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Feb. 12-17, 2019   Anarchy in Archapulco - Jeff Berwick

Synopsis - Song of Truth

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Anarchapulco Life Unchained

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Anarchapulco Speakers 2019

Anarchists Improve World

Achieving Happiness

general notes

Stone notes on conspiracies son to JFK movie director.

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See The Dollar Vigilante for more info.

To seek anarchy is NOT to see chaos.

It is to seek freedom ( from government & corporations.)
As with God,, we should deal with men - everything voluntary, free will..

All things should be voluntary, with no threat, force nor harm.

You are only at fault or owe compensation if you injure, steal, harm, lie or break a promise with another person.

We should also respect and stop enslaving and killing people and animals world wide.

Tolstoy said as long as we have slaughter houses, we'll have battlefields and war.

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