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Ezekiel has been involved in trying to figure this out since 1990s.  He has studied Elswick, Rob Kelly, Shrout, etc.

Dealing with CUSIP # & the courts

Bonds: Bid, Payment, Performance

They automatically attach with International Bill of Exchange which attach to International  Promissory note, which came into effect in 1988

In 1988, they did away with negotiable

Title 3 ? under UCC Code.

Now everything is converted to what is called Unilateral Commission.

As you begin to operate through these entities, you will be able to work with different forms of negotiable instruments.

We convert ? our negotiable instruments by signature we place on contracts, on lower right side written in blue ink.

Using that we can convert a purchase agreement or different type of products or merchandise we wish to purchase.

First we set up an authorized representative to operate in behalf of the creditor to operate as the actual transmitting utility, to operate on it's own behalf to operate as part of a corporate structure.

When we start dealing with the corporate structure, then we are able to convert everything that they  created thru the funds, as they are not using the constitution anymore.

The constitution tells us the way to pay our debts is with gold or silver.

In 1933, they converted that and removed that option (to pay in gold/ silver).

Then they created a promissory note.

Now everything that we purchase is thru contract.

No one can purchase anything without contract.  They sup recede taxes.

This allows us to be separated from the taxes.

Taxes are a joint partnership that we attach with the county, to the county commissioner where he is taking funds from the citizens of the state and attaching it with a check and putting that out to the depository trust company to take control of the assets.

In dealing with the courts, note the number on the document.  You don't have to go through those formalities (a defense, and appearance in court ?).

We are authorized to get the original warrant, accept it for value & return to them.

Accept the original Warrant for value and Return that to them for discharge, settlement, or closure.

No, we don't have to show them our security agreement, only proof that it is filed with Sec. of State.  It is contract between creditor & debtor.

Fidelity Bond: itemize with different collateral

Arguments and law defenses are useless.

We don't have to show a security agreement, which is a personal (private) contract between the debtor and creditor

On our UCC Filing we make reference which we itemize as collateral on our financial statements to the private security agreement and attach our fidelity bond. Then we can deal with security obligations which we put on our financial statements with UCC 3 listed back under the creditor to open up different companies

When you open different companies, add those to your financial statement, change the debtor and keep the same creditor.

We are authorized to register those with the Sec. of State, get a file number, to use that making us Holders in Due Course.

Apostil your security agreement.

Without your security agreement the creditor has no power.

Soc. Sec. # without dashes is ? EIN ?

We own our Soc. Sec. #  because we have them registered under our creditor. We control how those SS # are used, as they have the same # of digits as a CUSIP exemption # and an EIN #.

By the way the number is broken, we identify which number or account we are using.

SS #  123 -56-7890

CUSIP #       1234-567-890

EIN               1234567890

We are dealing with corp. structure.

They are not using constitution

1933, converted took away gold & silver.

Everything is now purchased with contract or agreement.

They supersede taxes

Taxes is a joint partnership with county to Co. Commissioners

Number on the court document

Accept the original warrant for value

and return that to them.

No, we don't have to show them security agreement.  It is a private contract with creditor & debtor

Fidelity bond itemize with different colorectal.

We can open up different companies

put on them on our UCC financing statement, register them with the Sec. of State.  That makes us holders in due course

Creditor does not have any power unless

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We own our Soc. Sec. # registered under our creditor

We can control how they are used

EIN has Same digits of

but different placement of dashes

CUSIP # goes up with system created in Russia, used as ID number to track person who is using the credit #

We evolved thru different systems of money: commodity money, agriculture, industrial, receipt money, now fiat currency.

To purchase property, they want you account #.  Fill out an SS-4 form, send to IRS to get a CUSIP #.  If we don't, we are allowing them to  pick a CUSIP #

Fred uses his Soc. Sec. # in this form: 12-3456789

Tells them the type of company he is working in after going thru the IRS

.  Register that company with Sec. of State.  Why ?

To have a record they are using his private property to conduct activities.

Therefore we don't need business licenses.

He is using his EIN number as Auth. Rep. for his debtor as Atty in Fact to conduct business.

thru Hold Harmless Indemnity agreement thru his common law copyright


for the CUSIP # 1234-567-89

Intl. # to track anyone and anything

Fred has done activities with Treasury, IRS, with SS Admin., and with the real Sec. of Treasury Dept in PR.

To operate in their system, you must operate by their rules.

Want to Open a Bank Account- you must have: - UCC-1 Financial Statement & - Security agreement to open an account.

Teller will put private on that account.

President will call to put a key number on account, because it's private, they don't want anyone to see that account.

After all set up, then we close down the account. We'll be operating as a creditor using that facility as a financial Inst., using a standby letter of credit, using those endorsements use those credits (which ?) for different activities.

1040 V & 1099 OID (not 1099 A)

This is how we create funds thru the original issue discount bonds

Take a 1040 tax form and get the refund.

If you work, you get a check, it is not a check, it is what they already took from us.

When we endorse the check it becomes a negotiable instrument.

For (whom") to come up with those amounts, you have to use our credit to do it.

When we go back to get the funds, we put ourselves back in the debt venue ?

Should we endorse with this: Title 12 USC 411 - Lawful Money

Titles are reference to statues under the government.

We don't deal with Title 12, it deals with banking, money & finance.

There are no banks, FDIA insures the FDIC. $ 10 million protection fund.

Whatever you purchase something, it is already prepaid.

The best way to do this, to learn this, is to go in (deal with them.)

Shawana has the value of the Birth Certificate, they are EE Bonds, paper-saving bonds.

Shawana's bonds matured after 30 years.

She knows the interest and the value of her BC bond, but not the value of it. She does not know the value only the interest amount.

Your BC is a warehouse receipt.

What is the completion of these actions

after your activity ?  Record in file, or with Sec. of State


Roger Elvick, Jean Keaton, Sam Kennedy, Barton Butt.  They have done research to attract people to their way of thinking to list you as a debtor under them.  Fred says he can do this, and holds proof.

SEA movement: Sov. Earth Alliance put people under them, and take control of their debtors.  Your birth certificate can be converted into a Security Agreement.

Shawana: Use Files # on you BC is an account # on your Security Agreement.

The # on back of BC is dealing with the creditors, for dealing with the Federal Reserve Banks.

12 Dist. banks under the board of Gov., dealing with intl. monetary funds IMF

IMF is dealing with Fed. Resv.  who converted over to Treasury Dept.

The Treasury Dept. sells it (what ?) to the bank, and the bank sells it to the people.

APR, the % rates in dealing with the money. (Annual Percentage Rate ?)

We need to gather people together to work on this.  Every year they devise a different method to tag us as a terrorist to prevent us from access to the money/ funds.

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Mathew is a tax collector

New Covenant

Use scriptures to deal with society

Sovereign Education Defense Ministry,

Family Guardian