Notes from Classmates:

Bob Fritz CA ($ 400 gift to class) see notes at bottom of list

& Stan Jordan WA are sending wine to the Reception at Governor's Mansion. 

Great of you guys to be so generous ! 

Elden talked long with Dave Bock, Jeramie Rain (Sue Davis) and others but has no notes via e-mail.

Terry Hunter did major work in getting current address, as did Wade Sharp in calling people to get them informed and motivated to come. Wade & Sister Lindsey will come.

Holly Flint was also a big stir to get people informed.  Thanks Joe Arthur for calling & encouraging many.,
Some think 1 invitation & a no is enough.  We have asked many, many times, in cards, calls & e-mail.
Sure most have more important things, busy lives, but 1 by one, they are getting on the band wagon and coming to this rousing Reunion.  We grow (in number coming), not by single efforts alone, but by friends calling friends and encouraging them to join us.  Thanks All ! ted elden

Travis Ellison, I believe, found and brings Wayne Dawson teacher.  Incredible you found him !

Notes below Gathered by Mollie Annand Hunter

                                              Ted Elden reports:
I have this list of classmates that have died. Please advise me if I have any errors or additions here.:
John Drumheller    Ann Brawley Reeves    Randy Williams    Barbara Milam Garnes
George Rosenbaum    Janet Perry    Sarah Eberbaugh 

obituaries ---  Kathryn Delauder Harris   published Gazette  2/21/95  died 2/20/95

Randy Wiliams died.  He had metastatic Melanoma .The cancer started in 1989 and started to spread in 1995 He had many surgeries and chemotherapy. He worked up to very end. He was an engineer and lawyer & the father of two. Pat Williams.   I, Ted Elden, remember him well, & great times with him & Dean Leake.  So sad for Pat Williams, his surviving wife.

Michael Chaney wrote (of FRYE'S ALLEY adventure):

Several of us were "cruising" the downtown area late one evening in somebody's car.  (Actually, of course, it was somebody's parents' car --- hardly anybody had their own wheels back then.)  It must have been during warmer weather, because we had the windows down (no air conditioning).  I think Bill Cunningham was the driver; Bob Wise was riding shotgun; I was in the middle in the back seat; I'm not sure who else was back there with me --- maybe Nate Casto and Dean Leake.

 Anyway, we decided it would be cool to check out the infamous FRYE'S ALLEY.  As we turned into the alley, we saw several "professional" women standing under the dim streetlamp on the corner at the far end.  Undaunted, with a few nervous chuckles we bravely proceeded on.  About halfway down the alley, Bob decided to get clever and began making several hand gestures to the "ladies".  Not obscene gestures, mind you, just a variety of meaningless signals.  Well, at least Bob thought they were meaningless.

 Seemingly, however, the signals must have held some meaning for the "lovelies", for they began to move in the direction of our vehicle.  The nervous chuckling was replaced by a brief moment of stunned silence.  Then, though Cunningham generally was not given to uttering profanities, my recollection is that he may have said several choice words to the future Governor, and I'm sure that the rest of us were cussing a blue streak, all while simultaneously rolling up the windows (no power windows) and locking the doors (no power locks) as fast as our fumbling hands would permit, as we slowly approached the corner.  Cunningham, being the dutiful, law-abiding, and upstanding citizen that he was (and, I think, still is), rather than perform a "rolling" stop and move on through the stop sign at the corner, applied the brakes and brought the car to a full and proper stop.  At which point, the "lovelies" grabbed the outside handles on all four doors, and began and rocking the car side-to-side, up and down, while pounding on the windows.
Inside, Cunningham, Wise, Casto and Leake were each grasping onto the door nearest to each of them, with all the strength they could summon; I reached out with both arms and latched onto both of the back doors, in something like a gymnast's "iron cross" position.  Undoubtedly the "ladies" were shouting something at us, but I don't recall hearing anything except all four of us yelling at Cunningham such things as "gun it, man", or "floor it", or "get the @%&* out of here!!!"  Cunningham, being the dutiful, law-abiding, and upstanding citizen that he was (and, I think, still is), looked left, then right, then left again, and then gently pulled out of the intersection.  The "lovelies" continued to hold onto the outside handles and rock the car for a short distance, and then mercifully let go.

 As I recall, little was said in the car.

And Cunningham, being the dutiful, law-abiding, and upstanding citizen that he was (and, I think, still is), drove us all to our respective homes, and we called it an evening. 

Now, the other guys may remember it a little differently; I may not even have the cast of characters completely correct.  But this I'm pretty sure of: I never went back to FYRE'S ALLEY.

Sara Good Beddow

It was really good to hear from you after all these years! I do remember that picnic you wrote about 7th grade classmates at Coonskin Park! My dad has mentioned to me several different times that he's talked to you at his office. How nice of you to invite me to the GWHS reunion--it sounds like a great time, and I would love to see a lot of the people I know will be there (I checked out the web site and remember so many of them) because I have lots of fond memories w/many of them. Unfortunately, I already have plans to go to Baton Rouge, to LSU, this weekend w/my daughter. She was a gymnast there for 4 years, and just graduated in May. This weekend is their awards banquet for their gymnastics season last spring, when she was a senior, so we're going back for that. I'm so sorry I won't get to see you and all my other long lost buddies, but know you all will have a great time seeing each other and reminiscing. It would be amazing to see Bob Wise in the Governor's Mansion--I remember him from the year when I dated Bill Dobbs, because they were good friends. I'll think of you all making lots of toasts w/all that California wine!!
If you have any pictures or updates after it's over I'd love to see them.

I moved away from Charleston in 1970, when I graduated from WVU, and gradually lost touch w/all those friends--since we had no internet back in those days!!!! Candy Wright was a cheerleader w/me, but she moved away our junior year. The only Margolis I knew was a guy, Jay. He had a younger sister, but I don't know her name, or if she rode horses. The only person I've really had contact with in the last few years was Marcia Young, and I saw that she was aready signed up to come--I saw her in Charleston, SC one weekend about 5 years ago when I was w/Lindsay at a gymnastics competition there. Sorry I can't be of any help, because you're right--it is a real treat to be invited to an evening at the Governor's Mansion!

I enjoyed your (Ted's) poem on Dominique (Olympic Gymnast) --we knew her pretty well. She lived in Tampa, FL, where we lived, in the late 80's-early 90's, and started her gymnastics there at the same gym that Lindsay went to. She and her family left Tampa when she was 10 and moved to Houston, so she could train w/ Bela Karoyli, and then of course she got so good she made it to the Olympics. We ran into her and Bela in the Atlanta airport in 1996, right before the Olympics. Lindsay's team was going to Columbus for a meet, and we were making a connection there. Dominique remembered Lindsay and all the other girls she had trained w/back in Tampa, and they had a real nice visit until our flight came.
Take care, and thanks again for thinking of me. Sarah Good Beddow

 from Dr. Bill Cunningham as follows:

Thanks for your card about the reunion at the mansion.  I was starting to think the gov was going to reneg on his offer.  I truly regret that I have plans to be in Florida that weekend- have plane tickets, etc., so will be unable to attend.  Please give everyone my best regards.
 I appreciate your encouragement to attend the reunion and especially the energy and effort you have given toward bringing all of us together. Had I known a week earlier about the reunion, I could have come. However, I made other commitments prior to your notice of the reunion date that I don't want to break. I hope you will understand my situation.

I will very much miss catching up with my old friends from GW. Looking over the list you have sent brings many fond memories back. Please wish everyone well for me. Please email me a photo or two. Keep me on your list of people to notify of the next reunion.

Warmest regards always, Bill

 Bob Fritz:  Subject: Global Hawk Presentation

I am going to get a Global Hawk model to present to Governor Bob during the dinner sometime. The reasons are: it's cool model, and even though Bob is leaving office soon I am sure he will be involved in politics so we like to remind people that defense work provides jobs in a lot of places, including West Virginia. The last reason is that there are perhaps a half-dozen people on Global Hawk in San Diego that have a West Virginia heritage.

Since we are sensitized to this as Government contractors, the value of the model is about $75 which may put it over the limit for a personal gift (I think that is about $10 or so). SO the model is presented as from West Virginians on Global Hawk to the people of West Virginia to thank them for their support.

The real one is a bit big for my suitcase!
I hope the model will end up in a museum in WV somewhere so lots of people can enjoy it.

I once met Chuck Yeager in National Airport (before it was Reagan) in the 80's. I told him about being from Charleston and going to the airport when my dad traveled so I could see the big mural of him with X-1. I told him I didn't get to fly like him as I had wanted to but that I was an engineer on defense systems. He smiled and told me his Mother was still alive in Myra. He was very nice to me. I was glad to see the airport was named for him. There is a main street on Edwards Air Force Base named for him too.

My Dad was a PhD chemist for Union Carbide and he worked a lot with Wright Patterson AFB on additives for jet fuels for some time. There is definitely aviation heritage in WV.

Bob Fritz,
MCS IPT Team Lead, Broad Area Maritime Surveillance
Mission Control System, Global Hawk Advanced Systems, Ryan Aeronautical Center
Northrop Grumman Corporation, Bldg 4 Proposal Room,

Message from Bob Fritz ( # 50 in your football program, #1 in your hearts!)  more of Fritz at end of file.

I am trying to remember you (Mollie Annand Hunter) without digging out the yearbook. I think you were in a writing class with me and there was a continuing joke or something about someday you will have the great understanding or inspiration or something. There was a catchy phrase about it but I cannot remember what it was now. I donít remember the cookie sales but the story is hilarious.

Do you remember a tricycle race one year for some charity? Seems like I do, and there were water balloons involved.

 Message from Terry Hunter
I've been considering your email since it arrived a few days ago. So many of my GWHS memories have faded with the passage of time. I need to get together with some of the old gang to refresh my memories.

One incident I do recall. There was a group of us...five or six...who would often gather on Friday or Saturday evenings and cruise around town in whatever car we could cajole from our parents. On one evening we were riding with Richard Lindroth in his father's VW. At one point Richard was going to turn right and someone in the car called for a left turn. Unfortunately a left turn was into a utility pole and the result was a wrinkled fender.

There was much discussion how to explain this to Richard's father. No consensus was arrived at and Richard was on his own in explaining the fender. Thinking quickly on his feed he said "Dad, it is a small price to pay for the life of a child." We all managed to keep a straight face and the phrase has lingered in our collective memory over the years.

Stan Jordan:

 Thanks for the card. It's good to hear from you again. The reception at the  Governor's Mansion sounds great. I would love to attend. That weekend is clear for me and heck, I can always use another vacation. Do you have an idea how many might attend? If you would like, I may be able to pre-send some wine from our winery for the event. I would need some idea of how many might attend. If this sounds like something that you can use for the event, just let me know. Hope to hear from you soon.

 I just received your postcard for the upcoming party on the 22nd of Oct.

I would love to attend. I need an excuse for another vacation. Please let me know more info so I can obtain my plane reservations ASAP. Also, I do have wine to offer from our winery (Vino Aquino), if this is something you wish to serve at the function. I can also specialize the label if you have a photo or artwork that pertains to GWHS. Nice to hear from you. Hope everything is going well for you. It will be great to see everyone again.         Stan Jordan

Dean Leak    is Coming:

All well down here, just so busy all the time with work and family. We are trying to figure out a way to make the reunion-we have a wedding that weekend of good friends at the beach so we will see what we can do so put us down for a might come. Take care, Dean and Elliott


Bonnie Howard Brothers

Thank you for getting everyone together. Oct.22- I may come, but I can not help. My email is


Elissa Vecellio Mosby

Thanks once again for starting the ball rolling. Yes if we have a reception I will attend and I will be happy to help.

I will check the abodia site for updates. type to you later


Alice Gay Abernathy

Ted, this sounds great to me. Let me know how I can help with the reunion. I can secure GWHS for a Saturday afternoon or evening unction (no alcohol). I know that those of you who attended private school might not be interested, but those who graduated from the school might like a tour of the "new" school as well as visiting their old "haunts."

Oren L. Thornhill

Thanks for the card notice of the Friday Evening Reception.

We will be there if alcohol is not being served.

Thanks            Oren L. Thornhill   Sandra Pauley Thornhill

Carolyn McNutt Hall

I responded to your e-mail before I had looked at the reunion website. When I went to it I found the table of names and addresses of alumni, and realized you do not have my info, so I will list it below. If you do get an address on Nancy Burka, let me know. We were best friends as kids and since leaving Charleston I have not been able to find her. My info for the table:

Spouse: Jack Hall of Charleston

Address: 10926 Long Branch Drive, Austin, TX  78736 Home Phone: 512-288-2745

Occupation: Marketing Manager        Company: TimberTanks America


fax: 512-301-5634        work phone: 800-463-1898

Carolyn M. Hall

Thank you so much for tracking me down. You are the first GWHS contact I have heard from since I left WV in 1970!!

Do you remember Jack Hall from Charleston High? He and I got married in 70 and we have periodically come back to Charleston for the CHS reunions: the 25th, the 30th, and they were really fun. We have lived in Austin, Texas since 1975. Here's another connection: Jack's mother Virginia married Dick Smith about 20 years ago; Dick used to work with your dad Henry years ago. Dick and Virginia live in Waco, Texas now and are retired. Jack and I have the TimberTanks business ( and we import wood tanks from New Zealand and sell all over North America. We sent one to the Pullman Square in Huntington, WV recently. What are you doing for a living?

Best regards,    Carolyn McNutt Hall

 Steve Hopta

I will do Saturday afternoon. I suggest... if the weather looks good pic-a-nic....if it is bad Clay Center (hopefully we have a friend that can be that flexible at the Clay Center.  We'll have the Governor's Corvair Convertible - from high school / college years at the Mansion.

Jane Butts Susack

I will be unable to attend the reunion on the week-end of Oct 22-24, as will be out of town. Hope all there is a big turn out and all goes well. Thanks for keeping everyone informed. Jane Butts Susack email

Pamela Martin Ovens

My husband, Peter, and I will not be able to attend this year....perhaps in a couple years .... we still have a charter sailing business and we sail all the way through the end of December as the weather is lovely here...........Have a wonderful time.....It should be great in the Governor's Mansion....

 tel 843-785-5566:      My web site is:

With Kindest Regards, Pamela

 Pete Shuffle

My address is 307 Stonehenge Ln, Friendswood, TX 77546-3531 instead of what is on the spreadsheet. I'll be staying at my dad's house on Bedford Rd when in Charleston. I'll be sending the check soon. See you there.

 Lenore Schneider

Thanks for all that you are doing. I am planning to attend the Friday evening and Saturday events.

 John Henry McWhorter MD

thanks for the updated info. I hope to come Oct. 22 with spouse Jennifer Irene, youngest daughter Eliza and eldest daughter dr. Julie (at CAMC).

Cathy Marcum

Just to let you know I will attend I bought my ticket tonight I will be in Ohio on the 19th and will drive to Charleston on the 22nd.
See you soon    Cathy Marcum

Martha Wise

Thank you so much for all this info on our class. I will not be able to attend after-all. Wish I had know sooner. Have a blast. Please send new pics email.

Bob Fritz

There is a California winery named Fritz (no relation, unfortunately). Would it be possible to ship a couple of cases to you so we can provide it for the reception at the Governorís Mansion? The wine is quite good, but I do not want anyone thinking we are shipping dangerous material to the mansion.

I would like to ship a couple of cases of wine for the GWHS reunion reception so I need someone who is willing to receive the wine and transport it to the reception. Iíll be flying in from San Diego and it is just easier to have it shipped but I have to do it soon to get there. I plan a case of Chardonnay and a case of zinfandel from the Fritz Winery in California (unfortunately I am not related until I have had a few glasses!),

I picked your names because Tedís list said you were helping, you live in Charleston, and there were email addresses for you.

Did I mention that the recipient is also responsible for disposing any unused wine?

If you are willing to help, let me know right away so I can get it on its way. Please provide me with a street address and telephone number for delivery. PO Box will not do.

Thanks in advance,                    Bob Fritz


Since you were first to respond, I placed the order and used your address. I sent it regular ground so it should reach you in 10-15 days. When you get it, please keep it cool and free of vibration (donít keep it in the back of your pickup for a week).

Thanks a million for helping out us foreigners! Your efforts are bringing pleasure to a lot of us. Does W Va need a visa from Ca?

Outside of work this is the most I have had to look forward to in a long time. I hope everyone has not gotten as old and grey as I have! I am a FOWG- fat old white guy- the description I use for our Baja fishing group.

I have attached a picture of one of the projects I have worked on. This is the Navy version of the Global Hawk. It is an unmanned aircraft that can fly 36 hours at 65000 feet and use electro optical and infrared cameras, plus synthetic aperture radar to image to 4 inches. My job was to manage the software on the original Air Force aircraft, and design the ground control system for the Navy system. Part of the Global Hawk is built in Bridgeport WV at Aurora Flight Sciences. They build the composite V-tails so WV is a part of our program, and contributes to a key part of our national defense.


Ted Elden replied first so he is slated to receive the wine.

Thanks to the rest of you for not putting me in your Spam filter. See you soon.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That is all I have received on interest so far. Sunday 3 October. 

There were many, many other misc. comments & notes, but not of substance to share.

I hope to see you all soon.

Ted Elden


When Mollie Annand Hunter asked Ted Elden to hold that beautiful fall foliage for our reunion, here is his response:

Weather here is mild.  So mild it reminds me of the Postcard / T Shirt I saw created by a fellow who was a little inebriated:  Weather is Here ! Wish you were beautiful !

Our WV Leaves are turning. Some have fallen.

Many leaves have been individually gathered, sorted, identified and, as best we can, have been re attached to the tree branch from with they fell with a light colored, pleasant smelling, organic, non toxic glue to hold the leaves in place for precisely 13 more days, to benefit our out of state guest for a more colorific, scenic time in their visit here.

In this process, a few leaves were accidentally stepped on, fractured, and or prematurely  broken.

Those specifics leaves have been sorted out and carefully disposed in a civil ceremony where in they were individually laid upon the Kanawha River waters.  Most floated, but all of these accidentally broken leaves have gently begun their trek to their great ocean burial by way of the Kanawha & Ohio, then Mississippi Rivers. 

Perhaps by air, on your flight in, you may note on the river, the symbolic pattern of the leaves, which were laid in a continuous, exponentially expanding swirl.  However, the moods of Mother Nature & her weather, winds, current, ambient & incidental temperature most probably will reshape the specific launch pattern of the leaves to some more arbitrary, al be it, harmonious, natural pattern.

Ted Elden,         saving the best for our reunion friends !

Bob Fritz & Ted Elden recollect:

To: 'Bob Fritz' from Elden

Cool about radio stuff.  I watched Cunningham master Morse Code, and had that ambition but did not finish it.

I remember that he was a ham operator for some time.

I do hound & explore the world on new technology of internet.

Just trying to find something relevant. 

The breath & scope and use of the internet is so far beyond even a concept from our high school days.  I also have a deep interest in language, communicating, 2 or more to agree on anything.

By Language, I don't mean; English, German, French, but schematic drawings, faxes, 3 D drawings & models, music scores, photos, poetry, ... sketches, and all tangible means to catch, record, communicate and reflect on human consciousness.  My, the methods are diverse.

To: 'Ted Elden' from Fritz

Actually, Fridays are half days for us. I answered one email from work and am home now. I'll probably run some errands and mess with my radio stuff today. My job goes from 70 hour weeks to boring lulls. Right now is a quiet time so I just put in the required hours knowing a crisis will soon appear.

To: 'Bob Fritz' from Elden

Most cities have plays.  The gates are guarded for admission fee at 8 pm.

Most, take intermission and spill to the street at 9 pm.

If you wander by then, you can pop in and see the rest of the play by infiltrating the open intermissions.

I use to do that and learned in by going to 2nd free movies at drive ins.

What a cad am I.

Ted         free city entertainment.

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

To: Ted Elden from Fritz

Actually, I lived in Westchester County, just north of NYC for several years. My Dad was transferred by Union Carbide and we moved to NY just after HS graduation. After I got out of college (barely) with not much prospect I lived with my parents, worked a couple of meaningless jobs, then took the courses to become a teacher. I taught HS math, coached football, girls basketball, girls track, but after a couple of years figured that was not what I wanted to do for 30 years, so I managed to get into Duke grad school in computer science. When I was done I interviewed in San Diego because ny brother was stationed here as a Navy doctor and liked it a lot, so I've been here since 1978, except for 3 year stint in Seattle.

I'm going to Bethpage, Long Island. There is a long history of them being difficult to work with which is why I dread the trip, not to mention we always get the cheapest coach seats from the corporate travel agent with the chance you end up in a middle seat. At 6'3" and 300lbs it is not comfortable for me or the people beside me. I don't travel enough to get into the 1st class upgrade cycle where you are continually accruing enough miles to upgrade whenever you fly. It's my problem I guess.

I attached another photo of the Navy Global Hawk I sent a picture earlier.

The first flight was Wednesday. It took off in Palmdale where it was made and landed at Edwards Air Force base (about 20 miles away). The flight lasted almost 4 hours, reached 60, 300 feet, and landed 5 feet off center.

The first flight is called a functional checkout flight which is why it took

4 hours to get 20 miles- it actually flew over 1000 miles in the air in within the Edwards restricted airspace. The good thing is that the number of landings = the number of takeoffs. There are a couple of more check flights, then the sensors are installed and tested out in more flights and the syustem is provided to the Gov't . The Gov't flies it a fewe times to ensure it works and then sends it operational or to a training squadron.

To: 'Bob Fritz' from Elden

Your great !  If you had not been coming, we've had have to pretend that you were coming and sending the wine to get the crowd we got.

I feel like the Music Man, 76 trombones.

If all that I imagine comes to be, it will be great Reunion.  I just have to get everyone else to imagine this too.

You know, really, I think it will be better than even that.
Thank for the wine, and for your coming. You know by the time this is over, I may be a drinker.

Good luck in NY.  It really is a great city.
At least drive to, if not walk about in Greenwich Village, View the horse buggies in central park.

Don't fear & flee the city, breathe it in and find the delight there.

As a young prep school, like Salinger's book, Catcher in the Rye - Holden Caufield, I traveled into and out of NYC on my way to prep school.

My wealthy father came to see & get me at school sometimes and he, the architect would travel in and about NYC on trips to see me.  So he took me & mother to the great scenic bars night clubs that look over the city, where a coke back then cost $ 5 or something.

Anyway, as I went in & out of NYC as a 16-18 years old kid alone on my trips home,
I'd also go to the night club bars, and look out at the great city of lights at night.

I never bought a drink nor sat at a table, thought I had hands full of nuts.
I just went up, looked about and left.
I figured if anyone ever stopped me, I'd just say I was waiting to meet my parents there.

But no one ever asked.  Since I knew where these places where, had the familiarity of going there, I could get in and out easily.

From Fritz to Elden

Wow Ted

I did not expect all our email to be immortalized in your website. I thought the wine was a nice gesture but I'll have to hand it to the marketing prowess of an entrepreneur like you to turn it into a rallying point!

Next week will be a tough one for me- I hate traveling, I hate NY, and I hate engineering committee meetings so by the time the GWHS "big show" roles around I'll be ready for a glass or two of that wine.


 PS. The Navy Global Hawk I that sent you a picture of and you posted flew for the first time yesterday. It flew 4 hours, reached 60, 315 feet, and landed 5 feet right of centerline. We're disappointed in the

landing because we are usually closer to 1 foot.

Ted Elden Pole Vaulted in High School (Blair Academy Prep Schl. NJ) & Carnegie Mellon Univ. Pitts PA

Although I was not a member of the GWHS team, I practiced Pole Vaulting with them when I was in town.  Prep school kids had extended holidays.  One day I broke the horizontal standard at the field, bought a new replacement at Sport Mart downtown, and carried that 12 foot pole, sticking out of the top of my folks VW bug's sun roof up to the school field to replace it.  Dave Bock was also a Pole Vaulter.  We also wrestled on team.
I knew all the wrestlers well, Bock, Randy Williams, Dean Leake, Phil Demersman, Paul Santini - where is he ?
As I grew older, I feared I might lose my clear perception of my sport, so I penned these lines to clearly describe what I felt in pole vaulting.

Heaven's Reach

V aried clouds 'gainst tranquil sky,
  Vie ! He stepped, stood and sighed.
Raising his head, squinting his eye,
  Seeming to mutter. "On my first try !"

A gain and again he mumbled his creed,
  As blood drained from his face to his knee.
Wanting of energy, he stood and paced,
  Demanding his heart to begin its race.

U neasy, inanimate, only a twitch,
  One furious plot, the impulsion of which:

L ifts his pole, heaves its weight.
  Brakes his stance, quickens his gait,
Grip so fierce, that pounding heart,
  Drives him forward like a driven dart.

Down the runway at vibrant pace,
  Charging the bar on its balanced brace.
An explosive bang, as pole bites box.
  A grunt and a grip, then muscles lock.

Unconscious, soaring to the bar on high,
  "Oh, but to clear it on this first try."

T errestrial torpor, descending from cloud,
  Oblivious fall towards receptive shroud.
Caught by the pit, the stillness of which,
  Allowed him to sit without muscle twitch.

At moment crossing, like crucifix,
  branded, clear in memory fixed.
These words and images from my youth,
  the energy spent in this pursuit.

by ted elden written in 1966


Hey, Ted---(please post my message)

Sorry I haven't responded sooner; initially, I had planned to be visiting family in Phoenix, but that trip was recently delayed. 

I wish I could participate in the festivities, but I just can't.  I have a severe chemical/fragrance sensitivity which is a serious health issue for me; being in a room with people who are wearing fragranced products is a big problem, often resulting in bronchitis, antibiotics, etc.  (Yeah, I could wear my mask, but that pretty much detracts from the fun element!)

You and I tried to get this off the ground a few years ago, to no avail---I'm thrilled that you've had such success this time!  I would really love to take part, but it's just not worth getting ill.

I wish everyone well, and would have enjoyed catching up with folks and showing off pictures of my kids & grandkids!  I've been working at the WV Rehabilitation Center in Institute for the past 3 years---and what a super place it is!  Prior to moving back to Charleston 4 years ago, I lived in Phoenix for 24 years; before Phoenix was Buffalo, NY, for 7 years.  Yep---froze my ass for 7 years, then baked for 24!  God, I'm glad to be back home!!

Please add my corrected mailing address, phone numbers and email address to the lists:

Terri (Riggs) Scott
803 Daverton Road
Charleston, WV  25303-2310
304-342-1928 (home)
(304) 766-2574  or  1-800-642-820

7, ext. 2574 (work)


I am P.Z. Dodson Sinclair (class of 1969) and my husband David was in the class of 1966. We wish we had received this info earlier because he would love to have attended. I got this info from Tom Walker who is in my class.
Please record our info and send us any info on other reunions or info about other graduates. David wants to send his best to your special guest Wayne Dawson who was his coach at John Adams. David & I also would like for you to say hello to Deane Leake if he attends. David remembers many on the list and wishes to say hello.

We are very happy to now be able to get some info about old classmates.
As we get older our memories of high school seem to become even fonder ones.

David & I live in Indiana and have for almost 30 years. We have 3 sons who are married and we have 6 Beautiful grandchildren. David & I both work in the family business which is radio. We own several stations in Norfolk, VA, Santa Rosa, CA and partners in stations in Austin, TX. David deals in the administrative side which has allowed us to stay in Indiana where we came shortly after college with other parts of the family owned company.

Again we wish we could have attended,

David & P.Z. (Dodson) Sinclair
6158 Yellow Birch Ct.
Avon, IN 46123

317-345-7130 cell

- - - - - -  I failed to mention in my last letter that Eddie Pennington, Reponsel George attended church together. Shortly after graduation, I played the piano for their wedding. 

 I think that Reponsel lived on Connell Rd. in Charleston, which was not too far from where Robin Greybill lived. 

After they married, they moved to Florida, they moved to Florida.  The last time that we heard form them was Dec. 2002.

 The Address in FL is 1019 Audubon Way, Lakeland FL  33809-4611

 Raymond Holbrook

- - - - - - - -

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