Simple Overview


May I show you how simple is this web site and or these concepts ?


I'm retired.  I studied 9-11 for 1,500+ hours, to see that government & news media suppress the truth intentionally to maintain their force on us, that we approve of their wars, taxes and their control of most people.


Once I figured that out, I looked at income tax, to see that taxes are voluntary, so I learned how and I quit filing & paying.

Then I found that all actions in courts & US Code are also voluntary.

I also looked at medical practices and or cures, cancer treatments,

     then diverse subjects: history, banking, money, government & law, etc.,

They are all huge deceptions - held by a few people at the top.


Any one (teenager or adult) can figure this out, if you sincerely study (& I will show you how).


What we might expect did happen.  Powerful people took control of primary things: Rockefellers control oil world wide, - bankers control the currencies of the world, and thereby gained control over the corporations, governments, news, universities.

By what they suppress, they maintain control on most of us. But with knowledge, you can step out of their traps.


Since they have done this, they have nearly unlimited money to bribe, or pay off people to do their will, so they can control the governments, legislators, laws, the corporations and the people.


A primary thing that the super rich, the illuminati, secret societies, the elites are doing is controlling information so most people are completely dependent on news, thinking it is true.  We shape their lives and decisions based on what we learn from news.


But news, history, education, government & corporate reports are not true, and need not be, as they, the elite, the controllers, the bankers, the illuminati, these secret societies control all the organizations and the distribution of information.


We are in an age of information.  We'd think that new ideas, patents, inventions and technologies would travel around the world, be purchased in various markets, but NO. Those who control the information suppress new technologies, new energy sources, new or even very old successful medial treatments.


All the middle men: - doctors, - lawyers, - police, - judges, they are all dependent on the income they make, so they are not about to question how things work, else they might lose their job or suffer some loss.


Nearly every field I explore is in the same predicament. They are controlled by a small group at the top.  Those people are subject to bribes, threats or coercion from the bigger players. People do not want to change and adapt, else other people would rise to prominence or positions of power.


Now the evil people will lie and steal as they always have and will, but we, the people, must realize that we must sort out what is going on, find and stand in truth.  Find these inventors, discoveries, technologies and bring them forth.


The simple way to understand all this is know that Satan has control of this world, or of the powerful people in this world.


We need to let go of our fixation on what benefits me or my family and for is good for now, not for the future.

We are blind by our on narrow vision - we're missing the big picture.  Edward Bernays, cousin to Sigmund Freud taught Madison Avenue advertising, to accept corporate funding to persuade the public in things opposite the truth so the corporations can profit while the people suffer loss, disease, death.  Such was / is the case with tobacco, fluoride in water, vaccines, etc.


Within the pages of this web, and many linked web sites, and also in the 100,000+ files, videos, books I collected, this perspective of the world is clearly shown, proven, explained.


Accepting things as they are gives rise to the increase of evil around us.

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.


On these pages, I hope you will learn about many of the suppressed, unseen evils all around us stealing our freedom, wealth and health.


We must first search for truth, then do what we can to bring truth to public attention, gathering and teaching people.


The forces upon most of us comes from prominent people, in news, government, corporations who are hawking their dominate views and ignoring the huge deceptions all around us.  You can see and understand these yourself.


Much is ongoing far from the perception of busy business people.

There is both huge deception, evil, death and destruction, and at the same time, new technologies are emerging, free energy technologies, and new monetary systems.


Will we have catastrophe or joyous days ? And will the changes be soon or later ?  There is much to discover.

Come, join in the quest for truth.


Good luck on your exploring this site. Contact me in any way.  Ted E  or To B Tru      a @