abodia.com/z/gwhs   Lost Classmates  11/03/2020


GWHS 1966 graduates will have 55th year anniversary next summer.


Would you help me locate some lost classmates ?

When the class has a plan or ideas of a reunion, we'd like to tell every one.


Below are listed people for whom I lack a mail address or an e-mail.

Please tell me how to reach any of these people.

They are sorted by last name, but married women are below sorted first by their maiden name.


More info, photos, etc. of our classmates at    http://abodia.com/te-other/classmates/gwhs/


fName        Maiden            lName


Carol               Anstey

Darrell             Baire

Jack L.                        Barbe

Don                 Borstein

David               Crislip

J. Philip                       DeMersman

Jerry                Dotson

Janice             Drennen

Charlie             Fisher

Anne                Forbes

Jim                  Fulks

Vernon Jones)                        Hassan

J. Howard                   Hassig

Bob (R. D.)                  Hill

Tom                 Huffman

David               Johnson III

Robert             Kegley

Jeffrey A.                    Lawson

Jimmy             McClaugherty

Robert             Newcomer

Phil                  Nutter

George                        Reese

Ronnie             Tinsley

Phil                  Welch

Frank               Wilhelm

John                Wise

John                Wise

Huel                 Withrow

Tom                 Woodruff

David               Zeitz


 fName            Maiden    lName

Diane Sue       Ballard Means

Vickie  Carper

Lisa      Cometti           McIver

Gen     Creech            Stamper

Liz        Crichton          Hereford

Stephane         Eberly  Clifford

Karen  Frazier Ellison

Nancy Friedman         Subbarao

Emna  Gragg  Lively

Pixie M.           Harper Walker

Ann      Haynes            Walker

Myra    Holstein           Cochran

Sharon            Hudson            Davis

Rose Mary      Lawrence        Bolanos

Pam    Mayberry        Gutherie

Sandy  Meadows        Cowdrey

Judy    Moore  Waldron

Mary Lynn       Mundy Robinson

Diana   Painter Cole

Diana   Painter Douglas

Sandra            Painter Galloway

Carol   Porter  Cevenini

Margie Roberts           Harmon

Linsey  Sharp 

Elissa   Vecellio           Mosby

Joyce  Williams           Davis

Nancy Wise    Smith


Thanks !