Ohio, White Noise, and the Power of Words over Things

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_GAY2arHx4  28 minutes

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Excellent commentary !

The East Palestine, Ohio train derailment shows us much as to how the mainstream works & lies.

Here are facts & principles

Things are not getting worse, we are simply seeing the revealing of what has long been on going:

corruption in court, congress, corporations, universities, CDC, NIAID, NIH, WEF, UN etc.

What news told us is good, is not good.

The bad guys own the news and suppress their great evil.

Independent thinkers see the suppressed information.  We should stop supporting the evil people & evil systems.

The Ohio train derailment exposes facts & PRINCIPLES as to how they condition our thinking thru the distorted news. 

White Noise is a 1991 ? book by Don Delillo.  NetFlix made movie same title, released on NetFlix streaming December 29, 2022.  It predicting what actually occurred 3 Feb. 2023 in Palestine, Ohio

Same place, Palestine & Iron City.

Same event - release of D ###  Dioxin, possibly the most toxic of all synthetic chemicals.

Burning it & vinyl chloride dispersing it into toxic air & soil.

Calamity effects area up to 200 ? miles away.

This train derailment killed more than 43,000 fish and animals, officials say.

Norfolk Southern released 1.1 million pounds of vinyl chloride after derailment, lawsuit alleges.

US train history: 54,570 train derailments from 1990-2021

US averages more than 1,700 train derailments a year.

White Noise- NetFlix movie of same event released on streaming just 1 month before actual event happened.

This is predictive programming to condition people how to think & react when the real event occurs.

Crisis has become a method of government.

Governments & corporations test to learn how fewer & fewer people can rule over we, the many.  Fear is their tool.

Was the future being hypnotized or being scripted ?

We've entered arena in which Western establishment (government/ corporations) needs to constantly invent new nightmares to maintain power.

Dioxon: Combining the two compounds which make up Agent Orange produces dioxin- termed the deadliest compound made by man- Three ounces of dioxin introduced into New York's water supply could kill the city's population- Some 350 pounds of dioxin probably fell on Vietnam.


Ordinary students exploring extraordinary beliefs:           Predictive Programming

April 18 201  The Ohio State University.

'Evacuate us!': East Palestine residents erupt in anger as Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw FAILS to turn up AGAIN at community town hall - as his representative says 'we feel horrible' about train crash.

- Emotions ran high at the town hall meeting on Thursday evening in East Palestine as residents yelled at an EPA representative not to 'lie to them."

They also questioned: 'Where's Alan?' as the railroad CEO Alan Shaw failed to once again show up in the small town.

Many residents took to the stand to detail their harrowing stories of them and their children falling ill and projectile vomiting from the side effects.

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Notes below, I think are from Mike, Adams, Health Ranger.

Huge Toxicity from Ohio train wreck.

A single drop of dioxin-contaminated rain can EXCEED lifetime exposure limits.From this link you can read the article or listen to audio about it.

Situation Update, Feb 16, 2023 - Devastating DIOXIN exposure from Ohio train wreck burn will CONTAMINATE food, farms and families for YEARS to come

- DIOXINS are created from the burning of chlorinated chemicals such as vinyl chloride
- Ohio train wreck contained perhaps 1 million gallons of vinyl chloride
- The MOST toxic synthetic chemical known to humankind
- 1/10,000th of a grain of salt in dioxins is the maximum lifetime exposure
- A single drop of dioxin-contaminated rain can EXCEED lifetime exposure limits
- Thousands of square miles of farmland now heavily contaminated with #dioxin fallout
- Dioxins are bioaccumulated in lipids (fats)
- This means all MEAT, milk, eggs, cheese from the area may be too toxic to consume
- Farms, homes and real estate will plunge to ZERO value
- The entire town may have to be condemned and bulldozed
- INDOOR pets are now dying from the exposure
- Mass animal die-offs continue to be discovered
- Total media cover-up as nearly entire corporate media LIES like Chernobyl
- Exclusive interview with hazardous materials incident expert
- Train "hot box" FAILED to be detected by sensors
- Incident commander should have NEVER ignited the vinyl chloride.

Regarding radiation:

A 1 day half life means 1/2 of the radiation comes out every day, growing less & less radio active queckly.

A 100 year half life means that have of the contained radiation comes out every 100 years.

A short half life period is "hot" or dangerous dosage.

A 100 year half life means that only a little radiation come off each day.

Most people believe that a 100 or 1,000 year half life is dangerous.  No the reverse is true as noted above.