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        What Really Happened on 9-11, Movies that explain further. a far different than our government & media present   


Iíve collected fascinating video material, which offers a more full, complete views of a reality.  They offer evidence, video, photos, witness and much information youíll never see from our media, which which can be quite bias.  All media in America is controlled by 6 owners, such as General Electric, who are bias & deeply supported with US Dept. of Defense Contracts.

                                                           Here are some of my titles:

Confronting the Evidence           NYC public forum - deception in environmental conditions reports & Painful Questions

Loose Change        more of 9/11 controversy

In Plane Site             publicly available broadcast showing incredible discoveries that the planes, which probably had no passengers & were coordinated w/ explosions in World Trade Towers

Painful Deceptions            analysis of why the World Trade Towers did not collapse from the planes hitting them

Rev. David Griffith, C-Span           from Midwest seminary, an audio & or video wmv recording of his speech broadcast on C-Span where he explains how US has orchestrated this 9 11 event to bring the US to hate the Arab world and support a war there. The realities and motives are very different than we have been lead to believe.  He summaries the tomes of conspiracy evidence.

Alex Jones, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, TX Radio announcer has many DVDs & books that explain from fact what this means and where we are going; 911- Road to Tyranny, Martial Law, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove in CA where US & world leaders meet annually with horrific rituals.


Many scientist, engineers & institutions have tried to make public the great lies on-going here.  I concede I was blind to all this until just Feb. of í05, this year, but now frequently speak publicly at Civic groups and other forums around WV to present this information.  I've been written up twice in our local newspaper on this. I've never been a history buff, nor even follow the newspaper & TV news, and yet, I think I have quite unraveled the host horrific actions of our government that I could ever imaging.

            Iíve spent 100s of hours of research, reading over 1,000 articles, collecting books.  I've posted some of my findings to my web www.abodia.com/911

            Iím convinced our media & our government are concealing their involvement in this False Flag operation to point the blame at others, to condone our war in Afghanistan region, which had really begun before 911, unknown to the public.  There is $ 10 trillion in gas & oil reserves in the Caspian Sea area, for which $ 1 billion production facilities have already been built.  Unocal and US are trying to gain control of this area, illegally by war.

Bridas Corp of Argentina signed contracts with the Taliban for oil pipeline, which the US could not break.  So now US military are destroying the Taliban government by war and will maintain, for decades, a military presence in the region to control this oil.


I think differently than others, because I have opened my eyes to information that most would not consider, or have not had the opportunity to review..

I doubted all I read & witnessed for nearly 2 months, but now am convinced, thru the readings of 1,000s of different and independent sources of the hidden truths I've found, mostly from little seen public records like news broadcasts, national news papers, etc.. thru the internet.


You can get easy access to these materials from NetFlix.com for about $ 2 per disc for viewing for unlimited time.


Judicial-Index  - alternate view to the realities that surround us.


Other titles, Fascinating, frightening, enlightening !

Waco - The Rules of Engagement        

interviews inside with David Koresh & his followers,

            repeated testimony that the FBI would not shoot or burn,

            then conclusive evidence that they did quite opposite to their public testimony. Our government is suspicious of Koresh's activities so they fire 100s of rounds and incinerate all the innocent women & children.  Are we out of control ?  This is a serious & important documentary.

The Trials of Henry Kissinger     His manipulation of world leaders to bring arms & deaths to 1,000s & his work on the bombing of Cambodia, when we were at war with Vietnam.

WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception  How bias our media has become, planting reports in sympathy with our troupes, who loose the perspective of the war, but consider only our view point.


Oklahoma City Bombing - Cover-up, by citizens of Oklahoma City, shows live news coverage from many TV station that showed other larger bombs discovered inside the Fed. Building.  No crater in the street from Truck bomb, as shown on aerial photos.  People in and outside the building clearly stated the explosion came form inside the building, blowing parts of the building out and across the street to the Journal Record Building.  National news came later and lied about the truck bomb in the street being the cause.


How News lies to deceive us.  Most city newspapers around the country, just repeat the national news form NYC & Washington papers.  They don't check with the source at he location of events.

Ruby Ridge - Randy Weaver, Waco- Branch Dravidians, Columbine High School Shootings, '93 bombing of World Trade Building.  All have very different stories from the local news and public records. National news lies with a purpose.

National news is owned by global corporations that want to promote anger, hate, anger, war, fear, to take our right, lives, wealth, health, and increase their power, control, wealth.


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