International Banking - Terrorism    Short Course

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9 April 2009 Elden spoke to a class of 20 students on

International Finance at WV State Univ.


Why USA & soon the world is falling to a financial collapse and great depression !


I first asked which is most important:


Cash, Love, Power, Truth

A few students choose Love, about 7 students surprised me and said Truth.


From there I began.  Hereís a simple overview:


9-11 shows news is Great Deception.

News is incomplete, not true since it was sold out in 1917 to JP Morgan and the financial powers, as noted by Calloway in the Congressional Record.            See War of Words.

Since news is false, so are books, universities & history.


Fed. Res. is proven to not be of our gov., It is private foreign banks, working for profit in US.

            See, see 31 Questions, Supreme Law Firm

            They have Kansas Court cases that reveal these facts on Fed. Res.

                        There are also numerous other references that also prove this.

Fed. Res. takes the money out of our country,

.    depreciates our assets, cash and money. see $ Fed. Reserve to understand

how they steal from all of us, by their manipulation of currency, interest, value.


US Constitution forbids this private control of money, but most Presidents (except Andrew Jackson), and most US legislators permit this as they are paid well to be silent on this most important source of finance for the evil forces that surround us.


Instead, of our government printing & coining constitutional money, those elected give the power to the Fed. Res. who charges interest and gains all the money that we spend for war, emergencies, famine, all monies borrowed form our future.


The world lives in great deception, but most adults hold to their cash, their assets, their family & jobs and have little concern for their community, and their future.  So they too are easily controlled by those who control the money.


13 families, rule the world,
Google: Fritz Springmeier 13 Illuminati Bloodlines                  or here or here

They & the elite have established Fed. Res. or control of currency in all countries.


These same controlling elites have established a Fed. Res. in all countries and are blending all countries and currencies together to simplify their grip on all humanity.


The 13 families that own and rule the world, are destroying our individual freedoms and striving to control us in all ways; money, food, law, health, etc.


They are deceiving us to yield our independence, they want to control us in all ways, by concentrating every comity into the hands and the power of a few.

Daily these things are less diverse, control of them is more concentrated::

Food, money, taxes, law, health, drugs,


Constantly control grows more centralized, fewer people controlling more of us, even outside of governments to bureaucracies and special authorities.  Emergency situations is one way to rush the concentration of control.


On the dollar bill, it shows their slogan, their method to they speed this process.  In Latin it says   Order Out of Chaos.

They create problems, frighten the citizens and we gleefully adopt new laws that help the elites can more control, while we yield our rights


Itís rewarding to talk to young adults, who can listen, reason, think.

Unlike many seniors who have a limited view of reality, from years of limited news, history of other knowledge that blocks their thinking


They strive to cling to their material assets and possessions.  They're taught to fear to think outside of the box, against common belief.  They think they'd put their assets, life or livelihood in dancer.


In fact the opposite is true.  By avoiding reality easily seen all around us,

we speed the evil and loss of freedom in our clutching to personal & immediate gain.


Explore this link.


See why, according to the US Dept. of Treasury and IRS agents, 67 million American have quit filling individual tax returns.  It's entirely legal, without danger, if you study and understand the tax law and to whom it applies.


According to the Tax Code, Rule 861, only these people need to file & pay:

- federal employees,        - people living in federal areas; PR,Guam, Wash.DC

- foreigners in America    - people who derive income from foreign countries.


This is all clearly stated in the US Tax Code, Rule of Evidence 861


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