How to Know the Truth

A New Reality Book  free pdf file.

by Ted Elden, & Truth Seekers- November, 2009

Introduction to Book 

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Find, confirm anything on the internet in a few seconds.

You can know the truth, separate from what mainstream tries to tell or deny.

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Comments on the book:

Most of what we know in the world, comes from other people's reports.

When you have ability in language, to get and read reports from distant people,
you have a broader spectrum of information.

Beyond newspapers & TV are DVDs, e-Books, web sites, shortwave radio broadcasts.

There is a lot of information that most people will never hear or consider,
unless they have the ability to go and get it.

It is free info and easy to get when you know how.

Most confuse loud dominate voices of main stream, histories, universities with truth.

Truth need not be bold, loud, commonly known.

Sometimes it comes from a distant suppressed voice.

When you get and consider information, you individually can determine if it is true,
regardless of what others say about it.

This book shows a simple way that you can go to the internet,
with more than 2 billion links and untold files, documents, books,
and go immediately to a book, or article that you seek.

When you find the article or reference is available form many different sources, newspapers,
court cases, congressional records, you begin to realize that the information is true, but not widely known.

This book shows people they do not have to rely on high and might authorities. 
By simple reasoning and some internet skills, they can directly know things most will never even consider.

The introduction on how the search works, just 2 pages, shows how easily you can do this.
When you learn how, in less then 1 minute, often in just seconds, you can find the precise proof
to something that you suspect but are not sure about.

Good Luck.  Americans need to beginning thinking again. Restore America !

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.   John 8:32

Ted Elden   304 344 2335

c/o 3501 MacCorkle Avenue SE # 304, Charleston,  [ non-domestic ]    West Virginia  [ zip exempt ]