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Writ of Assistance
and Affidavit of Truth

RA 393 427 517 US                 June 3, 2014

To: US DISTRICT COURT / US District Court

CLERK OF COURT / Clerk of Court


OFFICERS OF THE COURT / Officers of the Court

JUDGE THOMAS F. HOGAN / Judge Thomas F. Hogan

From: anna-maria, private attorney, all rights explicitly reserved.

RE: Asset Claims, IRS, Mortgage Claims, Bankruptcy Claims, etc.

Dear Sir(s):

As you can see from the fact that this is a handwritten Writ of Assistance, I am not a juristic person, my estate is not naturally a juristic estate, nor am I the subject of a juristic estate. I am not a DEFENDANT of any kind. As a mortal woman, I am unable to franchise myself, even if I wanted to.

Yesterday, I received a call from Ms. Tonya Rhames who introduced herself (IRS) and attempted to intimidate me with threats related to what she inferred is an ongoing Federal Grand Jury inquiry into "me" and "my affairs". She seemed to think I should be willing to meet with her even though she was unwilling to put her questions into writing and according to agency policy so


she said - was unable to provide me with records she had questions about, even though the whole conversation and fact that she was talking to me implied that the records were mine and that preserving my privacy from myself COULD NOT logically be an issue.

Last June 4, 2013, I entered special appearance before the US TAX COURT in Anchorage, Alaska. I appeared in the flesh, clearly stated my whole given name, and the proper way to address me. I informed the court that I was not a "withholding agent" or other employee, ship's warrant officer, etc., and provided material evidence in support. If the judge considered me the DEFENDANT he certainly did not address me as such during the hearing, and I never heard another word from the US TAX COURT. I never received any correspondence addressed to me, either, as I told Ms. Rhames.

It is not my intention to insult the US DISTRICT COURT or the IRS or anyone else concerned, but I must observe that it is not possible in equity to claim criminal or civil contempt of court based on non-performance of court orders not addressed to you and issued in foreign jurisdictions.

I might have also observed to Ms. Rhames that as I know for sure that I am not a Withholding Agent, Ship's Warrant Officer, or other employee of the UNITED STATES corporation, it is extremely inappropriate for any IRS personnel to suggest that I sign paperwork under condition of penalty of perjury claiming that I am, or that I am under any obligation to engage in such criminal acts.

When I was still a baby in my cradle unscrupulous men merely claiming to "represent" me enfranchised my given name without my knowledge or consent. They used this device to lay claim to my earthly estate under color of law, claimed that I was "missing presumed lost at sea", claimed that their corporation was my beneficiary, misappropriated my credit, and moved the "ANNA


MARIARIEZINGER ESTATE" to Puerto Rico -placing it under the control of a foreign government, that of the United States of America (minor) - a "union" of "American" "states" more normally thought of as "federal territories and possessions".

This is known as a "reverse trust scheme" in which a person posing as a trustee contrives to cheat the beneficiary and lay claim to the trust assets to benefit themselves directly or a third party they are colluding with, to share the spoils. It is just as criminal now when practiced by giant corporations as it was in the nineteenth century when it was popular among British butlers.

The privately owned and operated "Federal Reserve" banking cartel operating an agency calling itself the WISCONSIN STATE BOARD OF HEALTH approached my Mother under the pretense of recording my birth and registered it instead. The affect of this "voluntary contract" was never fully disclosed nor discussed; the very existence of any contract impacting my estate, my nationality, or my controlling interests, was concealed from my Mother and her ignorance guaranteed mine as well. I couldn't object to a contract, if I didn't know it existed, could I?

Thus a privately owned agency of a privately owned corporation - both deceptively named to mislead people into thinking they were part of the legitimate government- secured an undisclosed claim against me and my earthly estate. The Federal Reserve banks then used my collateral as the basis to issue "bonds" - Birth Certificate Bonds, and claimed that my earthly estate was chattel standing as "surety" backing the debts of the Federal Reserve and the United States of America, Incorporated, a bankrupt governmental services corporations undergoing Chapter 11 reorganization.

All this was done without disclosure, without notice, and without consent.

Thus the first step of the Reverse Trust Fraud was exercised


against me and my estate by international bankers. Their excuse for this unspeakable fraud and deceit was that still other unscrupulous men, politicians claiming to represent "me", gave them permission.

On March 6, 1933, politicians acting as officers of private, for profit corporations named after the organic States of the Union created by the Articles of Confederation and operating as the "State of     " franchises of the bankrupt United States of America, Incorporated, readily agreed to let the Federal Reserve use "the good faith and credit" of "their states and the citizenry thereof" as collateral backing the debts of their governmental services corporation in Chapter 11.

The fact that their "States" were all private corporations merely named after the organic states of the union and their "citizens" were merely foreign situs trusts named after living Americans, didn't prevent the Federal Reserve from "misunderstanding on purpose" and advancing improper claims against the real assets of the organic states and the American People.

The swindlers had stolen our identity, commandeered our rightful government by stealthy usurpation, and gained control of our credit cards by a process of semantic deceits based on similar names and undisclosed commercial claims. The swindlers at the "State" level were happy enough to help the "federal" level crooks in exchange for "federal revenue sharing".

In 1944, the International Monetary Fund booted up the UNITED STATES, yet another governmental services corporation, and took over the juicy contracts and assets of the United States of America, Incorporated-right down to the US Department of Commerce and the corporate flag. The IMF, an agency of the UN, has been running things ever since.

As a second step in the Great Fraud, the bankruptcy Trustee named by the creditors of the United States of America,


Incorporated, - the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico - created Roman Inferior Trusts also named after living Americans and moved all the ESTATES to Puerto Rico, where they have been plundered at will.

Legal conventions since Roman times mandate that living people must be described or denoted in all small letter names. Under Roman Civil Law they only lose that status when they become debtors, at which point a free man partially loses his status and is named using upper and lowercase style conventions. Slaves are named using all capital letters.

Some people try to pretend that these naming conventions are "a matter of semantics" but all these Roman Inferior Trusts named after Americans and "presumed" to contain all our earthly assets are administered under Roman Civil Law - so the naming conventions mean what they meant two thousand years ago, and that's why they are used at all. That is also the reason that the Roman Curia is responsible for these ESTATES and the reason that the Vatican Chancery Court is the supreme court of record and equity claims brought against these ESTATES - not the "US Supreme Court" and certainly not the "US DISTRICT COURT".

I have brought my claim of life before the Vatican Chancery Court and redeemed my ESTATE; having overcome all claims of beneficial interest and all claims of controlling interest, I have presented myself as the unique beneficiary of all ESTATE assets, which are owed to me as Caesar upon the land of the organic states.

This is because my forefathers vested the entire civil government in each and every inhabitant of the organic states. Each American has more civil authority on the land than the entire "federal government" and when the federal government acts as a corporation in commerce it has only the rights and protections of any other commercial corporation.


Neither the UNITED STATES corporation nor its employees nor its agents enjoy any immunity from prosecution for criminal acts - including fraud, extortion, unlawful conversion, and inland piracy.

As the unique beneficiary of the ESTATES named after me, I have told the Internal Revenue Service (which has the credit side of my account) to pay the IRS credit to balance out any alleged debts. This is essentially a matter of forcing the Federal Reserve to drop its claim that it is the beneficiary of my ESTATE(S), pay the IMF for governmental services it provided, and pay off all the debts and encumbrances the Federal Reserve charged against my credit and my ESTATE(S) via fraud.

It is clearly not my will to harm or defraud anyone. I come to equity as a creditor with clean hands and as a beneficiary of a sacred trust who has innocently suffered great harm at the hands of persons owing me nothing but good faith, service, and protection.

I require the return of my property - my controlling interest, my name, my credit, my bank accounts, my organic state, free of debt or encumbrances accrued by the false beneficiaries or others claiming to "represent" me or my interests, including any public trustees operating in breach of trust.

Let's make this clear-every single member of the American Bar Association and the British Bar Association and the entire City State of Westminster owes me "perpetual peace and amity" as an "ally" owed the "protection" of the British Crown "in perpetuity". That obligation is not erased by the convenient deceit of pretending that I am someone else or in this case, some "thing" else.

Any assault against me, my vessels in commerce, or my ESTATE whatsoever is a violation of international treaty and a war crime against a non-combatant civilian.


The "US DISTRICT COURT" needs to get the message. If you want to get paid, you need to expedite the "re-venue" of American assets back to Americans. The "US Attorney" needs to get the message, too. There is no future in oppressing and defrauding your employers. There is only a very real jail or deportation order waiting for those who are slow to accept correction. The same is true for the IRS, which stands to suffer large fines if it continues to bring false claims in equity.

Nobody is helped by any continued "misunderstanding" or hostility except those responsible for creating, promoting, and prolonging all this fraud. If you want to be identified as criminals, then sail on. Otherwise, it is well past time to reverse course, render aid and assistance, and make correction.

Now, I realize that l come across as an angry litigant -but instead of that, I am an outraged seeker of peace, merely determined to end the current fraud and predation and make transition as painless as possible.

I require the assistance of the US Courts and all their officers to return my property including all elements protected by the national trust indenture included in the Preamble and Bill of Rights of the original equity agreement known as "The Constitution for the united States of America".

I also require the US Courts and their officers to take NOTICE of the situation discussed herein, to assess, evaluate, and combat the corruption and predatory practices that have been used to defraud, rob, and falsely indebt the American People - me, among them. Be aware that while the UNITED STATES is owed money for services it has provided, the debtor responsible for paying the bill is the Federal Reserve, not individual Americans who have been defrauded.

All tax bills must be properly addressed to the Internal Revenue Service (Federal Reserve) requesting payment on the


account in behalf of the IRS. The IMF should be direct billing and so should the IRS when it engages as a bill collector. There should be clear and open understanding among all parties including the officers of the "US DISTRICT COURT" of who the real parties of interest are and who owes who, how much, and why.

At this time, the Federal Reserve, the Department of Defense, and the North American Water and Power Alliance owe the American People in excess of 20 trillion "dollars" worth of purloined assets and misappropriated private credit, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is necessary, urgent, and right that all improper administration ceases and all collection of presumed debts from individual living Americans ceases. The Federal Reserve constructed this entire fraud scheme. It is time for the Federal Reserve to pay its debts, directly. The IRS is knowingly or in ignorance continuing to bring claims against individual ESTATES under the false presumption that they are sureties for the debts piled up by these fraudsters.

The "US DISTRICT COURT" acting as a "federal" -that is, IMF, debt collection agency operating under "federal debt collection procedures" and freely allowing itself to "write the unwritten law" of Law Merchant as it goes is a big part of the problem.

In 1845 via the Treaty of the Verona, the then-Pope and the British King representing the interests of the British Crown agreed to undermine the American government. The King issued Letters of Marque and Reprisal to the members of the Bar Association commissioning them to act as privateers and offering them protection. Those letters operated in perpetuity until 2013, when they were extinguished and the Treaty of Verona repudiated.

The "US DISTRICT COURT" and its officers have been given copies of the July 11, 2013 "Motu Proprio" issued by Pope


Francis acting as the Global Estate Trustee and signed "FRANCISCUS". Anyone and everyone involved in the court system worldwide is now 100% liable for their acts and omissions. That includes the "US SUPREME COURT JUSTICES" down to the lowliest clerks. The order took full effect on September 1, 2013.

Thus it is no longer a matter of whether the Bar Associations want to be nice guys or not. If they continue to expedite the fraud against the American People and to use their office to confiscate private property under these conditions, the Bar Associations will be outlawed and their members prosecuted, fined, and/or jailed as criminals worldwide.

This news (and the changes in operations) has been slow in distribution, no doubt because some people don't want the feeding frenzy to end, and others. like US Attorney Karen Loeffler, are afraid of all the things they have already done and what reparations will require.

By addressing this Writ of Assistance and Affidavit of Truth to JUDGE THOMAS F. HOGAN, the Director of the Administrative Office of the US Courts, and publishing this Writ and Affidavit under edict of Notice -"Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals." -it is my intention to secure prompt aid and assistance from this office and all officers subject to his guidance and administration, or failing that, to exercise my standing to bring complaint and claim.

The Treaty of Westminster (1784) has been properly invoked by one having the right and standing to invoke it. The fraud, which has no statute of limitations, has been described. The entire "maritime government' 'including the office of JUDGE THOMAS F. HOGAN has been informed and provided with a copy of the referenced "Motu Proprio" and the Final Judgment and Civil Orders issued in April, 2014.


There can be no misunderstanding and no continuance of the legal presumptions which have been used to defraud Americans for three generations, and to impose debt slavery upon them.

Specific Assistance Required

1. Administrative direction given to all US Courts regarding the fraud which has been practiced against the American People, directing all such courts and tribunals to set free all those jailed under the false presumption of "US citizenship"-that is, all Americans who are not naturally subject to maritime jurisdiction or actual employees of the UNITED STATES Corporation and who have otherwise not freely chosen to undergo the process to become "Federal Citizens" stipulated in US Statute at Large 2, Revised Statute 2165.

2. Administrative direction given to all US Courts regarding the true parties of interest in all cases brought by either the Internal Revenue Service in behalf of the Federal Reserve or the IRS in behalf of the International Monetary Fund, and holding harmless all individual ESTATES and unincorporated sole proprietors, and partnerships and associations operating on the land or in behalf of the land's inhabitants.

3. Administrative direction given to all US Courts regarding the limitations of their jurisdictions, and the responsibilities of both Plaintiffs and Attorneys when presenting claims under Law Merchant and Admiralty - specifically, there must be a clearly identified injured party who is NOT the attorney in the case taking full responsibility under commercial liability for making the charge or issuing the complaint, and in Admiralty cases there must be a valid maritime contract in evidence which is freely and fully disclosed and discussed by all parties concerned. Such contracts cannot be presumed to exist or to be valid absent a finding of true maritime subject matter and voluntary, fully disclosed, in-kind, equitable, two-party contract having been executed by people or persons competent to enter into contract-that is, no "third party" contracts


made by "representatives" or "trustees" or "donors" on behalf of any individual or more to the point, any individual ESTATE presumed to exist, without open scrutiny by the court to ascertain the authority, identity, and capacity of such representatives and the appropriateness of the contracts they have entered into "on the behalf" of other parties. It must be clearly understood by all US Courts that contracts executed in breach of trust are universally invalid and cannot be enforced.

4. Administrative direction given to the US Attorney's Office in Anchorage, Alaska, and to the US DISTRICT COURT in Anchorage, Alaska, and to US ATTORNEY KAREN LOAFER of Anchorage, Alaska, instructing these persons to stand down, cease and desist, all inappropriate assaults upon the individual American Nationals and their rightfully reclaimed and redeemed ESTATE(S), which are all allies of the Crown owed perpetual peace from Westminster and all protections they are guaranteed by treaty and trust indenture. It must be understood and clearly communicated to the US Courts that the ESTATES of the living Americans and their private business enterprises and social organizations as well as all property rightfully belonging to their organic geographically defined states, including the Alaska state, are in safe keeping only, not subject to the Crown, and owed all aid and assistance from officers of the Crown. All living individuals and their ESTATES must be set free and all interest in their property must be released from any presumption that they are or ever were "surety" for the debts of the United States of America, Incorporated, or ever legitimately "residents" of Puerto Rico, or "citizens of the UNITED STATES" ,etc., etc., etc., [­- claims made under conditions of fraud I and with the understanding that these individuals and their ESTATES are NOT subject to the Crown, NOT subject to the jurisdiction of the United States of America (minor) and not subject to representations made "in their behalf" or contracts made "in their behalf' by any incorporated entity whatsoever that has merely claimed to


"represent" them on the basis of undisclosed contracts obtained under conditions of fraud, semantic deceit and coercion including armed force and monopoly inducement.

5. Administrative direction given to the US Courts advising and instructing them that the "Federal Reserve Corporation" has operated as a criminal syndicate and that the International Monetary Fund, Inc. has colluded with them to plunder the "public trusts" created by the Federal Reserve's "complex regulatory scheme" and that both these entities are subject to liquidation and disposal of their assets in payment of reparations owed to the American states, the American People, and others around the globe who have been terrorized and pillaged by those operating these legal fictions. The officers of the US Courts must be instructed to come to the assistance of the victims and to deny bankruptcy protection to both the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund and also to the Trust Management Organizations and agencies and corporations these entities operate, to the extent that they have knowingly and willingly participated in the fraud.

6. Administrative direction given to the office of JUDGE TIMOTHY M. BURGESS and US ATTORNEY KAREN LOEFFLER, directing them to immediately order the release of the living man james-leroy:jensen, jr. and the living woman robin­louise:jensen from false arrest related to a fraudulent tax claim arising from purposeful misadministration of their ESTATE(S) which the US DISTRICT COURT accepted and prosecuted as account # 3:09-cr-00108 TMB 1 and 2, and also order payment of reparations owed these individuals and their ESTATE(S). The jensens rightfully informed the COURT of their standing and identity as American Nationals and objected to being misidentified by the COURT as "withholding agents" or other officials or employees of the UNITED STATES. They subsequently acted under condition of gross coercion to discharge the purported tax debts, thereby proving beyond reasonable doubt that any tax debt owed by their ESTATE(S) was fictitious in nature and the result of the


failure of the Internal Revenue Service (Federal Reserve) employees to do the bookkeeping and transfer credit to pay the IRS (International Monetary Fund). Like millions of other Americans the jensens were prevented from accessing the credit side of their ESTATE trust because the Federal Reserve claimed to be the Beneficiary of their ESTATE(S). They were misidentified and mischaracterized as public employees in the same way that their private estates were unlawfully converted into public trusts by fraud upon the probate courts. The jensens are the victims of crime, not the perpetrators responsible for it. They have been held in private "federal" "correctional facilities" for over a year under conditions of known false arrest. The US DISTRICT COURT and its officers are complicit in the fraud at this point and responsible for providing full remedy at equity and full cure and maintenance under admiralty law to the jensens. They have been given all Due Process including Final Notice and Notice of Dishonor in both, jurisdictions, and the US DISTRICT COURT and its OFFICERS will be found both culpable and liable for this circumstance if PROMPT administrative action is not taken to correct this situation in full. As there is not known monetary standard for the value of an individual's life and time on earth, settlement is stipulated in the amount of $100,000.00 USD per individual, per day that the false arrest and incarceration continues in this case. Without putting too sharp a point on it, if it is the job and aim of the "US DISTRICT COURT" to collect funds owed to the "UNITED STAPES", it should confine its efforts to Internal Revenue Service employees real ones - and bring a swift end to the incarceration of innocent Third Parties.

7. Administrative direction to the US Courts recognizing the fact that the Roman Curia holds authority over all aspects of Roman Civil Law including its interpretation, that Roman Inferior Trusts also known as "Cestui Que Vie" Trusts, are uniquely formed as creations of the Roman Civil Law and to the extent that their administration is necessary, it remains under the Roman Civil Law


and under the authority of the Roman Curia to define, interpret, and ultimately to dictate the administration of these trusts in whatever venue they appear. Accordingly, all the living Americans and their organic states which were "redefined" by the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico and removed there "for safe­keeping" are all Roman Inferior Trusts, they all exist and operate under the rules established by the Roman Curia and are subject to the Vatican Chancery Court as the ultimate and final court of record and equity. The Vatican Chancery Court has explicitly determined and placed in the international record of all nations and venues of the international law its un-appeal-able decision awarding the beneficial and controlling interest in the individual ESTATE(S) to the Americans they are named after, and has also determined that the living Americans are "tax exempt" and that their "vessels in commerce" are "tax pre-paid". As a practical matter this means that "anna-maria of the house riezinger" is tax exempt from any claim of any "government" upon the land or sea, that the foreign situs trust dba "Anna Maria Riezinger" is tax pre-paid, and the Roman Inferior Trust "ANNA MARIARIEZINGER" is similarly tax pre-paid as a result of pre-existing contracts owed by the international banking cartels and governmental services corporations they operate under contract. It is, and since 1933, has been, literally impossible for any of these entities to owe ANY "tax debts" whatsoever. Every single case that the US TAX COURT and the US DISTRICT COURT has processed since 1933 against these individuals and their estate trusts related to "tax debts" has been tainted by fraud and are null and void, ab initio.

8. Administrative direction to the US Courts advising them of these facts above and instructing them to release all living Americans being held for any tax related offenses whatsoever, and ordering the immediate discharge of any claims offered by the Internal Revenue Service orrtfeeeeddd+ the IRS against all and any "vessels in commerce" - trusts, transmitting utilities,


foundations, etc., - operated by American Nationals or their organic states. As astounding as this may seem, it is merely part of what is owed. The IMF dba "IRS" should be advised to directly bill the Internal Revenue Service (FEDERAL RESERVE) and the Internal Revenue Service should be advised that the buck for tax debts stops at the Federal Reserve. Bringing claims against individual living Americans or their trusts, transmitting utilities, or other commercial "vessels" for alleged "tax debts" is a criminal act subject to prosecution.

9. Similarly, I require your assistance and the assistance of your office(s) to provide administrative direction to the US Courts instructing them to vigorously prosecute public utility companies which deny electrical, telephone, or other such services to living Americans and their unincorporated sole proprietorships, partnerships, and associations for "non-payment' 'of utility bills under the pretense that these ESTATE trusts are "corporate parties" responsible for payment. In a corollary scam to that practiced by the Federal Reserve, the North American Water and Power Alliance has used the convenient excuse - "corporate entities are liable to pay for public utilities" - to bill the ESTATE(S) of living Americans - ignoring the fact that all the utility bills owed by these ESTATE(S) have been pre-paid since 1933. The utility companies have followed the practices of the IRS and Internal Revenue Service in purposefully misidentifying and mischaracterizing their "customers" and in the case of cooperatives, their "members" and continued to charge for utility services under the pretense that they are all corporate entities and that the True Trust beneficiaries are "unknown".

10. Similarly, I require assistance providing administrative directions to the US Courts including "State" franchise courts requiring reform of their presumptions and procedures and disposition of claims made by banks which have similarly and without full disclosure or consent unlawfully converted the private bank accounts including savings accounts and escrow accounts


owed to individual American Nationals on the pretense that these funds belong to the Puerto Rican ESTATE Trusts established "in the name" of individual living Americans inhabiting the organic state-geographically defined. This is merely another tentacle of the fraud and false claims and self-interested misrepresentation akin to all the rest that needs to be addressed.

11. Finally, I require assistance in the form of administrative direction to the US Courts providing them and their officers with the necessary information, instruction, and support to carry out these necessary reforms as stipulated in the enclosed Final Judgment and Civil Orders issued in April 2014. Over 10,000 copies of this handwritten (W)rit of Assistance and other documents accompanying would be insufficient without your understanding and cooperation in support of justice, law, and your own profession. Extreme perfidy and felony crimes are being committed every day under the auspices of the "US DISTRICT COURTS" and your Office which is responsible for their administration is uniquely culpable for this circumstance. In the presumption of innocence, it can be presumed that you, like millions of others, have been victimized, have paid "taxes" you didn't owe, utility bills, mortgages, and various other "debts" which were in fact pre-paid long ago. All your acts and the actions of your brethren operating the "State" and "US" courts can be presumed to be - however ignorant and mistaken - to have been in good faith, up until now, when decisions must be made and actions taken. As an individual you can yield to the facts and the logic self-evident in the history and public records, and you can take heed and listen to the Vatican Chancery Court - which has no reason to lie - or not, but be advised that this Writ of Assistance and Affidavit of Truth, handwritten by an American Great-Grandma who has no criminal history at all, has been published worldwide, and it will either stand for you or against you, depending on what you do now and the efforts that you make to ensure correction.

I affirm that in issuing this Writ of Assistance I am an ally in


dire need upon the Holy Se(a) and that I have sacred commissions to fulfill in temporal capacities which will not wait; I similarly affirm that I have spoken the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth as I know it in this written form today, and that I have acted in good faith, friendship, without malice, evil intent, or any secretive purpose at all-and to this I also affirm that I am a known woman, recognized as the wife of a known man, a life-long peaceful inhabitant of the Alaska state or one of the other Several states as geographically defined and joined as The United States of America (Major). I and my estate are natural and non-juristic, organic, retired, and beyond desire; the juristic ESTATE(S) that I am heir to and which I have redeemed, I affirm that they are identical in all material aspects (except name and number) to millions upon millions of other such ESTATE(S) and that none of the conditions, circumstances, or processes described are at all unique to me and mine: approximately 400 million inhabitants of the now-50 organic states have all been similarly mistreated and defrauded by privately owned and operated international banking cartels and the deceptively named governmental services corporations they have operated. The proof of everything I have said here is readily available on the public records cited in the Final Judgment and Civil Orders, to which I add 31 CFR 353-363 and 31 USC 1321 and 1322 and the Old Age Pension Act of 1939.

Most sincerely,


anna-maria:riezinger, non-negotiable autograph, all rights explicitly reserved

[autographed, thumbprinted, and sealed]