Introduction: Maybe I can help you ?

I am retired architect (& many other careers.) In 2005, I started to study 9-11 to find that the truth is very different then what news and government told us. Then I learned that paying income taxes is voluntary. Then I learned much more.

The greatest lie around us is that we cannot know. Yes, you can know. You can learn and understand Common Law, God's Law and prevail against your adversaries.

Knowledge is the key.  I will introduce you to many things. If you follow and pursue them, you will eventually realize they are real, true, and relevant to your own life.

I have 1,000s of pages of documents, explanations, DVD videos, and web site links.  I just try to find a way to share with people. I also compressed it all in a simple book: A New Reality. is a simple way that anyone who can read, type and use the internet can find, confirm and know more of nearly any subject. You can look directly at the information that is hugely suppressed from most forms of communication - news, TV, movies, books.

Bias ? Some like to watch You Tube Video, others favor radio broadcast.  Some talk of 9-11, others dwell on Oklahoma City bombing.  What ever you think about and what ever your form of communication (learning) e-mail, web, TV, radio, books, I cannot span all the different ways to communicate.

I do find some things written (books, articles, web) and later may see them as a You Tube presentations.

I favor (digital) printed words over audios and videos, as you can search, read, print, excerpt the written word much easier then videos and audios.

Therefore those who use the internet as I do have an advantage of those who are more bound to media; videos, audios, newspaper, government reports.

The world that manifest around you is the product of your thinking.

If you search and dwell in all the gloom around us, it will lower and eclipse your spirits.

If you search for all the good news, new technologies, cures, ways to communicate, you can raise your spirits, and be ready for great things coming.

I sometimes show you some bad things on going, so that you will separate from those involved with them.

Most of the evil around us is sanction, promoted, allowed, and understood by our "governments" which are really only private corporations.

You are a living wo/man, and not under the authority of government / corporations, but only when you know that.

Good Luck, peace, God Bless you for Thinking !