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911    arch     923    aerial    alt(ernate).cm    anvil    architecture    audio    book    c    ca    divine-province-org

e    f    flat    frnd    g    help    henry    hoax    jail    jesus    lesson    links    mail    movies    new    notice

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train    treaty    truth    tt    v    vaccine    video.    video-hold    wed


    Links with Description

911    arch notice to architects of the deception on 9-11

923               Cosmic, stars, heaven signs of coming end times.

aerial            Aerial photos of our area, flying with David Fredericks i his private 2 seater Skipper.


anvil            Anvil Club papers

architecture    Designs by Eldens

audio               Conf. Call Recordings

book                A New Reality, how YOU can find & confirm information, quick & easy, with

c                    Christmas & Holiday greetings, humor & more.

ca                  California Fires, DEW Direct Energy Weapons, as used in Portugal & Canada

divine-province-org    History

e                   Education is teaching lies !

f                    Funny photos, hilarious !

flat               Flat Earth, the biggest deception.  Study to understand it.

frnd             My friends

g                  Mail: Jurisdiction & more

help             Help us !

henry          Henry Elden, life, work, hobbies

hoax          Deceptions from news, government & universities

jail               Experiences of being jailed

jesus          52 Weeks of Jesus, Bible Study, Thursday nights 7 pm, eastern savings time, via. conf. call.

lesson       Lessons on using computers, software, strategies & tips.

links          to things on the web.

mail           How to do 2 postage & free postage mail.  Law, form samples.

movies     Movies that I recommend.

new           New items

notice       Notice of legal matters.

now           Now, things of immediate nature.

phone      Tips on using smart phones

plan          Projects I am planning.

posters    Thought provoking posters

public       Documents recorded at Kanawha Co. Court & or at the W. Va. Sec. of State, UCC Office.

simple       Overview of what is Really ongoing around us.

suppressed    Suppressed subjects, technologies, secrets, like Free Energy

t x

tch            Lessons to learn how to learn.

te              Ted's stuff:  Arrests, Claims, Ted Documents, Little Rock, land, notice,

te-other    Ted's other Anvil Club, classmates, Nature photos, Math - Magic Squares, holidays Ted's poems


train        Photos of Train trip summer 2018, Charleston, W. Va. to San Francisco & return, thru majestic Rocky Mountains.

treaty      Treaties to resolve issues of law.

truth        Truth, simplified


v                Valentines greetings, and humor

vaccine    Vaccines, facts & dangers.

video        Sample Elden's wedding video.


wed          Recent Wedding photos, misc.  see also