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Thank you for your lovely mail. Indeed, Bob and I were extremely fond of Henry, and tried to keep up in our contact with him.  It became more difficult this winter; and I will always regret that we did not get to see him at Christmas as we had in the past.  I have written to Ted, conveying our sympathy. Ted was attentive to his father's needs and provided excellent companionship throughout his declining years.  We miss Henry now; and Top O Rock, which is so near to us, It will serve as  a constant reminder of his uniqueness and his special  talents. Henry's presence was so vivid, and so meaningful to me. It is difficult for me to believe that he has truly left us.

Nancy Douglas


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     I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your dear father.  He was a kind and generous man to let so many people visit and use his fabulous home.  My prayers are with you and your sister during this time of grieving.  I know the celebration of his life will be something wonderful to experience.  I'm sure my mother would love to attend.


Your friend,



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I saw that, but need to send a card to Ted.  My older sister Susie introduced me to Ted about 40 years ago.  He was always a dear friend to both of my sisters and a good friend to our family.  I did not know his dad, other than having met him once or twice, but certainly he was a respected and well known member of our community.  I'm glad that Ted had opportunity to speak with him before he passed.  I had the same opportunity with my father, and I cherish that last conversation.  Harry 


Harry G. Deitzler


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I am Ted's cousin at Headsville.  My great grandfather was his grandfather's brother.  I've e-mailed Ted to let him know that if there are family related pictures,  etc.,  that his side of the family doesn't want,  I'd like to have them here.  So much of our family history has been lost (letters,  artifacts,  pictures,  etc.).  I hope that Ted and Barbara and their children along with his first cousins will take most of the pictures, etc. 


Ted did send me a message earlier and I sent him this same response.  I hope to be able to attend the memorial service in April.


G. Carskadon

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Thank you for the news--I spoke with Ted last week at school--he comes every now and again--he was such a talented and innovative architect--we have many beautiful examples of his work around town---Kackie Eller

Mary Katheri Eller

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I had heard the news, but thanks for passing it on. I have worked for Ted from time to time for about the last fifteen years. On a few occasions, Henry Elden worked with me on weddings. I always had the utmost respect for him and was always amazed by the energy level he had as an old man and by his special brand of genius.

Wayne Kesinger

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I heard from Mark Plants that
your dad passed on Saturday.

Kinuko and I, as well as Akio and Steve,
send our condolences with this message.

It is always a great sadness when our
precious ones depart, but depart we must.
Your dad and I shared about the same
vintage though I have about five years
ahead to emulate his durable nature.
We seldom know when our time is

Please convey my regards to your sister.

Bill Patrick

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Dear Ted,


I'm not sure I'd call two dead cars, an icy drive, and frozen burst pipes normal.  We were really worried our pipes would freeze while we were away over Christmas as minus 20 to 40 is not abnormal here. We turned off our water and things were OK. I have been keeping up to date with your web site. I think it is a really nice tribute to your Dad. He really was quite an amazing man.  If you have a chance, I'd wish you'd put a picture of your Dad and your Mom on the web site. It feels like that part of his life is missing. I also love the pictures of Top ' O Rock. I have such great childhood memories( and later) of the house and office. We once lost a turtle in the office wilderness. What a beautiful creative work of art the house is. 

My Mom will do a good job with the albums. I can see some of those pictures in my mind. Do you remember being in New York with us, long ago( and your parents) and standing on your hands on the streets of NY. We Dement kids were very impressed.

Why are two cars dead? Weather or cold or mechanical difficulties?


Cousin Cathy Dement


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