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Dear Director::                   Re: OMB # on Tax Forms    13 Oct. 2006


Anticipating April 15th, I open the Code of Federal Regulations to 1.1-1, "Income Tax On Individuals", then to Title 26 at Section 1, "Tax Imposed". I read the following (in part) from the Code of Federal Regulations. "General Rule, Section 1 of the Code imposes an income tax on the income of every individual who is a citizen or resident of the United States". Next, I go Title 26, Internal Revenue Code and (in part) I read Code Section 1, "Tax Imposed" "There is hereby imposed on the taxable income of every married individual and etc.". Next stop is 26 Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 1, Section 602.101 at 1.1-1. I then follow the dotted line to the right and at the top is the designated Current OMB Control Number of 1545-0067. Obviously, I must now find the form that contains the proper OMB number for the tax that is imposed by the Code of Federal Regulations at 1.1-1 and Title 26 at Section 1. Turning to Form 2555 which carries the OMB Number of 1545-0067 and is the designated form for me to file my alleged taxes imposed by the Code of Federal Regulations at 1.1-1 and Title 26, Section 1. Let me say here and now that I have no books, no records and no income, relevant to form 2555 and the current OMB control number.

Being that Form 2555 is the designated form by current OMB Control Number 1545­0067 for the CFR 1.1-1 "Income Tax On Individuals" and Title 26, Section 1, "Tax Imposed" Total Estoppel is now 100% in effect, nullifying all liens, levies and assessments (Exhibit S). Notify the undersigned party immediately with release of levies.

I am enclosing the 1.1-1 Income Tax on Individuals (Exhibit P), Section 1 Tax Imposed On Married Individuals Filing Joint Returns and Surviving Spouses (Exhibit Q), 26 Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 1 at 602.101 (Exhibit R), Form 2555 with an OMB number of 1545-0067 (Exhibit S) and the instructions for Form 2555 (Exhibit T).

I will quote some of the excerpts entitled, Purpose of Form 2555, "if you are a US Citizen or a US Resident Alien living in a foreign country you are subject to the same US Income Tax Law that Apply to the citizens and resident aliens living in the United States". Since I am not a United States Citizen or Resident Alien living in a foreign country, I do not have any interest as to what kind of taxes those people are subject. Only the ones that apply to me living in this country. Here, it states if you qualify, use Form 2555 to exclude a limited amount of your foreign earned income. I am not permitted to file Form 2555 without committing perjury.

Each April 15th, after thoroughly reading the above, I close 26 Code of Federal Regulation and Title 26 with full confidence that I have no obligation to file anything. Should circumstances change, such as living and working in a foreign country, I will do what any red-blooded American should do, file Form 2555 and pay the tax due.

Please responded if and explain if I have any error mentioned herewith in, and advise of any correction.  If you do not reply to this letter within 15 days, you have acquiesced to the contents of this letter. This letter is to be placed into the permanent administrative file and/or records of the undersigned party.


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Please send a current and next years issue of any form and instructions herein mentioned.

IRS, District Director, Dept. of Treasury                    5 / 7

Cincinnati, Ohio 4599-0005                                        248.

I mailed this letter, they had it 15 days, I am free !

But I continue to do much more and help others.

From Pastor Wm. Standring’s course, he is in Covington KY