Ohio Train Wreck Feb. 2023

Ohio train derailment: A first report on the Ohio toxic train wreck was ...

Feb 24, 2023 The National Transportation Safety Board on Thursday released its preliminary report on the investigation into the February 3 train crash in East Palestine, Ohio, where residents have been...

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The Reese Report: Predictive Programming and the Ohio Train Wreck

Feb 17, 2023@gregreese The Reese Report: Predictive Programming and the Ohio Train Wreck gregreese.substack.com Predictive Programming and the Ohio Train Wreck Watch now (7 min) | Deconstructing one of the dark occult's most effective mind control tactics

Coincidences at derailment,
East Palestine, Ohio town Rolled Out Special ID ‘In Case of Emergency’ Just Months Before Chemical Disaster

Moore explained, “It was exactly a week before the derailment happened. The people were asked to go to the local fire department in downtown East Palestine to get that MyID.”

“They began monitoring your physical activity, your heart rate, your respiration, anything you might be exposed to.” Moore continued, “I see this as the kind of censor you would put on an astronaut or on an athlete that you wanted to track to see how he’d react to stress or being winded, or in this instance chemical exposure. It’s a monitoring device.”
Big Cover-up in train derailment in Ohio

Detox from Dioxin exposure

Huge Toxicity from Ohio train wreck

Dr. Lee Merritt toxic substance involved in East Palestine, Ohio train derailment

Hollywood Perfectly Predicted Ohio Train Crash Toxic Explosion | Filmed In The SAME Town

Get Out Now - Ohio, Penna. W. Va. Federal Emergency- 30 million people - 6 states.
Train wreck releases vinyl chloride, in water, air, killing animals.

Consider Ohio train wreck 2023.02.03 February. It affects water & lives of people, crops, animals in many states down Ohio River to Mississippi River to New Orleans.

Turkey Earthquakes caused by intent & new technologies.
The world is waking up, State of Nation, speech from Turkey.

Turkey Earthquakes UNDGR Battle | Balloon Not CCP Origin/Simple SURV Craft
| 45 Comments Point to FISA