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The Real History

The Birth Certificate Trust: JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC ("Federal") Vessel in Commerce the "person" recorded by "your" Birth Certificate - is created by Washington, DC Statute. Vital Statistics Chapter 2, Sec 7-201, paragraph 10, identifies the "person" using your given name as that federal municipal trust.

The nature of this trust is a Roman Inferior Trust, a.k.a. Cestui Que Vie Trust. It was ordered to be created by the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, the Bankruptcy Trustee in charge of the bankruptcy of the "United States of America, Incorporated", a failed governmental services corporation chartered in Delaware by the Roman Catholic Church, the church that FDR was `President" of, having no legitimate claim on any property belonging to any of the American states formed by Statehood Compacts - that is, REAL geographically defined "states".

We, the living Americans, were as a result of the acts of the "US Bankruptcy Trustee" - declared dead, missing, presumed lost at sea, on the "sea" of commerce. Proof of this is found in Classification of "infant/ decedent" in the Internal Revenue Manual -IRM21. "infant/decedent". When we notify the IRS of our corrected status as living instead of the "infant/ decedent" and assign reversionary interest in the SS trust/estate to and for the account of the United States, Title 12 USC 95(a)(2) and 12 USC 95(h) for `full acquittance+ and discharge" of `all" debts, we will be free of IRS control.

This is the remedy guaranteed to us as a result of the


US Congress issuing fiat "debt notes" based on our labor; however, the vast majority of us never agreed to this "new deal" and retain full right of ownership and claim to our assets. We are owed the "re-venue" of our property without signing away any of our prerogatives and rights. The "peace offer" from the criminals running the "US" Congress is only a means for the perpetrators of crimes to avoid the consequences of their acts by presumably securing our consent and a presumptive commercial contract allowing their abuse and our own enslavement to continue.

The United States of America (minor) never had any right to create the JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC Trust in the first place. So all assets of the Roman Inferior Trusts revert to the entitlement holder, and must he returned to the entitlement holder ("re-venued") free of encumbrances and debt accumulated by any false trustees or secondary beneficiaries.

Once it is clear that we are acting as living Americans (and we are) and not agreeing to act as incorporated "things", all members of the American Bar Association are obligated by the very Treaty that allows their presence on our soil to lend "aid and assistance" to us and all members of the United States of America (major), and the military forces are obligated to come to our defense. So unless you work for the Puerto Rican Commonwealth, and hope to be paid by them, you'd all better make tracks on the right track.


The Social Security Trust: John Quincy Public (State) Vessel in Commerce

The Social Security Trust was created by the Social Security Act of 1935. It says what it says. It is bogus and coercive, based on fraud by criminals, unfunded except by the labor and contributions of its victims.


Article 31 and Article 38 of the Lieber Code, General Order 100;

31. Holding Title in Abeyance - all property held in abeyance - including the baby born on the battlefield and the income stream from that "asset". DoD takes the property "in trust" to hold in "abeyance" for "safekeeping".

38. Issuance of "Indemnification Receipt- the Birth Certificate. As peaceful civilian inhabitants we are "indemnified" from any damage resulting from the actions of the US Army.


Only peaceful, living inhabitants of the Domestic and organic states have the civil authority to command the Armed Forces of The United States of America (major). Only we can require the "US Congress" and the "President" of a governmental services corporation under contract to serve us to quit their criminal shenanigans or be ousted like vermin chased from a storehouse.

All others, Including President Obama, by accepting the "citizenship" of the corporate UNITED STATES, have given up their right to say anything whatsoever to our military forces. The legitimate Armed Forces of the corporate UNITED STATES - the Seven Insular "States" existing as federal territories and possessions - includes the whole Puerto Rican Navy and whatever security forces are endemic to Guam, American Samoa, et alia.