This page is what we formerly did in our city.  Now we meet by phone conferences. Contact us for details.


Truth Seekers - Skype & phone Conference calls weekday Evenings 7 to 9 pm EST

 To learn more: contact Truth Seekers,     a at     Charleston, West Virginia

We've held meetings at Libraries, homes & churches

former meetings :    - So. Charleston Library,  Kanawha Co. Library, Charleston - 123 Capitol St.

 BRING YOUR THUMB DRIVE !   Bring DVD videos and books to show, share trade !


Agenda in 1/2 hour blocks

5 pm Meet People: People & Subject Introductions: What’s your interest & back ground ?


Information: books, DVD video, CD digital files, computer & media players, e-mail, internet web sites.

In what form can you receive information ? List topics for discussion.


6 pm Truth vs News, gov. corporations, professionals.

9-11, Sandy Hook, Unraveling the meaning of your name in CAPITAL LETTERS,

Law, property rights, money & debt, government, corporations, Federal. Reserve., health, & more.

Why does every personal check have tiny letters where you sign ? Why don’t bankers know this ?


7 pm Coming meetings, subjects, people, focused groups, leaders.

Exchange info to speak to each other.  Who might help: librarian, greeter, PR

Meet your neighbor, open individual & small groups.


8 pm We loan DVD documentaries & other free information.


Many new Subjects;  Remedies in law, rights, property, debts, Driver's License & more.

You need not pay taxes, have driver's license, respond to traffic tickets, court summons, old debts,

Learn Why and How. Land Patent – protect your home from tax or law suit or any claim.


Our Truth Seekers share: 1,000s of these:

- DVD documentaries, - books, - audios of interviews & seminars,

legal forms & filings to gain control of your rights, property and your cash or assets.


Questions or comments welcome.


Ted Elden 304 344 2335   a @


My people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6


The Truth will make you Free. John 8:32


Technology, to see, read, watch various formats to find truth.

 Debts – clear them, home, college, auto, …

 – anyone can talk of anything, open discussion.

Law, CAPITAL NAMES, courts, taxes and more.

3 pm: Process to become Sovereign !

Then all welcome to come to my home 5:30 pm onwards

If you have a topic you’d like to present, let me know in advance, please


Technology - Who we are - What we know is depend on how we get information.

Ted Elden will review computers, internet, e-mail, mp3 players, DVD achieves, You Tube, Total Commander

    Some confuse being smart (informed), with lacking access to deeper, unedited unbiased information.


May speakers/ topics not yet scheduled.  See recent discussions.  Current 

Remember the movie: Ghost Busters ?  We are the Debt Busters !

Shawn Gandee (& Ted) will try to show you how to resolve (clear) any debt, credit card, car, school loan, even mortgage.

Learn about House Resolution 192 where in the gov. promised to discharge (pay) any public debt

(living expenses we have in the public - due in federal reserve notes)


The more you do learn, the more you can learn, and the greater your benefits.

Many are guided by news, gov. reports, lawyers, etc.

When you learn the truth, then you can jump out of their jurisdiction and begin to live as a free man on the land

Knowledge is Power


Key ideas are presented in our meetings. When you have considered the key elements, then you can look deeper.

If you have yet to see or understand the foundation, then it is difficult for anyone to see the deeper issues.

We have, distribute, give away or loan many things; like books and DVD documentaries.

Most of us have seen these videos and or read the books, so we are looking deeper as we understand that news is a distraction and only those who actively study to find the truth can really understand what is going on and what they can do to avoid calamity.


Here are some of the most basic things to understand or Thrive video shows by national leader, Foster Gamble of Proctor & Gamble fortunes, that much important info (cures, science, law) is suppressed from popular thought, yet it is enabling, and empowering to learn it.

Change on the Horizon, by James Rink, shows that laws have been contorted in last 200 years to take away our rights and give power to the central gov.  When you learn, then you can see how to get your rights and power back.  is important to see reality unmasked from the illusion of news.


We have 1,500+ different DVD documentaries in our library. Many subjects, you can learn deeper.


Ted invites people to meet, talk. Many of us have an intuitive sense something is wrong, what should we do ?

People talking to share knowledge, benefit, and successful actions. Great reports at each meeting.


Formerly we have talked of:

Our discussions are open to 100s of subject. many are introduced at our primary web site

1 pm Program: - ongoing problems suppressed from news

- Chem Trails in skies, - fluoride in water, - chemicals and GMO in our food

- Common Law over US laws, - Be Sovereign - What that means, What you can do ?   

    Are you in debt ?  Understand your options.


Dumbing Down America - Why educators are avoiding primary issues !

How Does Money Work - who controls interest rates, who provides the "money" that banks loan to you ?

    When you made deposit to a bank, you do not give them your permission to loan your money.

There may be comments on 911 Her book shows many unreported phenomena that occurs simultaneously with the World Trade Towers being vaporized.


Many fascinating issues.    Here is place to start to see that the world is different then most know.

    See things you can immediately understand but you never thought to question them before.

Curious Truths.

Future meetings: Apr 7, May 5, Jun 2, July 7, Aug 4, Sep 1, Oct 6

Former Meeting: 4 Feb.        

            Program Outline     Truth is found in words.  Learn were to get truth. 9-11 revealed evidence

Law is in your favor, when YOU read it.   

Become Sovereign, US laws don’t apply to you, no courts, summons, debts, fines, taxes.

We live in illusion from school, news and gov. Learn you can step free by learning basic facts.


Money – It is not what you think. I   Clear any bank loans, mortgage, credit card.

Thrive & Change on Horizon important videos – view on You Tube,


Come any time, or stay all day.  The longer you are with us, the more diverse people you will meet.

Everyone has a problem, but when you see it is all an illusions, then we can help each other.

Meet people who have won on these subjects & methods.  Elden shows wins in court. Ollie Clifford © speaks on common law. 


Ted will be at the Library by 10 or 10:30 - you can come early.

Ollie will speak on Common Law. Her out line is at the bottom:


11 meet & greet        Share your subjects and your perspective


11:30                          It’s in the word (in ideas)


We have been captured in a vast illusion.

When you learn the truth, you step out and free.  It is all a mind game


Laws, loans, debts, illness, pain, injury, relief. it is illusion set against you.

Learn how you can play and win.


11:45                          9-11 was not what you think.

Where did the Towers Go ?           Elden gives over view of Dr. Judy Wood’s Book


She says simply, when you examine the evidence, then the truth, the answer speaks to you.

Much of the public evidence of what happened that day is unknown to most people as the media does not report it.


Noon – open discussion on 9-11


We will take orders for lunch.

I suggest someone run out and get us pizza that we split and share.


12:30 information discussion


Our world is built on the information that we get. 

Those who control our information news & TV limit our info. as they have for 100+ years.


Books, newsletter and talk show radio that shows more evidence, but you can do it your self with a computer to the internet.


Most want someone to find and distill information, and make it popular and simplified, but when you become curious, you can find and know things directly.


Get a computer and or access to internet and or get close to someone who can help you.


You can find truth and benefit when you have or use – computer, word processor, - internet, - e-mail.

            It takes much more time, trouble and money when you are dependent on another person.


12:45 Communication.


Some talk in person or on phone, others e-mail, mail and or read books.


Who you know determines What you know.

What you know determines Who you know.


Thrive – the truth is out there




Watch or read James Fink’s

Change on the Horizon


Know that missing 13th amendment to US Constitution of 1819 made it illegal for any elected official to be B.A.R. attorney.

Lincoln hid this fact with a new 13th amendment.

14th Amendment says you are a citizen to the US corp. (You are not when you elect to quit)

As such, all laws, takes, controls are on you the corporation.

1921 law passed for the registration of Birth Certificates, making your physical body, all your earnings and your  property become property of the US corp.

1933 House Joint Resolution 192 provided a way that you can get out of all debt, and all the controls that the US Corp puts on you.


West Virginia adopted UCC Uniform Commercial Code..

When you elect to declare you are a living man or woman, then all US laws and debt drop off of you.


When ever you get traffic ticket, IRS bill, summons, these things disappear, have no effect, when you elect to be a living man/ woman


Learn more- what, why, how,


You can cancel court cases, fines, taxes, debts; credit cards, home mortgage, auto loans and more.


Money – It is not what you think.


All US money is created by the banks – as debt- they make the profit – when you or anyone borrows to purchase something.

When you learn this, you can cancel any loan with the banks.

David E. Robinson and many other have clear writings that explain the history of law and money so that YOU can get an advantage.


As long as you are stuck on what you have always believed,

then you are a slave to the lawyers and bankers who hold the illusion of law & the courts.


When you choose to learn and understand, then you can have untold freedom, property and peace of mind.


It is all a mind game.

Come meet others who are actively engaged at different phases.


We all have had different experiences, and have different knowledge.


Elden just tries to encourage people to talk to each other.

Many of these hidden things, once made known, will have a benefit to many.


RSVP if you are coming, to help us in the planning.


Contact Ted Elden 344 2335 or any time.


Pick up some of his DVD video documentaries from 1,500+ titles/ subjects.


The more that you do know or learn, the more that you can know.


We have great resources, DVD documentaries, and books, that you will not find in one place anywhere else in West Virginia


Learn how Elden mailed 2,000+letters for 3 ¢ each by spelling out the state not using zip codes, that puts you in federal territory.


People’s Rights show method to cancel tickets, court actions, bill, etc. Strategies 1, 2, & 3


Americans Sovereign Bulletin show history, law and process of Redemption.

They sell many things, newsletter, books, and Auto Bond, in lieu of auto insurance.

Get life time Bond for all cars/ trucks/ cycles for one time cost of $ 200


David E. Robinson has books that give deeper understanding to our history & our freedom.    he shows how we can accept  bill - Accept for Value and return to the sender. 

They will be paid (discharged) as promised in House Joint resolution 192, of 5 June 1933.

The laws are in our favor, when we learn how to use them.


When you go to court

You can win – if you don’t use a lawyer.


Learn more of law and your rights here:


Early in the history of our country, our laws were based on the common law that we brought with us from England, Europe, etc. This law included unwritten merchants agreements that has been handed down for thousands of years and which worked to the benefit of trade and commerce. Other parts of this common law that was incorporated into our original law and government was the bible, the Magna Carta, which is the origin of our property rights, ideas of John Locke. They all were incorporated into the Declaration of Independence and the original constitution of the united states of America. These ideas were also written into our state constitutions.
This original law is still in place and has not been overturned . The attorneys (BAR?) that the bankers control and brought in to usurp our government and law superimposed color of law, not real law, over the original law that is still in place.
But how do we utilize this information? We must demand it. It is there and the corrupt judges must bow to it. BUT you MUST demand it and KNOW what you are doing.

Ted says you must read and reread because it will not work otherwise.

These processes do work when you properly apply them. A lawyer cannot do it, as they are supporting the color or law. You must know and do it your self to prevail.  We can do this.


Ted E is technology & computer guru.


You can learn deep truths for just $ 25, for a shirt pocket mp3 player  with chip of audio interviews & lectures.or

$ 100 for Digital Tablet, like iPod, Kindle or Nook, but much better, with chip you can get 100s of eBooks, Videos, audios.

Call Ted anytime, and come to his studio to learn more.

1,000s of recourses, the suppressed information that will free you !