Fulford Report- millions of people in protest !


excerpts below

Information makes our reality.

I see videos of these incredible crowds on Telegram app.

Ignoring facts does not cause the facts to go away.

The magnitude of the events on going is HUGE, but American mainstream media choose to think this is not important, nor even true.

In France, meanwhile, the situation is even more dramatic. It is estimated that well over 9 million people took to the streets with 3.5 million in Paris alone.  That is twice the number of people in all of West Virginia !

More ominously for Rothschild slave president Macron, police officers have laid down their arms and are supporting the protesters. The mobs are shouting “When Macron Falls… You’ll Learn it ALL”

One of the things they have already learned is French First Lady Brigitte Macron started out life as a man. That is because her lawsuit against two women who alleged that she underwent gender reassignment surgery was thrown out without a hearing. The important point is the fact he/she fought so hard to keep this a secret means Macron was being blackmailed about this.

French nationwide TV broadcasts have also already reported French elite torture and kill thousands of children to harvest adrenochrome every year.

There is also a move towards regime change happening in Germany. Germany’s opposition AFD party, for example, is saying “If Seymour Hersh is Correct [about his being involved in blowing up the Nordstream pipeline], German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Committed Treason and Must Resign”


The United States is the only country that has used biological and chemical weapons in multiple wars, and the only country that opposes the establishment of a multilateral verification mechanism for the Biological Weapons Convention,

The United States is the No.1 warmonger in the world. It was not at war for only 16 years throughout its 240-plus years of history and accounted for about 80 percent of all post-World War II (WWII) armed conflicts.


If you are new to these subjects; transgender, adrenochrome, underground bases & battles you have to read/ watch/ study them.

We all tend to ignore new info. which is why these subjects are suppressed by mainstream.

Learn how to search on the internet, you can have direct access to the source reports.


abodia.com         see

There is no virus.

Several documentaries there linked.