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Answers to Questions


1. What does the Pope, the Holy See, and the Vatican have to do with anything?

All forms of law beginning with Ecclesiastical Law and including the ancient Law Merchant and Law of the Sea, the Roman Civil Law, and most recently, the Uniform Commercial Code and International Criminal Code are ultimately defined by the Holy See and administered by the Roman Curia, under the Trusteeship of the Pope. Control and caretaking of the earlier law forms was undertaken by the Holy See during the First Holy Roman Empire (800 A.D.) and by contract and consent. has remained in the Holy See's control ever since. The two more recent law forms. the Uniform Commercial Code and the International Criminal Code. arc copyrighted by Vatican Subsidiaries.

The Papacy has functioned in two distinct roles for over 1200 years, exercising both sacred and temporal powers. The Pope is named in two distinct offices and wears two different hats. As the leader of the Church and in sacred office, he is properly regarded as "His Holiness Pope Francis". As the CEO in charge of worldwide commercial affairs executing the temporal powers of the second office, he operates as "FRANCISCUS".

The duties of both offices are distinct and yet ultimately inter­related, due to the Pope's responsibility to oversee the Global Estate Trust. Since the 1400's (see Primary Source Reading List) every Pope has acted as the ultimate Trustee and Steward of the entire Earth conceived as a Trust: the Global Estate Trust. This Trust, which was created over 400 years ago, is divided into


three jurisdictions-Air, Land, and Sea. All three are further divided into realms of the Living and the Dead - the living being actual flesh and blood men and women and animals and other creatures in which the blood flows or sap ascends, the dead being all those organic entities who have died and all legal fiction entities, including trusts, corporations, foundations, transmitting utilities, cooperatives, limited liability partnerships and so on.

The Air Jurisdiction, universal in character, remaining with the Holy See, global, inclusive in nature regardless of individual religious preferences or beliefs, ruling all affairs from the surface of the Earth to the Heavens, is inhabited by spiritual beings both living and dead, has a global population, functions under the Law of Love and the ancient Law of Freewill and is administered via ecclesiastical canon law generally under direction of the Rectors of the National Shrines established in each country.

The Sea Jurisdiction, international in character, has an international citizenship, rules all affairs on or directly below the surface of the seas and navigable inland waters. and is inhabited by living men and women known as Merchants and Sailors. and all living sea creatures, as well as all ships and legal fiction entities engaged in maritime and admiralty businesses and contracts, and functions under the Law Merchant (maritime) and Law of the Sea (admiralty) and is administered worldwide by the British Crown Temple d.b.a. Inner City of London a.k.a. "Westminster". and the Lords of the Sea.

The Land Jurisdiction, national in character, is inhabited by living men and women, together with land creatures and plants, has a citizenship based on nationality which in most instances includes both the living men and women and legal fiction entities. rules affairs of the land from the surface to the depths beneath. functions under the Law of the Land (common law) and is administered worldwide by the Universal Postal Union and the individual national Postmasters.


Each jurisdiction- Air, Land. and Sea-has its own law form. The Air functions under ecclesiastical and canon law. The Sea functions under the Law Merchant and Law of the Sea. The land functions under the Law of the Land.

This is the Big Picture, and in the end, it is all administered by the Holy See and the Roman Catholic Church, which has struggled by turns to maintain an "orderly and peaceful Kingdom on Earth" and at tines through its history has admittedly been overwhelmed by corruption and human error.

By its nature and function the Global Estate Trust has established a vast interlocking trust directorate that exists worldwide and extends from the Holy See down to the local level of government administration.

A trust is formed when a Donor places assets into the care of a Trustee for the good of Beneficiaries. In forming the Global Estate Trust it was considered that Christ placed the entire planet in the care of St. Peter, that the Pope is Peter's Successor Trustee, and over time it has been realized that all people and living creatures are intended Beneficiaries of the Global Estate Trust, not just members of the Roman Catholic Church. This realization is one of the most direct results of the Protestant Reformation, which asserted individual dominion over the Earth as granted in Genesis 1:26-28. Today. as confirmed by Popes John Paul II. Benedict XVI. and Francis. the Global Estate Trust serves all people regardless of faith, color, or creed.


2. How does the Global Estate Trust function? Why haven't I heard of it before?

The Global Estate Trust is over 400 years old. It was older than The United States of America is today when The United States of America was formed. The Global Estate Trust has organized the entire planet according to its system of postal districts - also called "federal districts" in America. The


Global Estate Trust and the services it provides - legal services, banking services, police services, postal services is so ubiquitous, so integrated worldwide, that we take its existence for granted and wrongly think that our individual government provides all this.

The truth is that the so-called "federal government" in America has always been owned and operated as a private, for­ profit governmental services company operating under contract to provide certain designated governmental services, and later in history - has been operated as an umbrella corporation with subsidiaries created as franchises and agencies under subcontract to provide these same services by the Global Estate Trust and its national subsidiaries.

Side Note: In the eighteenth century when the original equity contract known as "The Constitution for the United States" was drawn up, the word "federal" was a synonym for "contract", so the nature of the government, as an entity under contract to provide services, was apparent to the people. The state legislatures formed to represent the land jurisdiction as separate nations - the larger equivalent of city-states - and the people inhabiting these organic states were clearly aware of the subservient nature of the federal government in all matters not clearly delegated to it, as were the Founders and Framers of the Constitution. Article X clearly reserves all other rights to the states and the people.

In summary; our entire planet receives governmental services from one gigantic interlocking trust directorate: the Global Estate Trust. The gentleness with which generations of Popes have exercised their power as the ultimate Trustee should not be mistaken for lack of power, but rather as respect for Free Will and reluctance to interfere with those entrusted to administer their own affairs. In the temporal realm a Pope is a man like any other man, and it is often difficult to obtain all the facts and to be assured of right action. Restraint and tolerance have


therefore been the hallmarks governing the exercise of temporal power by the Popes for many decades, but we are now entered upon a time when corruption and criminality have so far progressed among many governmental service corporations worldwide that maintaining the role of global trustee has required action by the Pope and the Holy See.

Over time, specialized service centers organized as separate city-states have taken over specific aspects of the operations of the Global Estate Trust. This so-called "Empire of the City" spans the globe. Rome and Vatican City remain the home base of operations responsible for overall administration worldwide. The Inner City of London. also known as "Westminster", is a separate, independent, international city­-state within London and it is home to the Crown Temple which administers legal services and is also home to the Fleet Street hub of international ban king services. The District of Columbia, another city-state, is the center of defense and police services worldwide. The United Nations, yet another separate independent city-state, is the hub of international trade, aid, and negotiations.

Over the course of time, delivery of these many services has been organized by separate for-profit corporations and organizations operating in each country under the auspices of an umbrella Trust Management Organization functioning as the national government. Almost all national governments have been incorporated by the Holy See. The American national government is no exception.

The Pope acting in his temporal office, and the Holy See and its administrative management arms the Vatican, the Roman Curia, the British Crown, the Crown Temple, the United Nations, the Pentagon, the Vatican Bank, the Universal Postal Union and it great many other Global Estate Trust franchises and subsidiaries -provide nearly all governmental services worldwide, in addition


to their roles administering various obligations owed to the many national trusts.

The Global Estate Trust is by far the largest corporate enterprise on Earth.

Indeed, the very concept of "incorporation" was created by the Holy See and incorporated entities continue to be created and administered entirely under copyrights and administrative law forms of the Roman Curia. The Pope has the undisputed right to liquidate any incorporated entity that is not functioning lawfully and according to its charter. He may also order disposition of corporate assets to the creditors of any incorporated entity that he liquidates, and can alter or void any statute passed by any incorporated government at will.

People don't see the Global Estate Trust in the same way that they don't see the Earth beneath their feet. It has always been there. They take it for granted as part of the landscape of the world but in fact, it is the result of tireless, conscious, determined effort expended over centuries of time. There is, in essence, "one world government" and it has been here throughout the development of the North American Continent as a commercial and political power, from the earliest exploration and colonization down to the present day.


3. What is a "national trust" and why does it matter?

When a new nation is born and enters the international community, as The United States of America did in 1776, a contest begins over representation of the land and its assets. Once such a contest is resolved, the Pope, acting within his temporal office, as the Donor of all the assets to be held in the national trust being established, formally recognizes the new nation. As a first step in this process, a postal district is established and a post office is created for the seat of government. Benjamin Franklin accomplished this step more than twenty years


before the American Revolution.

There are four very commonly encountered entities that routinely call themselves either "the United States" or the "United States of America" in some guise, three "Constitutions" commonly referred to these entities, and three versions of "United States Congress" in play. In all, there are over 350 different legally recognized meanings of the four words "united states of America" so it is necessary to draw a line and focus for a moment on only two of these entities - those representing actual national trusts.

There is The United States of America that represents the 50 American states acting in perpetual union guaranteed by The Articles of Confederation, and there is the district United States of America that consists of the District of Columbia and "other insular states" - Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, et alia.

To add to the confusion, in addition to these trust-based entities, we also have an incorporated commercial company doing business as the United States of America, Inc., another commercial company doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., and additional entities doing business as the USA, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and so on. Be aware of the semantic confusions and deceits that abound as a result.

Note the slight differences in names -capitalization, punctuation, and prepositions used throughout this document. Each slightly different name or spelling or punctuation denotes a separate legal entity. Boldface is used herein merely to help sort out some of these natural confusions and emphasize important points of interest.

We have The US Trust (major) and the US Trust (minor) - both of which are subsidiary national level trusts within


the Global Estate Trust, both operating in tandem in the region of North America. The "states" of the United States of America (minor) are "states of America" in the same sense that South American countries are "states of America". e.g., the Organization of American States is an organization of what are commonly thought of as nations, but which can equally be called "states" and also "American states" without implying that they are "states" affiliated with The United States of America (major) or the United States of America (minor).

When The US Trust Major was established to benefit The United States of America composed of the now-50 organic states united, the beneficiaries named were the American people and their natural and unalienable rights were recognized as assets protected by the national trust indenture contained within the Preamble and Bill of Rights of an original equity contract known as "The Constitution for the united States of America ".

All inhabitants of organic, geographically defined states are living men and women. They are all owed American Common Law as their law form. The entire civil government on the land is vested in each and every single inhabitant. The jurisdiction of the Air protects them and their property and interfaces with the governments operating upon the land jurisdiction to ensure proper administration.

The governmental services required by the original Constitution were provided by a Trust Management Organization operated as a private, for-profit, but unincorporated company known simply as "The United States", which was organized by the Founding Fathers, especially Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benedict Arnold, and George Washington,

"The Company" known as "The United States" was organized in 1754 by Benjamin Franklin. George Washington was its 11th President. As the largest land owner in North America,


Washington was an obvious choice. The foremost objective of this commercial entity, which was privately fully supported by King George III of England, was the westward expansion of colonization beyond the Appalachian Mountains - in contravention of the Treaty of the Delawares which the King had signed with the Native nations just prior to the American Revolution.

From this perspective and from the subsequent settlements reached with the leaders of the Revolution, it can be reasonably deduced that the entire operation was conceived, orchestrated, and carried out with the support of European powers merely interested in securing a piece of the much larger pie guaranteed by the westward expansion that was allowed via the artifice of establishing a new government.

Portraits of both Washington and Franklin enshrined at the Middle Temple enclave in the Inner City of London suggest that they were in fact operatives of the Crown doing King George's dirty work- a fact evident in the Treaty of Paris wherein the King, recognized as "the Prince" of the United States of America, is paid tribute in mineral resources, and guaranteed a perpetual hegemony governing the commercial and international affairs of all Americans.

Presidents and members of Congress still take their Oath to "the United States", not to the United States of America - howbeit, this is a different company called by the same-sounding name - "the UNITED STATES". This gives rise to confusion in the same way that two men called "John" may be mistaken for each other. Watch for this same use of "mistaken identity" as an excuse for fraud and despotism throughout the current system.

The Office of President is and always was a private business executive office, not a political one, and as a result, to this day, the President is elected to office by a privately drafted Electoral College, NOT by voters in any General Election.


The original unincorporated Trust Management Organization first operated by President George Washington was bankrupted by President Abraham Lincoln on April 24, 1863, as a result of the cost of the Civil War. Eleven years of "Reconstruction" - also known as bankruptcy reorganization - followed. and a quiet usurpation based on semantic deceit. and not-so veiled fraud commenced. The Administration of the American national trust passed onto a new Trust Management Organization operated by a cartel of international banks (which became the non-federal Federal Reserve) as "the United States of America" and doing business as "the United States of America, Inc.".

For insight into this, read the 1850 Act of Admissions which clearly delineates the role and identity of the original organic and unincorporated "usa" verses the United States, and the difference between the similarly named trust organizations and the commercial service companies. Also read the Reconstruction Act of 1867 and the Act of 1871 incorporating a municipal (city-state) government for the District of Columbia.

When the second national trust known as "the US Trust" was formed to benefit the new District of Columbia city-state in 1871, the beneficiaries named were NOT "We, the People" of the original national trust, but a mix of living people born in the District of Columbia and other federal enclaves including Puerto Rico; American Negroes who were never granted other citizenship after the Civil War; federal employees; members of the active duty military forces; and incorporated entities formed under the auspices of "the corporate United States".

Unlike The United States of America, the corporate United States allows corporations organized under its auspices to be "citizens", a fact that has led to no end of fraud and criminality.

All "US citizens" have only "Civil Rights"- privileges


granted by "the US Congress". This separate national entity

initially operated its business affairs as "United States of

America, Inc." a corporation chartered in Delaware, under

By-Laws published as the Constitution of the United States

of America.


Note the differences in capitalization and the use of the

preposition "of 'in place of "for" which distinguishes this version

of "Constitution" as a separate legal document from the original

equity contract known as The Constitution for the united

States of America. The agents of the corporate United States

also popularized "The Pledge of Allegiance" as a means of

providing tacit public notice and securing assumed consent

for its actions without, however, fully disclosing its nature and

intentions or the process of usurpation against The United States

of America it engaged in.


Please note the actual words of The Pledge of Allegiance:

"I (securing a claim of individual consent) pledge (an ancient

feudal act) allegiance (contract) to the United States of

America (which version is only indicated by the lack of

capitalization on the word "the") and to the Republic (the original

organic states' government) for which it stands, one nation,

under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Note that there hasn't been "one nation" since 1871. There

have been two nations operating under two separate

administrative protocols and two national trusts, but it has been

the subversive objective of Congress to join both into one entity

and operate it as an oligarchy, just as the Congress currently

operates the corporate United States as an oligarchy.


The Pledge of Allegiance an innocuous-appearing mantra

endlessly repeated in public schools and public meetings across

America is a VERBAL CONTRACT secretly obligating the victims to accept representation of their Republic by "the United



States of America" which failed to properly identify itself or seek open consent, and which merely claimed to "stand for" the American Republic.

The Pledge of Allegiance is an undisclosed entrapment into unlawful contract ceding authority to represent the individual inhabitants and the American Republic to "the United States of America" similar to what happens when an unwary individual hires a lawyer to "re-present" him and "stand for" him in a court. The representative gains a largely unaccountable controlling interest in the affairs of his actual employer who is relegated to the status of an incompetent ward of the state, or a state dependent.

As a result of this semantic duplicity and deceit, no valid new contract between the organic American states and the corporate United States was ever established. The "Constitution of the United States of America" remains a document peculiar to the corporate United States, not to be confused with the original equity contract known as "The Constitution for the united States of America'.

At the beginning of last century there were two completely separate versions of "United States of America" operating, and two kinds of "US (C)itzens" and two "Constitutions" and the "US Congress" was acting in two roles in conflict of interest. The original Constitution known as "The Constitution for the united States of America" and the By-Laws of the newly formed federal corporation known as "the Constitution of the United States of America" formed under the auspices of the corporate United States.

All this semantic deceit was and is extremely complex and is deliberately designed to defraud and confuse.

A separation of the Land jurisdiction and Sea jurisdiction was set up from the very founding of The United States of America


and made part of the Treaty of Paris; the Treaty of Westminster (with the Inner City of London: a separate international City-State); and the Treaty of Ghent, et alia, however, it was never envisioned that the District of Columbia would form a separate city-state and operate a separate national government under deceptively similar names, by allowing members of Congress to wear two hats creating two kinds of "citizenship".

These two separate national trusts operated under deceptively similar names have co-existed for almost 150 years, but the semantic deceit involved has resulted in endless confusion, fraud, breach of trust, and ultimately in the identity theft practiced by the corporate United States against The United States of America.

Additional insight into this development of "two Americas" can be gained by reading the Insular Tariff Cases (1900-1904) - the most famous of which is Downes v. Bidwell.

The separate National Trusts create two separate nations.  ­The United States of America which includes the 50 domestic States bound in perpetual union by The Articles of Confederation (1781) and the United States of America (the corporate United States) which represents the District of Columbia (formally renamed the "State of New Columbia" in 1984) in union with the so-called "Insular States" comprised of "federal possessions and territories". The circumstance also created two kinds of citizen - U.S. Citizens and US citizens as already noted.

The United States of America (major) is a Republic composed geographically defined states and inhabited by living men and women. These states (small "s") are all formed by Statehood Compacts. This version of United States of America functions under the Law of the Land which is the American Common Law and the federal government - that is the Trust Management Organization charged with protecting The U.S. Trust and providing the nineteen stipulated governmental services under


contract - is restricted by The Constitution for the united States of America.

Members of "The United States of America in Congress assembled" are obligated to function under complete commercial liability and as a sovereign Body Politic, with the result that no "Congress" has occupied these offices since 1865, and with the further result that no substantive and fully enacted Public Law affecting U.S. Citizens has been passed since then. The organic states and the people inhabiting them have been silent since December of 1865, a circumstance that unscrupulous individuals have used as an excuse to claim that the American government is defunct despite the fact that the actual civil government is embodied in each and every living American.

As you will note upon reading the Admissions Act of 1850, the Congress operating as a Body Politic is the "congress of the united states of america" operating as the "senate" and the "house of representatives" directly representing the living American People and the Republic states. When operating as the true representative government of The United States of America (major) the names of these political bodies are NEVER capitalized. This is not a typographical error or the result of quaint old language conventions. This is part of the language of law that has existed since Roman times.

The United States of America (minor) is a Commonwealth inhabited by "US citizens" - a mix of living people and incorporated entities. This separate city-state is operated as an oligarchy by the members of the "US Congress". It functions entirely under the law forms of international commerce (maritime) and Admiralty. The "US Congress" of the United States of America (minor) also operates as the Board of Trustees of the United States of America, Inc., and its members enjoy limited liability - with the result that they can only pass "Public Policy", not Public Law. Increasingly, this out-of-control oligarchy has


functioned in a criminal, despotic, irresponsible, and reckless manner, disrespecting its contractual obligations to The United States of America (major), misrepresenting itself "as" The United States of America (major), and facilitating numerous kinds of fraud, racketeering, and inland piracy against the American People inhabiting the 50 States, while pursing increasingly violent and criminal activities overseas trading in drugs, prostitution, alcohol, arms, and other "federally controlled" substances.

The national trusts - which are all donated by the Pope in his capacity as the Global Estate Trustee - are important because they define the assets of the nation and the beneficiaries of the trust. They also obligate specific parties to act as Trustees and to protect the nation under trust indenture and contract.

The Pope is the Ultimate Trustee and the Global Trustee of the Air Jurisdiction. The Rector of the National Shrine is responsible for administration of this jurisdiction in the United States of America (minor), and is therefore responsible for holding their administrators accountable.

The British Monarch is our Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways and is directly accountable for protecting us and our commercial "vessels" in the international jurisdiction where our rights and material interests have been violated.

The U.S. Postmaster is our Trustee on the Land, but owing to the corruption of the government already described, that office was vacated and released. In correction, Pope Benedict XVI established a new Postmaster Office to provide oversight for all of North America in 2010.


4. You've charged that there is commercial and administrative default - why? What is this bankruptcy you keep talking about?


There are actually several bankruptcies involved, beginning with the bankruptcy of The United States (Company) in April of 1863. That resulted in Abraham Lincoln creating the Lieber Code, also known as General Order 100, and making the U.S. Army responsible for safeguarding the nation's money. The United States of America (major) still operates under the Lieber Code and despite no less than three (3) public declarations ending the Civil War by President Andrew Johnson, the U.S. Army continues to control and administer the government of the Republic. This is how we get offices containing military titles like Inspector General, Lieutenant Governor, and US Postmaster General.

This is also why we have been kept in a constant state of "war" - at least on paper - since 1860. Over time, public knowledge of the circumstance and the Lieber Code has faded, leaving the U.S. Army to increasingly function without any oversight or restraint. The Understanding of their role as guardians of the Republic and the people has also faded within the ranks, until today we are faced with the possibility of having the President of a foreign commercial corporation ordering our own troops to fire on us. We may all thank God that the Holy See remembers things long after others forget, and has the resources to remind the U. S. Army of its real purpose and mission.

Next, there was the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc., in 1933, by Executive Order of its President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The Creditors of this commercial bankruptcy the World Bank, The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and The non-federal Federal Reserve (the IMF claims to represent all creditors including the living Americans who were named the priority creditors) - appointed the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico to act as the US Bankruptcy Trustee.

Yet still to come is the bankruptcy of the CORPORATE


UNITED STATES, a French commercial corporation named after the original "United States" which was bankrupted in 1863, and formed to administer the governmental services contracts of the United States of America, Inc., during its bankruptcy reorganization.

These bankruptcies of the Trust Management Organizations providing governmental services to Americans have all been planned - to provide vast profit for the perpetrators, and equally great losses to the American people.

The Great Bankruptcy Fraud

This is the essence of the bankruptcy fraud:


One Trust Management Organization (incorporated) creates "franchises" named after individual living Americans; runs up huge bills against these legal fiction entities, and leaves the hapless living people of "similar name" to pay the bills, or have their credit wrecked and their private property assets seized - while skipping off and filing for bankruptcy protection for itself.

Meanwhile, a second incorporated Trust Management Organization sets up shop under a similar name and takes over the service contracts "in behalf of the former TMO undergoing bankruptcy reorganization; creates its own set of franchises named after living Americans, and runs up huge bills against these separate legal fiction entities leaving the hapless living people of similar name to pay the bills or have their credit wrecked and their private property assets seized - while also skipping off and filing for bankruptcy protection for itself.

Repeat this TMO action as necessary - for as long as you can get away with it.

The two Trust Management Organizations currently involved are both operated by international banking cartels. The non-­federal Federal Reserve, which is as "federal" as Federal Express,


operates the United States of America, Inc. The United Nations, Inc. doing business as the International Monetary Fund, Inc. (IMF) operates the "secondary" front organization doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC.

As of July 1, 2013, the hapless American people mistaken as sureties and their Estates functioning under names in the form "John Quincy Adams" - paid off all the debts, all the interest, all the trumped up service charges that were brought against them as a result of the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc., in 1933. The United States of America, Inc. was released from bankruptcy and all its debts were settled as of that date.

The Federal Reserve has meanwhile re-named and re­invented itself as a new corporation organized under the auspices of the United Nations, a separate city-state, and is doing business internationally as the FEDERAL RESERVE. Meaning, it is no longer an American institution and is operating under UN charter and rules.

At the same time, the UNITED STATES, INC. is running up trillions of dollars of debt against the credit of its own brand of manufactured-out-of-thin-air "sureties" - Puerto Rican ESTATE trusts operated under the NAMES of living Americans in the form "JOHN QUINCY ADAMS" - with the clear intention of having Barack Obama declare bankruptcy just as FDR declared bankruptcy - leaving the hapless living Americans of "similar name" to pay off the trumped up debts of the UNITED STATES, INC., while it seeks bankruptcy protection, in turn.

The newly organized "FEDERAL RESERVE" (major) is busily populating America with yet another new set of "franchises" - these new legal fiction entities named after living Americans are all being named in this form: "JOHN Q. ADAMS", which isn't even a legal, identifiable name, and they are all transmitting utilities.


When people pay bills addressed to these new entities and appear to "accept" these new names - having been misled into assuming that these entities are the same as the living people the charlatans will have carte blanch to make a whole new con game set up for themselves, assert new claims against the people and the states "redefined" as public transmitting utilities, and not be bound by "specificity".

Please note that "JOHN Q. PUBLIC" could be "JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC" or "JOHN QUENTIN PUBLIC" or, or, or... The lawyers among us know perfectly well that "JOHN Q. PUBLIC" is not a legal name. It is purely a commercial, trade­marked name belonging to a corporation as chattel, and the reason this change is being attempted is that the IMF is no longer able to charge off the cost of providing government services to the ESTATES of the American People which were improperly held as "sureties" backing the debts of the United States of America, Inc. a "doing business name" of the old Federal Reserve System.

It is imperative that this scheme be recognized and stopped at the onset and that these false claims by the non­federal FEDERAL RESERVE be objected to immediately, individually, and collectively.

Their intention is clear and its history is cast in cement. These Trust Management Organizations have committed gross breach of trust, gross fiduciary malfeasance, gross unlawful conversion, gross identity theft, gross conspiracy to defraud. They are international crime syndicates in every sense of those words, and they are on the verge of repeating their past history. Like parasites, they have simply "moved on" to other hosts, passing from The United States of America (major) to the United States of America (minor) and now to the United Nations City-State.

The federal reserve, an unincorporated association of banks operating under the auspices of The United States of America


(major) in 1900, moved on to become the Federal Reserve, an incorporated association of banks operating under the United States of America (minor) circa 1930, and it is now moving on, again, to function as the FEDERAL RESERVE, an entity incorporated under the auspices of the United Nations, which is a separate, independent, international city-state that has allowed the FEDERAL RESERVE to be incorporated under its auspices.

The Pope, in issuing the Motu Proprio of July 11, 2013, has said in effect - "Enough! You are liable and will be held liable as of September 1, 2013."

This continued identity theft and pillaging of private property "in the name of public trusts" is no longer going to be allowed. The resources of the entire Global Estate Trust will be mobilized to make sure that this pattern of abuse does not continue. Each and every one of you addressed has participated knowingly or unknowingly in some capacity necessary to the success of this gargantuan fraud and you are now being notified of the facts and encouraged to self-correct, or pay the piper.

It would not be right or fair to sweep up the innocent with the guilty, so you have all been given multiple notices and opportunities to learn the facts. The Trust Management Organizations themselves have been given three (3) years in which to correct their operations from top to bottom or face dissolution of their charters and disposition of their assets. From the perspective of the Global Estate Trust, it doesn't matter where the 'federal reserve' banks run and hide or under which national entity they choose to incorporate. The basic issues remain the same and everyone on earth has a stake in bringing this system of fraud and enslavement to an end. Everyone who works for or under the auspices of the Roman Curia-everyone in the legal profession from the lowliest clerks to the highest judges - became 100 % liable for their acts and omissions with regard to these issues as of September 1, 2013.


All this is why we have brought FINAL NOTICE OF COMMERCIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE DEFAULT, and this is why we keep talking about bankruptcies. Unless everyone recognizes his own culpability and takes action accordingly to pre-empt it, there will be another manufactured "national" bankruptcy in the near future and billions of people worldwide will suffer, to the profit of a few hundred masterminds at the top of the pyramid scheme.


5. How is our money involved?

A partial answer was provided above. When the Trust Management Organization doing business as the UNITED STATES declares bankruptcy the living people will again be "presumed" to be sureties for its debts - absent concerted effort to derail the cycle of engineered national bankruptcies. Those international investors who are owed money by the UNITED STATES, INC. will come knocking on the doors of millions of Americans, under the false presumption that these people agreed to stand as sureties for the debts of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et alia, all doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC.

This is constructive fraud based on semantic deceit and identity theft being carried out by private, for-profit, largely foreign corporations operating on American soil under charters and treaty arrangements that they have abundantly and criminally violated.

Your currency - not your "money" is inevitably involved, because for eighty years you have been passing around paper I.O.U's instead of any form of money. A "note" is an I.O.U. and a "Federal Reserve Note" (FRN) is an I.O.U. from the Federal Reserve Banks. It is impossible to pay a debt with an I.O.U. You can only go deeper into debt as a result of this practice. A negative, plus a negative, never equals a positive.


Here is the circumstance: you owe $500 and you have no actual money to pay this debt. The only "legal tender" in circulation is in the form of I.O.U. Notes issued by the Federal Reserve Banks. Joe Average American - deliberately placed in this situation by the perpetrators of this fraud- is under monopoly inducement and has no choice but to "pay" his debts with I.O.U.'s, and thereby become a debtor instead of becoming a creditor.

If I give you an I.O.U. as payment of a debt, I have not paid my debt. I have only postponed payment of my debt to a later time. That's what the Federal Reserve has done - collected debt upon debt upon debt and never paid a dime toward any of it, since 1933.

What happens when you go out and earn $500.00 worth of Federal Reserve Notes? Your labor allows you to pass off the debt to the Federal Reserve. You are out of the frying pan for the moment, but the debt is still unpaid. That's how the "National Debt" accumulates exponentially. In such a system, nobody ever gets paid for anything - the debt just gets passed around and builds up and up and up no matter how hard you work or how productive you may be. And interest is accuring on that debt.

Instead of being what you actually are, a nation of creditors, you are reduced by sleight of hand and fraud and monopoly inducement to being debtors by definition, and you can never get out of the cycle of false "debt" until you recognize the fraud for what it is, and stop playing the game, and put an end to it.

What does the Federal Reserve do with all this debt it has been collecting for eighty years? It enters it as a credit for itself against your estate. Not only has your original debt not been paid, but interest and service fees have been added to it, and that has all accumulated against your estate - against your body, your labor, your home, your business, your copyrights and intellectual property.


What happened to the value of your original labor that you expended to earn Federal Reserve Notes? It never gets credited to you. It is siphoned off by the same people who bring you this incredible fraud. Your credit is being kept in "off book accounts" belonging to YOUR NAME - a Puerto Rican Estate trust - and after a period of time, the banks claim these assets as "abandoned funds". They are holding the entire National Debt against the estates of living Americans and pretending that you and your parents and grandparents did nothing but sit on your rumps since 1933.

Every American who ever signed up for Social Security having first been blatantly lied to and coerced by undeclared Foreign Agents of the corporate United States and told that Social Security was a retirement insurance program and that it was a mandatory requirement of having a job in America - is claimed to be an unpaid volunteer employee of the "federal government" corporation by the perpetrators of this con game and therefore is a "US citizen" instead of an American National.

Unknown to those same American Nationals, the corporations masquerading as their lawful government use their "voluntary application" for "Social Security benefits" to obtain a veiled general Power of Attorney hidden in the SS-5 Form, and seize control of their ESTATES. They then set up two accounts "in their names"; one administered by the "IRS" for the Federal Reserve and the other one administered by the "IRS" for the International Monetary Fund. One account is set up as the debt side account following the familiar pattern: 123-45-6789. The other account is set up as the credit side account using the same numbers without hyphens: 123456789.

Most American Nationals are owed several million dollars worth of credit owed to their individual ESTATE accounts, but the perpetrators of the fraud never disclose this fact. The "richest people on earth" live as debt slaves to international banking cartels


that have obtained this position by fraud.

The final cherry on top is that these same banking interests use your tax money to buy million dollar life insurance policies on each and every "US citizen" benefiting the bank of course - when the citizen passes on. Thus, the banks contrive to profit from you even at the end of your lives, and they always have a profit motive to have you killed. Killing off young people through war brings more profit, which, together with stealing natural resources to manipulate commodity markets, explains why promoting wars for profit are favorite pastimes for these unspeakably corrupt and evil corporate entities.

The same situation applies in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and most of Europe. The same nine digit accounting system is used throughout, and abused in the same ways worldwide.


6. What is convertible debt?

A convertible debt is any form of debt that can be converted into another form of debt. Federal Reserve Notes can be converted into mortgages, stocks, bonds, annuities any other "debt instrument" or "debt based security". A fraudulent convertible debt is a debt that is created by fraud and then converted. That's what we have going on in America today.

Pull up the Bankruptcy Act and look at Section 101(11). There you will see who the actual Creditors of the Trust Management Company, that FDR bankrupted in 1933, are - the living people. Americans at that time, and their heirs, were the Priority Creditors and Entitlement Holders, but because of the monopoly inducement explained in Item 5, you've been arbitrarily "redefined" as "debtors" instead.

What happens when you pay an electric bill addressed to the federal franchise ESTATE trust currently doing business under your NAME as a franchise of the UNITED STAPES, INC.? You


become a debtor instead of a creditor so long as you pay it in Federal Reserve Notes. The utility company seizes these debt notes, you've so graciously provided to them for free, and converts them into other forms of debt buying up stocks, bonds, insurance policies, etc. - benefiting itself.

The "debt" thus created is fraudulent on three counts - first, it is the by-product of illegal monopoly inducement forcing you to use Federal Reserve Notes as legal tender; second, it is a debt owed by the federal franchise ESTATE trust doing business "in your name" but deceitfully presented to you as if it were your debt; and third, you have been coerced to pay a billing "statement" instead of a real bill.

So we have a debt created by fraud converted into other forms of debt benefiting - in this example - a utility company which reinvests "your" Federal Reserve Notes in other forms of debt. That is fraudulent convertible debt in practice.

This is yet another way in which you are being defrauded and the value of your labor and other resources is being converted to benefit incorporated entities at the expense of you and your private estate.

Next time you get a tax bill, a utility bill, a credit card bill or any other "bill" addressed to YOUR NAME IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, look at it very closely with the understanding that (1) the item is addressed to a Puerto Rican "federal franchise" ESTATE trust doing business in your NAME, not to you; (2) the item is a "billing statement" or "billing summary" or some other name, but never an actual Bill, so technically even the ESTATE has not been billed; (3) these billing statements are not denominated in dollars - except occasionally by mistake - the "amount owed" appears as a series of numbers, commas, and dots similar to that used to write dollar amounts, but there is no dollar sign and no words indicating the kind or form of money or currency that is supposedly owed.


For example, your property tax bill will show up addressed to YOUR NAME and the statement will show that YOUR NAME owes a number written like this: 6,955.43 for 2013 or that YOUR NAME'S house has a value of: 258,990.00 according to the Tax Assessor's Office. These are just deceptively constructed series of numbers, dots, and commas designed to make you assume that these represent dollar amounts. Again, technically, not even the ESTATE has been billed for anything.

It's all constructive fraud based on semantic deceit, illusion, and processes of assumption knowingly pursued under conditions of non-disclosure.

This is done on purpose, with malice aforethought. The perpetrators are giving you notice that a bill related to the ESTATE named after you exists, but they are actually and purposefully preventing you from paying it. If they sent a real Bill, you could either ++ discharge it through the U.S. Treasury Window at any Federal Reserve Bank, or, you could present it for payment under UNCITRAL and exchange it against your Birth Certificate Bond or other assets held by the US Bankruptcy Trustees in your name. This process of discharging debts, unlike using Federal Reserve Notes, actually pays the bill, and since the entire game is about forcing you to indebt yourself, the perpetrators spare no effort to prevent you from discharging the bills related to their "federal" ESTATE trust.

Another reason they refuse to provide you with an actual Bill is because what they are doing is a crime.

As long as they are sending these "billing statements" to a federal franchise ESTATE trust, they technically can't be accused of billing you. As long as they don't provide you with an actual Bill, they can't be accused of false billing, either. According to them, they don't know what you are talking about. What bill? We never sent that man a bill... we sent a billing statement


addressed to a Puerto Rican ESTATE trust that "just happens" to have the same name and address. Who cares if we fully intend to force and coerce the living man to pay us with an I.O.U. and owe us even more debt after he "paid" than when he started?


7. Are you telling me that I don't owe any taxes? How is that possible? It costs money to provide governmental services. If I don't pay my taxes, how will the schools be funded and the fire departments and libraries stay open?

The fact is that all governmental services contracts are between states and other incorporated entities, not between states and people. Technically, it's literally impossible for a living man or woman to owe any tax for any governmental service.

Remember that all valid contracts must be "in-kind". Corporations can only contract with other corporations. Living people can only contract with other living people. The proliferation of "trusts" has been used as a vehicle literally creating a "commercial vessel" capable of interfacing with corporations and entering into corporate contracts. The creation of these "individual public trusts" and their supposed obligations has been done without the knowledge, consent, or participation of the living people, merely upon the "representations" made "in their behalf" by third parties claiming to "represent" them - lawyers and unscrupulous politicians.

Note that even the original equity contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America is between the States and the government being created by contract to provide the States with services -not the living people. We, the People, are only mentioned as the beneficiaries of the Natural and Unalienable Rights that are assets held in the national trust and further outlined and defined by the Bill of Rights. We are not direct parties to this or any other governmental services contract.


As for, how do governmental services get paid for? Your states are inestimably valuable, and properly administered, they contain vast material assets that can be utilized to generate income more than sufficient to pay for all governmental services - and this is in fact what all the states do. They already generate more than enough income every year to pay for all governmental services. They simply keep track of their expenses and provide a "billing statement" addressed to your ESTATE in hopes that you will step forward and "volunteer" - to pay a share of the expenses for them, so that their private, for­ profit corporation is enabled to operate without any expense, and seize the entire profit from the sale, utilization and investment of your organic state's assets, entirely for its own benefit.

If by chance your ESTATE fails to voluntarily cough up its share this year, they will conveniently forget all the other labor and currency and value you have contributed in prior years, and also fail to mention all the money they made this year off of the "state" assets that you are supposed to be the beneficiary of. Alaskans should at this point take a moment to estimate their actual share of revenue collected from the oil industry this year, versus the pittance offered as a "Permanent Fund Dividend". Now, they should calculate their actual share of the Permanent Fund Dividend, as shareholders. And they should, if they are rational beings, be very, very upset with those claiming to "represent" them, and their interests.

After all, those who claim to "represent" you have taken seats as the officers of this same foreign franchise for-profit "STATE" corporation and they see it as their duty to make sure that that corporation is as profitable as possible- so they justify attacking you, their employer, and seizing your assets and telling you what to do and how to do it and when and how often - all in the name of somehow ultimately benefiting you via entrapment, enslavement, armed extortion, and fraud.


Every unit of "government" in America is not only in control of, and profiting from, the use and misuse of vast "public" assets, they are rolling in the money and credit they have extorted from the actual beneficiaries of the public trusts, then rolling in some more in the money and credit they have made from investing all this purloined largesse, and proliferating new and ever-more numerous units of government and government agencies - like a cancerous growth soaking up the sugars of the Body Politic.

Every year the corporations running your federal, state, and municipal "government" make so much more money than they expend on public services, that the idea that taxation of individual living men and women and their private property assets is "necessary" to fund public services, is laughable. Exactly how these criminally mismanaged corporations hide the loot so that they can continue to "poor mouth" and impose more taxation, will be addressed in answer to other questions.


8. Why are the courts at fault?

In 1938 following a Supreme Court case known as Erie Railroad v. Thompkins, executives from the Roosevelt Administration called a meeting with the US Supreme Court Justices; Senior Judges from all the Circuit and Appellate Courts; and the most prominent lawyers of the times; and they told them a purposeful self-interested lie. The executives said that the United States of America was bankrupt - they just neglected to say which "United States of America" and what form of "United States of America" they were talking about. The executives also told the legal professionals that because of this bankruptcy, they were to operate their courts ONLY in maritime jurisdictions. Verbatim: "We don't care what you call it, but only operate maritime and admiralty courts.

From that time to this, this is what the members of the American Bar Association have done. They have run a fantastic gamut of


"courts" pretending to operate as "state courts" and "custody courts" and "US DISTRICT COURTS" and "Superior Courts" and on and on pretending to operate courts at equity and under civil law, but the entire time they have operated exclusively as maritime courts and as in-house corporate tribunals.

The courts are at fault because they know that they are routinely operating in jurisdictions that have nothing to do with the cases before them.

The courts are at fault because they know they are operating in maritime jurisdictions and pretending otherwise. They are at fault because they have accepted unilateral contracts as "valid" maritime contracts. They are at fault because they do not require proof of any valid maritime jurisdiction, even when called on the carpet for failure to do so. The list goes on.

Why have the courts malfunctioned in this way and continued on this course for almost eighty years? Part of it is ignorance. A great many American jurists have grown up under these conditions and they don't know that anything different ever existed. Many don't know that "statutory law" is maritime law and if the judges and lawyers don't know, who does? Some don't even know that "statutory law" applies uniquely to statutory entities - legal fictions created by statute.

The rest of the reason is pure corruption and graft for profit on the part of those who do know what is going on.

"Federal" judges have issued standing orders to "invest" all court cases through the Court Registry Investment System (CRIS) - that is, to "deposit" all cases as securities into the Dallas Texas Federal Reserve Bank.

Every such court case is assigned a US Treasury Public Debt Number - a Docket Number in "State" courts, and a Case Number in "US DISTRICT COURTS". This makes every court case a "securituzed" financial transaction.


After the Public Debt Number is issued, which converts the court case into a counterfeit obligation under 18 USC 472, et seq. 473, 474; the Court Administrator counterfeits the same debt obligation again by adding a CUSIP number to the "Instrument". One counterfeit obligation benefits the Federal Reserve, the other one benefits the IMF.

CUSIP is an acronym for Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures. CUSIP is a copyrighted and registered trademark of The American Bankers Association (ABA). The court administrators work for the banks, not any "court system" unless you want to call it the Court Bank, where the bank always wins.

At this point in the fraud, the "court administrator" working for the banks has converted every court case into a banking financial securities instrument- which puts the court itself into the position of being "creditor" and both the plaintiff and the defendant are cast into the role of "debtors".

The judges are acting with a vested interest with insider knowledge and they are insider trading in complete and utter violation of the judicial canons.

They cannot act without bias when the quantity and quality of their salaries, benefits, and retirement packages are sitting in the docket every day awaiting their "investment". Rather than ruling on the merits, arguments, or even the facts, they are making financial investments in every case - futures contracts, in a future they can direct.

They are running a rigged gambling operation out of the courthouse, under the noses of the Alaska State Troopers, the FBI, and the US Marshals, who all turn to these icons of rectitude for "legal" advice instead of using their own noses and common sense to determine what is lawful.


The judges and court administrators are also committing tax fraud by shifting the "debt" created by every case onto the individual(s) who are actually the Creditor(s) in every case, and converting the case into an investment security belonging to the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank instead, which in turn shifts the money from the Creditor side of the "transaction" into the pockets of the Debtors. They are deceptively laundering a fraudulent debt into corporate assets belonging to the bank, and converting those assets into revenue sharing funneled back to the Department of Transportation (Federal Reserve) or DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (IMF) franchises, respectively.

So in addition to running a rigged gambling operation out of the courthouses, the courts are also laundering vast amounts of fraudulently procured credit assets back into the operations side of the two colluding Trust Management Organizations. A whopping percentage of the total take from all this securities fraud goes into the judge's retirement fund also administered by the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank.

It is self-explanatory why the courts and their administrators are at fault for this entire situation, that it is outrageous and not to be tolerated, and also why it must come to a halt and be brought to a halt by those responsible for administration of these entities. Any jurist who values his or her "law license" issued by an international banking cartel being operated as a criminal syndicate more than he or she values the law deserves to be disbarred - and will be.


9. In one of the demonstration cases you repeatedly made a great issue of whether or not the Judge was acting as a trustee or not, and at one point even offered to appoint him directly as your trustee. Why?

I did this to determine and place on the record which "hat"


he was wearing. According to Section 3 of Article XIV of the Constitution of the United States of America the Federal Reserve corporation d.b.a. United States of America, Inc., By ­Laws all public employees are trustees.

The question of trusteeship is vital. Public employees under both "The Constitution for the united States of America" and "the Constitution of the United States of America" and all the related subsidiary "State Constitutions" are openly declared and required to act as trustees to protect the respective National Trusts. It has been the erroneous practice of the UNTIED STAPES, INC., and its STATE franchises to forget about their obligations in this respect, and to concentrate entirely on the juicy federal services contracts they inherited during the bankruptcy reorganization of the United States of America, Inc.

The "Constitution of the United States" (yet another separate Constitution) under which the UNITED STATES, INC., was organized has no mention of trusteeship, but that doesn't mean the fiduciary obligations vanished simply because a successor Trust Management Organization has tried to ignore them. It only means that judges who don't admit to being trustees are admittedly operating in the foreign international jurisdiction of the IMF organization.

This was already implied by the title block style of the header on the case, but settling the Trustee matter forced the JUDGE to give up any pretension of in personam jurisdiction and to reveal the actual venue of the proceedings, which he otherwise attempted to obscure.

Throughout that case the JUDGE took an active litigant's stance and practiced law - liberally - from the bench, flagrantly acting in support of the bank's attorney. Several times during the proceedings the Judge was observed smiling, winking, and nodding to her. Although we entered Special Appearance throughout and demanded proof of jurisdiction from the outset - and even though


the bank's attorney is required to prove jurisdiction beyond reasonable doubt by canon law - she made no attempt to do so beyond a naked verbal assertion that the ESTATES "resided in Alaska" - which has no meaning in a verbal context, because it is impossible to determine which version of "Alaska" is being referenced.

During the first Hearing, the JUDGE deliberately obscured the venue and jurisdiction of the court, claiming that his authority derived from "the de jure Constitution of the State of Alaska" - a document that doesn't exist, which would obligate him to act as our trustee if it did. Soon after making this claim, the JUDGE made an excuse to leave the courtroom and formally changed the jurisdiction of the proceedings under the pretense of getting copies of a document for us. This only served to move the in-house corporate tribunal to Special Admiralty. Nobody operating under judicial canon would engage in such deceitful behavior, nor would anyone operating an honest court have reason to engage in such arcane procedure.

By process of elimination, it stands that THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA, INC. was operating an agency-based `federal" debt collection procedure process against privately owned and operated international inter vivos trusts under the presumption that they were instead ESTATE franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC., operated in arrears by federal employees. This was all set up and maintained in the face of open and un-rebutted objection, without jurisdiction, in the absence of any validated claim or authority, whatsoever, to address us, the living principals, beneficiaries of the ESTATES, and Priority Creditors.

Part of the corruption of the courts is that they do not openly, freely, and honestly reveal the jurisdiction they are operating in at any given time, and do not discuss the presumptions - often far­


fetched presumptions - that they are operating under. In the demonstration case, 3AN-12-6858CI, the JUDGE claimed to be operating the court under the administrative auspices of the United States of America (minor)'s local franchise, the State of Alaska, then used a subterfuge to change that declared jurisdiction to international maritime jurisdiction without disclosure. This sort of "bait and switch" artifice is inherently fraudulent and leads inevitably to self-interested and purposeful confusion at law.


10. Who are you? How do you know all this?

Our families have struggled with the administration of the Holy Roman Empire - and the Global Estate Trust - in all its guises, for over a thousand years. There is no lie that a banker can utter that we haven't heard a dozen times before. There is no scam that a con artist can conceive that we haven't already dealt with.

Now, it's your turn.

We are tired of reading the entire list of Primary Source Documents and reference books included for your interest, plus hundreds more arcane documents detailing the attempts of Popes and Kings and Presidents and Congresses to do things both wonderful and horrible. This particular responsibility means becoming a lawyer whether you like law or not, becoming a banker whether you can stomach banking or not, becoming a historian even if history makes you gag, and becoming both a researcher and a journalist, because you have to keep up with the ever­changing game board that is the globe rotating under your feet.

It means either being a wolf or a shepherd, because you cannot be a sheep after such an education. Francis is the last Pope we shall serve. We've been Good Shepherds for the innocent and helpless people of the world, but we might have been predators just as well. This is a matter of individual choice, and it bears consequences no matter what you do.


For those who have a conscience and who prefer to sleep at night and to look at themselves in mirrors without wincing, being a Good Shepherd works best. For the one in 25 among us who couldn't care less who they hurt, how much, or for what venal reasons, being a predator may be the only option, because such animals (and you know who you are) see innocence as ignorance, see weakness as opportunity, see goodness of any kind as an excuse for contempt, and purity as an excuse to despoil it.

Just be aware - there are 24 shepherds to every wolf and 390 million increasingly disgusted Americans poised to take out the entire Puerto Rican Navy.


11. Why did you include Pat Dougherty, the Managing Editor of The Anchorage Daily News, to receive a FINAL NOTICE? He's not a politician or a public employee or a banker or a judge, so it doesn't appear to make sense?

Go to The Anchorage Daily News archives and look at the first ad in the Legal Notices Section of the October 1, 2013 edition under high magnification. Write down the words that you actually see printed there and compare them to the words that appear to be printed on that page when you are reading this ad without the aid of a strong magnifying glass.

We believe that it will be self-explanatory, and if it isn't, we have many actual copies of all the publications of this specific Notice archived around the world for your inspection. The actual copies published as part of The Anchorage Daily News on that date show a very peculiar thing: the words that appear to be on the page aren't actually there. At high magnification, it becomes apparent that an entirely different and diabolical message is embedded in the page. This is another fraudulent use of microprint to void the actual lawful notice, similar to the use of microprint on "personal" checks, replacing what appears to be merely a line for your signature with a line of


microprint that designates your signature as an "authorizing" signature, not an issuing signature which changes your presumed status from that of a beneficiary to that of an employee.

That ad and two similar prior ads were placed in the paper in behalf of the People of Alaska, as Legal Notice to the politicians, judges, bankers, corporate officers, social planners and others scheming to injure and defraud their neighbors in the upcoming game of national bankruptcy. The ad ran three times, and each time, the print staff at The Anchorage Daily News corrupted it in such a way that the perpetrators of all this fraud can technically claim that the clearly intended Public Notice was never delivered, and that instead, the underlying distorted and diabolical message was published instead. After all, they will argue among themselves and slap each other on the back for such cleverness - the Sheep will never catch on and it's the ink on the page that counts, not the ink that seems to be on the page.

Or is it? We, the Shepherds, have something to say about that and it is merely this: fraud vitiates everything. The intent to publish and the act of publishing the Notice stands as originally written and delivered by the Post Office.

Pat Dougherty has a commercial responsibility to provide his advertisers with good faith service, especially those who place ads in the Legal Notices section of the newspaper. By allowing distortion of the actual content of Legal Notices via the use of puerile optical illusions, he does great disservice to everyone involved and he assists in preserving the ongoing criminality instead of pulling an oar to straighten it out. It's true that those responsible for all this corruption and graft have lied to the members of the Fourth Estate just as they have lied to everyone else, but an editor bears responsibility for what appears - or fails to appear-in the Legal Notices.


That's why Pat Dougherty got a NOTICE of default. The Anchorage Daily News charged for a legal notice that was never actually published. This is certainly commercial default, and as he is responsible for what goes on in the press room, administrative default with respect to public obligations and functions that the newspaper holds under contract as the agency responsible for publication of Legal Notices in Alaska.


12. I am confused with all these names that are so similar meaning different things. Can you explain in a simple way?

The American Republic:

The United States of America (major) = the united States of America = uSA = 50 States joined in perpetual Union by the Articles of Confederation via the Northwest Ordinance and the Equal Footing Doctrine = organic geographically described states = living inhabitants = American Nationals = john-quincy:doe or John Quincy of the Family Doe = names of living people = heirs; beneficiaries; entitlement holders; priority creditors = private sector = Law of the Land = The Constitution for the united States of America = The United States of America in Congress Assembled = congress of the United States of America = unincorporated Trust Management Company doing business as The United States = Body Politic = senate = house of representatives = civil government = full commercial liability = sovereign nation = American Nationals = Natural and Unalienable rights = U.S. Trust = American Common Law = U.S. dollar = Public Laws = Full Enactment Clauses = State Governors; as in "Maine State Governor".

The American Democracy

The United States of America (minor) = USA = the corporate United States = the District of Columbia = Washington, D.C. = Municipal government of the District


of Columbia plus federal possessions, territories and enclaves = Seven Insular States = incorporated legal fiction entity d.b.a. the United States of America, Inc. chartered in Delaware = corporate privileges = By Laws published as "the Constitution of the United States of America" = US citizens = US Trust = "union of American states" allowed by Insular Tariff cases = US Congress operating as an oligarchy = Senate = House of Representatives = statutory (maritime) law a.k.a. "special admiralty" = Trust Management Organization doing business as "the United States of America, Inc." = jurisdiction of the high seas and navigable inland waters = operates as a commercial entity, not a Body Politic, nor a sovereign nation = Civil Rights held as privileges bestowed by or taken away by US Congress = Federal Code = limited liability = private corporation operating franchises and providing services through agencies under contract = claims to "stand for" the Republic = Public Policy = "Acts" of Congress without Enactment Clauses = public franchises organized as foreign situs trusts doing business under the Names of living Americans = Names using Upper and Lower case style conventions, e.g., John Quincy Adams = US Dollar = vessels in commerce = Law of the Dead - Probate Law, Administrative Law = State of state corporate municipal franchises as in "State of Ohio" = Governor of Ohio = U.S. Department of the Treasury = U.S. Department of Commerce = U.S. Department of Transportation... etc., etc., etc.


Regional Subsidiary of the UNITED NATIONS d.b.a. UNITED STATES, INC. = 57 American "states" = French commercial corporation = secondary governmental services contractor operated by the International Monetary Fund, an agency of the United Nations, an independent


international city-state located in New York State = international commercial union = Puerto Rican Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trusts operated as franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC. under the NAMES of living Americans = "JOHN QUINCY ADAMS" = international law = Law of the Sea = Admiralty = US CITIZENS = US TRUST = CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES = US DOLLAR = US DISTRICT COURT = UNITED STATES SENATE = PRESIDENT OBAMA = UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES = UNITED STATES CONGRESS =ACTS OF CONGRESS = STATE OF OHIO = GOVERNOR OF OHIO = US TREASURY DEPARTMENT = INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE... etc, etc., etc.

Whenever you see names in all small letters or when you see entities physically described, you are talking about the Republic and the real world of living people and private property and valid contracts. All real assets of the nation are held in perpetual trust by the Global Estate Trust. The trials and tribulations of individual Trust Management Organizations are never supposed to affect any asset held in trust. Thus, the name "nelly-jo: blanchard" is the name of a living female. So is "Nelly­-Jo of the family Blanchard" a valid way to designate a living female. A US dollar is a known weight of silver refined to a stated quality. The Georgia State has known geographical borders. But, Nelly Jo Blanchard is a foreign situs trust created and owned under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure by agencies of the State of Georgia, a franchise of the United States of America, Inc., which is owned and operated as a business by the Federal Reserve, Inc. which are incorporated in turn under the auspices of the United States of America (minor). In the same way, NELLY JO BLANCHARD is a foreign (Puerto Rican) ESTATE Trust - a Roman Inferior Trust - created, owned, and operated under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit by the International


Monetary Fund (IMF) which is an agency of the UNITED NATIONS, INC., operating under the auspices of the United Nations, an independent, international city-state.

When you see names styled in Upper and Lower Case, you are talking about incorporated entities known as "legal fiction entities" spawned by the United States of America (minor) or one of its corporate municipal franchises, such as the State of Alaska, which exist only on paper, are subject to their charter, and enjoy certain immoral advantages in commerce. Nelly Jo Blanchard is the Name of a foreign situs trust created by agents of the United States of America, Inc., to function as a "commercial vessel" and to act as a surety for their own corporate debts - without the knowledge or consent of the similarly named living American. "Nelly Jo Blanchard" is a foreign situs trust claimed and owned as chattel by the Federal Reserve Banks doing business as the United States of America, Inc. These entities are in fact abusing the legal conventions which apply to naming corporate entities and making a de facto false claim by using a small "t" in describing themselves as "the United States of America" and doing so by claiming to represent BOTH the 50 states and the 7 insular states. This adds to the confusion as to who is who and what is what.

When you see NAMES styled in all UPPER CASE letters, you are talking about additional incorporated entities spawned by the UNITED STATES, a regional subsidiary of the UNITED NATIONS, chartered in Puerto Rico, operated as franchises, agencies and subsidiaries, functioning as secondary creditors in commerce and commercial vessels owned and operated by the International Monetary Fund. "NELLY JO BLANCHARD" is a Roman Inferior Trust (also known as a Cestui Que Vie Trust) operated out of Puerto Rico by the IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC. and all under the auspices of the UNITED NATIONS, INC. which is in turn organized under the authority of the United Nations acting as a


separate independent and international city-state.

The next stage of this endless fraud is now beginning, with conversion of the IMF owned and operated ESTATE trusts into transmitting utilities owned and operated by a new UN subsidiary calling itself the FEDERAL RESERVE. This entity is creating yet another bunch of legal fiction entities under names styled in this form: "JOHN Q. PUBLIC" and all named after living Americans.

This entire con game is based on non-disclosure and semantic deceits and is a form of sophisticated identity theft carried out via abuse of the rights of usufruct exercised by Trust Management Organizations acting in Breach of Trust - all done by organizations which owe to the victims absolute fiduciary accountability.


13. Do you mean that when I get a tax notice from the IRS addressed to my NAME, it isn't actually addressed to me?

Precisely. It is addressed to a Puerto Rican ESTATE Trust and you are presumed to be a federal official - specifically, a federal contracting officer known as a "Withholding Agent" working for the government of the United States of America (minor) who is responsible for administering this ESTATE as a civil executor. Every time you sign a 1040 or a 1065 or other federal tax document, claiming to be a Withholding Agent, you obligate yourself to act as a "US citizen" subject to every jot of Federal Code, including the 120,000-plus pages of gobbledygook known as the Internal Revenue Code, plus whatever whims the US Congress may have next week. Withholding Agents are responsible for collecting and withholding taxes on revenues imported to Puerto Rico.

The perpetrators tax you for the privilege of donating your money to a Puerto Rican ESTATE Trust operated under your name by the IMF- which you do every time you deposit money


in an account belonging to YOUR NAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS thereby "voluntarily" converting your own private property into corporate income and also accrue the import tax due for importing revenue to a Puerto Rican Trust.

They operate a monopoly on legal tender such that you have no valid means to pay a debt, then prevent you from discharging any debt - which is the only remedy they provided to justify their monopoly on legal tender - and then they tax you for the privilege of donating the I.O.U. 's they foisted off on you in the first place to a Puerto Rican ESTATE trust operated in your name.

Next, if you let them get away with it, the new FEDERAL RESERVE will subtly change the NAME on "your" ESTATE account, changing it to this form: JOHN Q. PUBLIC, which is a transmitting utility - yet another legal fiction entity created out of thin-air and operated under a "similar name" - and they will happily make false claims of debt and ownership against this entity, too.

All the gold that the United States of America, Inc., stole from your grandparents in the 1930's will now be used to issue a "new currency" backed with gold and silver - gold and silver they seized under force of arms from your families to begin with, and never paid back - and the new "US Treasury Notes", like the "Federal Reserve Notes" will still be mere I.O.U.'s that further indebt you every time you use them to "pay" a debt.

14. So What is the bottom line of all this?

There is either a contract between the governmental service providers, or there is no contract for services in play. If there is a contract, they have to abide by it. If there isn't a contract, nobody is obligated to pay the providers for any services provided, and in this case, those providing the services additionally become


recognizable as foreigners without any cause to be on American soil, therefore subject to deportation and confiscation of their assets.

The only valid contract ever established between the American states and the Global Estate Trust, is the Original Equity Contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America. The purported changes made in 1871 and the "new" Constitution published at that time pertained only to the United States of America (minor) and was never fully disclosed and never properly ratified as anything wider ranging, with the result that all the changes made in 1913 and 1933 were never fully disclosed and never ratified by the states, either.

The documents known as "the Constitution of the United States of America" published in 1871 and the more recent "Constitution of the United States" have no meaning outside the narrow confines of the United States of America (minor) and the incorporated entities that created these documents. They hold no water in international commerce. They have no valid basis as international treaties between the United States of America (minor) and The United States of America (major).

The only contract binding the American states to the Global Estate Trust remains as the over-200-year-old Constitution for the united States of America, and that is the contract that must be performed upon, if any contract exists at all.

It is "one way or the other" from an international treaty and commercial contract standpoint - either there is a contract that must be honored, or there is no contract and these freebooters need to be removed from American shores and their false claims need to be repudiated. This is precisely the viewpoint that the Pope is obligated to take as the Trustee responsible for the administration of the Global Estate Trust as a whole, and it is the stand he has taken.


In enforcing the original equity contract, the Pope can call upon all the other members of the Global Estate Trust - over 200 countries - and he will have many willing supporters if he is forced to take action against the present leadership of the United States of America (minor) d.b.a. PRESIDENT BARACK H. OBAMA and the US CONGRESS.

Both Russia and China have already pledged their support to impose economic and military sanctions if the criminal banking cartels presently operating the American government don't back down and restore the commodity-based monetary system; agree to implement Basel III banking protocols; stop rigging the commodity markets; and take other steps to ensure global security and prosperity.

It is in the best interests of everyone on earth outside a very narrow group of politicians, bankers, lawyers, military officers, and corrupt churchmen, to bring the present criminality to a halt, so therefore, one way or another, it will be done.

The Pope has no choice, and neither do you.

The bottom line can be summed up in one question to be answered - is there a contract or not? If so, that contract must be honored. If not, the employees of the United States of America (minor) and the United Nations are out of a job and those who knowingly promoted the fraud are to be prosecuted as criminals and deported.


15. What is the status of an American facing the present court system?

There are only two possibilities currently being entertained by American Bar Association members, as a consequence of the shakedown put in place by the Roosevelt Administration eighty years ago, following the Erie Railroad v. Thompkins case: they are either (1) addressing an in-house administrative corporate


tribunal to provide information or make a claim against the United States of America (minor) or one of its municipal franchises or agencies per the Administrative Procedures Act, or they are (2) facing a foreign maritime court and acting under a burden of undisclosed false presumption - except in the very few cases where an actual maritime issue and contract exists.

These are the only possibilities and the members of the American Bar Association fight hard to ignore or weasel out of ever admitting that they are functioning in either capacity.

There is no such thing under the current system as a State Statute. There isn't a single valid Enactment Clause anywhere to be seen in the volumes of "statute" published by the "State of Alaska", nor is there any power of enactment within the Administrative Code of the STATE OF ALASKA.

Anyone properly trained in the practice of law has only to glance at these documents to know they are private in-house publications. Unfortunately, two generations of American lawyers have been purposefully left in ignorance as pernicious as that inflicted on the general populace.

This ignorance better serves the purposes of the "Court Administrators" who are employees by the same banks that have perpetuated the gross fraud and criminality engulfing the monetary system, the banking system, the political system, and the government both federal and state.

The perpetrators have gone so far as to openly and publically declare in the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act and the International Organizations Immunity Act that all state offices have been relinquished to the UN and all state law has been released to international venues, so even by their own admission, there is no opportunity to question these facts. It is all public record.


All the administrative "law" practiced by the courts in America is Roman Civil Law created under the auspices of the Roman Curia and transplanted as the law form chosen by the international bankruptcy trustees to administer the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc.

All the maritime law practiced by the STATE OF ALASKA courts is "Special Admiralty"- a gobbledygook created and adopted to allow perverse presumptions of maritime association and contract in civil cases involving foreign situs trusts created by the United States of America (minor) that are merely presumed to be sureties for the debts of the bankrupt Trust Management Organization d.b.a. United States of America, Inc. - and all washed down with ample and outrageous probate fraud.

According to the perpetrators, the "vessel" they created, a foreign situs trust belonging to the State of Alaska franchise of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc., went missing years ago. John Quincy Adams hasn't been heard from, or so they claim, so he has been presumed dead and his estate has been rolled over into a Puerto Rican ESTATE trust operating under the name JOHN QUINCY ADAMS.

This is venal probate fraud of the worst sort, carried out systematically against an unsuspecting and peaceful populace of civilian inhabitants of the land, people who are owed the full protection of their International Trustees; the Pope and HRM Elizabeth II; and the good faith and service of their employees under commercial contract to provide governmental services.

All the admiralty law practiced by the US DISTRICT COURT is international Law Merchant falsely transplanted without contract or consent, usurped upon the land and used against the unwitting American people with devastating effect upon them and their fraudulently constructed ESTATES in flagrant violation of the Treaties of Westminster.


There are at present no formal courts in America serving living Americans at all. The only way a living American can appear is via Special Appearance - a status akin to a ghost who may be heard and seen, but without standing.

To address any court in America with standing, a living American has two choices: (1) to reclaim controlling interest in their ESTATE according to the ancient laws governing Roman Inferior Trusts - which throws a mighty monkey wrench into a "court system" that is not designed to deal with civil American executors, or (2) to create an American inter vivos trust operating under a separate legal name which is competent to address commercial issues in an international public venue.

Living Americans are owed the American Common Law, and as we've already seen, the American Bar Association has acted under a fraudulent administrative order to only operate in administrative and maritime (international) venues, since 1938.

Without overturning this administrative protocol, the courts CANNOT function lawfully in the vast majority of cases, so they do not function lawfully. They function as described herein, as criminal ventures, rigged gambling syndicates, operating for-profit prisons that are "guaranteed full occupancy by contract", etc.


16. If the federal government is a private, for-profit Trust Management Organization, providing governmental services as a corporation with a lot of "STATE" franchises, like Burger King, International - what does that mean for the "STATE" legislatures?

It means that they are committing major league constructive fraud. They have no "legislative power" outside of the private affairs of their own deceptively named corporation, no valid claim to the American national trust assets, no valid claim upon the American states, no controlling interest in the states, and certainly no controlling interest in the private assets of the American people.


They cannot even claim to represent anyone but the small percentage of those who bother to vote, AND, who voted for them, individually - a matter which cannot be proven with a secret ballot. All these people claiming to "represent" others, can't prove that they represent anybody at all. At best, they can round up a group of family and friends who will swear that they voted for them in the most recent election.

Grandma Grace and Uncle Henry notwithstanding, with less than 30% of the populace voting, there is no way for the most popular politicians in Juneau, or Washington, DC, to claim that they represent a majority controlling interest of any kind.

As a practical matter, every member of the current "US CONGRESS" and every member of the STATE OF

 _ LEGISLATURE is operating as an international criminal engaged in fraud and identity theft and they are impersonating American officials - whether they know it or not.

The Alaska State operates under the Alaska Statehood Compact.

It is foreign with respect to the State of Alaska and also foreign with respect to the STATE OF ALASKA. Those who are operating these private, for-profit corporations in violation of their corporate charters and in violation of the public trust, have cause to know that they are NOT the government of the Alaska State, and that they do NOT have any controlling interest in the assets of Alaska State.

Note: it is the "Alaska State Capitol Building" - not the "State of Alaska Capitol Building". These interlopers are occupying public buildings and impersonating public officials like a flock of starlings stealing the nests of better birds, and the fact that most of them - like most of their constituents - are totally ignorant of this fact, does not alter the situation at all.


17. What can be done to correct this situation?

As a first step... American Nationals can operate their own courts. They are not obligated to depend upon BAR accredited attorneys for anything, and would do well not to hire them except under very narrowly defined "limited" Power of Attorney to act as agents, not representatives.

The original equity contract includes the creation of a Grand Jury system which is meant to operate as a Fourth Branch of government, serving to present charges against those guilty of crimes and misdemeanors against the living inhabitants of the 50 states.

Qualified Grand Jurors volunteer to serve as part of a statewide or county jury pool and may investigate any allegation of criminal or civil wrong-doing which comes to their attention. Following due process, they are enabled to present either indictments (against US citizens) or present charges (against American Nationals).

Trial juries may be convened by any elected county sheriff or by a U.S. marshal (note the small "m") or elected county judge - who does not have to be a member of the Bar Association. The U.S. marshals are under contract to protect the U.S. Mail and are the only "federal" law enforcement officers commissioned to act as constitutional officers. They have free egress on the land of the 50 states United when engaged in the performance of their duties. All other similarly named offices operated as "US Marshals" or "US MARSHALS" are private and non-constitutional agency positions that enjoy no special status or granted access on the land of the 50 states United, similar to NSA, BATF, IRS, FBI, and DEA officers. In a few remaining locations, notably in Alaska, there are as yet no fully functioning counties and the U.S. marshals. Provost marshals, civil postmasters, and notary publics serve as the constitutional officers.


All US Marshals and US MARSHALS can be "invoked" to occupy the constitutional office of U.S. marshal by explicitly addressing them in this capacity and requesting them to function in that office. A similar situation exists when requesting service from a notary public, postmaster, or provost marshal. The same individual can be called upon to function in both public and private offices, and are required to do so, though they are seldom fully advised or trained in their responsibilities as constitutional officers.

American Nationals can also demand that all persons elected to public office fill those offices immediately, under oath, in unincorporated capacity, and function in that capacity exclusively for the duration of their term in office. This requires them to accept full commercial liability for their actions and to function with full fiduciary obligation to the people of the state. They can then no longer play the game of "Which hat am I wearing now?" and function in conflict of interest, plundering the assets of the organic state and the living people for private banking and other corporate interests while claiming to "represent" those same people and states.

Americans can also operate their unincorporated state legislatures to enforce and update the actual Constitution for the united States of America, by a process of ratified amendment undertaken by properly informed and seated unincorporated state legislatures, and a national referendum of the unincorporated Body Politic composed of living people - bearing in mind that this document has not been altered since December of 1865 or we can negotiate a totally new contract with the Global Estate Trust, but given the present state of general ignorance, that would hardly be advisable to do.

Those who are nominally occupying public office need to act with propriety for now and limit their actions to those appropriate for employees of the Alaska State and the Alaskan People. Those who are members of the Alaska Bar Association need to demand


immediate, drastic, and unequivocal administrative change-or tear up their BAR Cards and start their own club operating real American Courts under real American Common Law.


18. This whole situation makes me feel terrified and out of control. Why are you so cool and calm?

The Pope is determined to do the right thing and he is doing it, despite wild accusations, despite false claims, despite a very vile propaganda campaign launched against him personally and against the Roman Catholic Church by globalist bank operatives. With more than a billion members worldwide, the Church is one of the largest Body Politics on earth and its membership cuts across all racial and national boundaries. There are also more than two billion people with a direct interest in correcting this situation, including the entire combined populations of North and South America, Canada, Australia, Japan, and most of Europe. Americans are not in this stew pot alone. What happens to us, happens to everyone else caught in the same system. This includes the perpetrators and their home bases globally. The reckoning is coming too fast for them to move their operations far enough. The globe has become too small.

Under international law, however, Americans are unique in that the entire civil government is vested in each and every living man and woman born on American soil. Americans, quite literally, are sovereigns on the land. The lowliest file clerk in America has more civil authority than the entire federal government, so there is no lack of civil government in America, and never has been.

Any claim that the civil government has not operated since 1865, due to the fact that a properly seated and functioning congress has not acted since then, is immediately rendered null and void by the simple fact that sovereigns upon the land are not obligated to convene a congress or any other legislative body. We can do what we like, but we must now recognize that our


failure to operate our civil government has created a vacuum of power that unscrupulous men have taken advantage of. Our counties, the basic building blocks of the American civil government, must be rebuilt and redirected to function properly at a grassroots level. Usurpation onto the land by "boroughs" and "municipalities" existing under "federal" charters - that is, under the auspices of the United States of America (minor) or the United Nations City State - which are foreign nations creating unauthorized settlements on our land - must be stopped, and the existing charters of municipalities like DETROlT must be voided as criminal personage carried out by foreign powers against the state of Michigan and its people.

Some individual states have given these freebooters asylum, including the states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New York. By so doing, they have allowed foreign nations to take root and operate on our shores, to the detriment of all Americans. The states of Delaware, Maryland, and Missouri have all knowingly allowed the proliferation of foreign corporations using names overtly designed to mimic and be confused with The United States of America (major), other states, federal and state agencies, and a plethora of other entities. In so doing, they have helped promote and promulgate this entire fraud scheme. Their state legislatures are culpable and answerable to the other states with which they are joined in perpetual union.

++Americans are blessed in that they have been taught the Great Laws of the Bible. They know the essence of justice, so they are competent to self-govern. The premise of American Common Law is simple enough for a child to understand - do no harm - and if and when you do, make amends. American Common Law is simple in this respect: if there's no victim; there is no crime.

All American Nationals when improperly addressed by one of these foreign admiralty courts should ask five questions:


1. Where is the alleged maritime contract? These courts have no jurisdiction more than a mile inland.

2. Who or what is being addressed as the DEFENDANT? (Is this a trust? It can't be a living man since the name is in all capital of the dead).

3. Is this court a constitutional entity? (If so, is it an Article 3 or Article 5 court? Since it has to be one of the two. Most "JUDGES" will vacate at this point).

4. Where is the Injured Party, named as PLAINTIFF? (It's not a living man or woman, so what is it? Who owns it? Who is responsible for it?)

5. What jurisdiction or authority does this court or its officers have to address fraudulent claims to my attention? (If the documents were mailed, they committed mail fraud. If they were hand delivered, they trespassed on private property).

The 80 million or more regulations, statutes and codes that the incorporated Trust Management Organizations have created for themselves, their employees, and their "citizens", do not apply to Americans. So under what authority do these Cretins continue to assert, that they do?

As for the claim that Americans fall under the "exclusive legislative" control of the United States of America (minor) via its establishment of "state" franchises, all the claim accomplished was attempted identity theft. The same for any claim made by the United Nations. All claims of "war powers" and "national emergency" apply only to the corporate United States and no such powers and emergencies have existed within or by The United States of America.

The bankers beneath this criminality can, potentially, cause destruction and havoc, but in the end they will lose, along with everyone else, if they do, and they have more to lose. Even the


arms dealers and Mafiosi and drug lords can ill-afford to lose their American Hemisphere estate and American investments and American bases of operation. The bad guys can only shoot themselves in the foot.

They will either allow an orderly return to American self­government under American law and a real dollar, or they can find a nice new home (in) some non-aligned nation. Their flight to "UN protection" will not ultimately help them. That has already been decided by the Pope and Global Estate Trustees.

As for any claims of a military coup and defining the presence of the US Army on American soil, as a "foreign occupation" by the United States of America (minor), such claims do not stand up in the international community. First, then-President Andrew Jackson made three public declarations officially ending the Civil War. Second, even if it is under the direction of the President of the United States when it comes to defending The United States of America, the US Army is paid for its services under contract. Any action undertaken by the US Army against American Nationals on the land of the 50 states United, would be a blatant commercial crime, and the United Nations could ill afford a reputation for allowing that.

Finally, the Pope's recent admonishment of the Italian Mafiosi, is not devoid of meaning for them, and the messages going out worldwide to the administrators of the Crown Temple, have similar meaning for its recipients.

This is why we are cool and calm - as stated in the FINAL NOTICE, all these issues, claims, and considerations have deliberated upon and decided, at the highest levels of international governance.


19. All these "legislatures" and public officials have been using public resources, buildings and everything else


to benefit their own private for-profit corporations, for DECADES. They've sold off billions of dollars worth of Alaska's oil for pennies on the dollar to their cronies in the oil companies, siphoned off billions into slush funds not accounted for, by impersonating American public officials and asserting a controlling interest in the assets of the organic states ... that's what you're telling me?

Yes. In 1946 the "federal government" - a private, for profit, mostly foreign-owned corporation under contract to provide governmental services - adopted a crooked bookkeeping system and the "US CONGRESS" declared it legal for the government, although illegal for everyone else.

They borrowed the "double entry bookkeeping system" from Fast Eddie O'Hara, who was Al Capone's bookkeeper. The IRS learned it from Eddie when they prosecuted Capone back in the 1920's. Getting rid of this system has been the principle driving force behind all the Basel I, II, and III banking reforms.

The essence of the crooked government accounting is in keeping two sets of books, use of undisclosed "off book" escrow accounts, undeclared income accounts, and "future time encumbrances". They have also failed to transparently report their "public investments" to the public.

To use an example from Alaska - the STATE OF ALASKA splits its income streams into "budgeted" and "non-budgeted" income. The GOVERNOR decides how much he wants to give out as a budget and the LEGISLATURE argues over this little bone and keeps the crowds entertained for the rest of the session. This sideshow keeps attention focused only on the budgeted amount. Meanwhile, the far greater share of the income and investment is being "passed through" to investment accounts and escrow accounts and subsidiary accounts belonging to technically separate agencies.


Once a year the STATE OF ALASKA produces a financial report called the COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT- the CAFR. This is far from a true "comprehensive" financial report, in that it passes off responsibility for including the detailed data from all the ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORTS of entities like the ALASKA MENTAL HEALTH TRUST and the ALASKA HOUSING FINANCE CORPORATION and the UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA and so on, but it does reveal some very startling things and it provides the basis to dig out the truth about STATE OF ALASKA finances.

The last time this sort of analysis was done was in the 1990's and it was only a "big strokes" research project. It did not get down to the fine detail level, nor did it exhaustively investigate myriad subsidiary ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORTS, only the three largest ones at that time. The STATE OF ALASKA had over $3 trillion dollars in unreported "non-budgeted" income, interest, investments from prior years, other investment income, program fees, and monetized assets standing on the books. Only the COMMISSIONER OF REVENUE, LINDSEY GOLDBERG, THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE, and senior bureaucrats at LEGISLATIVE BUDGET AND AUDIT would have an accurate guess how much it has ratted away now.

This is typical of the way these corporations work. They keep people distracted by focusing public attention on the pennies in one pocket while they are stealing the gold bars from the other pocket.

As an example of the corporate conflict of interest - the leadership of the "STATE OF ALASKA LEGISLATURE" and various other corporate players have been happily colluding to squeeze-play the Alaskan people out of the benefit of their natural gas resources. The STATE OF ALASKA has long owned via investment a very large interest in ENSTAR NATURAL GAS and has a vested interest in maintaining ENSTAR's monopoly as


the only viable gas supply utility in Alaska. So, as a self-interested private corporation, the STATE OF ALASKA is determined to keep the price of natural gas and propane in Alaska unnaturally high, to help maintain ENSTAR'S monopoly on in-state gas energy supplies, and to prevent any large scale development of Alaska's gas resources that would encourage competition for ENSTAR. It also has a vested self-interest in wrangling pipeline construction contracts for ENSTAR.

This is an especially choice investment for the STATE OF ALASKA because public utilities are regulated and thereby guaranteed a 12% above cost profit, no matter what the costs of a project may be. All the cost in such a venture gets passed on to the consumers, and the perpetrators get a 12% profit no matter what.

The STATE OF ALASKA corporate leadership is willing to consider a wildly expensive small or medium diameter gas pipeline that guarantees extremely high consumer gas prices in Alaska for decades to come - because that option

(1) guarantees ENSTAR's monopoly for decades to come,

(2) guarantees top prices for propane delivered in-state for decades to come, and

(3) guarantees a 12% above cost profit for ENSTAR - and the STATE OF ALASKA no matter what the costs of construction are - for every mile of pipe the company lays.

This situation neatly demonstrates the conflict of interest which exists all across the board when private for-profit corporations are allowed to assume a controlling interest in public assets. They have a built-in and constant temptation to operate in favor of their own bottom line at the expense of the organic states and the people they are obligated by fiduciary trust to serve.

This gas development plan to construct a small or medium diameter gas pipeline is perfectly desirable from the standpoint of the STATE OF ALASKA'S bottom line, but it betrays and victimizes the actual beneficiaries of the Alaska Trust, the ones


who should be benefited first and most of all by Alaska's resources.

This calculated breach of public trust for private profit is on top of the theft of identity and credit that has already been described, and it goes on in every STATE franchise, not just the STATE OF ALASKA.

The take home message to members of the STATE OF ALASKA LEGISLATURE is that the organization is already in gross violation of its charter, in violation of the public trust, acting in breach of trust, engaging in felony fraud, acting with gross fiduciary malfeasance, and cannot makeup for the past. Billions upon billions of dollars have been stolen and wasted, misdirected, poorly invested for petty, selfish reasons, and siphoned off by the STATE OF ALASKA.

A new dialogue must begin, and in the meantime, those occupying corporate offices need to be very mindful of the limitations, temptations, and actual nature of their elected office within a private corporation under contract to provide stipulated governmental services. They must also be aware that they have no valid controlling interest in the assets of the Alaska State and that they have failed to perform according to the Alaska Statehood Compact, which potentially voids all contract for all services and all contracts which the STATE OF ALASKA has or has entered into since 1959.

As an example of the same phenomenon at the national level, the "US Congress" recently passed the Dodd-Frank Act, gratuitously granting itself the right to confiscate money deposited in bank accounts properly belonging to American Nationals. Unknown to those Americans, the banks have secretively practiced unlawful conversion against them and what they think of as their bank accounts have all been established instead in the name of Puerto Rican Estate Trusts that are under the control of the corporate United States. Poor old john-quincy:adams has been "donating" all his credit accruals in the form of his checking


and savings and demand deposits and mortgage escrow holdings and everything else to benefit John Quincy Adams, and that long­lost beneficiary's Estate has been rolled over into an ESTATE trust doing business under "his" NAME - JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, which actually owns and controls all the bank accounts.

Don't worry if you get dizzy trying to follow all the semantic deceit. It's all fraud, top to bottom and front to back, null and void, unlawful, illegal, and criminal without excuse. The point is that Senators Dodd and Frank thought it was perfectly all right to bilk the American people out of their life savings and retirement accounts - and they did this while overtly claiming to "represent" the victims and their estates.

The men and women sitting as officers of both the United States of America, Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC. feel secure committing these and other heinous commercial crimes against Americans. because technically, they are not Americans anymore. Once they took their oath of office, they came under the protection of the corporate United States and the United Nations and they claim "immunity" for all their acts.

Unfortunately for them, fraud is a crime on an international basis, and any incorporated entity, whether it purports itself to be a nation, a state, or the local D.Q. franchise, is subject to dissolution for violation of its charter and for actions identifying it as a criminal syndicate. The officers of a criminal syndicate are readily exposed without the benefit of any corporate veil or diplomatic immunity.


20. You have put your own private assets at risk to pursue justice and correction of all these circumstances. You stated in the FINAL NOTICE that THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA owes you "reparations" and damages in the amount of $1,600,000.00 and that the STATE OF ALASKA stands subject to dissolution as a result. How is possible? Wasn't the


property foreclosed for not paying a commercial mortgage?

Fraud vitiates everything and it makes no difference who the fraudsters are, or, in this case, who they pretend to be. ++No "courts" in America have valid jurisdiction over us or our private property, including the private trusts recorded as the actual owners of the property in question.

The reparations result from damage done to us and our estate by the corporate United States and its franchises operated as "States" and the damage claim further results from the STATE OF ALASKA's failure to monitor and control the operations of THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA.

Technically, under the Law of the Sea, we could claim 800 times the loss as damages, but that represents precisely the kind of cut-throat and unreasonable piracy we seek to end. The actual material damage to our joint estate trust is currently and fairly estimated at $1,600,000.00 USD and that reasonable and limited amount is what we have claimed.

THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA is a private, for-profit, non-governmental entity operated by the ALASKA COURT SYSTEM, INC. which is operated by the FEDERAL RESERVE. As described earlier, the CLERK set up a docket number and penal bonds and "deposited" the case as a security in the DALLAS FEDERAL RESERVE BANK. JUDGE PAUL OLSON received the converted security making the COURT the creditor and ruled in favor of - guess who? The COURT and the COURT's employer, the FEDERAL RESERVE. This is gross conflict of interest, unlawful conversion, insider trading, etc. - but it is also fraud in name and deed.

Just as the corporate United States claims to stand for The United States of America, THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA is deceptively named to imply


that it operates under the auspices of the STATE OF ALASKA. It does not, and the ATTORNEY GENERAL for the STATE OF ALASKA will very quickly confirm this. THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA is a private for-profit debt collection agency and the only thing the "for" in its name implies is that Alaska is its geographically defined place of operations.

The STATE OF ALASKA's failure is that it has not honored its obligation to protect the assets of the national and state trusts. As a franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC. which inherited the trust obligations along with the juicy service contracts that it has administered throughout the bankruptcy reorganization of the United States of America, Inc., the STATE OF ALASKA was a successor trustee.

The STATE OF ALASKA =bankruptcy trustee of the "State of Alaska" = trustee of the Alaska State, and as any mathematician knows, equivalencies work both ways. Although the so-called "national bankruptcy" of the old Trust Management Organization has been settled as of July 1, 2013, it was still ongoing at the time the demonstration cases were prosecuted, and no matter how the ATTORNEY GENERAL tries to side-step the issue, both the redeemed ESTATE trusts and the actual title holder, an American express inter vivos trust, were and are owed his protection.

Our rights and private property assets are all part of the national trust and like assets held in any trust, these assets are inviolate, not subject to claims that result from any bankruptcy of trustees - and this is true now as it was in 1933 and in 1863 and from the moment the individual organic states proclaimed their geographic boundaries as independent nation-states.

Seeking to convert our private property assets into foreign corporate assets by a process of contractual entrapment, semantic deceit, and non-disclosure is fraud, as is the hypothecation of corporate debt against our private property assets under similar


conditions of deceit and non-disclosure, as is creation of property titles under color of law, as is sale of property and transfer of property titles without full disclosure, as is the use of off-book demand accounts in the administration of mortgage agreements, as is usury, as is the use of unilateral contracts, as is the use of I.O.U's as legal tender.

The STATE OF ALASKA, INC., as the local franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC. is responsible for safe-guarding our rights and those include our private property rights which have been grossly, knowingly, and self-interestedly violated by THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA, INC. which has acted without jurisdiction and without a valid controlling interest against declared non-combatant civilian beneficiaries and Third Parties to this entire circumstance.

The properties in question were recorded more than ten years ago with the Recorder's Office in the name of a single private internationally held inter vivos trust d.b.a. "Anna M. Riezinger­von Reitz and James C. Belcher" which was properly established in original jurisdiction many years ago to act as a viable American commercial vessel in international commercial venues. Acting under duress and to clear the titles, we additionally and momentarily donned the "Federal Contracting Officer" hat that is ours as remedy for the first round of fraud and predation unleashed by FDR and in that capacity released all "federal" liens held against the properties. By Public Policy of the United States of America, Inc. and by the Uniform Commercial Code that binds the UNITED STATES and its STATE OF ALASKA franchise, all mortgages financed by any bank operated under the auspices of any "federal" or "state" corporation providing services to us, is subject to discharge favoring the beneficiaries of the ESTATES. Those documents are also on file with the Alaska Recorder's Office.

When we presented THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA with copies of the Birth


Certificates of the Puerto Rican ESTATE trusts doing business as "ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER" and "JAMES CLINTON BELCHER" and presented ourselves as the living beneficiaries of these trusts, which are Cestui Que Vie Trusts, two things should have happened. First, the COURT should have inquired as to our identity in behalf of the bankruptcy trustee and required that we produce competent witnesses and supporting documentation -which in this case we provided in the form of an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll and affidavit entitled "Statement of Identity" autographed by living witnesses. Second, the COURT should have recognized that we are the lawful beneficiaries and equitable title holders of the NAMED trusts asserting a controlling interest in their assets, and the COURT should have relinquished its merely assumed position as creditor and arbiter.

When the true beneficiary of a Cestui Que Vie Trust appears in COURT - if it is a real "court" of any kind - it must collapse the trust in favor of the equitable title holder. Must. No questions asked. THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA failed to do this and it violated international law in the process.

It also revealed its nature as nothing but a glorified debt collection agency operating under conditions of open fraud and collecting moreover from innocent Third Parties under conditions of armed extortion.

The COURT's Officer, the prosecuting attorney, Michelle Boutin, hired the ALASKA STATE TROOPERS to act as mercenaries and enter our posted private property under armed force and threaten to evict us from our home and thereby extorted more than $100,000.00 from our private estate trust.

There is no practical difference between what the COURT did in our demonstration case and Don Guido demanding protection money. It's the same exact racket being carried out under the


noses of the ALASKA TROOPERS who were even co-opted into providing enforcement for this, and the FBI which was notified and informed, and the U.S. marshals, who are under contract with the Universal Postal Union to protect us and prevent the mail fraud that was used to promote the COURT's actions, and the STATE OF ALASKA, the local franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC. which should have been busily protecting our interests as the known Primary Creditors of the United States of America, Inc.

We couldn't possibly owe the Federal Reserve more than the Federal Reserve already owed us, and the STATE OF ALASKA knew that, claimed to be our local representative in the US BANKRUPTCY proceedings - yet stood by, allowed this, and did nothing.

In a very real sense, we had already paid our protection money - to the STATE OF ALASKA and the STATE OF ALASKA failed to perform, which resulted in this egregious harm to us and our real property assets. Instead of honoring its contract, the STATE OF ALASKA (an IMF franchise) colluded with the ALASKA COURT SYSTEM (a FEDERAL RESERVE franchise) to attack and bilk innocent civilian Third Parties.

To recap: Our individual estates were claimed by the United States of America, Inc. under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure and via a process of identity theft and semantic deceit, were entered as sureties in their corporate bankruptcy proceedings. Our estates were then rolled into a Puerto Rican ESTATE trust operated under our NAMES by the US Bankruptcy Trustee, the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico. When we presented Special Appearance and redeemed the Birth Certificates issued to these ESTATES as Third Parties and produced proof that we are the living beneficiaries of these ESTATE trusts, the COURT employed by the FEDERAL RESERVE (we are their priority creditors) should have recognized our controlling interest immediately and should have discharged


all debts accrued in the interim by those claiming to represent us.

The entire claim of the FEDERAL RESERVE operating THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA against our trust property is, as you can see from all the foregoing, based on a series of false claims and semantic deceits. After more than a hundred years of fraud and false claims and layers of semantic deceits, it is virtually impossible to determine who actually holds title to anything in America without recourse to the Law Merchant (modem day Uniform Commercial Code) and Law of Adverse Possession.

In the international jurisdiction that all these incorporated entities operate in, possession is nine-tenths of the law, and via our private internationally held inter vivos trust doing business as "Anna M. Riezinger-von Reitz and James C. Belcher" - a separate unified legally named and copyrighted entity operated in original jurisdiction - my husband and I have been in open, notorious, and unopposed possession of the property described as Lots 11 and 12, Block 2, Birch Park Subdivision in Big Lake, Alaska, for more than ten (10) years, and have undertaken all the improvements thereon without exception. By adverse possession in international admiralty and also according to "statute" adopted by the corporations responsible for attacking us and published as their "law" -the property and the assets are ours free and clear.

THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA and its Officer Michelle Boutin failed to honor its own published "law" and continued its assault against us and against our ESTATE property.

That we are separate, civilian, and Third Parties not owned as chattel by the United States of America, Incorporated, not standing as sureties thereof, and not made debtors merely because of fraud practiced upon us was clearly established by our actions presenting the ESTATE "Birth Certificates" to THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA.


The Birth Certificates are monetized securities presented to the COURT for redemption by the actual beneficiaries of these "ESTATES" and are proof that (1) the NAMES thereon are not the same as the name of the trust that the property discussed in the foreclosure action is held under; (2) that the estates of the "decedants" listed were probated improperly and under false presumptions resulting in the improper hypothecation of debt against the ESTATES; (3) that we, living Americans, are the actual beneficiaries of these Puerto Rican ESTATE trusts, and that we are the equitable title holders of all the ESTATE assets, including the monthly mortgage payments that we paid in error and which are owed to us; (4) the ESTATES established and monetized "in our names" are Roman Inferior Trusts - as beneficiaries reclaiming our controlling interest in these ESTATES, we are owed return of all assets free and clear of debt hypothecated against our assets by any and all secondary beneficiaries-including the United States of America, Inc., including the UNITED STATES, INC., including any and all debts of their franchises and agencies and corporations organized under their auspices.

Attack upon our private trust d.b.a. "Anna M. Riezinger­von Reitz and James C. Belcher" is an attack against the trust property interests of American civilians who are Third Parties being harmed and defrauded as a result of improper trust administration and claims resulting from constructive fraud practiced by the officers of the United States of America, Inc. and the forced imposition of "Federal Reserve Notes" as legal tender under conditions of monopoly inducement and in breach of trust and contract.

Under international law, including the international Law of the Sea, the action of THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA and its officer, Michelle Boutin, against our private trust and their pretended jurisdiction over our redeemed trust assets in general, is both constructive fraud and a war crime for which the United States of America (Minor) and


the United Nations stand responsible.

To give the non-lawyers an insight into the situation:

The United States of America, Inc. acting in Breach of Trust and without granted consent, created foreign situs trusts which it operated under our names styled in Upper and Lower case letters: e.g., John Quincy Adams. This corporation and its officers who were under contract to defend our national trust and provide governmental services to our organic states then claimed that these foreign situs trusts were standing as "surety" for their own private corporate debts - circumstantially implying that individual living Americans had voluntarily agreed to stand good for the debts of the United States of America, Inc. and that they and their property and the assets of their organic states were all valid collateral for the debts of the privately owned and operated United States of America, Inc.

This was done without granted authority, without disclosure, and without consent by officers of a privately owned and operated corporation merely under contract to provide enumerated services to the victims.

It was and is pure, self-interested fraud based on semantic deceits, and it was carried out without disclosure as a "private" matter concerning only the United States of America, Incorporated and its officers -not the clearly intended victims of the constructive fraud.

None of the corporate officers engaging in this activity and making these absurd claims upon the actual employers of the United States of America, Inc. had any granted authority to make these representations "in behalf' of anyone, much less the people they were bound to serve.

The United States of America, Inc. was entered into receivership. The Trustee of the bankruptcy, the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, promptly created new "public trusts"


under the NAMES of the individual living Americans, e.g., JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, within the jurisdiction of the United States of America (Minor), and "removed" the original foreign situs trusts together with their assets to Puerto Rican jurisdiction.

You and everything you own have (supposedly) come under the jurisdiction of Puerto Rico and the corporate United States. The problem with this is that it has all been accomplished on the basis of non-disclosure and fraud and fraud vitiates - that is, utterly destroys and negates - everything it aims to accomplish.

So there is and can be no valid claim raised by any of these incorporated entities, nor by their bill collectors, against you or your estate. As the FINAL NOTICE clearly stated, this fact has already been determined and decided at the very highest levels of world governance and by the Trustee of the Global Estate Trust, the Pope, who has demanded compliance from the corporate United States and all its various corporate franchises and agencies - including the State of Alaska and the STATE OF ALASKA and from the United Nations operating the UNITED STATES and its franchise the STATE OF ALASKA and so on.

All the fraud, all the false claims being made against American ESTATES, has to come to an end.

What remains to be done, and what has been done in the demonstration cases, is to redeem the individual ESTATES - that is, to reclaim and restore these ESTATES and their assets to their natural beneficiaries, free and clear of all encumbrances created by fraud and by mis-administration by incompetent or criminally inclined trustees.

The proof of everything said here is evident on the face of the Birth Certificates provided by the various agencies responsible for administering this massive international fraud.


The Birth Certificate documents are all securitized and monetized - bonded, in fact, and issued on bond paper and traded on exchanges - in the NAME of Puerto Rican ESTATE trusts, as a result of probate proceedings and are clearly signed by Registrars - officers of the various local probate courts. These ESTATES are all Roman Inferior Trusts.

What does this mean?

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS (insert your NAME) is an ESTATE trust whose actual beneficiary is "presumed dead".

You, the living man or woman, born as an American on the land of one of the organic American states are the "missing" beneficiary, though you must hack through two layers of fraud to establish the fact and kick the butt of the American Bar Association all the way to Puerto Rico.

You, the living man or woman, are in precisely the same situation as Robinson Crusoe returning home after being away for twenty years. Robinson's estate has been seized by the courts, probated, rolled over into a Roman Inferior Estate Trust - also known as a Cestui Que Vie Trust - and handed over to his butler. The butler has had a wild time, charged up Robinson's credit cards, mortgaged his estate, invested and spent his money, drunk up the wine cellar, and caused the Crusoe name to fall into disrepute. Now, at long last, Robinson has returned and presented irrefutable proof of his identity and his status as a living man owed the return of his property free and clear of all the debts and encumbrances placed upon it as a result of misadministration, fraud, and fiduciary malfeasance on the part of his (former) butler. In addition, in this case, "Robinson" is owed reparations from the court for failure to immediately return his property to his control and void all claims established since the improper probate of his estate, and also from the corporation administering the


"government" for failure to impose oversight on the probate court which colluded with the butler and gave the estate assets to the butler instead of the rightful heirs.

That's where you are now, if you are an American born on the land of one of the organic states of the Union - and it is all the result of breach of trust, gross fiduciary malfeasance, unlawful conversion, semantic deceit and non-disclosure - and other criminal activities undertaken by two foreign corporations merely hired under commercial contract to protect you and your assets and to provide nineteen enumerated governmental services. It has been further exacerbated by ignorant and corrupt state legislators who have colluded with the erring federal government officials.

The FEDERAL RESERVE, operating as a "new" corporation formed under the auspices of the United Nations (which is a separate international city-state), is pretending that it owns you as a slave and owns your ESTATE assets, too. It is pretending that it, not we, have controlling interest in our ESTATE assets, and even though its claims are clearly rebutted and disproven as a self-serving fiction, it is continuing to prosecute marine salvage liens under "Special Admiralty" rules created by these perpetrators to expedite this fraud against Americans.

This unlawful prosecution is continuing even though we have presented the "certificates" issued by the probate court to form our "ESTATES" under the false presumption of our death and by presenting these to the COURT and properly identifying ourselves, we have in fact "redeemed" our ESTATES and placed them back in their original jurisdiction and under our private control.

We have objected to the fraud and to the strong-arm extortion that the FEDERAL RESERVE and its agencies d.b.a. the ALASKA COURT SYSTEM, INC. and THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA have engaged in against us, and we are holding the STATE OF


ALASKA as the local franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC. -the Trustee-responsible for failing to take action in our behalf and failure to exercise administrative control over corporations that have been formed under UNITED STATES auspices and which are operating in a criminal fashion against the peaceful inhabitants of the land.

There either is or is not a contract.

These corporations are operating in violation of their charters and are subject to dissolution as criminal enterprises. We have demanded immediate correction and to date, they have not self­corrected nor has the STATE OF ALASKA taken the necessary action as the local franchise operator to impose correction. The GOVERNOR and ATTORNEY GENERAL are culpable in the extreme for this circumstance and also responsible for the continuing false arrest of Alaskans James L. Jensen, Jr. and Robin L. Jensen.

In their most recent and audacious move yet, THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA, yet another "COURT" separate and distinct from "THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA" has "ordered" the "execution sale" of property and assets belonging to us that are not mortgaged and not under any valid contract whatsoever with any entity created by, belonging to, or administered by these charlatans or the banks that operate them, properties which have already been formally released from any "federal lien" whatsoever. They and their officer, Michelle Boutin, have advertised a "JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE SALE" in the absence of any "judicial" power whatsoever.

Every member of the law enforcement agencies and the military commanders are on Notice of this circumstance, from the Provost Marshals to the U.S. marshal's Office, to the FBI to the Alaska State Troopers. So is Interpol. And so is the Pope.


The same exact circumstances and conditions apply to the misadministration of the ESTATES of 390 million Americans, and it must be resolved in their favor.

Meanwhile it is important for everyone involved to understand that the "government" is just another corporation under contract to provide specified services for hire, that this problem is not limited to America, and that the real civil government resides in the individual living Americans who have unlimited civil power on the land of the organic states.

All of the crimes, frauds, and failures described herein have taken place outside the land jurisdiction of The United States of America, in "international waters" - but it hardly matters, because fraud is fraud upon the sea as upon the land, and fraud vitiates all claims based upon it.

On May 28, 2014, officers of THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA are advertising a "JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE SALE" of some of our redeemed ESTATE property under the patently self-serving and continuing false presumption that we, living Americans, and our redeemed ESTATES, are sureties for the debts of the United States of America, Inc. and are responsible for the expenses of its BANKRUPTCY TRUSTEES, including their expenses to prosecute our ESTATES under these false presumptions in the TRUSTEE'S own private COURTS.

However, this fraud has been fully recognized by the Global Estate Trust.

We are the priority creditors of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc. We are their employers and creditors, not their employees and not their debtors in this situation.

The men engaging in these acts of mis-administration are criminals who have worked a complex, highly coercive, multi­


generational fraud scheme known as a "Reverse Trust Scheme" against us, against every other American born on the land, and against many other national governments as well.

If the international banks and the members of the BAR Associations do not come into compliance with the actual law and respect the property rights of Americans, Canadians, and others who have been impacted by similar "public trust" schemes, their corporations will be dissolved and their professional associations will be outlawed and disbanded. Individual bankers and lawyers who have knowingly and willingly participated in this fraud will be branded as criminals, their property will be confiscated, and they will be deported from The United States of America.

It's really that simple and just a matter of time before everyone knows what has gone on here, who did it, who is responsible for this deplorable criminality, and why. Those responsible would do well to take immediate determined actions to correct.


21. Are the accompanying "Civil Orders" legitimate? Do I have to act upon them as an elected appointed or commissioned officer?

Yes, you do. Remember that every living American born on the soil of one of the fifty states United is literally an internationally recognized sovereign on the land of those states. In administering our affairs and those of our organic states, our will is absolute. These Civil Orders are issued under civil, commercial, and canon authority without representation. The Constitution for the united States of America, the Treaty of Paris, the applicable Treaties of Westminster, and the Treaty of Ghent, which establish and protect the national trust of The United States of America and our individual estates must be honored.

American states operating in sovereign original jurisdiction have issued these Civil Orders commanding compliance from the (E)STATE trustees, administrators, and employees, requiring their


proper performance under contract. There is no higher authority.

To reduce it to practical terms - when you accept a job you are obligated to perform your duties. Wouldn't you expect to be fired, if you didn't? Are you obligated to obey your actual employer, the owner of the company? Or do you think you will fare better obeying a middle-manager who is giving you opposing orders and merely claiming to "represent' 'the boss? Don't you have to perform on your contracts?

We think it is obvious that you are obligated to obey your actual employers, not those who merely claim to represent them. No amount of corruption, criminality, or fraud serves to obscure the claim of Americans on American private property, and American states.

This is both a public and a private matter, and has been made so by acts of fraud and violence perpetuated by corporations acting in violation of their charters as criminal enterprises, all of which have been operated in maritime and admiralty jurisdictions in breach of trust.


22. Are you telling me that changing from an unincorporated government to an incorporated government is like an evil twin brother usurping an estate from a rightful heir?

Not quite. The United States of America has no twin, but it does have a tumor-like foreign outgrowth which has turned parasitic and which is transgressing against the Body Politic.

In commercial terms - when people act as people they come together in free association and act under full commercial liability. They are responsible and accountable for their debts and deeds. When people form corporations to "represent" them or their interests in some capacity, and bring these corporations together in association, what you get is a corporate conglomerate


that is not fully accountable for its debts and deeds because of the corporate veil. This "veil" is the same veil that stands between life and death.

Incorporated "persons" - which include commercial corporations, trusts, cooperatives, trusts, and foundations - are considered dead. They have no motive force of their own. They are operated by third parties under charters granted by nations and states that have themselves all been chartered by the Holy See. Such entities have a natural limited liability, because they are not conscious. When such entities are formed, the intentions and purposes of their creators are clearly stated and typically include a catch-all phrase - "any other lawful purpose" - to cover additional unforeseen circumstances. All corporations are required to function lawfully and in accord with their charters. Any violation of their charter, such as deviation from their stated purpose or failure to perform it, any unlawful activity whatsoever, provides grounds to demand dissolution of a corporate entity and distribution of its assets to its creditors.

Because corporations are not fully liable for "their" acts, they are allowed to go bankrupt without prejudice against their owners and operators. Only assets belonging to the corporation are subject to bankruptcy. The privately held assets of the owners and operators are not affected.

Thus, when the United States of America, Incorporated, went bankrupt in 1933, its President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was not bankrupted and neither were the members of the "US Congress" running it as corporate officers. The organic states and the American people should never have been subject to its bankruptcy, either, and wouldn't have been, except that the Roosevelt Administration falsely and deliberately claimed that they were "voluntary" assets standing as surety for the debts of the United States of America, Inc.


This claim was based on a "pledge" made by the Conference of Governors acting on March 6, 1933. These "Governors" - men operating "State" franchises of the United States of America, Inc. - gratuitously promised the "good faith and credit of their states and the citizenry thereof' without bothering to explicitly say which or what kind of "state" or "citizenry" they were referring to when they made this pledge. Everyone present presumably knew that their public office did not grant them any ability to promise resources belonging to the American states much less the private property of the American People, but the creditors gleefully presumed that the organic states and the American people were legitimately on the hook, extended vast amounts of credit to the perpetrators, and began advancing false claims against the resources of the organic states and the private property of the American People.

Imagine that Burger King, International, went bankrupt, called a meeting of all the local franchise owners, and asked them to pledge the assets of their customers as collateral backing the debts of Burger King, International.

That's what happened in 1933.

There's just one real monkey wrench in this for the perpetrators and their central bank buddies. It's all fraud and fraud vitiates everything it touches. The "Governors" had no legitimate authority to pledge even a square foot of American soil, much less pledge the private property assets of the American People. That they purported to do this and that the self-interested bankers and lawyers allowed them to do this, is an act of criminality that staggers the imagination.

It is identity theft, impersonation of public officials, semantic deceit, unlawful conversion, and constructive fraud carried out on a planetary basis. Not only were the American People and their organic states cruelly victimized, so were their friends and neighbors and trading partners. Meanwhile, the members of the


"US Congress" changed hats to become members of the "US CONGRESS", and, glutting on the vast amounts of credit being offered to them all based on their patently false claim that they had granted authority to sell everything and everyone in America as chattel and to use us and our l and as surety for their private corporate debts - they charged up our credit cards to the hilt and left us to pay the bill.

That is why the "US government" needs to be entirely reformed, the reason that every member of "CONGRESS" and every "GOVERNOR" and every member of every "STATE LEGISLATURE" needs to be jack-booted in the rump, the reason that the assets of all the complicit banks need to be confiscated, the reason that the current banking institutions and their supposed "watch dog agencies" like the SEC need to be dissolved as criminal enterprises, the reason that all "national debt" needs to be repudiated worldwide, the reason that the Bar Associations - worldwide - need to be disbanded and outlawed, the reason that the "City State" status of the District of Columbia and the United Nations - both - needs to be rescinded, the reason that the English People likewise need to rescind the "City State" status of the Inner City of London and flush Fleet Street and the Crown Temple into the Thames.

The immense power of the Pope's Temporal Office needs to be employed to straighten out this steaming manure pile of government "service" organizations once and for all.

How are we going to accomplish this? Simple. We tell each other the truth, we forgive each other, we liquidate the offending corporations, we prosecute those who have purposefully and knowingly perpetuated this fraud, and we start over with a clean slate. The People of Iceland have already done this successfully. There is no reason that the rest of the world can't do the same.

As for the American People it is long overdue for us to dust off our laurels and walk the walk as true world leaders, instead of


allowing ourselves to be directed by thugs, and letting criminals set up shop in our banks, courthouses, and seats of government. A housecleaning of major proportions is long overdue, and the image of "Rosie, the Riveter" comes to mind.

The perpetrators of this fraud will want to defend themselves and continue making their false claims and continue bilking the American People. They will make all sorts of threats and accusations and try to start trouble, maybe even try to make the American Armed Services and other "government agencies" use force against the People of the Land. If they do so, they will only identify themselves as criminals and make their status as criminals crystal clear for the entire world to see.


23. There are really only 22 questions, but this one answers the dreadful unasked moral question.

Pity Pope Francis, the man who has inherited this incredible convoluted and criminal mess. He is doing his best to straighten it out, but he needs help - your help. If you are an American and the least bit interested in your own future and the false claims being made against your property assets and those of your organic states, it is time to take affirmative, positive, determined, and non­violent action.

Pope Francis is being attacked, viciously, by hired media and propaganda masters who are working hard every day at the behest of the banks and the Bar Associations to vilify the Roman Catholic Church - which is now the primary obstacle in the way of achieving - not a gentle, kind, unified government for the world that respects free will and individual people as Children of God -but a demonic version sponsored by the Crown Temple.

These two organizations are rivals by design. The Roman Catholic Church worships God, the Creator. The Crown Temple worships Lucifer, the Liar. In past ages these organizations have engaged as necessary evils endemic to creation, each one bent on


corrupting the other in an endless cycle - one drawing good out of evil, and the other dedicated to creating evil out of good.

This reflects the duality seen everywhere and in everyone.

The Church stands in bright light, in robes of white, advocating life. The Crown Temple stands in the darkness, wears robes of black, and advocates death.

It is no coincidence that the followers of Lucifer indulge in such a fantastic array of semantic deceits, false identities, corporate personas, and lies, for they literally worship the Father of All Lies. It is no mistake that they seize by deceit and violence and lay waste to human lives, because they worship Satan. This is not really any secret. They have existed and endeavored to rule over everyone else since 3760 BC. They were insane then and they are insane now. In Babylon, their priests self-castrated and practiced every possible kind of violence and black magic. They murdered (by burning alive) infants in the name of their goddess. All that has changed is that in modern times cult members keep their working parts, and worship a male deity instead. They still defend mass murder of infants. They still deal in illusions -legal fiction entities and fiat money. They still wear black robes.

Which side will win the eternal battle?

Pope Francis is standing firm for all that is right and real, for life, for love, for justice, for truth. Those in charge of the Crown Temple are standing just as firm for evil, for death, for hatred, for injustice, for lies. At anytime, the Pope could falter and become the Anti-Christ. At any time, the Anti-Christ could fail and be relinquished to the dustbin of history.

The great dream of the Church is the Kingdom of God on earth, a peaceful kingdom built on life and love. The great dream of the Crown Temple is to rule, period, forever, as the slave master of others. Just as "the corporate United States" pretends to be The United States of America, the Crown Temple often pretends


to be the Roman Catholic Church. Sometimes, quite often, they succeed in planting their operatives in the Church.

That's why the Church gets branded with all the infamy and violence that results when one of the Crown Temple members gains prominence. Crown Temple initiates brought us the Inquisition and similar atrocities-all "in the name of" and wearing the vestments of the Roman Catholic Church. This is why the Church has been bedecked with gold and jewels and treasures, surrounded by Egyptian obelisks and other fertility symbols not to reflect a love of God, but to glorify a perverse worship of sexuality, not to adorn the Church, but to silently coerce and implicate and tempt and deceive and enslave and provide excuse to accuse the Roman Catholic Church of all the sins of the Crown Temple. To this day, all priests of Satan must first gain priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church: if you are dedicated and duplicitous enough to be ordained as a Roman Catholic priest while secretly worshiping Lucifer, you have passed your entry level test as a Satanist.

Apologists have tried to excuse the existence of the Crown Temple as a necessary evil built into the fabric of the natural world. They postulate that without its lies and fake money and the violence and conflict it perpetuates every day, people would have nothing to motivate them and the world's economy would collapse. People are livestock, they say, here merely to exist for our profit, to be milked, shorn, and slaughtered. If people were allowed to use and enjoy the resources that properly belong to them, they'd sit on their rumps all day and drink pina coladas (like we do) and all the processes and work necessary for our comfort and profit would grind to a halt.

Others have taken the stance that continuing to tolerate the Crown Temple in our midst is like allowing a giant colony of disease-infested rats, or a cancer, to consume the globe. The underlying insanity of the Masters of Deceit is all too apparent to


justify allowing them to continue their rampages. They brought us both the First and Second World Wars without a thought or backward glance. During their hegemony in America, they have kept the American people constantly embroiled in wars for profit throughout the globe, which has caused Americans to be hated and feared by decent and innocent people everywhere. They have done this at the same time that they have bilked the American "taxpayers" for credit that supposedly supports welfare recipients and foreign aid - but which is actually siphoned off to benefit the criminals and fund their operations among us.

Less than 20 % of all money supposedly appropriated for welfare payments and less than 2 % of foreign aid ever reaches its purported destinations.

Nothing is what it seems. The courts are the criminals. The "money" is worthless debt. The gods are the servants. The students are the teachers. Everything on earth is upside down and reversed. Everything that you think is separate is in fact unified and everything that you think is wrong is ultimately right.

Perhaps most important - everything that you think is secret is fully known.

Those who describe their brothers and sisters as "useless eaters" and who strive to defraud and control and pillage and rape and murder for profit and pleasure, and also those who refuse to forgive and refuse to provide justice - take note - there are no secrets. From that enlightened perspective, you will finally see the very real need to reform your precious Self.

All those who cherish what is good in their hearts, who know their weakness, who are able to feel love and gratitude, who yearn for justice, who sigh and moan every day for relief - all your deeds, motives, and circumstances, even the inmost desires of your hearts are also known.



So it is written: what is done in secret will be declared from the housetops, and the truth shall set men free.

The truth will inevitably invade your mind like a virus download onto a computer. You will realize that nobody can represent you and that "representative government" is a ridiculous lie. You will require government to be your servant, not a ruler over you. You will know that you belong to the land, but that the land does not belong to you. You will know that lines drawn on a map are just lines on a map. You will see the illusion within which you have lived, and you will realize your guilt in the same breath you behold your victimhood.

You can be a shepherd or you can be a wolf, but you no longer can be a sheep.

The great sin for which the Americans are responsible does not digest the world in the bowels of London, but roams on the Great Plains of America and throughout the 50 states United. It is in the hearts and minds and lives of the American Indians we have defrauded and attacked, reducing them to abject poverty and alienation via cultural actual genocide.

The American Indians have suffered terribly because they know and hold onto this one simple truth: we do not own land.

Nobody does. The land owns us.

Like every other lie and illusion practiced by the Crown Temple, Europeans became infected early on with the idea that men could own land, and based upon this central lie, a vast complex of other lies has been built.

The followers of the Crown Temple have created, engendered, and promoted this insanity as a means to control others and provide endless excuses for conflict - which creates profit for themselves


at everyone else's expense. The idea of "incorporation" is similarly immoral, insane, and destructive. Commercial corporations exist for one reason only - to escape accountability. On this basis alone their existence should be outlawed. The Great Lie of representative government is another chestnut created by the Crown Temple, a blatant impossibility that has been enshrined without question for over two hundred years.

When the Americans declared that all men are equal, they meant it. There is no basis for the empowerment of one equal over another equal. Likewise when they declared their determination to enjoy free speech, free travel, and other rights of Nature, there was no room left for the egotism of rebellious public servants. Under American law and under the American government there is no power greater than each individual. This means that we cannot be represented and although we may transgress and may even be outlawed, we cannot be harassed, subjected, nor demeaned as a "thing" - such as an ESTATE or a foreign situs trust or a transmitting utility.

The Final Judgment and accompanying Civil Orders have been signed and sealed and now also this information is being sealed under the authority of anu:hotep giving voice, sign, and seal, proving that those who know the Lie also know the Truth.