Affidavit of Truth - Proof of Claim

To: Jim Bridenstine, Administrator

Jim Morhard, Deputy Administrator,

NASA Headquarters ( )

 300 E. Street SW, Suite 5R30

 Washington, DC 20546

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From Henry-Theodore 304 344 2335 voice or text, - contact info. at end. Dear NASA administrators:

This letter has legal consequences.

I begin with the primary discussion.

I see many glaring problems with the purported photos / videos of the Apollo Moon Missions/ landings.  I doubt these photos prove the claim that NASA put men on the moon. in 1960-70s.

Please answer these basic questions.

Here are some observations that are not in agreement with what NASA tells the public.

- In  vacuum of space, on the moon or any low atmospheric pressure area (space), the higher air pressure area would push a flexible member (a space suit) in outward direction towards the low pressure area.

Space suits in space walks or on moon should be bulging outward to look like Dough Boy (bread) or Michelin Man (tires).

- When astronauts left clear foot prints on the loose sandy moon surface.  Yet if lunar landing craft shot off it's tremendous jet blast to brake for landing, it did not create a blast crater or disturb lunar surface under the craft.

- I don't see tire racks from the lunar lander to the photoed position of the lunar rover.

- By measurement, it seems impossible astronauts with back packs could go through the tiny entrance hatch to the lunar lander.

- If astronauts open the hatch a few times on the moon, then ultimately the air inside the craft would escape to the moon atmosphere.

- Parallel shadows would be the result of a single light source like the sun, yet photos show shadows are NOT parallel. Video show 2 shadows indicating two or more fill lights.

- Every time we half the distance to a light source, the light doubles in brightness.  If the moon is 248,000 miles away from earth, then the brightness of the moon while walking on the surface would be about 6,000 times brighter than we see it in the sky. That is more bright that the sun seen from earth.  Men and cameras would be blinded by that brightness.

- Extreme temperature - freezing to boiling on the moon's surface would have critically damaged Hasselblad camera and film.

- Photos show where cross hatches, supposedly imbedded in the film plane, are shown BEHIND objects in photograph.  How is that possible and what does it mean ?

- NASA personal says they once went to th moon, but they lost that technology.  It is a painful process to rebuild that technology. In 50 years, aren't we more advanced now ?

- NASA has admitted that they no longer have the technology to send humans to the moon, claiming that it was "destroyed years ago." According to NASA astronaut Don Pettit, the American space agency doesn't have the resources to rebuild the painfully time-consuming technology it would require to send astronauts back up to the moon.

- Kelly Smith, NASA Engineer, works on Navigation & Guidance for Orion Capsule said "As we get further away from Earth we'll pass through the Van Allen Belts, an area of dangerous radiation. Radiation like this could harm the guidance systems, onboard computers, or other electronics on Orion. Naturally, we have to pass through this danger zone twice. Once up and once back. But Orion has protection. Shielding will be put to the test a the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation. Sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientists to study. We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space."

More observations show NASA is lying.

Did NASA put men on the moon but conceals proof of that event ?

Public releases from NASA shows many impossible things that cannot physically be yet NASA proclaims are true.

If NASA did put a man on the moon, will you present any evidence of that event ? Why do you and NASA cling to stating as facts things that are simply impossible.

From the items I listed, I think

I conclude lacking any evidence, that NASA did not put men on the moon.

Truth is the foundation of all things durable.

The 10 commandments of the holy bible forbids lying.  Lying is the first step to steal: wealth, health, rights, knowledge.

I seek truth and peace in all endeavors.  I am over the age of majority.  I speak of what I know.  I am responsible for my affairs.  I have no intent to lie nor to injure anyone.

Is there any reason you do not have a legal obligation to respond to these inquiries ?  If you answer yes, explain in full.

When I speak of National Aeronautical Space Administrator (hence NASA) I refer to you each, and all people related to NASA's organization.  Respond initially by e-mail, but ultimately, respond in sworn statement subject to perjury, with wet ink signature(s) on a cover letter  by U.S. mail.

As an America. I want to know the truth.
Copies to schools, colleges, newspapers, legislators.

I once thought it was hard to determine truth, then I learned law.  By asking someone to swear to facts, you can establish truth even from those who wish to hide it.

Anything less than a complete, truthful, comprehendible response is deemed no response and provides the default response is accepted as your testimony.

Here are several statements to resolve.

Please affirm or rebut any and all of these, else this letter stands as a contract with you, confirming what is here established in the default statements.

  Respond with a cover letter listing your enclosures and swear under penalty of perjury under the laws of the united States of America that all you say and include is true in fact & law, and affirm your signature by a notary public.  Return within 21 days.

Is NASA your only current employer ? If others, so state.

Specify which apply: NASA is

- an agency of united States of America govt. as established & lawfully operating under the US Constitution of 1789.  NASA is - a civil organization or

- a civil or military organization.

- a public or private corporation registered under Dunn & Bradstreet, registered or incorporated under whom ? List all connections to superior organization(s).

 If NASA is a corporation, list owner(s), administrators, and contact information.

Please send copies of all items requested and or a link to them on the public internet.

Send job description of each of you, listed above, your responsibilities & duties, copy of all of NASA's charter, incorporation papers or other if any, including contact information, date and place these items are publically recorded and history and sequence changes in their charter/ papers.  Note contact info to the custodian of these records.

Send copy of all oaths you have sworn.

Note where they are publically recorded, who are witness, notary and custodian.

Send by mail or e-mail all links that shows the law(s) or charter(s) establishing NASA.

Does NASA receive taxpayer funds ?

Rebut or this is true: NASA is a private for profit, foreign owned corporation, which receives taxes to fund it's people & programs.

You have a legal obligation to answer, completely, as you receive taxpayer funding.  Anything you do not explain or refute falls to the defaults answers I list here, and stands in  truth, commerce and law.

Explain any errors listed here.

Anything un rebutted, point by point, in fact and evidence and law, fall to default listed.

I studied publicly published photos & videos of the supposed Apollo Moon Landings of 1960s & 1970s.

Depending on your answer(s), I may circulate it to those mentioned or others.

Respond to this temporary mailing location:

Any variation of this specific address may result in returned mail, not accepted.

NASA Answers for henry

c/o 3501 MacCorkle Ave. SE # 304

Charleston, West Virginia.

united States of America.

       and or to


Respectfully and sincerely.

All rights reserved, without recourse, UCC 1-308, I copyclaim this writing,

I deposit this letter in US Mail to the people & addresses listed on or about this letters date, affirmed by the postmarked envelop.


Henry-Theodore©™, the living man, on the soil near Charleston, on  West Virginia.


Copies of this letter are mailed to:

Donald J. Trump, President of US

Local Charleston newspaper editor

President, W. V. University

President of Carnegie Mellon Univ. and one faculty member.

Head of W. Va. Senate & W. Va. House of Delegates.

Local High School principals.

Head of Charleston (W.Va.) Rotary.

FEIC 2018 Denver  proponents.