Stimulus Check  05/27/2020

Don't accept the coronavirus stimulus check. 
If it was direct deposited then you should respond with a notice rebutting the presumption 
by clarifying that you or your family have NOT agreed to being effected by a pandemic 
or any of the medical response that is being offered by the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine. 
(See CARES ACT, which gives broad sweeping powers to the "National Academy" to direct federal agencies 
in regard to the MEDICAL RESPONSE, with a specific directive to maintain the supply lines 
of medical equipment and supplies from foreign countries.
The terms of the payment are in the opening introduction of the CARES ACT which provides the check.
Treat it like a response to a Notice from the IRS.
Because it is. 
The CARES ACT itself and the public announcements from the president are the NOTICE that you are responding to.
With Yahweh God, and with man, all things are voluntary.
However if you ignore information that was made public, then you may fall into the control of other people.
The CARES ACT was initiated Jan. 24, 2019, long before the "virus" was known.
HR 748 Representative Joe Courtney, Connecticut.
The NASARA Act was passed by Clinton in 2001.  (Also the GASARA, the "global" funds was passed.)
The US government has an obligation to payout funds to all people in the united States of America.
For almost 20 years, they have delayed making the public announcement and releasing these funds.
There has been a gag order to not tell that this NASARA Act passed.
It was going to be announced 10 am Sept. 11, 2001, but the tragedy that day over shadowed that announcement.