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Divorce from UNITED STATES

Kan. Co. Court

Non- Appearance


CAFV to court & all claimants
end w/ signatures

Wheeling Court

CAFV and affidavits pdf

were defaulted - non-response !

Land Patent

Copyright Name 2 3

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1 Questions for anyone in Court


Affidavits stand !

Recorded Docs of Elden

UCC record

Lien on Home

Elden's Status

Elden's Will

Redemption in brief- few know.

Affidavits stand as truth in law unless rebutted point by point, in sworn testimony.

Courtesy Notice

One Peoples Public Trust 1776 unrebutted documents that UNITED STATES & all subsidiaries are bankrupt, without power or authority.

Sample Documents

IRS says no tax in these cases.

Labor wages are tax free

Buck Act

Federal Zone

Unanswered questions to Winton- 1 2 3

UCC Filings graphics

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Why be Sovereign

Law on Sovereigns

1040 form is Bogus

Eldens Reservation of Rights pdf

Sec of State          NO Liens on ELDEN


Default Judgment- First Judicial Circuit, Wheeling


How Default happened

-UCC Filing & No Liens on Elden

-UCC Liens on Home & Auto

from Family Guardian:

Why Domicile & Tax are Voluntary


Record & Preserve Documents


Pope removes Immunity


13th Amendment to Constitution disallows B.A.R Attorneys to serve in public office


Challenge to Authority Questions for anyone in Court  ?forTE


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