Here is an article about the coming "United States" (corp)  bankruptcy to take YOUR property.

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Return America to Common Law Now !!! — Spread Far And Wide !

by David Robinson     Notice 1

Puerto Rico’s nonvoting congressional delegate today introduced legislation ( in the U.S. House of Representatives that would allow Puerto Rico’s government-owned corporations to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection, the same type of municipal bankruptcy protection Detroit sought last year. The move comes a month after the commonwealth passed the Puerto Rico Public Corporation Debt Enforcement and Recovery Act (, which allows Puerto Rico’s public corporations to restructure their debts.

This Bill will also legally allow the seizure of all America’s Puerto Rican owned bank accounts, since the ESTATE trusts set up in our all capitalized legal NAMES are incorporated as Puerto Rican trusts. If Puerto Rico is allowed to go bankrupt, the trusts will be "subsumed" into the bankruptcy as assets of Puerto Rico, exactly as they were improperly entangled in the bankruptcy proceedings of the United States of America, Inc.

Since all of the ESTATE trusts of the 14th Amendment citizens of the corporate United States have been removed to Puerto Rico to function under the maritime admiralty jurisdiction of Puerto Rico, the impending bankruptcy of Puerto Rican corporations would constitute the bankruptcy of “the United States of America (minor)”, i.e., the federal zone United States --- leaving remaining, the “constitutional United States of America (major)” to operate under the sovereign common law of the land instead of the maritime admiralty law of the sea.

It is therefore IMPERATIVE that every American rise up and object to having their ESTATES seized by any phony baloney so-called "Bankruptcy Trustees".

These banking cartels have got to be brought down and the members of the US CONGRESS with them as well.

All it takes is 390 million Americans to know three simple things ---

1. that that THING in Washington, DC. is a corporation hired to provide governmental services.
2. It is not "their" lawful government and hasn't operated as such in a long, long time.
3. This private, mostly foreign owned, for-profit entity has attempted to breach our national trust and plunder our land, our resources and our private estates.

This has been done by members of the American and British Bar Associations which are operating criminal syndicates on our shores, employing commercial mercenary armies against us using money and credit they have misappropriated from us.

The final thing Americans need to know is that they are in danger of losing their bank and retirement accounts, their stocks and bonds, their homes, their jobs, their security, their food sources, their land, and their standard of living if they don't stand up and clean house

N-O-W !

David Robinson | August 3, 2014