Letter to West Virginia Publishers  05/19/2018


Truth will make us Free !

The world's a deception. 5/19/18

Since 1917, Congressional Record shows banks bought control of  national newspapers editorial, so they can suppress important truths. see ThoughtPrint.org

1871, the Dist. of Columbia formed a municipal corporation.  It has control over anyone living/ working in D.C. (only) but changed it's name to UNITED STATES, which is a private, for profit, foreign owned corp. who only has jurisdiction over D.C. & any who volunteer.  West Virginia is not the same as WV, WV is a federal region.  To use their words or benefits puts you in their control.


US corp. owns & controls national news, suppressing basic information of on going conspiracies is kept from the public but thru the internet, anyone can easily learn the deeper truths. 

www.abodia.com shows facts, evidence, & letters to legislators, architects, colleges, newspapers, to reveal these truths. 

Truth will make us free. Nearly
1/2 million come to my websites.

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