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- BioChemistry debunks Freemasonry, religion & chickenpox  by Spacebusters !

There is / was no virus ever.

When our body throws off toxins we get from food, water, air, vax then we feel sickly.

Vaccines and medical procedures aim to hide the symptoms, delay and hinder natural healing like having fever.


Space Busters - watch other of their videos.

- Once were the Living   butchute  typed narrative     - Once ... 2nd link

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- 5G Genocide 2023  5G is kill switch for vaccinated

- Immunity in 19 minutes viruses don't exist, nor can be contagious.

- The Mother of All Lies yt - Cowan virus/ vaccine

Dr. Thomas Cowan, his book, Contagion published by Barnes & Noble,
and his many - Cowan Conversations on You Tube.
further explains the popular misconception of what a virus is & or causes.

Imagine a house burning with firemen inside.

Are firemen putting it out or lighting the fires ?

What is called a virus is said to be remnants of DNA pieces in the blood.

Our bodies fight bacteria & toxins in our body.

That which they eject is the waste materials the body is eliminating in healing.

Doctors & drug advocates say the "virus" is non living, non contagious, non reproducible, nor having any locomotion, then they say that "virus" causes illness.

No one ever has isolated any material they call a virus.

A virus is a flawed idea to justify the need for drugs.

Treatments to poison, radiate or surgically remove body parts are detrimental to a healthy body and much more catastrophic to weak, sick people.

I am not a doctor, nor am I giving medical advise.

I post clear science and facts to consider.

Covid 19 vaccine is NOT a vaccine.

It is a cellular, GENETIC MODIFICATION technology, admittedly designed & given those ignorant enough to take it... a self-creating AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE similar to what used to be called... HIV AIDS

More documentaries: germ theory is false, Pasteur vs Bechamp, Dr. Simone Gold

Avoiding the Future Plague coming in 2020 - filmed in 1957