a Tribute to Henry Elden, Architect, Engineer, Top O Rock, Charleston, West Virginia

born 28 May, 1914, died Sat. 17 Jan. 2009, 94 years old.     More photos of Henry at bottom        updated 05/6/2014

Top O Rock is vandalized (from neglect to protect it ?)

Memorial Service 11 April '09  Photos   Reflections  -  Collectibles from Top O Rock & interior room photos

Truth Seekers met at Top O Rock for 4+ years, Visitors Welcome 

 Overview of his life's work & adventures at bottom - click here  H. Eldens Licenses- Awards

yet to post - photo collection of Henry Elden
- his articles, travels, biography, notes of interest.
See photos of his famed Top O Rock, explore & enjoy.

About Elden Architects  Henry designed & built hospitals, post offices, government buildings,
homes, schools, and diverse & exciting projects like Calvary Church in Wheeling,
Chief Logan State Park Lodge, and many more.

Architect/ Engineer, PhD WW II Lieutenant

                Clint Bryan & Henry  1st design team
Top O Rock shown on National TV Images:  Interior  Exterior 

  Top O Rock Studio Reception Setting  82  Lawns Settings 80
Studio Atrium Weddings:
Tara - May '06 30 
 Tonya Oct 29    

Lawn Weddings: Brandy 83   Jennifer 31   Regina 32    Wedding 23 

If you have something to share - send to Ted Elden at         a @ abodia.com   304 344 2335

c/o 3501 MacCorkle Ave. SE # 304, Charleston, West Virginia, zip exempt.

Dad was often in the news, he was popular guy, admired by many.
News was important to him, to know of people & events and to watch for his friends in the news.

 Dad was also a great photographer, which is funny.
Being a photographer is nothing,

Dad would engage and delight people and that he would put on film.

So photos are nothing but a reflection of great times & people.
He was the root cause of much of the joy around him.

 Peace, best to you all.     Photos of Henry    ^ - - - top of page

Top O Rock - a dream of design in nature - amid a 5 acre forest, overlooking Capitol City - River City Skyline


Henry Elden: Designed & built 800+ projects around W. Va., about $ 450 million total value. 
Unique designs for homed, hospitals, post offices, gov. buildings, schools & colleges.

He got national awards for architectural work; like WVIT
Most beautiful, functional library in W. Va. for 25+ years. 

He served on W. Va. Board of Architects 13 years, many terms.
- was WW II Navy Communication office serving in Pacific.
- was a traveler: many times to Europe, developing a import business with associate in Germany. They sailed Baltic Sea.

He: snow skied in Switzerland, Italy, CO, WA, PA, water skied
 W. Va.  He circled US & Canada twice on railroad ! 
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Dad was active: skiing, travel, construction inspections.  He had a few mishaps, but he just dusted himself off and laughed.

Henry Elden hosted the
Charleston Truth Seekers
in his home for over 3 years.
They found Revelations about 9-11

Thanks for visiting !  web site by his son
Ted Elden, Architect - Photographer

2 Ramu Road, Charleston, West Virginia
Elden@Suddenlink.net    304 344 2335


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