This page is what we formerly did in our city.  Now we meet by phone conferences. contact us for details.


Truth Seekers - Join us 1st Saturday monthly 1:30-4:30   South Charleston Library, 3 December,
7 Jan, 4 Feb, 3 Mar, 7 Apr, 5 May  - Resources available for private visit at Little Rock:

Directions to Top O Rock- Little Rock  Round Glass Studio overlooking  Charleston's River City Skyline and Capitol.

Program:  Meet & Greet – Fascinating Subjects, Curious People - DVD movies pending - equipment ready


 Bring your ideas, food, DVDs to share and exchange. We have 100s of topics.

I share vast libraries here. Of each I have over 1,000: - DVDs, - articles, - books, - web pages, - web site links.

Our group has been meeting since summer 2005. We started coming to understand that 9-11 was great deception.

Now we can clearly see that most things are a deception from the fundamental truths; law, war, money, taxes, health, cures, technologies. 
Come meet, talk, borrow videos. This seems spooky at first, but once you catch on, it's lots of fun.

Millions across the united States have figured this out.
Truth is catching on,
more & more people are awakening. Join or Contact us.

Do you have a topic ?

Let us know in advance, the more who know our agenda,

the more who may choose to come. 304 344 2335


Previous: Speakers  T Elden; Natural Cures They don't want you to know - Kevin Trudeau

(how Big Pharm conceals natural cures, even through laws, to protect their private profits.)

Former Meetings: 2:15  Vitamin/ Mineral bracelets use light energy to transmit nutrients to body - Drema Davis

1 pm Yoga demo, 1:20 Computer Tips, - Ted Elden,  Toxins found in waters BP Gulf disaster – Marty Majors

Derivatives, futures - affect the price of oil, & commodities like wheat, corn , etc. .- Frank Hosimer

Direct Revelation and the Old Testament. - Tom Pekar


Everyone can speak, all can learn,

but we yield to those who make advance notice and prepare.


Claim your topic and your time.  Come join us.    See photos & comments of those who came before

 Ted 304 344 2335 

 Truth Seekers,          1,000 + pages on web

1,500+ books, and 1,500+ DVD documentary video read for loan.  Check them out on the web site.

 Ted will offer 63 different DVD documentaries to borrow for those who want to know more.

9-11 was Great Deception of news & gov.

Pierce the Veil of Secrecy, to see much more:

OK City Bombs were inside building, not truck bomb, JFK assassination, UFOs

Free Energy- Crop Circles, Alternative Health, , underground bases in US,

67 million Americans don’t pay income taxes, they’re Dumbing Down Am. Education,

Sovereigns will gather.  Learn how you can step away form US (corp) laws, lawyers, judges, courts !

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Featured on National Home & Garden TV - Dream Builders

Directions to Top O Rock

This web sites & links gives hints to some of the 100s of topics we discuss.

We have a vast library of resources ( DVDs, audio recordings, books & e-Books ) available to loan.

Little Rock Studio &    About us  Seasoned Professionals

Ted Elden Top O Rock - Cliff Top Studio
2 Ramu Road - since ''64
Charleston, West Virginia [ RFD 25314 ]
street address currently blocked
Tel: 304 344-2335
The better you are at using a computer & the internet,
the easier you can find & confirm the fascinating subjects we explore.

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