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Since the Civil War, our various governments were converted to private corporations.

This includes all our governments; Federal, State, county, city, police & ambulance.


Since they are corporations, they are privately owned by foreigners and run for profit.

Under these corporations, we have lost our God given rights we had under de jure governments.


I've posted this important Disclosure book that explains this and How to get our Rights back !

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      If this information is new to you, Please don't just reject it.

If you follow the information, and think about it, you can realize it is true.

The fact it is not mentioned in news, TV, or universities,

only shows those organizations profit from keeping you from knowing.


I have studied many things, I sure did not believe, but as I followed them,

I came to understand that new information allowed me to see what I had not considered before.


Learning is simply considering new information. 

After you have the info, then you can decided if it is true.

If you avoid the information then you can never know the truth.


There are many places you can confirm this:


You Tube: Corporation Nation, by Clint Richardson


The Bankruptcy of the United States
United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303 - Rep. James Traficant, Jr.. Ohio -

United States is Bankrupt - by John Nelson - Re: Senate Report No. 93-549

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Corporation Nation About The Movie…

The Corporation Nation is the United States of America, U.S. Incorporated.

The United States is comprised of over 185,000 incorporated state, county, city, town, municipality, district, councils, school district, pension fund, enterprise operation, lottery, alcohol monopoly, and many other private and for-profit corporations, which have mistakenly been called our “representative government”.

The hidden wealth and investment totals for all of these “collective” 185,000 corporations (governments), when added together, equate to well over 100 trillion dollars, over 26 trillion in just pension fund investment assets.

A trillion dollars is a million million. 

With these investments, the government owns controlling ownership interest in all Fortune 500 companies, most major domestic and international companies, and most of everything you see around you. Malls, mini-malls, strip-malls, golf courses, movie theaters, etc…

Federal lands include about 87% of all state land, 97% of Utah land, 95% of Nevada, etc…

This is all easily verifiable by looking at the general accounting system of government, as required by federal law, called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, or CAFR.

“The Corporation Nation” documentary proves all of this without a shadow of a doubt. 

It is free, it will never be for sale, and needs to be seen by all Americans.

Within this documentary is the governments own admission of corporate governance and fascism. It will not only astound you, but it will also answer just about every question you ever had with regards to the question of why

why is every law and every bill passed in the legislature unconstitutional?

why has the government deregulated all industries and allowed monopolies and corporate tyranny?

why can banks charge as much interest as they want, despite state laws against usury?

why was the “Obama-Care” health car bill passed, and who really profits from it?

why is our infrastructure and land being sold off to private and foreign corporations?

All of these questions will be stunningly clear once you have watched this movie. And with the information you will now possess, you will never again be left to wonder why anything happens in government…

Because you will see first hand that government owns the corporations that it regulates through stock investment.

Government votes for each corporation’s board of directors.

Government votes on whether each company should merge with or acquire other corporations.

Government is the corporations, by controlling stock ownership.

Please watch The Corporation Nation, pass it on, download the film, make copies, and pass them out to everyone you can. For this is the only issue any of us should be focused on…

For this is the root of corporate fascism in America.

- Clint Richardson-

Many reports explain the Loss of the Republic,
Emergency Powers
take away constitutional protected rights of State Citizens.