A View from the Bridge or Life at Little Rock          (my home / studio - 5 forested acres overlooking Capitol City - Charleston W. Va.)

                Poetry by Ted Elden updated 06/12/2009 Visitor:         over 40 years, born '48, writing from age 18 to nearly 58 years old.

                I've won 100s of awards and or been published, once winning $ 500 for poem on Meteorite at Poetry in Print, Albuquerque, New Mexico 2001

                also  Spirits Rise - Water Falls about Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater home for Kaufman over water fall.

                     won Pennsylvania Poetry Society Inc Annual Contest, and cover of their book, 1st place, category 1, in 2004 annual contest
Enjoy !    Each poem was written for one person, now slightly modified and shared with many.  Thanks to those who inspired these.


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    Here is Tower poem as document - a risky assault on the Water Tower the night before Prep School Graduation. (youthful prank)


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Hitch Hiking Traveling so, subject to those you meet,
in Stone inscribed Arizona cliff dwelling show the life before
Ride - Wild Monkey ! At Circus, the monkey, riding horse back, sees all.
Sternwheeler Races- down Kanawha
Tea for Two - traveling thru Lone traveler & (picky) hitch hiker
The Dark Caller Alone, in bar, drinking, reminiscing of his life.
Winter Adventure From College, Penna., trip to Mardi Gras weekend trip 
Seneca Rocks Mountain Climbing with friend, challenging rain 
Nassau Adventure On motor cycle, touring Nassau
Serpentine Cycle On motor cycle, cruising
Caught from the Height Serendipitous find - Atlanta's Marquis Hotel.
(Ms.)  Dawn - at the Beach Lady feeding sea gulls on the beach
Ablution at Carmel Beach Awaking from camping on sandy beach
The Lands of Sands see Silver Seas Where land meets the sea
       dive sport
Alight, Aloft, a Splash ! A spring board diver, his antics
Caroline, sweet youthful joy  friend's daughter, died young
Death touches not Me Our faith points to superior after life.
Life's a Dance With a partner, all things are better
Vision & Wisdom of Blind ole Grace My dearest love, my cocker spaniel
11 September 2001 The great Deception to American People
Adventurous Squirrel Aerial Antics atop the tree top 
Awakened in Fright- by Bat of Night
Butterflies from Fingers Flee God's beauty in the will of a butterfly
Fragile Fireflies fill the Sky Magic
In the Cloak of Night  A Meteorite in night sky, won $ 500 prize
Sunset & Storm - from the yacht Water Skiing, relaxing on the river, comes the storm !
Tornado - Whirlwind A sudden storm, then lies the leaves, in my lawn torn.
Rails to Trails at Greenbrier River Cycling with dogs 
Spirits Rise - Water Falls Fallingwater home by Frank Lloyd Wright, winner '04 Penna. annual St. Poetry  Context, on cover
River Reverie 1.2 Relaxing on the river
(be no) Stranger  Let me photo you at my studio amid our enchanting forest. 
Reunion - Can you go home again ? High School / College - regathering of friends & memories
Reunion - Past
To Seem, to Dream,       ah to Other Worlds ! mystery of night, the torment - delight - fantasy of Dreams !
What Poets say - to Seal Away !
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     snow ski
a Dark Choice Skiing down the unlit trail.
A Veil over Vale  
Last Run - El Solo  
Music - our mood ..  
Panorama of Heaven's Heights  
Ski Atop Alp's Dolomite  
Ski Boots, not Slippers !  
So Remote - the Last Ski Slope !  
Wind Window (goggles)  
  ski water
1 Night River (an eve afloat ) After rage of water skiing, the boat at moor, dinner, relax, sunset & storm.
2 Night River ( surface solace )  
3 Night River ( down river )  
4 Night River ( sense our river scape )  
5 Night River (storm watch )  
6 Night River ( thunder reigns )  
Come to the River- It’s Scenic Tonight !  
Stop the Tides of Age a Raging !  Portrait Photographer or
     Painter of your Countenance
Heaven's Reach Pole Vaulting - a high euphoric
Olympic Gymnasts  
Be Open to Me love  
City Light    
Cleft in your Hand When we are together
My Fallen Angel .s  
Take my Gift - Give me a Lift !  
Tender is the Night..  
the Stone or  the Fortress I'm a bluff without your support
The Tulip The maid in Holland, bloomed ever morn in her garden ...  humor
Wedding's a Window  
Who Am I ?  
You Quiet the Storm  
You Stole my Heart  
Your Face, Your Smile  
Movie, a la fresco Family evening, watching
   outdoor movies under the stars.
Mountain State Arts & Crafts Fair  
Classic Car Show  
Remembering Classic You  
Fill the Sky with Beams on High Of Architect Henry Elden, his buildings:
School days, hey days  
Sweet Summer Daze  
Sky Pilots  
Your Wedding Day is Near  
What's Poetry
others as I develop them  



    The Tower - a prank, an adventure, an exhilarating risk
at Blair Academy, my prep school, senior year, the water tower loomed - surveillance over campus.
I climbed it at dawn, early graduation morning - breaking all protocol, risking expulsion, loss of favor, diploma, college admission, career

the Poems

---  Hitch Hiking

(ride the Gift of God, 

  attend the mind of man.)


I hitch a ride from place to place,

  The Lord lets me out step the (rat) race.


Would people who drive carefree,

  change their path, give help to me ?

The Lord, our guide, incites and wills,

  and I, His subject, delight and thrill.


People hunger to talk, explain,

  unravel, boast, or entertain.

They hunger to be understood,

  for sympathy or praise or good.


Who's the best of counselors ?

  A stranger is, who knows no peers.

Where is best their secret safe ?

  In nomad traveling place to place.


What gain we in this exchange ?

  a bit of the other, the risk explained.

All I seek, in fair trade,

  a ride down South, along their way.


I hitch a ride from place to place,

  Our Lord lets me out step the (rat) race.

---  in Stone inscribed

Oh, vast and painted canyon wall,
  histories echo, stories recall.
A peaceful tribe, defended well.
  within the cliffs where they dwell.

With sweat, toil, labor of love,
 clay bricks carried to cliffs above.
One by one, the rooms they built,
  bespeak today how they dwelt.

From vintage high, their crops below,
  they praised their God their grain to grow.
At season's end, the harvest flow,
  now winter's fields topped with snow.

Deep and steep, the canyon wall,
  invincible to traitor's claw.
Impenetrable, the cliffs defend,
  no attack could ascend.

Domestic craft and peaceful life,
  left a treasure to our delight.
Left their stories in the stone,
  high atop their cliffside home.

The creative act, the art of life,
  flows from the heart, freed of strife,
thru the fingers, with hope & prayer,
  to the artifact that will long be there..

A time of glory, peace and bliss,
  high along the dwelling cliff.
Glory to that ancient tribe,
  in the rock, their lives inscribe.

(Canyon d'Chelly - Cliffside Dwelling)
---  Ride - Wild Monkey !

I'm at circus, wanting to see,

  at edge of my seat, all before me.

Wildlife panthers in ebony,

  now horses from the livery.


In center arena, a racing horse,

  gallops in circles around his course.

Majestic splendor, a stately steed,

  all eyes on him, we all take heed.


Atop him, alone, a bareback rider,

  I spy a monkey, his eyes grow wider.

Jostled 'n shaken is he on the ride,

  holds to the mane, effortless glide.


With long lens, I watch his features,

  wide eyed, he searches the bleachers.

In dark tent, the spotlight's on them.

  from his mount, he searches for friend.


A terror to ride, the danger, a dread,

  what runs inside his frightened head ?

Balance & skill he shows to stay,

  but coiled desire, to run, get away.


At will of his trainer, amuses he all,

  oh, but he fears, the dreaded fall.

But worst yet, would be his torment,

  to run amuck in the crowd in the tent.


Around & around, races the pair,

  who is the braver, the one in the air ?

What a team they have formed,

  Delightful us all, where they perform.

---  Sternwheeler Races- down the Kanawha 1.1


The last of summer's Hot Salty Days...

  Here sit I on the Laura J,

In Coal Town, Charleston, this fall festivity,

  centers on banks or our Capitol City


Soon cast away, break free of our ties,

  paddle from where our final dock lies.

We pause upriver - at Capitol Dome

  patiently we drift, we float, we roam.


The riversides render classic facade,

  formal forms, spacious promenades.

Banks are peppered with pleasure boats,

  Skiers, cruisers, at anchor, afloat.


Waiting, watching, bets grow keener.

  Who'll be winner, the fastest steamer ?

Soon the paddlers align our heat.

  aboard we're restless, shift our seat.


Tensions mount for Pilots, Captains,

  crews, friends and family happenings.

Spectators strung along the shore,

  line their chairs, out they pour.


Ashore - a cannon volleys & thunders,

  waters churn, incite our wonder.

In motion now, we leave our mark,

  away we'll steam to River Front Park.


Our paddles churns waters to froth,

  Viewer watch, we've started, we're off !

Adjacent racers turn waters to foam,

  Outriggers bubble, the river they comb


Waters gargle over running boards,

  Destiny now- to River Lords !

Renown Cap'n Jones, our Captain Competitive,

  This day, this race - he's sought - elected.


He "invites" his guests afore on the ship.

  "Better Viewing", he jests & quietly quips.

Later I learn - It's speed for the ship !

  Ah, clever Captain - your guile is hip !

---  Sternwheeler Races- down the Kanawha 2.2


With weight of patrons balanced at bow,

  the ship takes shape, a distinctive prow,

Underwater, streamlined, it's hidden profile,

  gives an edge, all important, in the distant mile


Pass, we now, our Capitol Dome,

  down the river, the engine's hone !

Banks burgeon with boaters, bathers,

  at water edge - waving waders !


Fathom by Fathom, a lead we take,

  Churning the water, cutting a wake !

Neck and neck, we pace our heat,

  this Lady's legend, can't be beat !


At rivers bend, the sight we seek,

  the bridge in distance, that ends our heat !

We squint at sun, sighting the edge,

  the spectators dot the arc of bridge.


With power and pull, speed to spare,

  soon comes the end, we're almost there.

Contenders beside, we outreach a length,

  all along, we've held this strength.


Our Captain - stealthy, slips back his throttle.

  Our engine quiets, slips to idle.

An eerie danger - uncanny gamble,

  beside us now, abreast they ramble.


Finally, explosive - triumphantly,

  Our Captain blinks & pulls us free

A valiant victory, we're out front,

  Showman, Vicar - oh, what a stunt,


We glide beneath the bridge's edge.

  Renown Victor - his heart's pledge.

His strategy, feign, this fractional knot,

  without which A Win, we'd had not !


Ah, the victory, feel the glory !

  Here we bask in his story.

Tied at the dock, we talk and dazzle,

  of our Captain's Victory and all this razzle.


Thanks Capt. Jones, 1st Mate Nelson !

Thanks Mary Ellen, the mostest of Hostess -

  for showing us this nautical lesson.

---  Tea for Two - traveling through


Young and urgent, I tear thru night,

  ‘cross the plains, beyond the light.

In British Triumph, my GT-6,

  I roar west - Route 66.

Wire frame glasses frame my face,

  pray they show my intellect, grace.

Lo, from the center, just over the ridge,

  I hang a tea bag from the bridge.


Silence seems endless, I break from ennui,

  darkness looms long, I reach for my tea.

With fingers to bag, I crush it afresh,

  cascades of aroma, over me enmesh.

A light interlude from lone landscape,

  but for a moment, a brief escape.

Mile after mile, thru pit of night,

  the deluge of rain, streaks in my flight.


The darkness swallows all from sight,

  none on the roadway, alone ‘tis quite.

Sudden, a form catches my sight,

  a silhouette startles, a figure, a fright.

Give him a lift in wee morn hour ?

  Save him stench of drenching shower ?

No one will pass for miles or hours,

  for warmth of shelter, he’d be empowered.


‘near a mile away, I halt then back,

  hope not to spray him nor his pack.

So back I rolled, ‘til in my mirror,

  see him approach, he walks in the clear.

My chassis’s still, steam rises from hood,

  gleaming and wet, I’m alone in the wood.

The door springs open, looks in with grimace,

 “What’s that hanging on bridge of your face ?”


My forgotten tea bag, came sudden to mind.

  “Oh, just a tea.bag.”, I cheerfully chimed.

“No thanks.” said he, “Please don’t bother.”

  backed from car,  “I’ll catch another.”

In the drizzly gloom, the cold dark night,

  I doubt he’ll see other afore daylight.


Silent I chuckle, dash off in my cruiser.

  ""Beggars at night shouldn't be choosers."

---  The Dark Caller

Spit from night, he slams the door,
  heavy steps cross hard wood floor.
Stiff suede coat, turned up collar,
  dark shadows clothed this caller.

Punctual steps to jukebox delivers,
  inserts a coin with visible quiver.
Punching the buttons, without attention,
  as if, by habit from another dimension.

Inciting the box to wail its tale,
  he shrugged at the bar and quaffed his ale.
A powerful presence, so quiet, demanding,
  attentions still focused, as if he were standing.

Pounding the table to rhythm with fist,
  as if, by force, his past should persist.
With drink in hand, his thoughts he sounds,
  quenching his passions, the room swirls round.

---  Winter Adventure

Winter was dead, 'n life was static,

  Exams were over, so off was the panic.

Only in study could the mind ignore,

  hostility of season, keep us indoor.


Snow so gripped the campus action,

  outdoors had lost all its attraction.

"Life in the South," someone mentioned,

  immediately gaining all our attention.


A party fantastic, Mardi Gras incited,

  the sand, the beach, a venture invited.

The week was spent, so Friday decided,

  their sporty car, their engine ignited.


"All Set ?.  "You Bet !"


Rev the engine, then pop the clutch,

  they're hip for trip, but don't take much.

With studies and city and cares behind,

  escapes the campus, their minds unwind.


Thru cities and states, the adventuresome two,

  speed down the highways, traveling thru.


The cities, the states, the highways too,

  adventures two, traveling thru.


In the late afternoon, classes done,

  they depart at death of dying sun.

A bleak season, a break in exams,

  off to the sands, to explore new lands.

---  Nassau Adventure


My Honda humming from dawn to dusk,

  We travel this isle, Oh travel is lust !

Bohemian Children call from every comer,

  "The island's history for only a quarter ?"


Then off to stone forts of historic stand,

  surrounded by beaches of brilliant white sand,

Survey the surf of sea green seas,

  lazy, waves lapping for miles to see.


As evening fades to a calmer light,

  A couple we join - to taste the night.


Curiosity caught a changing attraction,

  Plush casinos and fast money action,

Tuxedos, gowns, glittering jeweled ramblers,

  Tried studious strategies, Oh gamey gamblers.

---  Serpentine Cycle


Life is change, opportunity, chance,

  I mount my cycle with great vigilance.

The freedom I’ve found,

  some fear's hell bound.


With flick of wrist, throttle is quick.

  Quick stops, leap starts, quickens your heart.

The road's dynamic, my vision panoramic.

  Warm summer's air. rush thru my hair.


Serpentine curves, twisting contour,

  'tis quick to respond, take any detour.

Shift your weight, bank your turns,

  motion 'n reflex your quick to learn.


Some cruise weekends, a country ride,

  bliss to meander thru forests outside.

All terrain, I cycle, rain or shine.

  I'm nimble, agile, it suits my clime.


In shorts, bare legs, at highway speed,

  delicately balance my two wheel steed.

The ravenous road roars under me,

  the teeth of concrete, a blur to see.


Critical my friends, mature adults,

  question my sanctions, find me at fault.

If I fault or fall, of me they’d laugh.

  “I told you so, such a treacherous craft.”


Watchful, alert, you must be,

  traffic conditions temper you speed.

Your craft and path - motion incarnate,

  all senses alive, a rush, stimulate.


A delicate balance, your safety and life,

  soon but a reflex, you feel no strife.

Life, by a thread, but fear no dread,

  alert, attentive, keep using your head.


Renewed in passion and my youth,

  fear not others who find me uncouth.

I loved my cycle in college days,

  I race anew 'long new highways.

---  Caught from the Height


My work,.  study,.  hobby,

 explore majestic hotel lobby.

A form fantastic, texture in space,

 Spiraling balconies shape this place.


Fifty stories; a haunting height,

 look up, delight , look down, a  fright.

Like rib cage of creature gigantic.

  Take a breath - it's Architecture Organic,


Future Architecture, is it a cure ?

 Does it enchant, insure allure ?

Lights glow eerie from each rim,

 articulate rails round the trim.


Plants hang tiered from rails aglow,

 elevators plummet to worlds below.

Shuttling passengers whisper by,

 glide down the tower - like drops from sky.


The lobby's quiet - sparse of guest,

  those who're there - oblivious, rest.

Up stair, 'n ramp, 'n aisle I go,

  moving where others rarely go.


Explore and photo, I this place,

  then bridge the lobby, look up in space.

A twinkle, a flitter - a paper plane ?

  The flight over the space it reigns.


Three steps forward, I'm in it's path,

  serendipity, it's in my grasp.

I turn up to balcony level,

 two gents agape, perplexed, bedeviled.


To perpetrators, I nod and wave,

 then exit promptly, my catch enslaved.

Who but I, could be there then,

  to turn and catch, and know when ?

      (Marriott Marquis: Atlanta)

---  (Ms.)  Dawn - at the Beach


The sun shrugs - be of the sea free,

  I photo it's glow 'gainst sands and sea.


Quiet the morning, pace the shore,

  landforms I watch, hear ocean's roar.

My work's stagnant, just forms in light,

  I search horizon for sight of delight.


A beachcomber strides in from the strand,

  runs to water, something in hand. 

From her bag, she begins to throw

  into the air - it plummets below.


Soon she's sighted by eye of a gull,

  they rush to her, sensing they're called. 

Energetic, inventive, the lady's quest,

  morsels she throws to feathered guest. 


Last night's dinner - tidbits delight,

  birds soar 'round her, nearly alight.

Afloat above, beyond her reach,

  feather and flutter sheath sight of the beach.


My camera responds before my thought,

  focus on feathers - else I get naught. 

Over her shoulder, I gaze in their face,

  capture their essence - floating in space.


Near her hands, 'n hair in the air, 

  in their eyes, amazed I stare.

Clamoring beak, eye of delight,

  curious, excite, but not of fright.


How did she, a stranger here,

  gather these birds - incite no fear ?

The right gift, time and place,

  will be accepted - amazing grace.


(On meeting a stranger named Dawn)

---  Ablution at Carmel Beach

The drive was long, the road a rage,

  here I've come, escaped my cage.

I've left my car, to walk the beach,

  the textured sand beneath my feet.


From distant lands, I've come to shore,

  divest my mind of endless yore.

Visions swirl, thoughts a scramble,

  a mind a tangle, to take a gamble.


Images tumble, thoughts a whirl,

  peace at last, to leave that girl.

Yesterday, a memory,

  far behind, now amnesty.


The golden sun's horizon blush,

  the light fades, the sea's a hush.

A gull drives, in waters rush,

  from the deep, it rises flush.


Darkness covers the length of sand,

  fires collects the last of man.

Bodies gather in campfire light,

  subdue whispers, onset the night.


Alone I lie, unknown to other,

  on sandy bed, my head I cover,

my sheath from sky and starry light,

  at death of day, at birth of night.


The soothing sound, the ocean roar,

  breath of brine, blows off shore.

A troubled mind, my thoughts distill.

  a night of rest, is quiet still.



.. a gull cries, awakes the skies ..

   tears dry, the light arise ..

Renewed in mind, thought and word,

  from my God, I have heard.

---  Lands of Sands see Silver Seas


Comfort clothes, barefoot carefree,

  we walk the shore along the sea.

Toes touch, tremble, thrill,

  a pool surrounds, our ankles chill.


Sand and grass to stirred sea surf,

  sounds surround, sonorous bade.

Swell and break, the endless wave,

  then to foam, then to fade.


On our watch - a cavalcade,

  beast and bird - a beach parade.

Crabs crawl quickly, secretly,

  stealth in sand for none to see.


Above soar gulls in motion free,

  glide and dip - then touch the sea.

Flutter wings, then stately soar,

  two birds cull, then many more.


Lapping waves comb the shore,

  beyond the surf,- the ocean's roar.

Rise and fall, the sea sounds roll,

  soothe and still our restless soul.


Diurnal tides, ebb and flow,

  gentle rise then crashing blow.

Bubbling surf seeks silver sand,

  like giant hand, strokes our land.


The coast is thin, long and vast,

  soothes our soul, quiet unmask. 

Come and see - vast the sea 

  calm your heart and esprit.


Rising from the waters deep,

  out of ocean, slowly creeps,

amber light, the moon aglow,

  shimmers 'cross the waters flow.

--  Alight, Aloft, a Splash !


The diver paused, surveyed water,

  twice he sprang, he’s not a faulter.

Bending, bowing, quiet now,

  his vision fixed on distant brow.


A pulse, a twinge, a simple notion,

  a bust from him - kinetic motion.

One step, two, the third a vault,

 leaps on board, final assault.


Sinuous spring, a launch on high,

  reaching up, ah touch the sky !

A height achieved beyond his reach,

  his sculpted limbs, pointed each.


He crowns his arc, majestic, calm,

  his pose transfixed, in sigh embalm.

Ends the magic, a downward fall,

  tucked tight, a twirling ball !


Twist, tuck, turn, contort,

  a muse in motion, amazing sport !

Awed are we who watch all this,

  staccato motion, a blur of twists.


In final streak, out stretched hand,

  slice the surface, his entrance grand.

Limbs and legs, pointed still,

  down he plunges, the dive a thrill.


A gulp, a splash, modest at best,

  the wave 'n wake, hardly crest.

Deep he dives, thru the surface,

  a baptism to his omnipresence.


A coil unleashed, a spring, pirouette.

  alert, a lean, a silhouette.

From the deep, he rises wet,

  awash from his peril's threat.

--- Caroline, sweet youthful joy

I watched you grow in love and life,
  I watch you thru my camera's eye.
Your eyes alight in world surround,
  your parent’s love reflected, found.
A prayer you wrote in pencil sketch,
  Santa Please, a horse I need.
In time your parents did you bring,
  a stallion to makes your heart sing.

On the mount, you proudly rode,
  and prizes home brought you in trove.
Your stately, fine equestrian clothes,
  about the stables your horse you rode.
All you met, your touched their life,
  your joy burst, your laughter bright.
Your Haiti mission carved compassion,
  your vision shared in poems mission.

Time and tempest, at every age,
  each sports anew, your new stage.
Your love, your passion illuminates,
  you shared your life, it radiates..
Ah, amiss, what chance your leaving,
  none foresaw, none believing.
A highway mishap took your life,
  we're confused, thrown in strife.

Who, so innocent, deserved so much,
  your life was brief, beyond our touch.
Precious angel, we loved you so.
  So sad that you to Heaven go.
Angel dear, we'll long admire,
  the smiles and laughs you inspire.
Bright, joyful, fresh like the dew,
  you brightened the day of all you knew.

Let each of you, before you sleep,
  hung and thank those in your reach.
Life is precious, short is time,
  first to Heaven is Caroline.
In poem, sketch, and thousand ways,
  you've thanked us each in loving ways.
God thank you for her precious years,
  our Caroline's gone, we drown in tears.
---  Death touches not Me

I lost a friend, near & dear,
  with whom I'd spent my better years.
Each step I took in his shadow,
  his death came without foreshadow.

Death touches little those who die,
  but only reaches those who’ll cry.
Sorrow, tears for those still here,
  life seems short, death seems near.

Focus not on our great loss,
  but of all we had at little cost.
Life together has been bliss,
  all we had, we will miss.

Finite is our life here,
  after this, have no fear.
Our Lord, our God, will shelter us,
  beyond to paradise, we will rush.

If world’s within a grain of sand,
  He holds it all within his hand.
If universe’s in blade of grass,
  He holds the galaxy, eternal gas…

Lighten your hold on your life here,
  plan for future, none to fear.
Fill your days with joy, sing,
  "Oh Death, where is thy sting ?"
---  Life's a Dance

Life's a dance –  partners in chance.

  One can’t go far, need one to spar.

How quiet the day, 

  with none to play.


I step forth,

  wait your response.

Hope with speed,

  you follow my lead.

What moves me most,

  your thoughts - my ghost !


You captivate & motivate,

  the fiber of my daily slate.

In my thoughts, you shadow me.

  with you there, I’m always free.

What e’re confronts you & I,

  Oh, together what we must try !


I rise early, work ‘til late,

  endeavor each day to clear my slate.

Tedious life seems endless chore,

  my hope eternal - tomorrow’s cure.


Occasions rare, my idle thought,

  out steps my world - over wrought.

You come to mind – in idle time,

  reflect on you is time sublime.


Friends like you who share their life,

  remove me from my daily strife.

The life you lead, a model to me,

  lets me side step my lunacy.


I send my blessing, in thought & prayer,

  hope the season finds you most fair.

I pray too, you’ll pass this way,

  so I can hear what you may say !


Our lot in life to serve,

  reach friends with all our verve,

Serendipity is God’s will.

  Respond to me - give thrill !

---  Vision & Wisdom of Blind ole Grace


Grace, ole spaniel, hardly sees nor hears,

  at my feet, she sits quite near.

Stumbles about like Mr. Magoo,

  follows her nose to what's a brew.

If chair or table I move somewhere,

  she bumps but once, then knows it's there.

Intuitive and elaborate her map of my place,

  it seems that she sees as she moves in Grace.


I hope, but think, she barely sees,

  possibly forms and shapes of me.

Her perceptions, sadly, are poor, are slight,

  yet at night, she seems to have sight.

Silent, stone deaf, she never responds,

  if I call to warn her something is wrong.

Silent her world, no sound to disturb,

  Peace she must have, nothing heard.


Grace, like us all, is growing older,

  loosing perception, her world grows colder.

Still bright her outlook, she seems bolder,

  I fear her fate, I just want to hold her.

To Dad's for dinner, evenings we walk.

  anxious she goes, she never will balk.

My pets and his, family are we,

  together we gather, a time to just be.


At pavement's edge, sometimes she stumbles,

  falls head over heel, she takes a tumble.

Unfathomed, undaunted, she rises from grass,

  stands boldly again, shows she’s first class.

Standing erect, she shakes herself off,

  returns to roadway to continue our walk.

She senses the texture, on asphalt roams,

  follows the pavement to my Dad's home.


Her nose is keen, her sense of smell,

  can follow me walking, follow my trail.

Quickly, trusting, she walks near me,

  oblivious that she hardly can see.

She’s cheerful, joyous, in meeting new day,

  greets friends 'n guests in extraordinary way.

Life, as we know it, is far beyond fact, 

  the result of our grace, our outlook and tact !

---  Adventurous Squirrel


Varied path, playful antics,

  run the branch, then leap gigantic !


Leap from limbs, with flowing tail,

  a shower of leaves to wind sail. 

Sprightly movements, antics perform,

  each leap destined to take you home.


Grasping claws, limber leaps,

  thru the trees, ebullient streak.

Climbing up swiftly, then down sail,

  scribed in the sky with trailing tail. 


A world you traverse, high - 3 D,

  scampering on branches, thru the trees.

Each you strike, bows to you,

  in fearful fall, like woodsman’s hew.


In timber aloft, you find a trail,

  from food to nest, with much travail.

Small your size, but big your head,

  to find in the woods a place to bed.


Heaven's your place, your path, your time,

  what joy aloft you must find.

---  Awakened in Fright- by Bat of Night


A buzz through the air, a swish, a clatter,

  awakened me early  from my slumber.

Black was She, in my dark place,

  She darted around my private space.


Boldly She entered, by chance, my chambers,

  awakens me to worlds of dangers.

Looping my room, crossing my bed,

  She darted and circled, then dived at my head.


This creature of horror had broken my night,

  summoned my fright, now stuck at my sight !

She'd swoop anew, then dive at my face,

  soar up again, not leaving a trace.


Disheveled, confused, I tumbled for light,

  Triggered the switch, then covered my fright.

Now, once more, I peer at the sight,

  into my room once mystic in night.


To see at a distance, one eye risk I,

  looking from covers to creature on high.

The pattern repeated, time and again,

  without protection, with what do I fend ?


Her silhouette darted, then dived at my face,

  then up again, not leaving a trace.

Each pass she inched by my face,

  struck neither covers, nor slowed her pace.


In time, a plan came to me.

  gathered a towel, to set me free.

I tossed at her, caught her on perch,

  expelled them together wrapped onto porch.


Be dead be dreaded apparition.

  strike at Night, Challenge the Fright !

Bat be gone, and come not again,

  Least you'll have us to frighten You Then.

---  Butterflies from Fingers Flee


Whose will is this ? Alone I sit.

  It's bliss, above the highest cliff.

I watch the mountainside cascade,

  forest, flora, down the glade.


Surrounding me are butterflies.

  First they perch, then they glide.

I focus on a wing afloat,

  soon he flies, eludes my hope.


Now months apart in garden glen,

  comes a butterfly my friend.

Quiet, steady, I watch him land,

  almost touch, stretched out hand.


I focus, photo him at pleasure,

  a life, a flitter is such a treasure.


Why today of one accord ?

  on mountain top there was discord.

Today are we of one will,

  just to watch is such a thrill.


Who can say where he'll perch,

   keep open mind, mind the search.

Ephemeral as summers breeze,

  our God makes too, the likes of these.

---  Fragile Fireflies fill the Sky

Warm, sluggish summer's night,
  sunset past, beyond the light,
Think of youth, unwind your mind,
  back to days when we had time.

In fading light, we lose our place,
  the ground, a bed, we seek a trace.
Heavenly high, we watch & gaze,
  what we see, soon amaze.

On soft cats paws, in night creeps,
  dusk to dark, in it sweeps.
Stealthy, silence, comes the night.
  watch the height for the light.

Dark, shady, shadows of night,
  tiny but bright, a twinkle of light.

Fireflies flitter 'neath mid-night's sky,
  oh great mystery, our friend, firefly.
Each light signals, ""I’m here !,"" they say.
  Who could elude, could stay away ?
Silent, secret, in trellis of trees,
  silent, invisible, just below leaves.
Aloof, alight, they move in the breeze.
  aimless wandering, their path’s a tease.

Oh, flashing spot, moving in space,
  mystery & grace to another place.
Dark now, when where will he light ?
  secrets in space, moving in night.
Will light a twinkle, catch another’s eye ?
  respond to a mate, is he the guy ?
Romance in sight in dance of light ?
  meet, mate, and soon alight.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
My pets & I, abed in the grass,
  'neath starry canvas, in sea of gas.
Stellar stars & fireflies twinkling,
  what's to come, I have an inkling.

On distant horizon, the moon arise,
  amber afire, majestic, disguise.
Peace in my heart, eyes last peek,
  at deep dark sky, then lulled to sleep.

---  In the Cloak of Night - $ 500 winner - Poetry in Print, Albuquerque, New Mexico

(once titled Meteor Shower, 2001)


On horizon, glowed city light,

  cold 'n clear, dark the night.

Crystal clear skies, I seek a trace  

  the dark encompass, a chilly embrace.


Slowly, anxious, seconds I count,

  peripheral vision is paramount.

A flight in the night, burst to sight,

  a streak in heaven, a vision of light !


A long, glowing trail - brilliantly lit,

  arched thru the sky, then suddenly quit.

Soon another burst to light !

  a brilliant, but brief, break in the night.


Ephemeral firefly, gone from sight,

  Uncanny apparition, a chilling fright.

A moment or two, I watch amazed,

  a stellar performance, a starry blaze.


Each unique - n're to repeat,

  n're 'gain witness this stellar feat !

Sights are waiting for us to see,

  the moon aglow in a black sky sea.

---  Sunset & Storm - from the yacht


Celestial lightning profiles the ridge,

  the mountain's textured along its edge.

Silhouette clouds take their form,

 the last frontier before the storm.

Then flash in heavens, a chasm of space,

  beyond our reach - our human race.

First light electric, terrestrial source,

  eclipsed by lights of stellar force.


First view our crew, in our place,

  then brilliantly cast in cosmic space.

Our buildings, city - alight, aglow,

  in black of night, our visions grows.

The heavens lit from beyond,

  a tale of the tempest, soon to be on.

Time is marked by volley and thunder,

  the heavens alive, a God of Wonder.


Foreground, background, skies aglow !

  humbled are we, from watch below.

Lighting bolts ! Thunder claps !

  stagger our sense, take us aback.

Black as night, the expanse of sky,

  burst to light - blinds the eye.

A trilogy, ‘tis three part vision,

  from our domain to far horizon.


Finally, His triumphant story,

  our God reveals all his glory.

The third part, in play of lights,

  spectacular colors - a burst to fright.

Lightning Flashes ! illusion complete.

  image reverse, incredible feat.

The thunderous threat is finally thrown,

  in bolts of lightning from His throne.


Placid waters splash to life,

  rain pelts down like a knife.

This eve has ended and it's allure,

  so home we flee, to our moor.

---  Tornado - Whirlwind


Quiet the day, clear the sky,

  Winds stir up, something on high ?

My roof, a drum, roars over me,

  A rain of hail stones falling free.


Across my lawn, dance stones and clamor,

  a crackling staccato, my windows hammered.

We drop our work, to center - cluster.

  Alert, attentive - courage we muster.


Winds, like gales, bend the trees,

  Lord, spare my windows from hail and leaves.

It rose so quick, yet soon subside.

  Freed of our tomb, we step outside.


A resurrection to be a live,

  the world transformed - most all survive.

Sunshine glistens through shimmering leaves,

  Raindrops drip from ravaged trees.


Upturned leaves, strewn 'cross the grass.

  a motley carpet, - a sight aghast.

Some trees whole, whole trees torn.

  God has spoken in guise of storm !

---  Rails to Trails at Greenbrier River


Cycling ‘long the gravel trail,

  our dogs aboard, they wag their tail.

Lean to the wind to catch the view,

  life surrounds – a moving zoo.


Wondrous creatures abound around,

  crackle, crunch, we race the ground

Twisting tunnels – a trellis of trees,

  on forest trails - from road we're free !


Rippling river, fowl & fish,

  spectacular vista, beyond our wish.

Exhausted now, a day well spent !

  A lodge we seek, without our tent.


Evening comes, fades the light,

  on to Watoga to spend the night.

Forest and foliage, the scent of fall,

  a quiet wood, brings peace to all.


Night falls from darkling skies,

  a place to rest our weary eyes.

A cabin cozy, just mud & logs,

  a family gathered with our dogs.


A blaze we build, a crackling fire,

  snap 'n crack, a staccato choir.

Sparks to smoke, to alluring scent.

 pervades the cabin, then chimney vent !


Wild & wonderful - our state, our clime,

  all easy reach, only take time.

---  Spirits Rise, Waters Fall   Fallingwater, Penna., country home designed by F L Wright
  Winner 2004 annual Penna. St. Poetry Contest, book cover.

Come with me tourist,
  thru fragile forest,
in timbers tall,
  to plummeting fall.

Come see what I spy,
  delight your own eyes
above trees rise,
  this sculpted prize

The structure, a dare,
  cantilever in air.

The scale & space,
  suspend this place.
Boulder & rock,
  secrets nature unlock.

Shape & shadow a mystery,
  texture is His artistry.

In natural material,
  it's presence ethereal.
Vistas open far & wide,
  view thru trees up to the sky.

Sunset - is its awe:
. each night fall,
. the soothing call,
. waters rush to fall.

---  River Reverie 1.2


    ( surface solace ) 

Boaters gone, they've departed,

  leave us reign these settling waters.

Our boat raged for us to ski,

  anchored now on tranquil sea.

The setting sun, the cool breeze,

  shifts the mood to serenity.


Celebrate here, not in the least,

  unveil our dinner, a fabulous feast.

Donning vests, we casually drift,

  abreast we bob, relaxing lift.

Buoyant, becalm, be settled, be warned,

  theatrical threat precedes the storm.


Shadow of night engulfs us eerie.

  Aboard a ship, quiet and weary.

Sensuous sounds soothe us now,

  music melodious waifs from the bow.

This haven, this place, magnifies time,

  A nexus, this space, a reverie fine.


Breaking the silence, to us unnerves,

  carving the bank of the river's curve.

A train transcends, tracing the track,

  curving along the railroad track.

Its clatters fades down the tracks,

  clackety clack, clackety clack.


    ( down river )

The fog grows thick, the fog is thick.

  This night we pick  That's the trick.

An arc of lights slice the night,

  tiny dots, like candle light.

On boulevard, the channel twist,

  From thence they vanish into mist.


Staccato along the water's edge,

  amber lights frame the ridge.

Lights of cars dance and thrive,

  into the distance, hardly alive.

Beyond, beneath the bridge - a bend,

  as sky and water merge and blend.

---  River Reverie 2.2


    ( up river )

This shimmering surface serpentine

  slivers along the Valley's spine,

traveling towards the Capitol's Dome,

  ever twists to honored stones.

Once bubbling, curling, churning foam,

  the water calm, now at home.


Reflections from the water placid,

  reveal colonnades of the classic,

Lights electric illume the essence,

  Magnify the river's presence.

Monumental limestone ledge, (stair)

  stretch to waters lapping edge.


    ( sense our river scape )

The breeze declines, now subsides,

  The wind, now calm, be stills the tide.

The river, ah, smooth as glass,

  reflects the sky, black and vast.

We witness, watch, from waters warm,

  summer's spectacular: sunset and storm;


Alone, amidst a fog of gray,

  we've drifted here at end of day.

Our vistas change - time unfolds,

  a glimpse to stairs 'bove grassy knoll.


A gentle breeze clears the mist,

  beyond reveals this vision - bliss;

Glowing Capitol - Lights the Night.

  the dome of stone - sign of Right.

Structures line our city scape,

  a line - a limit, ne'er escaped.


First vision catches city streets,

  then the Dome of limestone sheets.

Both aglow - electric light,

  then distance views of distant heights.

Ah, the mystery, this murky night,

  long I'll remember this marvelous sight !


---  (be no) Stranger

You and I, strangers be,
  only chance has let me see.
Brief I watch - you passed by,
  I hardly spoke, nor made a sigh.
Stunned was I to you behold,
  your response seemed stone cold.

I looked close – your lovely tress !
  You seemed squeamish – at unrest.
You must wonder of my quest,
  my sole intent to be witness (photo)
Sheepish smile, a moment glowing,
  Your mind I have no way of knowing.

Portraits come from time and place,
  a brief respite, reflective pace.
We had neither time nor chance,
  no quiet chat nor circumstance.
A moment lax where you could glow,
  with comfort, ease, while photos flow.

My studio’s deep in forest set,
  vistas here you’ll n’re forget.
Rich umbrage here is all around,
  lush green gardens, grounds surround.
The trees, a trellis of foliage light,
  the color soft, a warm delight !

My portraits are enduring work,
  catch but once – a smile or smirk !
Of all who pass my path and eye,
  you mystified this passer-by.
To photo once - your lovely face,
  ‘mid amber lights to see your grace.

Smile and scour, your grimace quick,
  invite response, that’s the trick !
Strangers only we needn’t be !
  Share your smile and mystery.
Where sun light filters thru the leaves,
  'tis gentle light – to light thee.

---  Reunion - Can you go home again ?


Five, ten, twenty years,

  reunions come & with them fears.

We've gained a pound, missed a career,

  gone adrift in all these years.


How embarrassed are we when,

  we see a friend from way back then.

Youth & innocence we had before,

  has it passed and our allure ?


Time & chance twist our path,

  by serendipity, we land at last.

Our friends, we fear, endured better,

  taller, richer, they've been more clever.


Now we're wrinkled, a shriveled prune,

  loosing hair, we look like the moon.

Cast all away & come together,

  forget our loss, don't wait forever.


Who cares what we've acquired ?

  where we've been, who we've hired ?

'Twil be days to reminisce, lots of fun !

  turn back to time (when) we'd just begun.


Here we'll be, come & see.

  happy, jovial, a time carefree !

See the people we all once knew,

  predictions then, did they come true ?


The class jester, he'll be there,

 I wonder if he's has hair ?

Next comes Dave, athlete supreme,

  remember how he lead our team ?


Ms. Gossip will light the room,

 around her our masses swoon.

The devote, preppy & intellect,

  others come you'll not forget.


Cheerleader, pompom, majorettes  too.

  and many more, come see who !

French Club, Latin, boosters too,

  a teacher comes, remember who ?


Remember how each of them,

  at some time, was your friend.

Their thoughts, praise, testing too.

  primordial in forming you.


- Your metamorphosis to who you are !

---  Reunion - Past


Our reunion came and went,

  I feel my energy, all is spent.

Such excitement when it comes,

  exhaustion after, now I’m numb !


Time with friends, now far away,

  thinking back to precious day.

What a rush to think back then,

  images flood across my pen.


Suspended then from daily strife,

  how different has become our life.

Thinking of our innocence,

  before the tempest of events.


Life was simple, way back then,

  share your view with a friend.

Provincial then, was our world,

  before our travel, our minds unfurl.


Before the conflict of the sexes,

  when life was simple, well directed.

Before the age of adult life,

  before waves of constant strife.


Memory pure is such a filter,

  leaves behind all the clutter.

We think our past was so pure,

  remember only what was dear.


What a lift I've in their presence.

  like time aloft in pleasant pleasance.

We are charmed to meet anew.

  Who else knows what we've been thru.


What a whirl to see the girl,

  who fixed my hopes, she was a pearl.

May each you greet remember you,

  if they only knew you as I do.


God Bless you each for coming here,

  our times together were so dear.

Not so long, let’s meet again.

  what t'is better than time with friend.

---  To Seem, to Dream, ah to Other Worlds !


A wink, a nod, and soon the deep,

  binds the night, in our sleep.

A quiet breath, a lifeless frame,

  off wanders mind - alive, aflame.

First a rustle, then a whirl,

  topsy turvy turns our world.

Slow perceptions come to light,

  something wakens in the night.


Shapes alive like movie start,

  summon up from in our heart.

Animate, with sound surround,

 to peace eternal, or hell bound ?

Of vintage past, or future mission,

  what seeds the core of our vision ?

Images parade up from the day,

  or something heard, someone say ?


Some things connect, linked or found,

  to place afar, deep, profound.

Subconscious thought, the master mind,

  out steps it's limits of space & time.

Colors, shapes, an unknown face,

  each entangled, reach a place.

Gravity freed, no science laws,

  free we move, beyond the walls.


Size and scale, speed and strength,

  extreme our reach, vast our length.

Mystery, illusion, what waits our fate ?

  What's beyond our Heaven's Gate ?

Fear or folly, peace or love ?

  What door will open, to mind above ?

Tempest, thoughts at night born,

  daybreak sanity names forlorn.


Pull the cover over your head,

  what waits your night, a flight in bed ?

A wink, a nod, your promenade,

  search your soul, find your God.

---  What Poets say - to Seal Away !


The poet, quiet, reflects on life,

  crafts his words like sculpting knife.

Feelings, thoughts, events woven,

  depict  the world he has chosen.


Memory, mood, feelings woken,

  linking things once just spoken.

A word, insight, he prays to find,

  a way to tie his thoughts in rhyme.


A word in time, fitly spoke,

  can save a soul that's low in hope.

A phrase connects a place & time,

  can serve to let the mind unwind.


A quip can steal the heart away,

  make new a smile on sadden day.

Illusions lure, begot in rhyme,

  can turn a phrase to freeze a time.


Thoughtful, gentle, words are power,

  they crystallize the passing hour.

So poet ponders, with point and pen,

  whatever reaches his heart and ken.


His words alone shall seal away,

  things that others might cast away.


---  a Dark Choice


At day's end, break from the trail,

  a venture new, would this avail ?

Here's a path, I'd ski not before.

 This to me, was a whole new tour.


I chose the bright, the sunlit run,

 to catch the last of dying sun.

It beamed, beckoned me to follow,

 cross the ridge, down the hollow.


But vanished soon the sunlit slope,

 now mystery was mine to cope. 

The trail once bright, now has no light,

 fears like night, no light, no sight.


Like dark side of our moon,

 no light, or life, fears swoon.

No shadows show the shape of the slope,

 abandoned ye, ski without hope.


Thrown in shadows, stark and dark,

 I slow at beat of pounding heart.

The unknown trail, where would it end ?

 To foul fate or path to friend  ?


No guarantee in life, my friend,

  Each venture will begin and end.

The comfort, ease, which we begin,

  does not effect how it will end !

---  A Veil over Vale


Clouds intermittent sweep the slopes,

 confuse direction, spin gyroscope.

It's clear a moment, winter's wonderland,

 the path is open, at your command.


Clouds, like a veil, in wind shadow hang,

 the shape of the mane, of mighty mustang.

Skier's tails glow, follow like spray,

 translucent snow lit by sun's rays,


In blink of an eye, in sweeps a shroud.

 Ski to a halt, covered in cloud. 

Blind, consumed, lost in the mist,

 moments before, your trail was bliss.


As sudden as came, out sweeps the fog,

 relieved, uplifted, out step the bog.

Vision is clear to village below,

 at edge of the vale, a tiny rainbow.


A private world, to ski in the mist,

 dare or dread, your motion resist.

Adrift in fog - blind, without vision,

 fear the slope or skiers collision.

---  Last Run - El Solo

You seek all day the height of summit,
  the longest run - a flight to plummet.
El Solo, all alone,
  last descent to fires at home.

Long lifts run, open 'til late,
  tempt the pros; to them they're bait
Try to find the least of line.
  Ski all the more, to max your time.

High in peaks for your last run,
  one last schuss before you're done.
On your own, completely free,
  no other sound but song of ski.

Ski wide slope, thru timber trail,
  whisk thru woods, at full speed sail.
Tranquil, serene, the emerald forest,
  'twixt rock and tree in nature's purest.

There's danger to skis, late in day,
  your spirit's willing, wants to play.
Breakneck speeds, reactions quick,
  your mind 'n body, in rhythm click.

Abandon care - yet still ambition,
  sinew fails to meet their mission.
Up fast looms rock head wall,
  timing's critical, to avoid a fall.

Your wits tell you how to move,
  thought is quick, avoid the groove.
But muscles tire, loose their response,
  reaction requires they flex at once.

So down the mountain you thread a trail,
  your thoughts to steer, to no avail.
The vision last, that burns within,
  to reach the lodge, the fire, and friend.

---  Music - our mood ..

Music calms, enchants the mind,

  perceptions change, feelings, time.

Steals our thoughts, preoccupied,

  frees us from what we've been tied.


Music muses our static thought,

  takes us where we've been naught.

Embraces deep, in ecstasy,

  severs world, from all we're free.


Like ballet, the complex motion,

  captures us, with secret potion.

Soothes the body, quells the soul,

  restores us to a person whole.


Sounds that soothes our restless beast,

  still aggression, we'll not compete.


A tape or tune plays in our head.

  Life looses bite, its relentless dread.

The beat we hear, a rhythm near,

  gives time and pace the path we steer.

---  Panorama of Heaven's Heights


Gaze amaze at mountain ridge,

  limit of land, of world the edge.

Distant vision, in 'n out drifts,

  advance the cloud, intermittent mist.


Cragged crests line reaches the sky,

  an occasional pine lie on high.

Crevice and crag, valley and peak,

  mountainous miles, snowy and bleak.


High cliffs fall to fields of snow,

  timber line shields worlds below.

The village hides in lowest land,

  the place where man first took his stand.


Now from the depth of that plain,

  He's conquered heights, now His domain.

Ice 'n rock, hostile, cold climate,

  has not contained ambitious primate.


Lichen etches rock's faces,

  first step in life's new traces.

  as plants strive in Artic places.

From cliffs to crags, to fields of snow,

  in a white sea, the valley below,

  invites you ski to quaint Chateau.


Chair lift on high, look up the slope,

  the sun at crest, back lights all.

Silhouette skiers, a puff they throw,

  pass as they stir a splash of snow. 


With light beyond, these tails of snow,

  a wisp, like comet, alight, aglow.

Beyond at edge of great precipice,

  detritus - fallen from cliff.


A canvas vast, the hand of God,

  majestic mountains, his mighty façade.

---  Ski Atop Alp's Dolomite

Here I ski Alp's Dolomite.
  cliff and crag, cold and ice.
Amber sunset paints the range,
  above the valley, vast and strange.

Gold skylight - its alpine glow,
  from Master Artist's folio.
dawn to dusk, schuss slopes swift,
  from summit high to lowest lift.

Clouds, like a veil, in wind shadow hang,
  shape of the mane, of mighty mustang,
The up blown tails of skiers glow,
  sunlit beyond, their snow's aglow.

Balance, agility, reflex, wit,
  survive it all, you must stay fit !
Rhythmic motion, flex and burn,
  muscles tense at every turn.

In winter white, immense sea,
  to mountain's ridge, we've come to ski.
High on mountain, look down below,
  the village a twinkle, sunset aglow.

Full moon and stars at eventide,
  full and deep to sleep I slide.

---  Ski Boots, not Slippers !


Heavy ski boots are labor and pain,

  shunned by any with half a brain.

Concrete slippers, tight on your feet.

  how foolish we wear them all the week.


Ski boots magnify every movement,

  change brand or fit, to no improvement.

You move, walk, they're stiff and tight,

  distance seems great, low climb the heights !


To breathe relief, at days end,

  break your buckle, your toes extend.

Next with a kick, send them to the moon,

  ne'er wear them again, would be too soon.


You're free again, your legs and feet,

  leap over buildings, dance in the street.

You're light of step, quick in motion,

  soak them now in soothing lotion.


Escape, you feel, of earthly clutches,

  no longer pain, nor seeking crutches.

---  So Remote - the Last Ski Slope !

To venture forth in unknown place,
  doubtful, timid, a face grimace.
Dangers you face, dark and bleak,
  no one to help, no one to seek.

In place unknown, you fear, unrest,
  what's taken you far from your nest ?
Pass away, the fear to fall,
  clumsy limbs gain teeth of the claw.

Lift our eyes from treacherous slope,
  gain confidence, joy and hope.
Transported we, sublime, serene,
  treasure time, in snowy scene.

The lame, you pass in last descent,
  they're timid, tired, and hesitant.
Weary, watchful, injured, alone,
  quivering still, on their way home.

In time, you find you're all alone,
  through quiet timbers, pines and cone.
Sail over sheets - seas of snow,
  white world of wonder - alfresco.

If you should shoot off the trail ?
  wastelands untold - a dark travail.
Who'd look for you way out there ?
  if you but blink, drop in thin air.

If you fall - suffer a twist ?
  none will follow to cover your risk.
Who'd hunt a skier gone amidst,
  in frozen forest, 'n temperature brisk ?

Treacherous heights - outcrop and cliff,
  pristine 'n deep, unfathomed snow drift.
You'd spend eternity - waiting out there,
  in frozen forest - in peril, no prayer.

So remote, seem canyon and cliff,
  ""He skied out there, into the mist.""
We strive at heart, to vision of hearth,
  to folks at home, to warm our heart.

---  Wind Window (goggles)


Comes the snow, ice in the eye,

  to ski in wind's not worth the try.

Tail between legs, go most to the lodge,

  but I stay out with this clever dodge !


Deep in my pocket, I summon my aid,

  protects my eyes, from sun with shade,

My precious goggles for temperatures low,

  shields me from the storm and snow.


Winds may howl, but she'll not blow,

  to chill my eyes, `n curl my toes. 

Defy the wind, defeat the sleet,

  persevere out here - ski with elite.


Lie on slope - look up to the skies,

  snow can't tease nor tear my eyes.

Watch, from height, the snowy white,

  in pristine flight, catch the light.

Feel the stillness of snowfall,

  a sheath of silence, no sound at all,


Safety glass, your personal prism,

  see whole new worlds in perfect vision. 

Ski and move where others can't go,

  they're home bound when snows blow.


Cold `n snow, `n ice in your face,

  not any more, not even a trace,

With vision clear, courage embrace,

  turn downhill, begin your race.


Whistling winds - comb your hair,

  but lucid eyes - pierce the air. 

Rush the trail, race down the hill,

  adrenaline rush, you catch the thrill !


We're bold, eager, anxious to ski,

  as long as we, in comfort see.

The poise we have in what we do,

  begins when we have clear view.


---  1 Night River (an eve afloat )


In frenzied adventure, sporting begins

  blind barefoot and salmon skiing.

Parley in pairs, our ropes we cross,

  spend our energy, a playful loss.

Despite the onset of the night,

  we dance on, incite delight.


The sun fades, we seek a source,

  a way to see, to decipher our course.

To ski and frolic, and not to falter.

  as day departs these blackening waters.




These jet black waters,

  which tempt our slaughter,

Twinkle and glitter - iridescent,

  tempt and haunt with leery presence.



    ( around us )

Stadium lights from ball field glow,

  glimmer across this water flow.

Skiers survey the sinuous surface,

  test the topo with blade of purpose.

Unperceived, the subtlest wave,

  bedevils maneuvers, elicits the grave.

---  2 Night River ( surface solace )


Boaters have gone, now departed,

  leave us reign these settling waters. 

Our boat ragged for us to ski,

  anchored now on tranquil sea.

The setting sun is hard to see,

  shifts the mood to serenity.


Celebrate here, not in the least,

   unveil our dinner, a fabulous feast !

Donning vests, we casually drift,

  abreast we bob, relaxing lift.

Buoyant, becalm, be settled, be warned,

  theatrical threat precedes this storm.


Shadow of night engulfs us eerie.

  Aboard, amid ship, quiet and weary.

Sensuous sounds soothe us now,

  melodious music waifs from the bow,

This haven, this place, magnifies time.

  A nexus, this space, a reverie fine.


Breaking the silence,  to us unnerves,

  carving the bank of the river's curve.

A train transcends, tracing the track,

  curving along the railroad track.

Its clatters fades down the tracks,

  clackety clack, clackety-clack.

---  3 Night River ( down river )


The fog grows thick, the fog is thick.

  This night we pick. That’s the trick.

An arc of lights slice the night,

  tiny dots, like candle light.

On boulevard, the channel twist,

  From thence it vanishes into mist. 


Staccato along the water’s edge

  amber lights frame the ridge.

Lights of cars dance and thrive,

  into the distance, hardly alive.

Beyond, beneath the bridge - a bend,

  as water and sky merge and blend.

    ( Up river, )

This shimmering surface serpentine

  slivers along the Valley’s outline,

traveling towards the Capitol's Dome,

  ever twisting to those stones.

Once bubbling, curling, churning foam.

  these waters know they’re at home.


Reflections from the water placid,

  reveal colonnades of the classic,

Lights electric light the essence,

  Magnify the river's presence. 

Monumental limestone ledge, (stair)

  stretch to the waters lapping edge.

---  4 Night River ( sense our river scape )


The breeze declines, now subsides,

  The calm of the wind be stills the tide.

The river now, a surface of glass,

  reflects the sky, black and vast.

We witness, we watch from waters warm,

  summer's spectacular: sunset and storm.


Alone, amidst a fog of gray,

  we’ve drifted here at end of day.

Our vista changes - time unfolds,

  a glimpse to stairs on grassy knoll.




A gentle breeze clears the mist,

  beyond reveals this vision - bliss;

The Capitol glow - Lights the Night.

  this dome of stone - sign of Right !

Structures line our city scape,

  a line of division we ne’er escape.


First vision catches city streets,

  then the Dome on limestone sheets.

Both aglow with electric light,

  then distance views of distant heights.


---  5 Night River (storm watch )


First light electric, terrestrial source,

  eclipsed by lights then stellar force. 

First our crew in our place,

  then brilliantly cast in cosmic space.

Our buildings, city - alight, aglow,

  in the night, our visions grows.


Celestial lights profile the ridge,

  the mountain’s textured along its edge.

Silhouette clouds take their form,

  the last frontier before the storm.

Then blinding heavens - chasm of space,

  beyond the reach of the human race.


Lighting bolts !  Thunder claps !

  stagger our sense, take us aback.

Black as night, the expanse of sky.

  burst to light - blinds the eye.

This trilogy, this three part vision,

  from our domain to the horizon.


Finally, His triumphant story,

  our God reveals all his glory.

The third part, in play of lights,

  spectacular colors - a burst to fright.

Lightning Flashes !   illusion complete.

  the image reverses, incredible feat.

---  6 Night River ( thunder reigns )


Time is marked by volley and thunder,

  the heavens alive, a God of wonder.

The heavens light from beyond. 

  a tale of the tempest, soon to be on..

Foreground, background, sky aglow !

  humbled are we.  We watch from below.

Our boat was quiet in river at moor,

  The skies have opened, now down it pours.


Placid waters splash to life,

  rain pelts down like a knife.

This eve has ended and it’s allure,

  so we flee to our moor.




The thunderous threat is finally thrown,

  like bolts of lightening from His throne.

Soon we’re soaked through to the bone,

  revering our engine, we race home.




This time, we stole from sunset to storm,

  others would pass, be forlorn.

But our adventure before this plight,

  will endure as legend many a night.

---  Come to the River- It’s Scenic Tonight !


Come to the River - it’s Scenic Tonight !

  Come in the eve, try the dusk light.

Come for the feast – banquet or drink.

  Come companion – say what you think.


Come for the motion, or try the sport, 

  soon you’re victor, adventure we court !

Hundreds I’ve taught from youth to old,

  it all begins when they take hold.


Diverse equipment I provide,

  to suit the speed and type of ride.

To suit your skill, nature and interest,

  your quest to rise to top of the crest.


One way or other, you’ll master your craft,

  beg for more speed, laugh from the aft.

Come alone, bring family or friends,

  Be in good company 'til day’s end.


Escape your trials, tension landlubber,

  come to the water - leave your troubles.


---  Heaven's Reach


V aried clouds 'gainst tranquil sky,

  Vie !  He stood, stepped and sighed.

Raising his head, squinting his eye,

  Seeming to mutter.  "On my first try !"


A gain and again he mumbled his creed,

  As blood drained from his face to his knee.

Wanting of energy, he stood and paced,

    Demanding his heart to begin its race.


U neasy, inanimate, only a twitch,

  One furious plot, the impulsion of which:


L ifts his pole, heaves its weight.

  Brakes his stance, quickens his gait,

Grip so fierce, that pounding heart,

  Drives him forward like a driven dart.


Down the runway at vibrant pace,

  Charging the bar on its balanced brace.

An explosive bang, as pole bites box.

  A grunt and a grip, then muscles lock.


Unconscious, soaring to the bar on high,

  "Oh, but to clear it on this first try."


T errestrial torpor, descending from cloud,

  Oblivious fall towards receptive shroud.

Caught by the pit, the stillness of which,

  Allowed him to sit without muscle twitch.


At moment crossing, like crucifix,

  branded, clear in memory fixed.

Now but words and images from my youth,

  the energy spent in this pursuit.

---  Olympic Gymnasts


At fourteen years old, Dominique Moceanu,

 smiles wider than any I know.

Excellence, dedication in her abound,

 for her, they've gained world renown.


Born to this art, this youngest gymnast;

 Olympic achievement is fast, continuous.

With ability, precision, timing and verve,

 she leaps through the air with artful curves.


Untold adrenaline in her must run,

 seems joy of youth - just having fun.


Spontaneous, endless her energy,

 all the glory for us to see.


The audience response - spell-bound,

 humbly she smiles, ignoring her crown. 

Her charm and grace enlace her motion,

  her trainer guides with his devotion.


In mind and memory, her limbs respond,

 beyond illusion of magical wand.

From endless practice, precision stuff,

  she's excelled beyond the challenging bluff.

---  Be Open to Me


You strip me of my world diverse,

  you only let me spew my verse.

My people, my place, my territories,

  you wont partake, hear only stories.


Such stubborn distance separates us,

  not time, nor place, just arrogance.

Could I elicit your great spirit ?

  Imbue in you some small respite ?

Set you free of trials and tension,

  from your world, and it's aggression ?


Take relief, take a respite,

  from all the work, time you've vested.

The joy I share is time together,

  don't lock me out, waiting forever ?

---  City Light


Adventurers are we, as the night will see,

 carry covers to the lawn, come now with me.


The forest, mountains, the river below,

  quiet the valley, the city aglow.

Horizons beyond coruscates,

  heavens above now oscillate.


If you e're, I could seduce,

  With heart and soul, I'd set you loose.

Only in reflection, can your mind be pure;

  can your spirit be lifted, can it allure.


Lie quiet, calm, take rest,

  absorb the ambiance of our lovers nest.

You're youthful, curious, restlessness,

  tender, intimate, we're soon abreast.


Your body, I worship, it is your temple.

  E're complex, your spirit's not simple.

Slowly the layers of your clothes divest.

  follow the curve of your curvaceous chest.


Articulate, lean, you're sculpted from sport.

  mollify, massage, splendor I court.

You, I cradle, and hold like hammock,

  stroke the ripples, your stately stomach.


I gaze, caress your tender breast,

  your delicate chest is now at rest.

Ah, what perceptions the body alive.

  Euphoric, aware, completely revived.


Tremble with passion, my lust untempered,

  I press on, you ne're whimper.

Pour feelings forth, let your spirit rejoice.

  Take a pledge, make me your choice.

---  Cleft in your Hand


Make a cleft in your left hand,

  Place right beside, now let it stand.


Since we've met, we're like the cleft,

  our time together's like space that's left.


Together feelings frame our heart.

  with hands together, we'll n're part.


Break our hands, wide apart.

  Out spills the Spirit as when we part,


Our hands together form a well,

  in this space our Spirits dwell.


The heart of two should never part,

  the beat of one, echoes its part (ner).

---  My Fallen Angel .s


Historically, to me you turn,

  among them all, for me you yearn.

Ever ready is my compassion,

  my empathy ends your thrashing.


Confused, restless, delusion of loss,

  Be still now ! - no longer toss.

Thru mind and word, images parade.

  Draining this venom, I listen, I aid.


If I unwind the hands of time,

  images envisioned, I cannot find 

The times ''twinst us would stop the tides,

  Feelings are they lost, did they subside ?


 Protesting still, against your will,

  you fade, you falter, now you're still.

 I lift you gentle, carry you upstairs.

  We both inhale, the late night air.


You turn on your side, twist, face above,

  slumber overtakes, gives you peace of a dove.

I nestle, nuzzle, the nape of your neck. 

  I  praise, soothe, my angel's bad luck.


My face nestles in your golden tress,

  with impassioned embrace, you I bless.

Soft 'gainst your neck warm,

  inhale a freshet, your elixir to storm.


Share your touch, your idle slumber,

  in your aura, I'm unencumbered.

Silent slumber, side by side,

  subtle, sublime, we stop the tide.


I've matched your pulse, know you as one.

   Our hearts in rhythm, before the sun.

My touch alone puts you to rest,

  from that peace, become your best.

---  Take my Gift - Give me a Lift !


Why hunger I for your response,

  on certain occasions, you give it at once.

Your simple delight unveiling my gifts,

  I wonder, confused - you grow so adrift.


Only stated occasions, of time and place,

  allows me ceremony of giving you trace

of love - 'n affection, but ne're my space.

  That domain you guard, you set the pace.


Yet, an hour, a day, or a week apart,

    I start anew, I'm back to the start.

I wonder anew, whenever we part,

  will I ever see part of your heart  ?


I'm worried, I'm anxious, one day in my life,

  will you ever not riddle, just be my wife ?

Anxious, restless, why do I grow so ?

  your presence only, sets me aglow.


Rest assured - ne're passes a day,

  you haven't made my heart gay.

Lord knows our future and fate,

  will it be you, become my mate

---  Tender is the Night..


I’ve waited long to be with you,

  I wondered if you ever knew.

My eyes enchanted, your slender frame,

   form's so lean, - 'tis your acclaim.

Between your arms, I send a chill,

   you twinge your shoulders 'gainst your will.

Your spine I stroke, your very soul,

   touching it makes me whole.


Climb, we two, in parallel passions,

   glorified in our attraction.

Your ribs I rub, their delicate arc,

   my hands now stretch, they search the dark.

We come together, our hearts in fusion,

   ne're were e're a more natural union,

Our bodies together - swaying as one,

   not round the world, nor under the sun.


Is there love higher than union ?

   I can't  imagine - save our reunion.

Beyond pleasure, unconscious, I pale,

   Olympic desire, yet muscles fail.

Beyond the pale of passion's pleasure,

   alertness fades, forgets my seizure.

 Fear my lust, ‘n touch lacks completion,

   ne're ever would I make that decision


My mind is filled, sense where we touch,

   my arms spasmodic, your limbs I clutch.

Moment by the moment - I quiver spasmodic,

   your presence, your love, you're so exotic.

My fingers outline your frail shoulder,

  your lovely tress, how they hold her.

Your magic motion, your every emotion,

   through all commotion, I tender devotion.


Ah, but to please you,

   Please let me please you.

My love, I'm loyal, a love unsoiled,

   our frightening passion cannot be foiled.

This moment's real, its image clear.

   I'll hold it vivid, forever my dear.

Dawn comes now, and soon the due,

     ends these words, I must conclude.

---  the Stone or  the Fortress


I am lonely, I admit,

  I call your name, I cannot quit.

Hours, days, and weeks apart,

  I want to be, part of your heart.


Thoughts I think, but n're lips part,

  I hold reserve, fear you I'd start.

Silent time sheathes years I've spent,

  pretending still that I'm content.


I suffer, wait to find soul mate,

  Time's not spent, don't even date.

It's not a partner, I pray to seek,

  It's you I love, reverent, meek.


Who finds her strength in God's word,

  from our Lord we daily serve.

No accident that we have met,

  what we do now is His intent.


My candle, flame, my passion's bright,

  burns in me like firefly light.

Longs for you, far from sight.

  my muse aglow, like firefly flight.


Twenty years, more thirty-two,

  I've prayed and searched for one like you.

Lord leads you here, near in my lap.

  His means and method  - a snare, a trap.


Little I will, but (I) watch all things,

  follow His purpose under His reign.

Will you come or leave me lone ?

  Am I the Fortress or the Stone ?

---  The Tulip

a tale of far lands from visit to Netherlands

A beautiful maid from Holland,
  bloomed ever' morn in her garden.
A man from Asia called Won,
  came courting her heart, and won.

They dated, courted and wed,
  their love, they wove in a web.
Their days they dinned on wonton,
  in time, she tired of Won some.

When Won lost her heart,
  soon they did part.
Said she from her garden,
  "Fellows or Flowers, please pardon."

Mid posy aglow in the sun,
"Tulips are better than Won."

(but we believe two lips are better than one!)

---  Wedding's a Window


Your wedding's a window, a moment in time,

  view family and friends, your world so fine.

A moment fleeting, reflect on yourself,

  your youth and beauty, joy and health.

Moments before, a special time,

  maids prepare their princes sublime.

Giggle and laugh, a titter is heard,

  entranced, be smitten, this little lovebird.


The magic of make-up, light on the lip,

  a touch of blush for the kiss of bliss.

At last she's ready, the moment has come,

  a sigh of relief, heart beats like a drum.

Maid and Miss down the aisle glide,

  Regal ring on lad’s pillow ride.

Pedals plummet, damsel smiles wide.

  Silent now ! Here comes the bride !


At tune of trumpet, attention's turned,

  As a light from heaven, to her eyes turn.

Awe struck are all, her flowing white gown,

  Their visage a vision, like angel in crown.

Reverend is solemn, yet cheerful and dear,

  Divinity in Trinity, he links their years.

Bless us all, by singer whose called,

  melodic, impassioned like Apostle St. Paul.


Guitar’s sweet music, thru hallowed halls,

  in their hearts, they've heard their call.

The pillow presents the precious ring,

  symbol of bliss, Christian hope brings.

The last vowels spoken, sealed with a kiss,

  their love is united in heavenly bliss.

Eyes a twinkle, a smile on their face,

  The bride and her beau’s gallant embrace.


The glow in their eyes, forever will charm.

  a hush and a rush, out arm in arm,

Up the aisle, they break to run,

  at organ’s prelude, the ceremony’s done.

With hug and a kiss, she gives her hope chest,

  with license * in hand, winks her last jest.

To stay the course, the promise they make,

  God’s guide to paradise - make no mistake.

---  Who Am I ?


What champions you in me,

  are not the things that set me free.

They've no value, set them free.

  Jesus only - my source to be.


Some find in me the intellect,

  precise debate in words reflect.

Some think I've power, influence,

  walk the world with those affluent.


Simple is my desire and task,

  I try to do just what I'm asked.

If much before me has past,

  all the more I leave at last.


My heart, my spirit, is where I dwell.

  seek nothing but Emmanuel.

My thought, my diction and my word,

  to me they seems so absurd.


The drivel from my lips and mind,

  hardly worth the ink or time.

My rhyming words make paper shake.

  my drawings too, and photos take.


All of this I would forsake,

  to be with you, out step this place.

Alone am I fourscore ten,

  This I do not pretend.


Alone I may ever be,

  affairs of the world are not for me.

nor of them do I foresee.

  Come join my peace, where we'll be free.

---  You Quiet the Storm


David’s harp quelled restless Saul,

  this peace in you I quickly saw.

Sometimes the world maddens me,

  you've heard my rants, my babbling spree.


I've no anger, just confused,

  by your side is all I'd choose.

To simply gaze into your eyes

  quells my spirit, within peace lies.


For you I'd bear endless pain,

  give far more than I'd seek to gain.

My rambling words I keep inside,

  seems they're idle, against the tide.


I'd thought that you were lost in West,

  far from me,  beyond my quest.

I planned to come to Window Rock,

  could I help, with what I've got ?


Your invitation, I never got,

  you fear with me, you might get caught.

I had no thought you'd come my way.

  that you'd ever want to stay.


You think we clash, we're worlds apart

  to bridge the gap is work of the heart.

A life you've built in mountains West,

  but to be together, would be our best.

---  You Stole my Heart


You stole my heart at our first meeting.

  as if you'd tried with coy pleading 

Your canted, casual, cockney chin,

  hypnotic smile, & innocent grin.


The thought of you defy restraint.

  Your eyes glow warm, my heart grows faint 

Your bashful, warm, waif brown eyes,

   pulled me down and soon beside.


I loved you early, and so much,

  your smile, your heart, your openness.

Fate binds us, a kindred sort.

  You I've sought, no other I'll court.


You hunger from a decade's famine.

  I make my move, I take my gammon 

If I had known what e're your fashion,

  I ne're have let you pent your passion.


You caught my psyche, my vision, my heart.

  In time ahead, 'twas only the start.

You'd open for me e're secret & pore,

  consume my spirit, my mind and more.


I loved you then, I love you pious.

  You came to me, your soul desirous,

And like a virgin with luscious bust,

  you bestowed on me an absolute trust.


I see you in motion, feel you at war.

  Unravel your past, soothe your sore .

I love you now, you are my core.

  I love you now, as ne'er before.


You provoked me with innocence 

  Now on my knee, I come to see:

You wanted to be wanted,

  and you wanted me.

---  Your Face, Your Smile


I deal in currency,

  currency of the heart.

I take photos,

  remember those who're apart.


The face show emotion,

  rarely in extreme,

Images of them,

  are rare, supreme !


Oft the face is stoic,

  sheathes feelings within,

Occasionally it smiles,

  when comforted by a friend.


These're precious times,

  the moments to portray.

Of timeless images,

  pictures should be made.

---  Movie, a la fresco

On a warm, magical night.
  Fading sun, golden light.
Beneath a blue, benevolent sky,
  Above, a twinkle with firefly.

Families, kids, teens come too.
  Come for magic– see what’s new !
Young romance, twisted pairs,
  glued together, tangled hair.

People bring such clever chairs,
  beanbags, hammocks, they prepare.
Lounge chairs, coolers, pastime treasures
  unusual things for leisure pleasure.

Some come early, all alone,
  on the grass their covers thrown.
Some spread blankets on the lawn,
  Lean back, reflect, hum a song.

Some unfold a canvas chair,
  relax and taste cool night’s air.
Some have baskets filled with treats,
  something salty, something sweet.

A magician’s antics muses crowds,
  news photographer catches smiles.
To people watch, will we tire ?
  Sport endures, we they admire.

Casual people in summer dress,
  cut offs; midriffs, long hair tress.
Marvel at what kids wear,
  Capri’s, tank tops, wild underwear.

Young kids, tan, shoulders bare,
  glowing in the cool night air.
Like at beach; a mix of class,
  age, race, style & brass.

Little tikes crowd front row,
  light up shoes, toes aglow.
Tiny tots take tiny chair,
  sprinkle the lawn, charm the air.

Cuddy toys, now their set.
  furry kitty, tiny pets,
Bikes & boards, scooters, skate,
  the kids, the landscape animate.

Boats from river anchor, moor,
  slide their bows up on the shore.
Evening light falters, fades,
  all look up from beds they’ve made.

Crowds are lulled with expectation.
  scenes soon stir imagination.
The eerie silence is now broken,
  the movie reels have now spoken.

I wandered thru crowd, then part,
  the darkling sky makes it’s mark.
I cross the bridge, note crowd below,
  from motorcycle, see Magic Glow.

Across the isle, the sun sets.
  movie lights casts silhouettes.
Ah, the magic of big screen,
  a la fresco – things unseen !

---  Mountain State Arts & Craft Fair


In tents of color canopies,

  we’ve come for thrill for all to see.

In sea of lavish, luscious lawns,

  at Cedar Lakes, just past dawn.


Artisan’s crafts gather here,

  throngs come this time of year.

Here bits of wisdom, penned on slate,

  or needle point, predicts your fate.


Crafts in all materials shaped,

  woven sweaters, scarves & capes !

Leather belts & leather pants,

  Try one on, take a chance !

Wood artifacts; spinning tops,

  pepper shakers from their shops.

Fine line rockers, sculpted bows,

  in burl wood, shapes they show !


Pinewood knot, the jeweler’s chest,

  scented pleasure, I treasured best !

In hidden drawers, beneath the lid,

  only you know where secret’s hid.


Toy cars and tiny trains,

  cedars, redwoods, rich in stain.

A stick you rub in box so small,

  out cries aloud a gobbler call.


Images line the canvas booths,

  treasures abound among the loot.

Painting scenes in light & line,

  Image, shadow, vista sublime.


Photos too, outstretch our reach,

  waterfall, sunset along the beach.

Placid waters, a boat alone,

  A lone lighthouse we’d like to own.


To mind’s eye, seize our heart,

  transport us to worlds apart.

Songs on Strings, what clever names,

  will this day’s fair bring them fame ?


Artisans here converse with crowd.

  of craft & music, they praise out loud.

They love their work, it radiates,

  to teeming swarms who congregate.


Artisans too, clothed decorous,

  braided hair with beaded twists,

Ornate beards, a pendant’s hook,

  eyes aglow, a splendid look !


Wire frame glasses, frame their face

  Tie die dresses, wide woven waist.

Long, mysterious, ankle length.

  leather belts show inner strength.


To center stage, crowds now flock,

  we’re coming up on four o’clock.

Audience gathers, sits spell bound

  to music’s enchanting, elusive sound.


Musician’s melody make their magic,

  on wings of song from waters pelagic.

Mountains, valleys, heart break wails,

  mysterious mine’s survival tales.


Dulcimer’s harmony, resilient sound,

  from depth of soul, you feel resound.

Melody, rich, sonorous found,

  transport you far from fairground.

---  Remembering Classic You


You, to me, and many more,

  will long endure in precious lore,

As classic from younger times,

  long into your future prime.



I was thinking back of Classic cars, when

  remembering you from way back then.

Perhaps these thought will stir in you.

  some treasure for you too.

  times of old, times of gold,

When we were young,

  our futures just songs unsung !"

---  Classic Car Show


The classics come from every home,

  from basements deep, and place unknown.

from pasts encounters, memories deep,

  come together - to memorial treat.


Chrome, and line, color, style, sigh !

  each depicts an age gone by.

Sexy, windswept, lean and mean,

  these fantasies were THE machine.


Radio buttons, panels bright,

  new gizmos, dimmer lights,

Panels sides, and cushioned stripes,

  long sleek panels,  blinker lights.


Remembering back to simple times,

  friends and romance that linger still.


Classic cars catch heart and soul,

  to be with them, we lose (self) control.

Long we remember, as we grow old,

  our times with them have made their mold.


Big bellied, old timers sit and laugh,

  smiling from their ancient craft.

Hot sunny days, they gather here,

  think back to precious year.


Times of old were simpler then.

  Ah, what forces gather friends.

Take a break, come and see,

  the chrome alone'll mesmerize thee !."

---  Fill the Sky with Beams on High


I watch the sky fill with fathers design,

  had just finished school in nick of time.

He alone had had skillful plan,

   to build facility on clients land.


The days were long, the labor much,

  they'd climb the skeleton to beams or bust.

Balanced on beams, acrobats in sky,

  they bolted beams way up high.


Followed soon by concrete pours,

  to beat the weather was never sure.

Slow but steady progress reach,

  to close the space, seal it from breach.


Weather comes in many form,

  worst fear yet was snow storm.

Last work day before week end,

  they poured a floor - the slab extend.


After all the workers left,

 one remained for he was deft.

Low, but came the storm bedread,

  steady now he kept his head.


Lighting burners in the space,

  to save the concrete in it's place.

Freeze and frost brought killing chill.

  the concrete new, a freeze would kill.


Long and dark the winter nights,

  where Bugsey lone would tend the light.

Keeping live the brazier glow,

  keeping off the freeze of snow.


On Monday morn, long after storm,

  returning comrades found slab still warm.

Bugsey who had fought the night,

  had saved he slab from winters plight.


Long praise workers whose labor gives,

  the walls 'n windows, the spaces we live."

---  School days, hay days


School days, hey days,

  long we would play.

Times after class and what to do,

  places to see and people too.


Cruise in our cars, thru lovers lane,

  or just drive fast out on the plain.

Some would assemble down by the strip,

  oh fast were those cars, let her rip !


Rare came trouble, plain as rain,

  up go tops over convertibles frames.

Shinny mag wheels, rotary spokes,

  some thought cool, in back seat smoke.


Down to the dinner, seeking a treat,

  anything cool, get out of the heat.

Coke 'n cakes, and heaping plates,

  finish is quick, we're off to skate !


Daffy haircuts, long golden hair,

  some cuts cool, others a dare.


After class, some extra attraction,

  football teams, cheer leads reactions.

Each club unique, like math & protractor,

  newspaper writers, or would be actors.

Wrestlers, vaulters, hurdles run,

  something daring for everyone.

---  Seneca Rocks


Summer's day, and long the vision,

  to climb the mount, to reach for heaven.

Bold had I championed her,

  to climb the cliff and reach up there.


Never afore had she climbed rock,

  trusted me this sport unlock.

I bought and gathered all we'd need,

  that climb we could with ease and speed.


Fitness was our common thread,

  with it alone we'd avoided dread,

the fear of height, reflex to plight,

  All day before I'd packed 'til night.


So long was drive to reach the mount,

  down came others, we could count.

Threaten skies shadowed us,

  a silence 'tween us, a quiet hush.


But push, we did, upon the mount,

  the threat of storm was no account.

Stretching ropes 'til they were tight,

  climbing up that fearful height.


Hand to hand, we made our stand,

  rising steady above the land.

Foot hold, hand hold, treacherous grip,

  we prayed to God, we'd not slip.


Crumbling rock, and falling stone,

  we forced a path before unknown.

Danger, treachery were all about,

  the tension high, we'd almost shout.


But persevere, we labored on,

  soon we found ourselves alone.

Darkling skies did slowly clear,

  to pinnacle high we came from rear.


Ah, the glory of climb complete,

  we'd reached the peak, quite a feat !

Our vista, long vast and distant,

  proved our might, our existent.


High above the plateau low.

 Now atop the mount aglow.

Should you seek this venture high,

  prepare to meet your maker, sigh.

---  Sweet Summer Daze           


Headsville was my summer place,

 long drive to reach this sacred space.

Through curvy road, tedious drive,

  to this place where all would thrive.


Here we'd meet our relatives,

 each summer fun, we're inquisitive.

We'd sport and run the farm amuck,

  run cross the road, avoid the truck.


We waded deep in our stream,

 where 'ere we'd go, we'd go as team.

Climbing hills above the valley, 

  up and down, we'd never dally.


Darting before the dreaded bull,

  you'd run so fast, with fear you're full.

The outhouse was a special treat,

  you'd never go in just bare feet.


Croquette wickets, mallets knock,

  we'd play endless round the clock.

The country store was near at hand,

  ice cream, crackers, any brand.


Children tease, we'd stone the bees,

  who'd swarm 'n we'd head for the trees.

Turning rocks in trickling creek,

  I spotted snake, pale grew my cheek.


Hot summer days, the water hole,

  in inner tube, I float near shoal.

One time I almost drown,

  from slippery tube, I slid down.


My cousin Bruce and mother dear,

  came quick to me, saved from my fear.

My tube was limp, should have been tauter.

  I slipped beneath the darkling waters,


Bubbling, struggling, panic struck,

  they came to save, I'd lost my luck.

Another story of venture told,

   when I was knocked nearly cold.


Skipping rocks across the stream,

  I stood before my cousin's aim.

She whacked me with her might rock,

  that near dislodged my curly locks.


Spinning stars swooned over me,

  I fell to ground like stricken tree.

But over all, those summer days,

  were best of memories that I've made.

---  11 September 2001  


9-11 shocked with violent force,

  a stellar feat that changed our course.

Dramatic news & quick broadcast,

 culprits named, way too fast !


How could World Trade Tower fall,

  near the speed of free fall ?

save with explosives in it's walls,

  that shred each piece before it's fall.


Where is plane that struck DC ?

  Did it just cease to be ?

No metal scrap of evidence,

  no body found in it's presence.


Fast our news and government,

  put to rest whose threat was sent.

But at last, minds do sound,

  turn up clues to what we've found.


Who could stage - immense this feat ?

  Were they within our borders reach  ?

Our government could mask their hand,

  with telling force of media band.


Citizens rise, seek the truth, less

  evil forces grow in excess !.

Our leaders feign to fight for right,

  taking power to Asian plight.


Check the web, our last free voice,

  Comes election, make your choice.

Out step our grip of dictatorship.

  Let's fix our course, our leadership.


Bring legislatures back to see,

  uncover truths from us sheathed.

Find our leaders whose hellish pride,

 caused America's great homicide.


ReOpen911.org  www.abodia.com/911

911 Review.com  9-11 Research

---  Stop the Tides of Age a Raging !


The artist soothes and settles subject,

  with time and design like architect.

To start a session of regression,

  he’ll reach for mood and expression.


Light and shadow are his paint,

  sees the world where you’re a saint.

Sculpts the face, the body shape,

  softens light beyond the nape.


Shape the shadow, bend the light,

  break the grimace, incite delight.

Catch the glimpse of cockney smile,

  chameleon change like sundial.


Facial structure shapes the face,

  clothed in shadow, highlights trace.

Aquiline nose, whittled cheeks,

  light bestows what he seeks.


To the canvas, what he brings,

  something fresh, deep from spring.

The vulnerability shown to friend,

  that expression is his end.


What's close to you, cat or dog,

  stirs your feelings, catalog ?

What sport, hobby or special place,

  stirs your soul, incites your grace ?


Within their mind, he opens door,

  'cross their face, emotions pour.

What moods and faces surface forth ?

  Has he found a new report ?


This his craft, his artistry,

  draw feelings deep, that’s the key.

Find a face unique in one,

  memorialize, quintessent sum !

  tides - age con't.


Thinking, talking breaks their mood,

  escape this place, of it elude.

Blink 'n roll emotions forth,

  lines are drawn, the face contort.


To the canvas, what he brings,

  something fresh, deep from spring.

The vulnerability shown to friend,

  that expression is his end.


Gentle inquiry of their life,

  Have you brother, sister, wife ?

Have you pet or special friend

  one with whom you don't pretend ?


What's close to you, cat or dog,

  stirs your feelings, a catalog ?

What sport, hobby or special place

  stirs your soul, incites your grace ?


Expressions hide in diplomat,

  conceal their place, their habitat.

Are they artsy aristocrat ?

  or deep in gloom proletariat ?


Within their mind, he opens door,

  'cross their face, emotions pour.

What moods and faces surface forth ?

  Have we found a new report ?


So is his craft, his artistry,

 drawing deep from feelings, key.

Find a face unique in one,

  memorialize, quintessent sum.


At last on canvas, quixotic grin,

  bespeaks the soul from deep within.

A timeless portrait, halts outrage,

  stops the tides of raging age.

--  I’ve seen the Light


High atop our city heights,

  Stands a church, ‘tis bathed in light.

Low, by chance, one Sunday morn,

  I attend ‘mid crowd forlorn.


After singing, prayer was lead,

  Silently, I bowed my head.

In the pews, were eight of us,

  together amid a quiet hush.


Lights grew dim all around,

  we forget we’re so near town.

Music, gentle, a quiet hummed,

  after pray, a silence hung.


Seated I, expectantly,

  my eyes were closed, I could not see.

Sudden around the room grew bright,

  at first, a start, then delight.


I, at once, did presume,

  Christ had come into our room.

Opening eyes, I quickly saw,

  I still sat between the walls,


Nothing round me had changed,

  yet inside a feeling strange.

Is this not what we should seek ?

 the day that He we will meet ?


I repeat honestly,

  in His presence I thought I’d be.

As room grew bright in rising light,

  thought He’d come to share His life.


Never since have I that vision,

  but of it I’m constant driven.

Expectant we all should be,

  unknowing when He’ll come to thee.

--- Village Twilight

Twilight, twinkle, skies are clear,
  full moon glows in hemisphere.
Azure heavens holds star light,
  mystic mood, encompass night.

On darkened streets, stores are laced,
  little lights shimmer, from jeweled case.
Mink, leather, fine weave sweater.
  something to warm, comfort of weather.

In sinuous street of Swiss village,
  there's tranquility to all who visit.
Quaint, rustic, precious, calming,
  historic wood buildings, rich in detail.

In hotels quiet entrance,
  burns candles on a Christmas tree.
The scene alone is enchanting,
  save the lights that coruscate.

Across the ocean, I've come for rest,
  from the world at home I've left.
A moment, quiet, I reflect,
  remember all that cared for me.

God save me from my anxious life,
  in moments still I see my lot.
You've given me best of life,
  in heath and friends, and quiet inns !

--- Sky Pilots – aerobatics in their stunt plane.

Pushing the envelop, rolling the wing,
  laughing at death, in a screaming machine !
Head over heels, the earthscape’s a whirl,
  now jostle the stick, go get ‘em girl !

My engine, my pulse, both set to race.
  Dead pan expression, tossed hair in my face,
Engine whistles, whines, you lift at the last,
  turn up to the sky, to avoid a crash !

Spinning, a rush, sky - earth - sky,
  You top a barrel roll, then plunge in a dive.
Drop like a rock, a bat out of hell,
  not today ! knells my death bell !

Wrenching the stick, saves edge of wing tip,
  from scaring the earth at edge of air strip.
Adrenaline rush, turn up from the ground,
  climb, climb, I’m gone - sky bound !

Smoke in a stream, last vestige of place,
  my circuitous trail, my path does it trace.
The smiles in the stands keep me on the edge,
  watch from inside, you’ll see the dredge !



--- Your Wedding Day is Near
(planning’s the cure to make it dear)

Wishing, hoping, dreaming,
  your wedding day is near.
Let Elden Photo catch it,
  his images are dear.

Your gown & groom will gather,
  your family & your friends.
A day you'll long remember,
  you'll hope it never ends.

Your gown enchants, how lovely, you,
  your youthful smile, shinning through.

the flowers wilt, the candles fade,
  the guest disperse, gone the maids.

Let us gather photo, filled with animation,
  photos and video to delight imagination.

Elden's precious photos
  for time untold endure.
Preserve your wedding day,
  like none you've had before !

--- What's Poetry, a thought, an image ?

A thought - memory, a feeling renew,
  harmonious, pleasant, a true virtue,
A s seas of time sweep over our life,
  'tis a stone immobile, 'gainst the strife.

Is reflection like experience new,
  What's more perfect than feelings true ?

So set to verse, thoughts that pass,
  quiet while strolling in the grass.
A moment quiet, a gentle reflection,
  a vision, subliminal, near perfection.

Enjoy, amuse, then release from thee,
  little bottle with note cast into the sea.
Who knows who else would gain from insight,
  torn from a tempest of sleepless night.

To speak is to care, thoughts in word,
  seems so simple in complex world.
To reach another, a soul could rejoice,
  time, opportunity, given the choice.


---  Oh, blissful night !

A bed of grass, blanket of stars,
  oh what bliss, summer nights are !
Woolen covers snug & warm,
  dog & cat atop blanket worn.


--- Autumn

Summers end, pools close,
  sleep in yard, eyes close.
River swims & quiet talks,
  evening cools, forest walks.

Summer greens turn autumn gold,
  visions bright, once foretold.
Crickets chirp, silent soon,
  crawling critters hide at noon.



---  Thanks for looking into my world,
Ted Elden


    all materials copyrighted 1970-2009 by

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