Fire the Plan to Burn Up California 1 - Deborah Tavares


Published on Nov 3, 2017    posted at           Follow Strange Calif. Fires, to this title - Plan to Burn California

Space Based Weapons, The Rothchilds, Weaponized Weather, The Firestorm in Santa Rosa. Very suspicious happenings and leads to World Wide Controllers. Deborah Tavares explains. Smart dust, Smart Meters, collusion between . Electrical Co. & State regulatory agency.  Agencies mandate to do what home owners would not consent if they knew. Pacific Gas and Electric Company, California Public Utilities Commission

Ted comments: The space based or aerial planes, weapons are using 1960s technology.

This lecture shows how these devices were created decades ago and the kind of harm they do.

They match the current destruction experienced in the Santa Rosa Calif. Fires.  So.. were they used on the California people's homes ?


You can only believe that of which you have some information.

You may live in myths from news or you can consider the facts to determine what is happening around you.

More at    click:     California Strange fires.


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