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The "all CAPITAL Names"  is a "Con" by the "COMMUNIST B.A.R.-Lawyer' Congress, to con/trick "Actual, natural, private "people"  (Non-(corporate-FICTION) PERSONS) ", into being "Benefit-receivers" (Privilege-receivers) withOUT their "Full-Disclosure"  knowledge, or awareness, or realization.  (= Fraud).      Actual live natural (fe/male) people (GOD-Created) names are spelled with all  "lower-case" letters  (No Roman/All CAPITAL LETTERs).                                   

CONGRESS (being a FICTION), - can ONLY create other "FICTIONS",  so they trick actual people, into WRONGLY "thinking/ believing"  that the All CAP (FICTION)  "is the same as" the all lower-case (Actual/live people).   so they can "control" their/CONGRESSES Creation.                 

Actual people are "NOT IN" FICTION Zones (areas)  such as NOT IN 10 mile square (100 square Miles) "District of Columbia",  D.C., territory or possession, fort, dockyard, arsenal, magazine, other needful building, FICTION  "state of", 2 letter abbreviation, Zip number Zone, or other FICTION Area.        

To Enforce ANY Contract (or agreement), they must FIRST establish  All 3 Primary elements of jurisdiction.   

1. Person 2. Place (Venue), and 3. Subject Matter (thing,- Insurance Contract/FICA etc.).  BEFORE they can even write a "Ticket".    If not establishing all 3 jurisdictions, then there is no jurisdiction to proceed.

See court rules 12 b 1, 12 b 2, and 12 b 3.

People need    www.escape-tickets-IRS-court.org  "Strategy #1"   to Escape Harassment.

People's Rights - notaxman00@gmail.com