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Nothing Ever Changes,
Until We Do...

Nothing Ever goes quite the way we plan in life, does it? I just wanted to be a nerdy scientist, but instead ... there are many reasons why my favorite prophet is Jeremiah. Our times are so like his. We have the opportunity to choose the right things. But will we?

One day as l was reading some old arcane public documents when it all just clicked into place. I realized how our country and our government have been usurped by foreign powers and that African Americans were never really set free, and that, instead, the rest of us have been enslaved too, and I could not rest. Like everyone else, I felt overwhelmed, uncertain, at a loss - what to do? I am just one person. And my husband is just one person. And each one of you is "just one person".

The long trail from there led me to Rome and back, through every dusty by-way. Now I am forwarding some very important documents to you and entrusting you to get them distributed to members of the church, the armed services, your family, veterans. immigrants, retirees, and any African American who cares about freedom - REAL freedom - for ALL of us at last.

It's a complex story spanning 150 years, but it isn't all that hard to understand. Just look at the history and learn. .. after the Civil War, black Americans were only given "US citizenship" and "civil rights" - not the "Natural and Unalienable rights" they are heir to. Instead, the rotten "government" turned around and claimed the former "slaves" as chattel backing US


government debt. Slavery didn't end. It just shifted from private slave ownership to the public ownership of slaves.

Gradually, the perpetrators (banks and lawyers) contrived to impose this new kind of "commercial slavery" on nearly everyone. They did this by stealth, fraud, undisclosed contract, false representation, you name it, they did it, but the basic scam was this:

Agencies hired by foreign banks (The Federal Reserve) approached our Mothers under the pretense of being legitimate government agencies having a mandate to "record" our birth. Instead, they registered our "berth" - they claimed to be in receipt of a "foreign situs" trust similar to what a harbormaster does when a ship docks - and they used this deceit to claim that we disappeared while owing a large amount of money to the Federal Reserve "missing; presumed lost at sea" - and attached maritime salvage liens to our estates. Crazy as this seems, this is what they did as a device to lay claim to our assets. In this way, undeclared foreign agents of a foreign for-profit corporation obtained false claims against us in international jurisdictions of the law. Our estates were probated before most of us ever left the cradle.

Everything we have, everything we are, is presumed to be part of our "estate". It was rolled over into another kind of "trust" by the probate court - a Roman Inferior Trust and that trust was "re-venued" to Puerto Rico and the jurisdiction of the the district United States - the Union of American states composed of the State of New Columbia (DC), Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, American Virgin Islands, and et alia - the "Seven Insular (meaning island) States". You see: it is alI fraud, all built on semantic deceit and "similar names".

Here's a series of revealing questions from a court attack case - just change "james-thomas:mcbride" to your name, and it is all the same.


Our records similarly show that james-thomas brought claim for his life before the Holy See after unscrupulous men deprived him of his natural estate while still a baby in his cradle. These individuals falsely claimed that they "represented" him, claimed that their commercial corporation was his beneficiary. misappropriated his credit, seized his estate, and enslaved him [and likewise, you] as chattel belonging to his [your] own estate, without his [your] knowledge or consent. Thereafter, they claimed that he was an employee of their corporation, a "volunteer" performing various jobs including work as a postal union employee, a merchant mariner, a withholding agent for the collection of taxes, and other duties as assigned, without payment or other consideration for this work. Does this Court have any information or documentation proving otherwise?

It is our understanding that there are 2 entities calling themselves the united states of America and they are (1) the continental United States of America-the 50 geographical states created by statehood compacts or commonwealth trusts joined together by The Articles of Confederation (1781), - and (2) the district United States of America - the Union of American states, a.k.a. the federal zone UNITED STATES - the 7 Insular states owned by the 50 geographical states as federal territories and possessions, including the State of New Columbia (DC)/ Puerto Rico/ Guam/ American Samoa/ American Virgin Islands/ and et alia.

Does any Court have information or documentation proving otherwise?

According to our records as part of the fraud perpetuated against james-thomas:mcbride and his estate - his estate was re-venued (revenued) twice - once by a corporate franchise of THE UNITED STATES INC. doing business under conditions of semantic deceit and again by the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF) doing business as THE UNITED STATES INC. which removed


his estate [and your estate] to Puerto Rico and the foreign jurisdiction of the federal zone UNITED STATES described above. Does any Court have information or documentation proving otherwise?

I am giving you the whole story to pass on. Don't fail me. Somehow print it out, email it, get hard copies into the hands of Americans - and always remember that you are an American State Citizen, not a "US citizen".

Each and every one of you has more civil authority on the land than the entire "federal government". You must learn to exercise that power with a sure hand. indeed, as "kings" and "queens" without subjects.

For those of you who are lawyers. I do not hold you in contempt. The rats had you over a barrel, too. Now that the "Bar licenses" to act as privateers are extinguished (Pope Francis's Motu Proprio dated July 11, 2013, effective September 1, 2013) you too, can make new choices and choose to live in a different world.

The actions disclosed in these documents are all on the public record. Taken together they describe nothing less than the identity theft of the entire nation known as The United States of America (major). It was done by the Lords of the Admiralty (Winston Churchill), FDR (who double-crossed them in the end).. the Bar Association, the CIA, and three rogue organizations in addition to the corporations running the UNITED NATIONS, the IMF, and the FEDERAL RESERVE - these three holding companies have absorbed AS CREDIT - the entirety of the so-called "National Debt". They did this via manipulation of the fiat debt-credit monetary system.

Here are the details of the "Debtors":

THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, 20th Street NW. Washington. DC 20551. Organizational Number AG59880464


A U.S.S.E.C., a trust under 15 USC, is holding $15 trillion owed to "your" ESTATES.

E PLURIBUS UNUM - THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington. DC 20220. AG59880464 A.

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING SERVICES, 1400 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-1400.


They set this whole mess up as a "generational skipping trust" so that you never realize any benefit. The false "trustees" who are in gross breach of trust, all international banks who are operating these agencies, have instead siphoned off the credit owed to you via their Reverse Trust Scam. Generation after generation, they glut off the work and creativity and resources of the living people and the land, growing richer while their victims grow poorer.

I love you, my friends. In undertaking this work l have done it free-willingly. I was born on June 6 and I can never turn my back on the boys who stormed ashore on Normandy, nor on JFK - who was also born on June 6. and who was murdered while trying to expose and correct this same horrifying travesty. Whatever happens, l am "just" one person, but so was Jesus and so was Gandhi - and so, dear ones, are you!