introduction    07/22/2023


Please read this.

I deal with 1,000s of people.

Everyone knows different things.  Each of us believes some things that are true.

We also, each of us, believe some things that are not true.

Truth will make us free.  John8:32

I think if we observe & reason, then we can determine truth.

Some times we have to change a log held, foundation belief.

As many of us have some bad info.  we believe in some things that are not true,

we have to learn & accept truth to change what we think & what we do.

Many people are "waking up" as they see news, government, organizations are lying to us.

We must stop believing the lies, learn truth & stand on it.

Some things we know are true, but some are not true.

Some things we cannot learn until after we learn some other things.

You'd be bored if I talk of what you know.

You want new & better info.

If I talk of the deep truths, then those who have a superficial view of life will ignore me.

I sure don't know everything.  I studied 9-11, I found great deception from TV, news, government even universities.

Then I found that those or many organizations are based on some fundamental lies.

We believe lies as we've never seen the truth.

The super rich, behind the scenes, control us all

via laws, courts, taxes, authorities, experts, words (lies).

When you decide to seek truth, you can step outside of their deceptions.

This is exciting & frightening journey.

Most people will stop searching truth, and instead support, honor and submit to "governments" laws, etc.
that impinge on their natural God given rights.

I am one guy. As I figure things out, I post 10,000+ articles on this website.

I collected at home, 200,000+ video documentaries, books, articles, interviews.

These are more details & proofs of what I am learning.

Whatever you believe limits or shapes your life.

If you study, surely you will see that news & government have been lying for decades. is fun place to start.  9-11, Sandy Hook, fake Moon Landings ...

Yes, I speak opposite or against many people & organizations you know & honor,
but when you really understand how these things work, you should also seek truth & step away from our deceptions.

I've worked full time for 18 years (living on savings).

I was shocked, saddened, depressed as I learned all this,
but now I am certain that I, we, are protected, guided & blessed by our loving Yahuah, called God.

We must seek truth to prevail.

The truth will make us free.  John 8:32

History for one subject, is huge lie, falsifying and or hiding many facts, distorting events, etc.

Many people do not intend to lie, but they believe, say  & enforce things that ae not true.

We must be gentle, kind, forgiving as we wake them up.

Goethe said, There is nothing so dangerous as ignorance in action.

If you are alone, stopped in a rural are with a policeman with fast car, gun, ace, hand cuffs.

He is not interested in learning about your ideas on law.

You must obey his forceful conduct until you get to a judge or reasonable man who might consider your words.

Please read on.

I may be wrong on any single statement, but I think when you investigate deeply, you will find these pages revealing, startling, affirming and fascinating, on the journey.   is a method & website I've developed to show you quick & easy ways to get more information, both to confirm or deny any thing.

Patiently persist, with prayer & purpose, until we prevail.  - Ted

ted elden