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Tuesday, April 12, 2023 8:05

PedoWood; Pedo US Presidents; College Rape Farming video

Florida Grand Jury Indicts Joe Biden, his Staff and CIA for Child Trafficking. 


The Biden Administration has been indicted by the State of Florida for child trafficking. Biden, his CIA and all members of his staff have been charged. “The federal government is facilitating the forced migration, sale and abuse of foreign children.”

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 3 April 2023

Whole page is good, but skip down to this title, learn more.

History of NESARA and the Deep State

Benjamin Fulford Report: New World Order Ends 500 Year Plan to Conquer the Planet

Judy Byington, SG Anon: 04-04-23, Trump Return - Restored Republic via a GCR (Video)

Netflix has new documentary WACO about Branch Davidians

Military Arrests Liz Cheney

Primary Water Inst.

Primary water is pure, without pollutants. It is formed in abundance within the earth & is flowing out thru the surface.  There may be 2 or 3 times more primary water than in the oceans.
Investigate - know more.  Also learn of benefit/ problem of borax, iodine, fluoride.

Government on Mind Control: FOIA documents thru

 Hypnosis, Transcendental Meditation, Hemi-sync, Gateway Experience, Time Travel

PSA - Why You Shouldn’t Take the Vaccine


Everything About to Blow Up as God Destroys Evil

Bo Polny | Greg Hunter- USAWatchdog

Watch "Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick - Full Documentary" on YouTube


Wise words from wise men of the past.


MIT on vaccines to animals affecting humans

15 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future" on YouTube

The Lost History of Flat Earth 5+ hrs.

Aaron Russo Documentary Proves Income Taxes Have NEVER Been Legal

America Freedom To Fascism - Aaron Russo documentary

Most Americans are not required to pay income tax. This plan is extremely transparent and being rolled out at a LOCAL municipal level. We can no longer blame the federal government for this dystopian plan.

  c40 is this our future?  Short video



Seven Lessons Taught in School - by John Taylor Gatto

Thanks For The Memories- Brice Taylor, Mind controlled slave.

RRN GITMO - ​JAG Sentences Jerome Adams to Death

Turkey Earthquakes caused by intent & new technologies.
The world is waking up, State of Nation, speech from Turkey.

Public Law 97-280  Congress:1982, our Nation, ... need to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

NLA Court Access Common Law Course $ 125

Super Bowl 2023: Examining the Predictive Programming & Creepy Commercials
Watch the 2nd video, 34 min.

Distilled Water for our health.

Dismantling the IRS and the United States Corporation and Restoring the Republic

JFK Jr. Goes Public With Some Executed Cabal & Exposes 'The Movie' Actors - The Masks Come Off in 10 Days (Feb 20th)

Turkey Earthquakes UNDGR Battle | Balloon Not CCP Origin/Simple SURV Craft
| 45 Comms Point to FISA

Operation Disclosure

Flat Earth pdf book 167 ? pages from aPlaneTruth

Dr. Betsy Eads Predicts 1B Dead or Disabled from CV19 Bioweapons

Celebrities and Elites are all Transsexuals (
1:49:00)  Long, but get the idea in first 30 min. Trannies go back in history of leaders

White Hats: Montana Balloon Was Deep State, not Chinese

RRN CDC Deputy Director Arrested for Covid Crimes

RRN =  Many articles of arrest, capture, trial & judgment or execution of treasonous
Deep State people (people in government who broke their oath to support the constitution.)

Truth in Ukraine

How to prepare for coming Cyber Attack

European Royals Killing Naked Children for Fun at Human Hunting Parties?

Cancer Cure Testimony 4 minute clip from a Ted Talk
Paul Stamets | Mushroom Science NO Trace of Cancer

Study shows electric vehicles are a scam propped up by government

Op-ed Daniel Horowitz February 02, 2023

Subject of Project Veritas Pfizer Sting Freaks Out After Being confroned by James O'Keefe

for Nesara/Gesara to officially kick off there were 209 nations that signed on the dotted line to not be at War and agreed to destroy their weapons.

History: Universal Disclosure - Martin Kenny yt

EMF Hazards Summit | Free Day One

USA Med Beds and Tesla Med Bed Technology.

AI Unveiled: Chatgpt and Deepfake - Hear This Critical Warning!

FDIC is a Scam

Covid pandemic drives Pfizer's 2022 revenue to record $100 billion

RRN Special Forces Deep State cloning lab in Alaska

Z28.310 - The medical code designated for the Unvaccinated


Master and Commander: The Collapse of the Central Banking System Has Begun

Central Banks around the world are 100% connected to the QFS / Gold is redistributed

Recovering Lost History from Estuaries, Pine Barrens & Elite Enclaves

Consider Ohio train wreck 2023.02.11 & how that affects the water & lives of people, crops, animals in many states.

1776 Nation    1776 outline

Fossilized-Customs  < current study

Money Collapse NOW



Flexner Report- Rockefeller takes over Western Medicine

JFK documentary

Khazarian Mafia

US-Military runs US in 2022.htm

Vaccine Problems

News fraud

Tesla Universe - Pierce Arrow car runs on ether atmospheric energy.

Vaxxed Have Programmable Zombie Brain Implants video

Crimes Against Humanity, from The Hague. International Trials Day One- Aug 1, 2022
Telegram is an application for smart phones or computers.
With it you can see (unbelievable) on going events across the world.

JFK lone assassin impossible
Craig Roberts (& others) makes a very compelling case.

God's Promises, Faith, Strength in Jesus 3 hours on YouTube

Ted in Court- rejecting their claims, NYC Court Cam
Judge Loses His Patience with Stubborn Sovereign Citizen | A&E

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