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There was no Fukushima nuclear disaster

The terrible toll from Japan's tsunami came from the wave, not radiation


Black Goo, A.I., Chemtrails, Morgellons, Programmable matter

This Black Goo is the most demonic and serious problem of which I am aware.

Dismiss Case - traffic ticket, law suit, anything you don't want in court.

Hierarchy the pecking order of society - How to be free under Jesus.

Justinian Deception- DOG-LATIN

Judge Anna von Reitz on DOG-LATIN

4000 Sealed Indictments political/ elite pedophiles being rounded up

Biggest Sting in History pedophilia

National Lawyers Guild - Communist

Marines at Langley  Military seizes CIA documents & computers

Rothschild Banks world wide

Government admits Chemtrails

JFK Assassination Plot Exposed


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Anna von Reitz explains our situation in law

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www.abodia.com/t/currency           Bit Coin, Crypto Currencies, Federal Reserve notes & US Code.


www.abodia.com/t/dew                    Directed Energy weapons in No. Calif, fires and 9-11, NYC, WTC


www.abodia.com/t/vegas-shooting     Las Vegas Shooting 


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I encourage anyone to read widely on this www.abodia.com website.


Here is my simple summary.  We are being deceived by people much higher in the world than most can even imagine.

Higher in the sense that they have nearly unlimited wealth and power over most of us, thru laws, money, governments, corporations, etc.


We have been taught or conditioned to believe many things that are not true, or not the primary thing to know.


The more that you learn of these suppressed truths, the more able you are to establish your own freedom, safety, wealth, health and well being.


Beyond all, each of us should learn about and work with our Creator, to me, Yahweh, the God of the King James Bible.


What mainstream and most people know or believe is a shallow truth.

To learn a deeper truth is very important.


You may think that only news is deceptive; 9-11, Sandy Hook, Oklahoma City Bombing.


but actually nearly everything is hugely deceived:

history, law, government, medicine, cures, education, and much more.


The people who maintain power and control over us do so by keeping most people in the lie and keeping them dependent on this flawed, deceptive system.  Most of us are struggling to support, honor and obey people who are leading them into these vast deceptions.


Pray for safety and remedy.

It is possible that the new crypto currencies could be a solution.

We may be able to buy and sell , exchange, and or establish ownership or products, services, ideas, a songs, homes, cars, etc. even with people who we do not know, who are far away, thru secure authenticated ways of barter with crypto currencies.

They seem to be beyond the reach of hackers.  Read more at the link above.




LATIN Deceptio





LATIN Decepti