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Where To Now?

Since issuing the FINAL JUDGMENT AND CIVIL ORDERS people have asked, now what? We are not standing in the Shoes of the Fishermen. All we can provide is an educated opinion offered in goodwill to the American people. Here is what we would do:

As individuals: know who you are and take action accordingly. Are you a birthright American National? Or are you rightly considered a "US citizen"? If you are a "US citizen" is it a permanent or temporary condition of employment?

Federal employees and members of the active duty military are considered "US citizens" during their employment, but they have the absolute right to quit their jobs or void their contracts (military service) if they are required to act in any manner contrary to the Law of the Land, known as "The Constitution for the united States of America", while on the land.

All American Negroes are similarly considered "US citizens" because the individual states did not act to formally recognize their State Citizenship at the end of the Civil War; however, this condition can be addressed in a number of ways. First, the corporate United States has guaranteed "equal civil rights" - equal to the rights of American Nationals, which includes the right to refuse any claims made by the corporate United States upon you, your persons, or your ESTATES. Second, you can push the reorganized and lawful state legislatures to formally recognize your equal status as Americans born on the land of the American states. That should have been done 150 years ago, but better late than never.


"Foreign" Welfare Recipients - Americans are considered to be "foreigners" with respect to the corporate United States and anyone receiving welfare benefits is considered to be a "US citizen", however, because these programs have been funded with American credit obtained under conditions of fraud and often have been entirely paid for by the recipients as a group (as in the case of Social Security), some other compelling basis would have to be established before the corporate United States could convincingly claim American welfare recipients as "US citizens".

Retirees - the corporate United States will no doubt attempt to claim that American Retirees owed Social Security Insurance coverage are "welfare recipients" receiving "benefits" (see above). Individual retirees need to object to this "interpretation" of their status and give notice to the Social Security Administration that it is their understanding that Social Security is and was a retirement insurance program that they paid into and are vested in, and not in any way welfare or benefit of any Public Charitable Trust. This is just more self-interested deceit. American workers paid for every drop of their retirement insurance coverage and are grandfathered in once vested, just as with any other private insurance program. Receipt of Social Security payments does not provide any claim against your status as an American National. If the Social Security Administration goes bankrupt, the corporate United States will be charged as secondary, and so on up the food chain.

Obamacare - is a brazen attempt to corner the market on medical insurance by the federal corporation. Ask yourselves - does Blue Cross have any right to "tax" me or force me to buy insurance coverage from them? If not, neither does E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc. Just say, "No." I am not a "US citizen" and I am not obligated to pay or obey.

Internal Revenue / IRS - these are two separate agencies, the first representing the Federal Reserve System, the second


representing the International Monetary Fund. They act in two separate roles. The first agency operates a debt account, using nine digits separated by dashes: 123-45-6789, and is owed moderate service fees for providing public services. The second agency owes you a lot of money and is obligated to pay any and all debts that your ESTATE may owe drawn from a credit account using nine digits without dashes: 123456789. These two agencies work together to defraud you, but you have the right to act as the Civil Executor on the Land of your own ESTATE, and once you have proven who you are, you have every right to tell the holder of the debt (Internal Revenue Service) to bill the holder of the credit (IRS) and discharge any taxes, tithes, or fees owed by the ESTATE.

State Legislators - enter your public offices immediately, take valid oaths to the "Alaska state" and the "living Alaskan people" - or whatever other state, such as "illinois" and people "Illionoians" you believe you represent - and act together as an unincorporated Body Politic to demand:

(1) the release of all land within the state's geographically defined borders that are not specifically granted for "federal" use under permit (such as "federal courthouses", military bases, arsenals, etc. that are traditionally allocated to the use of the "federal government"),

(2) recognize that the "United States senators" are still under their original obligation to the state legislatures they work for you and are accountable to the state, not the federal corporation, not the corporate United States, and not the IMF. Demand that they account for their actions and inactions and remove them from public office if they have failed to abide by "The Constitution for the united States of America" and "The Alaska Statehood Compact" (just substitute the name of your state),

(3) recognize that "US congress members" are similarly directly accountable to the people of the state and demand that


they immediately act to release all false claims against state and private property assets that have been made via the use of legal fiction entities however constructed, together with all false titles to land and other assets held under color of law,

(4) recognize only "state banks" operated under state control and force all "national banks" to submit to state banking rules in order to do business in your state - and make sure those rules are explicit in denying the use of "off book" accounts and other practices not allowed by Basel I, II, and III,

(5) force all "courts" currently operating in your state to declare exactly who or what is operating them, and in what jurisdiction they are operating, and for what purpose(s) they are operating and make them openly, freely, and officially declare their nature and status so that people are no longer hoodwinked,

(6) void the charters of all municipalities and boroughs operating in your state that have been issued under the auspices of the United States of America (Minor) or the UNTITED STATES; these entities are under foreign obligation and have been established under conditions of fraud based on semantic deceit; so provide substitute issuance/ of city and other government unit charters as appropriate.

Note that inhabiting an American public office requires you to act with 100 % commercial liability and according to The Constitution for the united States of America. As a result, you wield ultimate power, but to exercise this power you must also accept ultimate responsibility. Also recognize that your acceptance of public office does not confer any special magic power or serve to make you "more equal" than any other birthright American. All Americans who accept the responsibility of a civil office may exercise it, because the entire power of the civil government is vested in every American without exception.

You cannot claim any control over public assets based


on your public office while operating in a private capacity. For example, you cannot sign a valid contract selling the Alaska state's oil resources while enjoying any limited liability whatsoever, and you cannot make any such agreements in conflict of interest.

Governors of states See above.

"US" congress members and "senators" - Find a distinct and unequivocal name for the corporate United States and end the semantic deceits and crimes that have been perpetuated as a result of this purposeful confusion at law. When you are operating the Municipal government, or the Insular States government, either one, make it clear to everyone everywhere that that is the capacity in which you are acting and do not allow any sloppy interpretation of your authorities and actions to bleed over and impact American Nationals.

Judges, Lawyers, Court Clerks, Judicial Councils - Once you've read the rest of this document, it should be apparent that you are not required to be a member of the Bar Association. We suggest tearing up your Bar and/or BAR cards and forming a state-based professional association that accomplishes the worthy and positive functions of such an organization without the corruption and negative elements. Nobody is prevented from practicing law in America and never has been, nor is anyone prevented from offering lawful service. Setup your own courts as loyal Americans, include service under American Common Law, and go to it. The Bar Associations have long functioned as "closed union shops" and in violation of Taft-Hartley. Bust them for it.

The original 13th Amendment to The Constitution for the united States of America does NOT prevent you from serving your country or from plying your trade. It simply prevents you from serving a foreign government (that of the city state of Westminster) and accepting titles from that government as a Bar Association Member. So, purge your ranks of liars and traitors,


do the right thing as Americans, and you'll be fine. Otherwise, pack your belongings and go. You have three years as of July 1, 2013 to settle your affairs and leave, provided that you do no harm to anyone else and do not infringe upon the material interests of any American National in the meantime and do not operate as an Undeclared Foreign Agent on our soil. If you cause any such trouble, you will be immediately arrested and deported at once.

Bankers - Obviously, if you've been operating a "national" bank without the American nation on American soil and proposing to conscript Americans as debt slaves via the self-interested presumption that American Nationals are "US citizens", you are in a heap of trouble, and need to quickly, quietly, and determinedly make changes to recognize the interests of the American Nationals in their own private accounts, and to admit all off-book and escrow and demand accounts the bank has held or processed for federal corporations "in the name of American Nationals.

All fiat money systems based on "Notes" whether "Federal Reserve Notes" or "US Treasury Notes" are illegal in America, aka, The United States of America composed of 50 organic states, and you are under complete demand to provide legal tender based on gold and silver coin standards. Otherwise, your clientele will be strictly limited to "US citizens" and you will be under full obligation to completely reveal:

(1) the difference between "US citizens" and "American Nationals" and precluded from offering service to any American National;

(2) required to reprove the citizenship status of all clients and that they have adopted that status knowingly, willingly, and under conditions of complete, explicit, and fully discussed disclosure of the consequences as well as any benefits,

(3) honor the living status of American Nationals and never again create accounts merely "in the name" of any living man or


woman born on the land of the American states based on "representations" made in their behalf,

(4) commit no act of false advertising, such as advertising "loans" based on the customer's own credit. All national banks operating facilities on the land of the states will be obliged to conform to state standards and function according to "The Constitution for the united States of America" when addressing or offering services of any kind to American Nationals.

The circumstance that American Nationals have suffered in having no money with which to pay debts is entirely the fault of the private, for-profit corporations under contract to provide these governmental services and the Department of Defense Financial Services Administration. Any bank proposing to offer service to the American Nationals must provide interest free commodity based real money subject to the gold and silver coin standard, not corporate I.O.U.'s, not fiat "debt notes", and cannot charge any interest, make any loan, or offer to indebt any American National or state on the basis of failure to provide such service.

Military Officers, Police, Provost Marshals, Civilian Employees of DOD - Remember who you actually work for and make no mistake. There are two different populations being served. American Nationals pay for your services and are owed your good faith service and dedication. "US citizens" are allowed to be present on the land of the organic states, but operate (at present) under a different government and are not owed the same protections, rights, and guarantees. All American Nationals are owed all protections of their national trust indenture and commercial service contract known as "The Constitution for the united States of America" and any law, rule, statute, or code serving to infringe upon them or their material rights in contravention of their Constitution is a violation of the Law of the Land and the Supreme Law of the Land which you are obligated to observe, honor, and protect under contract.


The following is a transcript of an original handwritten document delivered to Judge Thomas F. Hogan and as copies to other parties. The transcript is provided to expedite reading comprehension and ease of communication only.