National vs the Republic Conference calls call                         You or anyone may speak to our group.  Get your info organized & contact Ted.


There are 2 groups who recently joined forces w/ same goals: freedom, liberty and justice for all.

However, they are going about it differently.


"The National Assembly" and "The Republic" each have their own calls on Thursday at 9 pm EST.


"The Republic" needs more states to move forward and is teaching how to live peacefully and establish Common 

States still in need of leaders & helpers: Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Tennessee and Oklahoma.

Note: Wyoming has moved forward.


To attend "The Republic" calls, contact ahead of time either Marilyn (states) or Phyllis (territories) via email.  They’ll log in your contact as the calls are "private". 


"The National Assembly" is teaching about common law and Jural Assemblies which will be needed once all 50 states move forward.

"The National Assembly" - the roll call to find out which state is present, no name needed until Q &A.  Moderator Rodger.


All the phones # and email contact are found on under References.

PaperUpNow is great website      also linked from


National Assembly Call (712) 770-4160 Code 226 823#


Beacon37 / now called The Republic (218) 632-1081 Code 337755#
            Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 9pm EST
Register w/ name & phone #
           For territories,
email Phyllis at
           For states, email John at