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Fall of Cabal  videos explain our situation        This website is about CV virus, currency reset, arrest of ruling pedophiles.


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overview         We are being played, AmazingPolly 
Gates, WHO, UN, CIA working together to execute this frightening nations to give them money & control


Unveil the True Enemy of the People, Shutdown, Messages Received - Episode 2123b

    at 18 minutes this is very clear yet brief.  Watch for 6 minutes till 24 min.

virus hype, world wide currency reset, mass arrest of rulers, politician, Hollywood, Vatican, all these are tied together. Mainstream news, of Deep State, MSN hype the panic, but Trump is guiding us thru this masterfully.

Does the 2019 Coronavirus Exist? 

        See Tweets show plan to restore lawful government

    According to David Crowe, guest contributor of today's lead article, the coronavirus panic is just that, an irrational panic, based on an unproven RNA test, that has never been connected to a virus. And which won't be connected to a virus unless the virus is purified.

    Sayer Ji and Thomas Cowan, MD, discuss the present Coronavirus scare and ways to navigate this intense time to support your radical resiliency. Learn more from Sayer at: and

The CoronaVirus it much fakery for many reasons

            - to cover up or distract from the world wide currency reset

                balancing the value of money between nations,

            and mass arrest of criminals worldwide in series:

            Saudi Arabia, US, UK,

            - also they planned to implement gross vaccinations

Dr Shiva discusses viruses, they cannot kill you, but a weakened immune system can kill you.

    Many news headlines on the Virus include the Masonic # 33.

Coronavirus-fear-to-manipuate-financial-markets  during world wide currency reset.

    Isolation from crowds is disturbing and bankrupting companies.

Current articles & news.  The (faked) virus pandemic is OVER. David Robert Steele

Virus was to cover up TheCoronaVirusCoverOp2020

or distract from the world wide monetary reset (drop of Stock Market)

            and other mischievous events.

There is no virus, but huge events are taking place world wide. Watch !  GITMO, mass arrests, military, martial law.

Bill Gates intends to kill millions, in 2018, he predicted CoronaVirus would kill 33 million...33-masonic.html
CornoaVirus    1981 Novel predicted CoronaVirus in Wuhan    shows much of the deceptions of the fake pandemic


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Is this the patent to the CoronaVIrus, a man made bio weapon, funded by Bill Gates ?



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