vvvv Energy is the Key - Solution to the worlds problems    by Ted Elden

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In the 1950’s the monied interest of world,
Rockefe..ll.r & others worked with Henry Kessinger.

What is the one way to enslave the world to serve us,

so we profit, prosper, gaining more & more power & wealth ?


They decided everyone on the planet needs energy.

Even the remote African on his farm,
needs energy, to pull the plow, to lift the water.


In the 1920, electric cars, battery operated were dominate, but they were closed out in favor of petrol.
Now our vehicles are powered by oil, world wide.  It’s the source of most energy, along with coal, gas.


These energy sources involve explosion, or burning and creating wasted heat & toxic by products, harmful to life, our environment and our planet.  Free energy is a natural non-polluting method with no wasted heat., uses implosion.

Aside:  Over 100 years ago inventors and scientist discovered Free Energy sources and devices.  Tesla spoke of them, as did John Worley Keely and others.  In recent decades, people have built devices, run cars on water and done many miraculous things with magnets and other free energy source.


Yes, this (seems to) contradicts the law of thermodynamics.  But there are other laws, from James Maxwell equations that do explain the source and operation of what seems to be free energy.


When we have access to free energy to operate our cars, run appliances in our homes, then we no longer need to pay the oil, gas, electric companies.  Our authorities are based on us having a need for them.

..2..  vvv  ... top                America is Broke

The problem with America's finance is this. 

We have been buying things from other countries
for decades and owe them much money.

The US dollar once was the world's standard of money,
but it no longer is.  The countries that produce oil have
a pact with USA (actually the global oil companies)
to only sell oil for US dollars.


Around the world many countries own lots of US dollars,
far more than are circulating within the United States.

Iraq changed selling oil from the dollar standard to the Euro,
so US went to war against them.

Iran is changing to the Euro,
so again the US military plans to attack them.


Our currency's value is based on

it's purchasing power, it's power to buy oil. 

When dollars no longer buy oil, the dollar's value falls.

When countries change to sell petrol for the Euro,

it brings quick financial ruin to the US.


Money & power are a strong force to control others. 

Wars, assassinations are a product of greed.

War provides huge fortunes & concentrations of power.

Now foreign bankers want to convert their valueless US (fiat) currency into real value, hard, tangible assets, property.  So they have been buying up US property; hotels, roads, bridges, public water works, etc.


The Federal Reserve is a group of (12) European banks – bankers, Rothschild, Kuhn, and others, who own the currency world wide.  They can artificially create a seeming booming economy or stop the flow of money (raise interest rates) and force individuals and small business owners in to bankruptcy, take their home mortgages etc.  The stock market crash, the foreclosure of the family farms in mid west in the 1930s – are the workings of the private foreign corporation that is printing valueless fiat currency we call Federal Reserve Notes.


So – around the world, policies, government, all things are controlled by money, which is controlled by the US dollar which is controlled by oil against the US dollar.  Need for energy worldwide is sold in units of the US dollar.

With the discovery of free energy, these organizations; government & authorities will shrink, falter, collapse, because we don’t need them.



..3..   vvv    ... top            Discoveries in Medicine, Science are suppressed

Similarly, health is a precious commodity, as are cures. 

We're taught the solution is doctors, hospitals, drugs, insurance.  But, for those who can read and think, there are simple inexpensive alternative cures (even a US patent covers this) for all known diseases.


So we are engaged by politicians and media – news to be battling for energy, for money, for health..


All these will collapse when the truth is dispersed and understood.


The real battle is for your mind,

what you think, where you get your information.


Why don’t you know this ?  Because all your information sources are blocked by those that have the money and the power, to control news, governments, and politicians.


This was brief, but the basic story.

So let’s not talk about clean coal, solar energy, energy from the ocean.  All these are complicated sources of energy. (centralized & distributed - to control the masses)   Let’s find, understand and widely spread the knowledge of the 26 or so free energy technologies that are tested, working and now available.


Tom Bearden’s web site talks of these.  Here is more information on Free Energy Devices - now available


To have free energy, even the propulsion technologies that our government, or secret government has, uses, and denies – will free us all of costs, solve the global warming problem and topple many strong holds of authorities.


The world is on the brink of an entirely new system – but all this is based on information.

Our world is large or small depending on our information and whether it's truth.


..4..    vvv  ... top                When the truth is widely known, changes will follow.

Yet, most do not know, nor believe, because they are busy, being dependent on authorities, accepting their lying version of the truth, and doubting things they have not seen,
not understood nor tested.


Truth on Free Energy

is the single event which will change the world.


But remember, this has been available for at least 80 years, probably longer.  If they can keep this secret this long, how can we break this open. ?  Well the internet for one.  Before we had considered these things, we did not know either.
Life is learning, and it should be life long effort.


With intensive study, you can learn about these thing and other hidden sciences.  There are millions who know these things, millions who understand that inc. tax is not required.  It is part of the sham of controlling information and deceiving us.


Many ask me to consider things in the news, politicians, popular and unpopular energy sources, like solar, wind, etc.  All this stuff is a waste of time. I only care about the real, the primary issues, as known and easily for other to learn and understand.  Working in the world of media, politicians, parties, solar or wind energy.

These are all distractions to keep us from finding and developing the free energy sources.


If you need help to understand this free energy stuff,
examine the link from this site.

I have videos of working free energy devices
you too can buy these videos from LightWorks,

I have gotten several books, photos, models, patents of developed free energy devices from inner library loans.


The information is available to those who will study it. 

You cannot grasp it in 10 minutes,

nor from info. sources you have known before.

To find the new information, you have to find new information sources, inner library loans, internet, people, organizations.


How can you trust these sources ? 
My whole life I was told to check the credentials of the man or institution to be sure I have a reliable source.

All I have read in last 3 years, proves that is wrong way to get information.

You have to read, think, research.  All the authorities I have ever trusted, I find are serving themselves, holding back on important information to inflate their importance and to increase their money or power and reduce ours.

..5..          ... top                    To learn the truth, you have to read & think.   

To find this (and anything) you have to research
on the internet – or just ask me.


None of these is believable or real until
you have spent hours studying them
to realize there are many people

who understand and or are involved in this.

Relying on others is how we got into
this great deception and dependency.


Convert your car to run on water,

that is good place to start.  Cut Fuel Costs

God Bless & good luck !      

.      Ted Elden, Charleston, West Virginia

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