Search Method


How I search has become the essence of who I am, what I think and what I do.

I'd rather show you how to search than to search for you.

Don't be quick to  judge.  Simply collect information and let what you find take shape.

There are many sources of information available to anyone thru the internet.

Inner Library Loan.  Sometimes I find a book title that may have gathered, compressed and focused information or referred to it in a book.  I send an e-mail to my local library.  They search most of the libraries in the country and borrow a copy of the book for me to review.  I hold the book for up to 30 days, for only $ 3.  You might copy / scan part r all of the book, and return it.

Some times you need to go to a website, like the US Congressional Record.  Learn to use their search engines and develop strategies.

You Tube is  popular place to find 1,000s of subjects.  It is excellent in that it has spoken narrative and visuals.  hey can convey some things better than only written words.

Sometimes the notes below summarizes the discussion.  Often you can get a transcript of what You Tube shows from a link on that page.

You might learn something from You Tube, then go back to the internet and search those terms or ideas.

Searching directly on the internet is the easiest, fastest and most rewarding.  Not everything is there, but there is enough on the internet to give you considerable knowledge of most any subject.

Spelling alone can be restrictive.  Some times spell your words in different ways.

Since using the search function of a word processor, I've learned how to search files and content on my hard drive and  the internet and or a page that you find on the internet.

You can search faster than you can read.  Learn your computer's search functions to speed your results.

All things considered the most useful, fast, efficient way that I search is by using

When I search or learn a subject, I hold what I find: articles, books, links, videos.  I often convert things from one form to another to make them easier to manage: search, copy, read, use.

Things of great interest or value, I find on the internet, but they may disappear or be relocated to another web location.

When I copy what I find and keep it on my computer, that gives me terms or phrases to search back on the internet.

I have 1/3 million files on my computer.  I use free applications/ programs that search my hard drive to find things I saved.

Working through my own libraries, saved books, articles, videos is even faster than searching the internet, in that many of what I saved, I've converted to a more usable form.

These are great programs to convert files: ConvertLite, OmniPage, Audacity.

I can read, hear, watch many different types of files and convert them to enable more, & faster learning and linking.

Learning is considering new information.

We tend to reject information that is different than we already know, but SOME TIMES, if we listen to what is before us, it may cause us to accept it and reject what we knew before.

Many people have homes, property, jobs, family, reputation and they are simply or subconsciously afraid of new information.

They may live in Cognitive Dissonance - being anxious that hearing the alternative information MIGHT be true but being stubborn, they avoid investigating it.

Everyone has their own skills, interest, etc.  My best skills are logic, math, words, ideas, computers & internet.

By using them, I can get to many ideas faster than most people.

Also, I think since most of my property was taken from me (before I understood law), that I move more fluidly in a world of danger (of stealing our property & liberty) without the normal fear that most peole have.

Patience, persistence to prevail.

When we learn anything, that may affect our future.  Sometimes you have to learn completely seemingly unrelated subjects, before you can comprehend the subject before you.

Say you are reading a chemistry book and do not understand the chapter on Acids & Bases (like salt).

If you read in other chemistry books, some author might give you illustrations or examples you understand. Then you can go back and read the first book and understand that book.

In searching, sometimes you have to go to a place; a library, a system, or a website and use their search tools or method, or just read lots of stuff.  Different search engines like IXQuick, StartPage, DuckDuckGo, Google,  & Yahoo may have different ways to search. 

Copernic is a search program that finds website links compiled I a file.  You can review any link and delete those not useful. Then you have the shorter list of where to find info and don't keep reading the ones that are not relevant.

A similar program was called EchoSearch.

Any ideas you have or suggest, I might like to add to these general notes. I may post this on the ThoughtPrint or abodia websites.

We should learn to search BETTER, as what info we can get radically affects our life and our decisions or actions.

The world is partly under our choice NOW, but as we learn, we gain ability to navigate and control our manifest experience.

The ThoughtPrint website may give you more detail, suggestions and certainly an example of how to take a word or two and soon hold an entire book.

I read & enjoyed a book about the bible. On returning home, I could not remember the title.

I did remember a few of the words or phrases in the Table of Contents.  Searching those words (together) I found the book title. then found the book on Amazon or somewhere and found example pages.  From those pages, I got phrases and eventually found the whole book text on line that I copied to my computer to read further.

I saw I could buy the book, or even a digital PDF copy of the book, but I preferred to just get the whole book for free.

If you search a book title and add the term PDF, you may actually find the book or chapters from the book in PDF format.

I use OmniPro 12 an OCR an Optical Character Recognition program to convert from pdf, photos, scans into editable, readable MS word files, text or documents.

Observe copyright laws. My book explains how I find & convert materials. 

        The New Reality.

Searching is what I do.

If you are dedicated searcher, you can often convert the nonsense around you, things you don't understand or believe to be real and believable.

Certainly truth is not held or shown by authorities or mass media.  It is often hidden, suppressed struggling for discovery.

Truth is only available to those who earnestly look for it, or those who stumble on it and realize it's importance.

We may be blocked from seeing it by clinging to job, reputation, money, property.

But to find and stand on truth will give you the best end result, perhaps later not NOW.

Many think only what is popularly known or supported by experts or authorities is true.

I/ we believe in myself.

I/ we can read about law, medicine, cures, technologies and understand them.

I/ we am not limited by what authorities or experts tell me.

I/ we can easy FIND and learn things that experts & authorities WILL NOT READ because they FEAR they might lose income, job, authority, or something.

Many people walk around in subconscious fear that they must "behave" or conform else they might suffer some loss.

Those fears are often unrealized, but you can only believe they are not real when you actively challenge them and do something to test if they are true or not.

If you want your fears to be real, you can easily make mistakes to get them to manifest on you.

If we collect & connect other people who think similar to our thinking, together we can encourage & support each other to yield a much more complex or sophisticated answer, solution, understanding of things.

Two are often better than one head, one heart working alone.

Index Your Files and Total Commander are free Widows programs to aid your searching anything on your own computer or device.

Prayer is the best solution for everything.  Let your prayers be known to God and He will respond, even though we may not immediately understand how He is responding.


What we do is based on what we think.  That is based on what we learn. That is based on what we choose to learn.

You cannot know what you do not know until you finally learn it.

I often study things I know are not true, only to discover they are true.