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What the Government doesn't want you to know. 10 -2-16


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You can NOT believe what you don't know.  Ignoring truth does not void it.


This connects quantum computing, bible prophecy, CERN, the abyss, the Switzerland portal miles into mountain,

See that occult celebration, the God particle,  Quantum computers.  Artificial Intelligence.  Mark of Beast,

Opening the Portal, releasing the Beast, All is ready, it could happen any time..


Bizarre Opening Ceremony for Gotthard Base Tunnel In Switzerland (Occult ceremony)


​My Unique Identifiers & Quotes by Anthony Patch


Excerpts, Quotes, Personal Identifiers taken from over 400 hours of interviews and personal appearances throughout 2013 to the present:


my own hubristic formula:


         Einstein + Tesla = Patch




“The hubris of Satan”


 “The hubris of the physicists and engineers at CERN”  


“The hubris of those behind and controlling CERN”


“They’re suffering beneath the Grand Deception, that ye shall be as gods


“Jesus Christ is both a wave and a particle.  When He manifests himself physically to us, he is a particle.  His energy wave slows to form a particle in our frame of reference.”


“Prayers with Jesus Christ is quantum entanglement of our particles with Him.”


“Prayer is quantum entanglement with Jesus.”


“Strangelets”   Strangelets Terraforming Earth and Transmutation of the Elements


Strangelets are the most powerful explosive in the known Universe, rendering all nuclear devices as obsolete firecrackers”,


“Strangelets are the ‘Cousin to the Black Hole’ “,


“Strangelets are being produced by the LHC, and being weaponized

            Large Hadron Collider


“Stangelets are Pentaquarks, the ‘Satan Particle’, not the ‘Lord Particle’ “


“The LHC is a weapons program, producing Directed Energy Weapons and Kinetic Energy Weapons”

            like those described by Judy Wood & John Hutchinson to destroy the World Trade Towers,

            see her book, Where Did the Towers Go ? and or abbreviated at


“A DEW was used against the German Wings aircraft”,


“the LHC is akin to being a man-made Black Hole”


“the LHC is designed to achieve a power level of 1 PeV, not just 13 TeV” (stated: Oct. 23, 2015)


“the LHC will generate Birkeland currents”,


“Plama Conduit”,


“the plasma conduit will be a twisted helix of Birkeland currents


“they know they cannot re-align the orbits of the planets, as in the Golden Age, but they can electrically re-connect them, including Mars”,


“Reconnecting Earth with Saturn using Birkeland Currents”,


“the northern pole of Saturn is a Synchrotron particle accelerator, like the LHC”,


“the particle accelerator at the northern pole of Saturn, is generating Birkeland currents that are transmitted through the gaseous body of Saturn, connecting them to the southern pole”


“connecting Earth with the southern pole of Saturn”


“they want to recreate the Golden Age of Kronos”,


“recreating the Golden Age, by re-generating a plasma envelope around Saturn and another around Earth”,


“they want to re-ignite Saturn”


“leadership of the Fallen Angels imprisoned within Saturn”,


“demonic entities as digitized DNA coming through the portal”,


“the portal will be like a ‘freeway’, allowing vast quantities of demonic entities to move from their realm into ours”,


“digital entities will inhabit thousands of hybrid bodies laying in stasis in underground labs”,


“the LHC is located over and is the key to the bottomless pit”,


“the LHC is the modern Tower of Babel”,


“the Adiabatic Quantum Computer (AQC) is the Beast System, the controller of the One World System of the New World Order”,


“the European Helix Nebula computer network is the new Internet system, for the Beast System, and connected to the AQC”


“the model 2048 AQC has the equivalent processing power of over 7 billion human brains


“the model 2048 AQC is Artificially Intelligent”,


“the AQC is connected to the LHC and will establish and maintain a stable portal”,


“digital astronauts” transmitting digitized DNA to Mars, etc., reassembling on the planet using a DNA sequencer and 3-D printer, rather than a larger spacecraft”,


“quantum entanglement of humans with a quantum computer”,


“human and computer merging is obsolete, only a transition phase; digitized DNA allows creation of digital brains, without the need for a merging with a machine”,


“using digital DNA, entirely new biological forms of life can be first modeled in a computer; “In Silico DNA”, then actually grown in the lab”,


“third-strand DNA”


“artificial third-strand of DNA”


“dormant nano-particles in aerosolized spraying, upon activation, will modify our DNA and, our minds”

            chem-trails, morgellons ?


tulleric currents, generated by the LHC, causing the strange sounds heard all over the planet”,


“gravimetric waves, generated by the LHC, causing increases in earthquakes and volcanoes”,


“the LHC is changing the morphology of the magnetosphere and plasmasphere”,


“the LHC is being used to terraform Earth, for a new race of beings”,


Satan wants to create his version of heaven on Earth”,


“Satan wants to create his version of man”.


“Satan is building his own army, to kill God”.


“comparison of Einstein’s Gravity Model of the Universe, with Tesla’s Electric Model of the Universe”, and citing the works of the Thunderbolts Project”,


“CERN’s  PR campaign and speaks in terms of the Gravity Model, using terms like Black Hole, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, God Particle, while the actual science employed for the LHC is all about the Electric Model of the Universe.  These words are used to hide what the real science is all about.”


“the other Synchrotron and Linear Particle Accelerator programs, like the RHIC, are ‘proof-of-concept’ labs, feeding their results to CERN”,


“the AWAKE particle accelerator is a DEW”


“the AWAKE particle accelerator will be connected with the LHC, to create the plasma conduit to Saturn.”


“the simplest enclosed space is that of a tetrahedron.”  3 equilateral triangle sides, and triangle base, not like pyramid with square base.


“if one adheres to the theory of the Big Bang, then the Singularity was in the form of a tetrahedron.”


“my spherical model of the Universe, is composed of tetrahedrons, in the shape of a 600-cell tetrahedron”,


“time curves back along the inner regions of the spherical Universe, thus the repeating cycles of life.”


“depending upon the diameter of the curved path within the sphere, either at the poles, the equator, or regions between, time can be shorter or, longer.  It is not however, linear.”


time only exists, as a system of measurement, due to the limitations of our minds.”


“my quantum computer, a spherical, 600-cell quantum computer, replicating the Universe, is composed of self-assembling, C60 carbon nano-diamonds, carbon nanotubes and, gold.”


“there is no gravity, only magnetic attraction.”


“you cannot separate the spiritual from the physical.”


“the LHC is the largest, most expensive, most technologically advanced machine in recorded history.”


“you have to ask yourself:  Why place the statue of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, emptiness, and rebirth, outside the offices of CERN?”


“you have to ask yourself:  Why display ancient papayrus, and animal skins behind curved glass panels, displaying ancient Sanskrit, Hebraic and Babylonian writings?  These are instructions, if you will spells.  Instructions on how to communicate with the ‘other side’, how to utilize frequencies of sound, all to open an interdimensional portal.”


“we have lost the spiritual abilities to open a massive, stable interdimensional portal.  Instead today, we must rely upon our technology, our machines to do the same as was done during the times of the ancients.  Instructions having been provided to us, in much the same way as with Tesla.  After all, the LHC is all about Tesla and the Electric Universe.  Not Gravity.  Sorry Einstein.”


“those behind and driving the multi-faceted agendas at CERN, are practicing the occult rituals and employing the methodologies passed down through the ages by secret societies.”


“they have fallen prey to the grand deception, the grand lie, of achieving immortality.  I pray for their soles and hold no ill will toward anyone working at CERN.”


“one must ask: ‘What is behind their ability to join together at CERN, nearly every country, even those ideologically, theologically, politically and economically opposed even unto death, to one another?’ ”  Countries hating each other join together at CERN


“the LHC is tangible, in-your-face proof of pure evil at work.  No longer can anyone choose to remain uncommitted, to stay in the gray area.  Now, because truly we are in the last days, one must make the ultimate choice.  Either you go with Jesus, or Satan.  You go to the light, or to the dark.  There is no gray area.  No middle ground.  No more time.”


“this is not about fear mongering.  This is about choosing Jesus.  Choosing to go with God.  Then and only then are you indwelt with the Holy Spirit, thus enabling you to put on the full armor of God.  The Holy Spirit protects, thus removing the fear.”


“Satan is an already-defeated foe.  He has no power against the name of Jesus.  By invoking the name of Jesus, Satan and his minions must flee from you.  Command, in the name of Jesus, for them to flee and flee they must.”


“there is no fear in the name of Jesus.”


“it appears, God will allow, but for a short time, Satan to be successful with the LHC, the key to the bottomless pit.  The door to the abyss will be opened, releasing demonic entities, their appearance causing men’s hearts to fail.”


“the LHC will unleash the Locust Army from the bottomless pit.”


“so-called, ‘Disclosure’, will take place by way of CERN announcing they’ve successfully opened an interdimensional portal.  This will happen prior to the actual opening of the abyss itself.”


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