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When you get mail or messages from me, please respond in any way.

You need not read them, but those who read or engage with me can get some huge benefits that I don't see anyone else offering you for free.

Not from courts, congress, or news, can you get what I will give.

Please hear me.  I have many things I'd like to share with you.

I learned how to use my computer, the internet, and to follow ideas, deeper and deeper.

I get to ways of thinking very different than how most people think.

I think there are huge benefits.

Admittedly, many people just choose to follow or to hide in the popular crowd, thinking that is better, safer, relevant.

Few are the daring few who have the courage or intelligence to begin to think for them selves.

Many popular authorities, attorneys, doctors, professionals how a license to do business, to make money. Many fear and some could lose income, title, reputation to think differently, even if they follow truth.

Most people in world, move in popular circles doing what main stream media tells them to do.

However, if you look deeply at mainstream Media or News MSM MSN, you may often find where things they are telling you are just not true, or are not the deeper truth.

John 8:31, You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

Hosea 4:6 My people perish for lack of knowledge.

Psalms 18:13 To judge a matter without considering it is foolish. (Being close minded.)

Heb. 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.


I am not smarter than anyone else. We all have strengths and weaknesses interest and established thinking.

We generally agree with people around us, or we seek people who think like us.

Inertia is what makes it difficult to get a car or object moving, or to slow it down.

Whatever we now think we want to be true.  We do not want to change.

Many things started in a good way, but they were changed.  We must see the current reality and wake up to the fact that what once was good is now not good.

We need to step away from bad people and bad organizations.

I heavy done that in many ways, and had great success.


Words, Words have power.  You must consider words and ideas to get new perspectives on issues.

Perhaps you believe one way and are stuck in that view point.

Everyone around you agrees, and there is no discussion.

Let's suspend what you now think on some subjects:

    Choose one:

Moon Landings, 9-11, Sandy Hook, vaccines, virus, pandemic.

As long as you watch TV and or read newspapers, you will be forever given one view of the world, agreeing with them.

If you become curious about any issue, and you have any device:

    computer, tablet, smart phone, you can go to the internet to explore.

Surely the internet has truth, lies and partial truths.

If you study issues, you can find problems, flaws, lies, mis information.

Many repeat those lies to keep us from discovering the truth.

When you really get down to the details, you will be surprised at what the truth is, it is very different than what most people believe.

I have spent years sorting this out. I work full time, day and night exploring, seeking, finding, confirming and distributing truth.

I host conference calls for 15 years, I have 10s of 1,000s of pages on my website.

I can send 1,000s of files to you by mail.

I can mail to you things I cannot put on the internet, nor send by e-mail.

books and videos are too too big to send those ways, but I can put them on a data CD, DVD, flash drive of SD Secure Digital Chip.

I can send you 100+ two hour movies on one SD chip.

To send you some files / videos, I need to know some things.  Please answer these questions:

Do you have:

- computer ? windows or iMac ?

       if not smart phone or tablet ?

- android of apple ?

- on computer do you have a DVD ?  or CD ? drive ?

- can you open files on your disc drive ?

- can you copy them to your hard drive ?

- Do you have a SD Secure Digital Slot ?

       This SD the best.

- Do you have USB port ?

See these questions here:    abodia.com/z/ii    Copy them and answer them in an e-mail to me, please.

If I send you many files, will you look to see if you have interest in any of them ?

If we talk by phone or skype, while you are on the phone and on the internet browsing to abodia.com, I can actually show you how to find, read, listen, watch the files I can give you.

I have already mailed 50 or more DVDs or chips to people.

It would be great if you talk to some of these other people who are also enjoying, benefiting from the files I give them.

Come to our conference calls some time.


You will find many people who know what we know and benefit to wake up and stop watching ANY TV, which is filled with many lies.

I posted 100s of website with important truth but I am now trying, by mail, to give you deeper info and fun stuff too.  Movies, scripture, calligraphy, quotes, articles, books.

From school, news & life we have many ideas in our head. When you stop to think about some, like reading an article, book, documentary, you can discover by observation and reason you can realize that some things you now believe are just not true.

Why should you care ?

Most people do not care.  they think the lies around them are not important.

When you learn the little lies, you can then see the bigger lies.

There are huge lies around us that harm our life, our wealth, health, property, rights, courts, government & more.

As long as you do not see the lies, you continue to work with people & organizations who are hurting you in ways you don't YET understand.

I am NOT smarter than other people.

I choose to look deeper. I learned 9-11 is huge lie, same with Sandy Hook and others national news stories.

When you see the evidence, then you can understand the lie.

When you have never seen the evidence, then you don't suspect there is a lie or problem.

Why does it matter if NASA faked the moon landings ?
Well they also lie on many many other things.  They are spending $ 35 million daily of your tax dollars.

While you struggle to get a meager income, you are pouring your hard armed dollars to NASA who has a very different agenda that doing experiments on the International Space station.

Green Screens and photo shop are ways they can fake photos & videos of what they do.


Condenser astroNOTS on the moon or the space station whey there is said to be no atmosphere, no air.


If an astorNOT stands in a vacuum or low pressure place, space, then his space suit would have to balloon outward.

He would look like dough boy, or Michelin man with a budgie space suit. 14 pounds of air pressure in the suit and zero or low pressure outside of the suit.

You have to thin about, or make a mental picture to understand these ideas.

I have never seen a photo or video of an AstroNOT in space or on the moon that had a budging space suit.

A bulging space suit must occur where a living man is in a suit in a low or zero pressure area.

This idea alone shows much flawed in NASA deceptions.


Please let me mail to you some important and fun videos.

Please read the website

abodia.com/z/i    that is Zee then I the 9th letter of alphabet.

Contact me when you can.

No you do not need to do anything, but when you realize that the news, the courts and the congress are also ignoring all these lies, you might wonder who will fix the problem.

We, Americans, were born in the most free nation in the world.

Our world, our governments, our systems are now crumbling fast as the truth is coming out.

As long as we watch TV and obey these lying people we are perpetrating the lies and evil.

Many choose not to know so they need do nothing.

Cognitive Dissonance is the idea, you think things might be different than you know and do, but you REFUSE to investigate.

That leaves you anxious, uncertain, secretly afraid, and clinging to false things.

those who lie to you will never help you. They are committed to their greed, evil, lies up to the maximum resistance.

As we learn truth, we should talk with and invite others to also learn.

I am sorry for my Christian brothers who think it is not their part to question things.

They are focused on their world, and thereby aid and deny all the obvious lies, deceptions, evil, crimes on going around them.

Yahweh is calling for us to awake, rise up, learn and share truth.

This may be our last hour, if we do not establish truth.

Some wonder who won the election, Trump or Biden ?

I think far more important is how the election was conducted.

1,000s, even millions of fraudulent votes were cast by dead people, unregistered people, people voting many ties, poll counters scanning and counting votes many times.

Foreign interference with on line Dominion Voting systems manipulating (changing) the vote count, and much more.

All this Voter Fraud is all over the internet, you tube and more.

1,000s of affidavits of people who witnessed these crimes.

Even the corrupt courts and judicial al system are refusing to look at the evidence.

The corruption in our government, our courts, our corporations, holly wood, new media, and more.

The corruption runs deep.

Only we, Americans, have a chance to restore order on the dawn of a new era.

Shall we advance honoring truth, freedom, liberty.

Or shall we bury our heads in the sand and let this vast Deep State, secret societies corruption and deception grow to where we no longer can contain it.

Each of us must make this decisions.

I can show you a way to learn and act.

I think it is fun.


I mailed 1,340+ cars and letters out in last few weeks. All for 1 or 2 postage.

Anyone can do that.

Learn why & how.    abodia.com/mail


You cannot learn the deep and complicated ideas until you first understand the simple obvious ones.

You have to suspend what you do know so that you MIGHT learn new things.

What you "already knows" blocks you from considering new, better, more complex information.

Many think as they do to agree with authorities they think would know more or have better ability to find & state truth.

They forget how millions of people, who are bought out, paid, bribed, rewarded from saying some things, those people in particular will not look at truth, because then they would lose income, benefit or perk.

These liars are profiting by telling lies. They choose NOT to know they are lies because they do not want to lose their benefits, so they just avoid the truth.


Please contact me in any way.

Let's help each other.


Ted 304 344 ####

A @ abodia.com





       " / humor

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       " / new

       and 100s more.  1,000s of pages on my website, but what I can mail you is much deeper, fun and diverse, and easier to search.

If I send you 100 movies, you would surely want to watch 5 or 10.  If you gave those movies to a friend, they would chose a different set of 5 or 10.

Everyone thinks differently.

We all have unique knowledge, teachings and experience.


Anyone (even a teenager) who is curious.

Anyone who can.

- read, type (ask internet a question).

and can observe and reason can find all that I have uncovered.


What I spent years sorting out I can give to you that you might know it in hours or minutes.


We believe the info that we get.

Most get info from news, TV.

I get my info from heavy, deep, enduring research.

When I find the core, or foundation events, then it is so obvious anyone can understand it.


Talk to me on the phone about the space suit.

It is one thing that all can understand and see the photos and videos are FAKE !

of SPACE men in VACUUM of Space.


The world is different than we're told. I'd like to send you videos, articles, books that show a New Reality.  Please look here


Then phone me. Thanks.

Best to you & your family.


I need to know these things about you so I can know how to communicate with you..


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