The agents have three days to prove they have a right to proceed. If they do not, we get to determine the terms of the contract.

The Notice of Understanding & Intent has to be notarized.

The corporations rules only apply to those in the corporation and those who ask to get in.

In The Law & Equity Act they express that if you offer mediation, discussion, or negotiation prior to court and the other party refuses, they lose.

The fee schedule can be enforced through a notary by getting a Default Notary Judgment.

When an officer or court agent asks for your name you reply LEGAL OR LAWFUL?

If they say legal…we do not have a legal name. If they say lawful….we are not required to give our last name.

We have a family name. When you give an agent your last name you are giving them evidence of a person.

Questions to ask the agents:

1) Under what authority are you acting?

(most cases can be avoided simply by challenging jurisdiction)

2) Are you aware that gross negligence is equal to fraud?

3) Is this a transaction of a Security Interest?

(If they say yes, then you explain that a security interest requires both parties consent since there is an expectation to pay or perform. Then you refuse to consent.)

4) Are you willing to claim under full commercial liability that I have an obligation to have such a thing in order to exercise my common law rights?

5) What evidence do you have at this point right now that you are actually dealing with a person who is subject to that act?

6) Would the court please identify the accused party?

(by asking this question before the judge has a opportunity to ask who is the accused party, we have prevented one of the biggest scams in the court. The court cannot ever identify the accused party because the statutory case represents a security interest where one must pay or perform. Since adjudication must be a lawful act, the security interest must be consensual. If the court were to identify you, it would be acting unlawfully. This is why the judge asks who is the accused party. When you respond to this question, you have just “voluntarily” admitted or “contracted” with the court. We must not create “joinder” with the legal fiction who is cited on the court summons. The judge is relying on us to admit that we are the accused creating joinder.)

7) Is this a de facto court?

8) Who’s courts are these?

The court cannot identify the accused party for statutory action because the charge is only against the fiction. The charge exists in association with you. That association must be lawful and therefore must be voluntary on your part.

The cops can’t give you a ticket if they do not see your ID. Showing the cop an ID creates joinder with your natural person and the legal fiction on the ID. The cops are attempting to establish evidence of a “person”.

A name & birth date are the two things the agents need to establish a “person”.

Cops are required to have three things:

1) badge

2) ID

3) business card

Once you have abandoned your SS# they have no authority over you, (subject to common law).

Prior to going to a court case you can serve a Claim of Right noticing that you will serve a bill on anyone giving you an order. This will stop the orders.

No one can provide adjudication services without the consent of both parties to the adjudication.

Adjudication is a transaction of Security Interest which requires the consent of both parties.

We can tell the court:

1) Equality before the law is mandatory.

2) I am competent to administrate my own affairs.

3) I do not consent to this transaction.

4) I am not surety for the accused even though our names are similar.

We can ask for the judge’s oath & bond information. We can also present the judges oath to the court. The judge probably will not be thrilled with this as it makes him neutral at that point.

The Judge’s Bond Information:

1) Who issued the bond.

2) What’s the value of the bond.

3) Who is holding the bond in trust for redemption.

If the judge cannot provide this information he or she is not holding office lawfully.

Never answer the questions of the agents. Return questions for questions.

We must be able to distinguish between statutes and law. Statutes do not apply to us.

We must distinguish between driving & traveling (a free right).

Know the right words: driver, guest, passenger, owner. (words of commerce – controlled by their statures)

A cop’s primary duty is as a peace officer. The cop actually breaches his duty to the peace when they act as a law enforcement officer without having evidence of the person’s status.

De facto = fraudulent.

De jure = done properly under law.

We are not the owners of the courts because:

1) We do not have a right to create the acts that are being used.

2) We do not have the power to file documents.

3) We are barred from earning a fee for acting as an agent for anyone in court.

Rob says that if we use an SS# for many years and then give it up, we should still be able to collect the benefits without compromising our sovereignty, but we need to use the Notice of Understanding and Intent and the Claim of Right.

The Law Association creates all of these statutory structures, which actually only apply to them and then they presume them upon us. (Prima facie)

Agents will frequently use prima facie tactics like saying….. “ IT IS REQUIRED”. Well I require a tuna sandwich. The point here is that just because some agency calls something a requirement does not automatically make it an obligation on our part. If we do not rebut the requirements they are assumed to be valid.

When traveling to another country we can post a bond with them instead of using a passport.

We cannot serve a Notice of Understanding and Intent on a foreign jurisdiction, but we can serve it on customs here. Customs has NO RIGHT to deny us access.

A passport is like an agreement of good behavior. We can make our own agreement with the Notice. Rob says if we do not administer this ourselves through the Notice, the government does it for us with a passport. When we grow up and handle these things ourselves, we do not need the nanny (the gov’t) to handle it.


(Elden’s notes)

When we are young, immature, todders; we have a nanny to care for our needs, feeding, clothing.

When we mature, become competent, responsible, we need to detach from the nanny (gov’t) and be responsible for our own actions. Doing that we have untold freedom, opportunity, health, wealth, etc.

Living in the lie only benefits them and reduces our quality of life and freedom.