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As you study 9-11 facts, you'll find they point to forces within our government, not foreign aggressors !

A few of the major issues are discussed here.  100s of other facts also disprove 9-11 cover story.

NORTHWOODS PlanSimplified MS Word ††††††† Same as original pdf


Our US government (CIA) considered mass destruction of property and the deaths of thousands of its own citizens in order to justify adventurism and war? This chilling document from the era of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Northwoods Plan was concocted in the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during March of 1962. This document proves beyond any doubt that the United States military leadership at the highest level was seriously considering killing American citizens, both civilian and military, to create a pretext for a war with Cuba. Particularlydisturbing, after 9-11, is the Northwoods Planís proposal to kill American college students using a remote controlled drone plane which was to be shot down by a fake MIG.


This section contains a text file for easy reading and alink to an adobie pdf file of the actual Northwood Documentrecently unclassified under the Freedom of Information.If this was 40+ years ago, what might they do or plan today, with much more money and more technology.


Their plan then included remote drone planes, killing civilians and pretending this was hostile action form the Cubans to justify our invading them.

released under pictures of the actual document.


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Investigations by the SEC and by dependentreporters have found numerous red flagsin the records of stock and option trading in the period just before 9-11 that point to insiders having advanceknowledge of the upcomingattacks. Millions of dollars in illicit profits may have been gained by fraudulent trading in futures, options and short selling by insiders, most likely using information gained from intelligence services, both in the United States and in other countries.

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Considering the thesis present at this web site and others, here are many other documents on these subjects available from the internet.

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