Illusion- Person

You were born with freedom.  When you choose to read, study, grasp and act on it, you can regain it.

When you lack knowledge, then you let others presume and take over your natural, God Given rights.

You are not a person, under laws.  You are a man (a living, breathing, blood flowing, human being), living outside of the rules (laws) of private (for profit) corporations.

Many endeavor to explain this to you for your benefit.

Mary Croft's book, free on internet, How I Clobbered every Bureaucrat

John Harris explains in It's an Illusion - Person - that all (seeming) government organizations are just private corporations, their laws are just rules for their members, you are not a person, but a living human being, and more.  I have spent hours compressing his lecture to a brief written text here.  Read, test, research, confirm and know. You have power & freedom in knowledge

We have built our world, our understanding
on distorted and incomplete truths.

All organizations that you can name; our federal gov., sate, county, city,
IRS, Fed. Reserve, Red Cross, etc. they are all corporations.
Even so, they have diverse ways to avoid laws in the areas where they work and on whom they work.

All activities / involvement with them is entirely voluntary.
(see Mary Croft - How I Clobbered every Bureaucracy)

To learn, be proven, even by top financial officer of US government (corp)
see Corporation Nation, on You Tube, watch the long version to be complete.

For a clear explanation as to why corporation's rules (they call laws)
only apply to those person who volunteer, see my link.

You are a living human being,
beyond the reach of private, for profit, foreign corporations,
with private investors, only interested in profit.

Their presumption that you are a person, under their control,
only lasts as long as you avoid looking directly at the truth and the laws.

Knowledge is power. Wake up to new freedom.

The Illusion by John Hurt is shown as movie at   The People's United Community
I spent hours extracting the core information at my link to make it quick and easy for you.

Many of us have filed our UCC-1 statements and are taking other direct actions
to eliminate the presumption that we are "person" under the "rules" of private corporations.