Winning the Battle for Hearts and Minds - Ed Jewitt


How do we transform our anger about assassinations, false flag attacks, torture, war crimes,  corruption, war-mongering for profit, and the psychopathology of our current leadership into  something that speaks to and sustains joy, community, and life?  

What does it mean for our life, our families, our community, our spirit?  
How do we recapture the rights, wealth, opportunity, image, and grace  that have been taken or destroyed?

How do we move forward with certainty into sustainability,  personal, social, familial economic and environmental health and well-being,  survivability, and vibrancy?  
There is a need for spreading insight, perspective and information,  for fomenting inquiry, for fostering awareness and mindfulness,

for empowerment of person, collaboration, community ... but can I do more?  
Can "we" collectively have some impact?   
If so, what should be our focus?   
As Lt. Col. John Boyd (USAF, deceased) would ask in war-like terms,  what is our schwerpunkt?
 What is our "weight (or focus) of effort"?

What is the glue that holds the degradatory, destructive, criminal nexus together?

How can we improve our outreach and efficacy?

How do we win the battle for our own and others' hearts and minds?

 I asked these questions of Magda Hassan one of the principals at the Deep Politics Forum  [ ], and her response, my own thoughts, some material from Justin Boland, a short look at 5GW (5th Generation Warfare)  and a glimpse at alternate reality games, have been posted at E Pluribus Unum.   Member participation over there will start about noon today, 5/5/09.   Other material and articles will be added over time, and  hopefully some cross-talk and cross-collaboration,  fresh ideas, expanded awareness about functional and effective approaches, etc., will follow.  It's been cross-posted at Deep Politics Forum too, and  we hope to have posted elsewhere to generate discussion.

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Magda Hassan's comments (thank, Magda!)


My own thoughts


Material from Justin Boland


5GW: 5th Generation Warfare


5GW and Invisible War


alternate reality games


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As Ben Franklin once allegedly said ,
“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”