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For most Americans, the name NASA suggests a squeaky-clean image of technological infallibility. Yet the truth is that NASA was born in a lie and has always concealed many truths about its occult origins.

Mystical organizations quietly dominate NASA, carrying out their own secret agendas behind the scenes. This is the story of men at the very fringes of rational thought and conventional wisdom, operating at the highest levels of our country. Their policies are far more aligned with ancient religions and secret mystery schools than the facade of rational science and cool empiricism NASA has successfully promoted to the world for almost fifty years. Dark Mission is proof of the secret history of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the astonishing, seminal discoveries it has repeatedly suppressed for decades.

Von Braun’s 50-Year-Old Secret:

The US Explorer I Discovery that Could Have Saved the World ….

The secret of gravity and inertia themselves ... revealed as a true "anti-gravity effect" -- somehow operating on Explorer I ... radically affecting its very orbit!

 A seminal discovery ... which -- at the stroke of a White House pen -- could have re-written not only the history of science … but, the destiny of the entire world ….

However, this was not to be.

This monumental, history-making breakthrough was immediately followed by the United States' most far-reaching political move of this same half-century -- a hurried decision, made apparently that same night, to keep this phenomenonal "anti-gravity" discovery a total secret ... not only from its own civilian scientists, its own "free press" ... its own citizens and taxpayers ... but, from everyone on Earth!

This is the story of the Enterprise Mission's painstaking, years-long investigation (given context in our recent New York Times bestseller -- Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA): the "back-engineering," scientific and political analysis of this "world-changing, pre-NASA discovery" ... and the grave global consequences that have now evolved from the crucial decision, made by "someone" in a position of Authority that night--

To simply ... "bury it." ...

That, serendipitously, Explorer I had made--

A profound and fundamental scientific breakthrough ... regarding how objects really gravitationally orbit one another!

 And that, as a result, almost 300 years of Newton's long-accepted "Law of Universal Gravitation" was, somehow, wrong ... as might be his equally unquestioned "Three Laws of Motion" ... and potentially (shudder ... ), even Einstein's "General Theory of Relativity" ... .

Whatever the ultimate cause -- this was NOT going to be any "small" Scientific Revolution.

And, that was precisely “the Problem” ….

And the solution to "the Problem" -- as we can now demonstrate -- was a political decision, made by "someone" that night, to instigate an immediate cover-up of this entire, stunning US space discovery ... which obviously, if openly verified, would have been--

The most important result of the entire space program!

A cover-up which (according to the evidence)--

Is still on-going... .

Heim (who had worked at the world-famous "Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics," in Goettingen, Germany, after the War), had rocked the physics and space communities just a few years earlier, by presenting at the 1952 and 1954 sessions of the "International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Congress" historic scientific papers, outlining the first theoretical proposal for "fuel-less field propulsion technology“ -- a means of sending true space vehicles to other planets, without the profound "limitations of rockets" ...

Which could itself move through space -- yet, expel NO "reaction mass" ... by electromagnetically "hooking into the very fabric of 'space-time'" itself! ...

Allais' series did not "beat around the bush," but directly confronted the startling possibility that his lengthy series of meticulous pendulum observations, consisting of literally thousands of hours of detailed repetitions -- which included the extraordinary, totally unexpected 2 hours and 34 minutes of the amazing events during the '54 eclipse -- revealed fatal flaws in the previously "sacrosanct" laws of Newton and Einstein ... .

Von Braun's cover-up -- and simultaneously quiet (if not quietly desperate) quest ... for an "alternative physics" to ultimately fix the problem ... was working--

Certainly, "the cover-up" part ... ..

[ Now the US Military has designs in space and access to he moon ]

And then, one day after New Year's Day, January 1959 ... came another Soviet surprise:

"The First Soviet Cosmic Rocket" (later renamed Luna-I ... ) was launched by the Soviets toward the Moon , on an upgraded "R-7 intercontinental rocket" -- placing an ~800-pound unmanned Russian probe on an impact trajectory designed, for the first time, to contact the surface of another world ... .

[ Von Braun noted that the Soviet's missed the moon, as their calculations also were ignoring the anti-gravity effects that he was discovering.]

Which (by solving this "insolvable problem?" -- and learning to control a Physics which makes completely obsolete both Newton and Einstein!) ... it ultimately became!?


The secret of building real "anti-gravity spaceships" -- with which to ultimately colonize that solar system!


A full half century after Explorer I ... is "someone" now doing exactly what we've just described:

Carrying out a real, "top-secret" Space Program ... perhaps, by now, far beyond this solar system ... and, with a fleet of "gravity-controlling spacecraft"--

All based on JPL's "secretly-derived New Physics"--

While the NASA that we see on television ... still pretends "it only plays with rockets?!"

And, no one in the American press corps is still suspecting ... anything!?

Stay tuned ... .

Part II of "Von Braun's 50-Year-Old Secret"

In Part I, we described surprising -- and apparently totally unrecognized, until now -- pivotal new details around the seminal events which quietly unfolded the night of January 31, 1958 -- when the United States finally carried out its first successful launch of an artificial Earth satellite, Explorer I.

How, Wernher von Braun -- "Operation Paperclip" chief German rocket engineer, and head of the US Army effort that actually launched Explorer I (using the Jupiter-C rocket that von Braun and his German team had specifically designed) -- was, at first, intensely disappointed ... then, obviously surprised and overjoyed ... and finally, completely baffled ... .

By the totally unexpected orbital performance of "his" first US satellite.

For -- mysteriously -- Explorer I had reached an orbit of the Earth that night fully one third higher than the one (green line - below) originally planned!

We also noted in Part I of this report the immediate -- and still continuing -- national security classification of these amazing scientific findings, which have both prevented open civilian research into the far-reaching implications of Explorer I's astonishing "anti-gravity" behavior for these past fifty years ... as well as any application of those findings to desperately-needed energy or transportation problems here on Earth.

Yet, despite this "security lid," we were able to document von Braun's surprising, clandestine, years-long personal search -- following Explorer I -- for "answers" to these inexplicable celestial-mechanics questions ... which eventually set him on a remarkable one-man quest for "an entire alternative physics" -- which could explain America's first satellite achieving an orbit (yellow line - below) for which von Braun's own rocket was literally incapable of reaching ... on its own.

But, even more remarkable ... Explorer I was not alone in this achievement!

Review of the publicly-available data revealed the equally-unexpected "over performance" of two additional Explorer satellites in von Braun's early Army program, as well as similar "mysteriously enlarged orbits" of all three successful US Navy Vanguard satellites ... to the point where the latter have now become the oldest man-made artifacts still orbiting the Earth!

And yet, as also noted in our first section -- even after fifty years -- no one seems to have noticed or asked any in-depth questions about this astonishing sequence of events: the repeated, gross violations of both "Newton's Laws" and "Einstein's Relativity" ... in the launching of America's first satellites!

To say nothing of the simultaneous appearance of enormous quantities of literal "free energy" ... in each of their much larger orbits--

All ... apparently from nowhere!

 * * *

In this -- Part 2 of our continuing investigation into von Braun's amazing "secret" -- we will now lay out, based on our own ~ 20 years of "hyperdimensional research and experimentation," just how we "figured it out"; how we have been able to "back engineer" what von Braun (and JPL ... ) themselves eventually had to have deciphered about this startling phenomenon, and what it could mean even beyond "a fundamental revolution in celestial mechanics ... ."

Explorer I's radically "non-Newtonian" orbital behavior (and that of the other US satellites' ... ) must rank as THE major scientific and political discovery of the early space program ... if not the last fifty years of solar system exploration!

Regardless of the public secrecy and security classifications that high-level governmental policy makers immediately placed around this night, the question which MUST be asked now is: "were von Braun (and his associates at JPL) eventually able to turn this revolutionary scientific discovery--

Into a workable technology?

A technology which ultimately could control even--

Gravity itself?!

And if so, has this overwhelmingly important technical and political development also been officially kept secret, literally for decades ... from both the American taxpayer ... and the world?

As noted earlier, our own ~ 25 years of research may have given us a technical advantage that von Braun (at least, initially ... ) did not possess: a working scientific theory (the Hyperdimensional Model) -- which, from the beginning, has predicted distinct "non-Newtonian" spacecraft motions and behavior ... .

There is, however, another school of thought vis a vis "what did von Braun (and other Operation Paperclip Germans) really know about Explorer I's 'non-Newtonian dynamics' ..?" -- an historical perspective extensively documented and discussed in the works of our friend and colleague, Dr. Joseph Farrell: Books: [ Elden has & has read]

The Brotherhood of the Bell  & Reich of the Black Sun    
Nazi Secrets Weapons & Cold War Allied Legend ...

... at this point that we must introduce another remarkable player in this "drama" -- the late "alternative physicist," Dr. Bruce DePalma ... [experiment spinning a ball bearing at 27,000 rpm, then throw upward with a companion equal size and weight non spinning ball bearing.  The spinning ball goes higher, further, falls faster.  Spinning changes the relationship of the ball to gravitational forces] ...  from photos of the two ball bearing projectiles. it shows:

in direct violation of both Newton and Einstein, it SHOUTS that "inertial mass" and "gravitational mass" are NOT equivalent-- ...

."science is nothing ... if it's not prediction."

For, after literally years of pondering its meaning -- in concert with all the other "rotation and inertia experiments" he had carried out -- DePalma, 25 years after Explorer (and knowing nothing of its anomalies or its profound significance to his own work ... ), realized that "the spinning ball" was NOT (directly, anyway ... ) about "anti-gravity" at all. That, instead, it represented a unique window into a far deeper reality ... re the very "energy structure" of space and time itself ... and the extraordinary possibilities of extracting that unlimited, "free energy" via a variety of "appropriate" technologies.

"Energy Crisis -- Solved!" anyone ... ?

One of our unfinished, on-going discussions (abruptly cut short by Bruce's tragic and untimely death, in 1997 ... ) was a resolution of exactly where this "free space energy" was coming from; in the "HD Model," it is not really coming from "3-Space" at all -- but literally from "a higher dimensional reality," made available in this dimension (as a propagating torsion field distortion -- see Chapter 2 in Dark Mission ... ) via "physical rotation of mass ... "

The act of mere "rotation" -- in the HD Model -- literally "opens a type of 'gate,' or 'geometric doorway ... '" between other dimensions ...

Could "Von Braun's Secret" that night have involved far more than just a blatant violation of "Newton's Laws ... " (as serious as that obviously was ... ) caused by an inertial change in those upper stages created by "rotation?"; could "the Secret" also have encompassed an almost trivial means of tapping directly into unlimited "free energy" for ANY chemical reaction -- by the simple act of rotation ... ?

As should be readily apparent to anyone thinking deeply about all this, von Braun himself clearly (if inadvertantly) had tripped over "a vast source of free energy in space... " -- simply in those mysteriously enlarged "satellite orbits" -- regardless of the details of how he actually did it ... .

Which "they," for obvious reasons (Big Oil, anyone?), immediately suppressed ... .

Imagine what the world would look like now ... in 2008 -- half a century after these historic events ... if, instead of being immediately hidden, this extraordinary discovery had been triumphantly announced within a few days by the Eisenhower White House ... and then, made openly available to scientists and engineers around the world ... even in the former Soviet Union.

Would we even recognize our planet now ... ?

"The fact that Newton’s Laws do not distinguish between the spinning and the non-rotating object represents the state of mechanical knowledge at the time. But because Newton did not distinguish between rotation and non-rotation, Einstein did not distinguish between the so-called inert and 'gravitational mass.' The fact that rotation affects the mechanical properties of objects places Newton’s Laws as a special case and invalidates a geometrical [Einsteinian] interpretation of space.

"… in a strict sense, the precise application of Newton’s laws [based on these experiments] … have to be restricted to non-rotating mechanical objects in field-free space. In a gravitational field, the possibility of extraction of greater energy by a new mechanical dimension [rotation] opens up the possibility [against both Newton and Einstein] of an anti-gravitational interaction [emphasis added] ….”

-- "Gravity & The Spinning Ball Experiment"
Bruce DePalma

Simularity Institute, March 17, 1977

So when did Pickering first realize that the "secret" to significantly increasing the ISP efficiency of his JPL solid-fueled rockets (and thus, their payloads) was just ... to "spin them!?"

And -- when did he first tip off von Braun ... ?

From the "spinning technology" of the mysterious Nazi Bell, to the "spinning upper stages" of Pickering's aborted "Project Red Socks," to Pickering's extension of that same "spinning technology" to the upper stages of von Braun's own Jupiter-C launch vehicle itself ... rotation seemed to professionally surround von Braun at every turn (sorry ... ).

Yet, after the startling anomalies of Explorer I, von Braun himself seemed profoundly shocked, if not genuinely confused, by the dynamical behavior he was observing. What did he do then?; he began secretly writing to key experts around the world, to anyone who might have a clue as what had really caused Explorer I's (to him ... ) "inexplicable behavior."

Not exactly the actions of "somone in the know."'

So, did either of them -- Pickering or von Braun -- know, before Explorer I, what was really going on?

In my professional opinion -- based on this extensive research into von Braun's actions following Explorer's launch (and Pickering's equally documentable, independent, herculian efforts to overcome -- with an entirely new type of spacecraft -- the "non-Newtonian anomaly" in the wake of Explorer I ... )--

No ... .

Because, again -- drawing on the actual HD experiments conducted by DePalma -- we've even been able to figure out the answer to that mysterious little Cold War question:

The key to solving this remaining "celestial-mechanics mystery" is in this little gem from Bruce DePalma, once again--


"... mechanical energy of motion, stored in the created inertial property, od, appears as an inertial field. This inertial field has the property of conferring inertia on surrounding material objects -- and a reduction in the frequency of oscillating electrical circuits placed in the vicinity of the energized machine [emphasis added] ... . "



Even in non-rotating spacecraft ... in their boosters ... in their "instrument units" ... what is the one thing which is always rotating -- even if the vehicles do not.

The gyroscopes.

All spacecraft (and their associated launch vehicles ... ) have to have a number of whirling gyroscopes in their on-board "inertial navigation systems." These devices literally steer the vehicles, providing on-board 3-D coordinates for ground-based navigation and (along with other on-board devices, called "accelerometers") provide absolutely critical reference points for any spacecraft trying to reach any distant destination ... .

The gyros always have to spin!

Back to DePalma-- 

"… the [inertial altering, OD field] effect is roughly proportional to the radius and mass [of the rotating object] … and to the square of the rotational speed [emphasis added] ….”

 So, if you have a big "dumb" object -- like a main stage booster, or a set of upper stages -- and you spin them ... you get a certain "OD Effect," depending on how fast they rotate.


If you have a set of tiny, low mass objects -- the gyroscopes in the on-board inertial navigation systems -- but you spin them "like the proverbial bat out of hell ... " you can get a MUCH greater proportional effect--

Because -- their individual torsion fields are directly proportional to the square of their individual rates of spin!

The key is in DePalma's crucial observation "... this inertial field has the property of conferring inertia on surrounding material objects." ...

In 1968, Richard C. Hoagland was a science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News and an independent science media consultant. At that time, literally just months before Apollo 11 would make the first manned lunar landing, Grumman Corporation (now Northrop\Grumman) the maker of the Lunar Module, issued a press kit to all the media of the day; television networks, newspapers and wire services. Its purpose was to inform the various newsmen of all the crucial facts and figures relating to the Lunar Module; how it was conceived, what it did and how it worked. As an adjunct to this rather dry and technical instruction manual, Grumman hired a young hotshot science writer to compose the part of the manual which dealt with the Moon itself. For this they wanted a touch of poetry, not just the arid facts and figures of the Moon’s diameter and material composition, but also of the lure of Luna herself. They wanted someone to reach deep into the lore of our nearest celestial neighbor and extract that which draws us to her, that which makes the Moon a mysterious and beckoning destination; that which makes her a Face that could launch a thousand missions, Dark and otherwise.

They chose Richard C. Hoagland.

As you read through this decades old essay, you’ll be surprised at how much of what we thought we knew then is now known to be wrong, and how much still has the ringing echo of truth. Just after this was issued, he handed a copy to Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the author of 2001 and then a freshly minted on-air science consultant to CBS News as well. Clarke took the manual home that same night and brought it back to the young Mr. Hoagland the next day with a one word review: “Excellent!”

... The NASA you thought you knew for 50 years has been a lie... .

What if the astronauts you thought you knew so well... were beholden to a higher authority [all members of secret order of Masons]

What if NASA had discovered unimaginable wonders... .
... including a City of Light...
... only to cover them up...
... Out of fear about how you would react...

What if this secret agenda...
... by dark men...
... with secret pasts...
[ Nazi scientist - rocket technology & mind control were brought to US under the Paperclip Project -
which was not suppose to include Nazi war criminals - but US military wanted their knowledge.]

... had even led ...
... to the death of a President... ?

What if even the gray, bland, "magnificent desolation" that NASA had shown us... .
... had been a lie?

Would it make you question why ...
... after all these years, we were suddenly going back...
... to the Moon...   And beyond...            Enter Dark


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