Notes from Classmates, 2016


Sandy Rose notes:

I run an outreach center for four churches in retirement. I am the executive director.  I do not get paid. 

Last year we gave out 200,000 pounds of food and $65,000 in financial aid to the poor. We also give out clothes vouchers to the poor to shop in our thrift shop.  Last year we cashed $23,000 worth of vouchers.  We also make weekly runs of clothes to the union mission and the battered women's shelter.

All the profits from the story funds our programs no one gets paid.

Sandy served on the board of the Atlanta Ballet company and spend career with prestigious accounting firm.

 - - -

Curt Marbles is still actively taking photos of events in our area.

Larry Lowmiller worked for Kelly's Men shop on Charleston's west side.

Dave Bock, Debbie York, Jack Hogsett, Julia Allison Sheets, Sherry Previll, Marvin Conley & others attended the all year GWHS Reunion at the Chas. Civic Center.

I met Dave Bock snow skiing at Vail Colo. years ago.  After skiing he beat me at racquet bal over time, 22 to 20, I think.

Mike Chaney & Bill Dobbs are active attorneys here in Charleston.

Oren Thornhill, Nate Casto, Bill McKee (accountant), Steve Hopta, Alice Gay Abernathy, & Connie Lane Hillenbrand live in Charleston area.