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Energy from coal, oil, wind, ocean, bio mass.
These are antique ideas.
 Less effective. 
Free Energy radically changes who controls the world
  and individual freedom we'll have.
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Suppressed Information

Free Energy discussion; Inventors, devices, explanations.

World of Free Energy 10 page, full article

Skip down to this title Four Invisible Forces to understand why Free Energy
 is suppressed from discussion in all media world wide.

The most important article here is to watch on You Tube, the John Searl Story - highlights
John Roy Robert Searl publically demonstrated for years his inverse gravity (levity disc) flying without consuming any fuel, and his SEG Searl Energy Generator, his free energy generator. 

The World of Free Energy by Peter Lindemann, D.Sc

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Break-Through Energy Technologies Sirius Disclosures

Elden's notes from Free Energy Seminar Idaho 13-14 Nov. '10

John Bedini - Build your own Free Energy Generator http://johnbedini.net/
(He's done this for 20 years !) ReCharge & Restore all batteries www.r-charge.com/

Working Vorktex Power Unit  buy off shelf, 4.8 Kilo Watt from Canada

ERR Fluxgenerator by Noah's Ark Research Foundation
New FE Generator Development almost ready 
also ready & here

Stan Deyo explains secret government, hidden technologies
Free Energy & Anti Gravity -

Desktop Model shows how magnets can create Free Energy

Edward V. Gray

Electro-Magnetic Association (EMA) Motor
(Pulsed Capacitance Discharge Engine)

http://fuel-efficient-vehicles.org/energy-news/?page_id=955    www.RexResearch.com/evgray/1gray.htm

Magnets can drive perpetual motion devices, and create useful work, energy or electricity.

There are also many other ways to extract energy from the environment without supplying any input like coal, oil, gas, or electricity.

When free energy devices are made available,    
it will lift a tremendous tax (cost) on every living person.

Free Energy is the Key to solve many of world problems; war, need, money, control, freedom.

Many debate Global Warming - a real threat.  Plans to save us are to tax and regulate energy. 

Energy companies fight for new territories to explore and to sell.  We are engaged in war for oil.
Is there an alternative ?  There is - read on !  (It is decades old, - it's just suppressed)

Our world is built on information, primary from news, authorities, government.
Are there alternatives that have not been considered ?

Energy production methods we know consume some fossil fuel, burn them, causing heat and pollution as by products.  Man uses explosion.  Nature uses implosion.  Nature can create energy, transmute elements, and produce cool, non pollution energy and suction in a natural implosion, like tornadoes, hurricanes, and other visible phenomena now copied by man.

Energy machines like cars, furnaces, generators burn some fossil fuel, again producing waste in toxic pollution and heat.  Natural processes like tornadoes, release great energy forces with no pollution, no heat waste.

Free energy technologies (link) have been developed continually over the last 100+ years.

Free energy is available when a device is built that can extract energy from the environment
It does not consume coal, gas, oil, not electricity, yet it yields power, motion, energy or electricity. 
It can run from atmospheric ambient energy, from the zero point, from the vacuum, from the ether.

Inventors have devised many ways to extract energy from the environment without using coal, gas, oil or electricity.  Their patents, press releases, public exposure weave through our history.  They have found ways to extract the free energy that surrounds us. Here are some of the inventors; Tesla, de Palma, E. V. Gray, Henry T. Moray, Thomas Townsend Browning, John Searle, Hutchinson, John Ernst Worrell Keely - Philadelphia, Penna. 1870s,
Individuals can run their cars, homes without conventional energy sources, no energy bills, off the grid.  World wide this will liberate mankind, when we can politically mature and open these resources to the general public.

John Ernst Worrell Keely in 1870s devised many FE devices.
Nikola Tesla proclaimed the world would soon see the unlimited use of the free energy devices -    but Tesla was black balled & bankrupted when he became dependent on Morgan his financer of his inventions.  He tried to make the FE available to general public for free, no wires, no fees !

Nikola Tesla, following up on these discoveries, found that electrostatic charges could also be conveyed by Radiant Matter. He called it Radiant Energy. When Radiant Energy was transmitted from place to place, it behaved like "sound waves of electrified air." By 1900, Tesla had developed lighting systems and electric motors that ran on Radiant Energy.

In 1900s many more followed.

Viktor Schauberger’s 1940s technology extracts free energyHe watched the whirlpool of water draining from a tub, or of a accelerating swirl in a tornado drain from the sky to the earth.  This cool, natural, accelerating implosion released huge amounts of energy, which he managed to replicate in free energy devices; one a rural electric generator for his use was powered by water.

I have/ you can get many of his books. Schauberger's discoveries are fantastic, but little known in today's world. He built FE device to supply electricity to his rural home, he built flying saucers (under duress) for Nazis. He released his technology to firm in Texas who has chosen to seal and abandoned it rather then develop and share it. (perhaps oil interest ?)

Thomas Henry Moray 1934 developed a small box with vacuum type tubes, that linked to an antenna and a ground wire and generated 30 kilowatts of electricity which he used to power banks of lights in public & published demonstrations, running on Radiant Energy.

Bruce DePalma - N Machine 1970s,     also consider zero-point energy, cold fusion.

E. V. Grey developed an approx. 60 lb., light weight  80 horse power electric motor to power cars.

Learn more free energy devices; US Patent 6,362,718 Motionless Electromagnetic Generator,

Tom Bearden, a physicists, long speaking, developing and demonstrating these devices says we have over 20 developed, matured, tested and ready to market free energy technologies.  They can save the world from pollution and the crippling  cost of energy.  We should implement them immediately !

Radiant Energy: In 1875, Sir William Crookes discovered the properties of Radiant Matter. His invention of the Radiometer was proof that Radiant Matter was a constituent of sunlight.

Edwin V. Gray 1973 started demonstrating his EMA motor, an 80hp electric motor capable of keeping its own batteries charged while delivering surplus mechanical energy.

Paul Baumann 1980's built numerous models of an astonishing self-running machine called "Testatika" in Switzerland..

John Bedini's work also falls into the field of Radiant Energy. These developments are only the tip of the iceberg in our knowledge of what is mistakenly referred to as "static electricity" but is really something much more astonishing.

What is the draw back ? Why are we not seizing & developing these devices, this technology ?

Money - Power - Control  Those  who control our world, own the industries, the energy production and even those making the cars and devices that use energy are locked in a hold on our control.  Energy is one of the biggest business in the world.  It generates huge revenues.

Free Energy systems reduce the need for and control by the energy producers.  There will be a major shift in all our thinking as the Free Energy information become better known and available. 

When you can run your car, your home and your office energy systems without having to pay for energy, without having to pay a utility company, without having a government having to control you, your use, you will reach a new freedom.  The institutions around you; power utility companies, public utility and government districts will decline as they'll be needed less. 

Individuals will be empowered to supply their own needs with out cost or control.

Is this but a dream ?  So would say the utilities, government & media (owed by corporations)

These authorizes block, confuse and mis direct information about the free energy world

But FE is alive and well and easily available to consider, learn, study, observe thru numerous press releases, published books and articles.  This web site is only trying to introduce you to the basic concept.  The field of free energy is immense. The internet is your window to see a world that will not reach you through corporate controlled media and government.  You can find this yourself.

Howard Johnson - Magnet Motor Patents

Tom Valone, Joseph Newman, Nikola Tesla,

working models: shown at www.TheLastOutPost.com,     

Get Videos of FE devices & inventors sold at LightWorks. Los Angeles California.

Study further on this web site, or just take the names and concepts and search out on your own.  The products, techniques, and available free energy are real.  There are many different approaches.

(Once you learn or consider something, just gather your details, it is easy to confirm, test, or expand your
.    knowledge through internet.     Test ideas, inventors or inventions mentioned here ! Read on to a new awakening )

Step from the illusion.  Realize that those who provided for us, like government, utility companies, even main steam media (which we now see servers the corporate and profit interest) are striving for their control and profit, not for our well being and our interest.

Their voices shield the general public from this exciting information.  They do not present or discuss FE.  The lay person cannot believe something is true if it is not mentioned in his news.

Information is suppressed by government & corporations to charge for energy, control us.  Our world is controlled by a dominate few because they inhibit the free flow of information to the many. 

Learn more of the great deceptions propagated by the elite (government, corporations and media) who control our world, for money and control by our  see Truth Seekers www.abodia.com/t    On left click on News Lies, to read findings published in the Congressional Record why big money owns what information they circulate.  How they enrich themselves by keeping us in the dark.

When knowledge is available freely - problems and cost will dissipate. 
.    Let’s circulate this information and to learn & use these devices ! 

* Free energy, doesn't consume resources,
is non polluting, is abundant & free, comes from environment.

Polluting explosion energy used today, is used for corporate profit.  Implosions technologies are a threat to utility companies and government.  With FE, you need not pay a fee to get the energy.

Bookmarks to articles below:    

Cars Run on Water        Free Energy Technologies     Schauberger implosion      
Free Energy Devices from UK  on new page  

FREE ENERGY  Tom Bearden, physicist

Krill Papers - Acquisition of Advanced Technology from Alien Cultures http://www.beyondweird.com/krill.html    
Dr. Steve Greer - Disclosure Project.com notes US gov. involved with UFOs, & must have access to the anti-gravity & free energy technologies.

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The world is at the breaking point - ready for totally new systems. The only thing that inhibits the change is our controlling corporations (status quo - those in power) who suppress this information.  Mainstream media & - news, TV, books & movies confuse & hide these important discoveries - convincing us these things cannot be true or real. 

We live in an illusions.  The truth will set us free ! 
Free energy devices will let us be free of utility companies, & corp. powers who control our lives.

Free-Energy Devices, zero-point energy, water as fuel - link to UK  

In 1860-70s Michael Faraday experiments and discovered properties about electricity and magnetism. James Clark Maxwell described these properties in quaternion mathematics.
These discoveries lead to free energy and anti-gravity.

Discussion about Maxwell & his book at bottom of page: 

Futher Reading:

- - - > Cars Run on Water                    Car Runs On Water

YouTube - Stan Meyer - hydrogen oxygen ( HHO ) - Zero Point Energy

## - Car runs on Water - ## - 20 miles per Liter. PATENT Text & Photographs of engine. Your car also can run on water.

Gadgets Car Runs on Water, Inventor to be kidnapped by Exxon

Prototype car runs 100 miles on four ounces of water as fuel

Running an Automobile on Hydrogen Using Water, by Drunvalo

Stan Meyer - Water Fuel Cell, Fully Operational... - Care2 News Network

Stanley Meyer Water Fuel Cell
The car that runs on water This is Money

Water Car Run on WATER+Fuel. Hydrogen Save Gas=FREE ENERGY!

Water Powered Car Video - Metacafe

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YouTube - AntiGravity Free Energy Pt1of7 by Stan Deyo

YouTube - free energy 2                                                YouTube - Free Energy Suppression

YouTube - Free Energy The Race To Zero Point part 3

YouTube - How Tesla Discovered Free Energy        YouTube - How to Build a Bedini Motor ... Part 2

YouTube - Save Planet Free Energy exists for Over 50 Years

YouTube - Joseph Newman motor                                 Searl Effect Generator - 3D Representation - Truveo Video Search

Searl Videos - Truveo Video Search           Searl 1 - Truveo Video Search

The SEG and Searl Effect Antigravity - the forerunner of modern ... John Searl brought Antigravity to public light by touring England ...    freeenergynews.com/Directory/Inventors/JohnSearl/index.html

www.TheLastOutPost.com  Video 1  Documentaries Theater 1:
At this site there're video of topics.

Free Energy            Zero Point               Tom Valone

Joseph Newman    Tom Bearden            Viktor Schumberger    Secret Space of UFOs and the secrets of NASA

No Global Warming, no pollution, technology available Now !

    Our World is based on Information.
Some share it, many block it. 
By deception they do rule.
Those in power hold a tight grip on us, deceiving us,
limiting our thinking and suppressing change.
They do this for their control and profit,
.    while depriving us of growth, health, prosperity, peace and freedom.

We have a better world when we find, consider, share information.
As information is disseminated, new solutions and freedoms empower individuals

Be part of the new thinking and technologies rapidly coming to light.

Videos on Free Energy – many collected at one place


www.TheLastOutpost.com  has video & discussions of many important subject.

They now show my favorite DVD on line, Secret Space of UFOs and the secrets of NASA

- - - > Viktor Schauberger  discovered natural forces of implosion in the 1940s !

Non polluting, free energy, working on spiral or vortex of water or air,
as in draining water swirls, or hurricane or tornado. 
Intro video

vortexes & explanation

Nazi’s flying saucers (Schauberger made under protest - water powers I think)

Viktor Schauberger was a scientist who made remarkable discoveries about water. He called it "the blood of the Earth". He described water as organic because in its natural state it carries energy and nourishment to all living things. A healthy stream purifies and enlivens itself by creating spirals and vortices; cavorting water is healthy and has a laminar structure. This is more than mere oxygenation, and has to do with creating positive energy.

Viktor Schauberger,
Living Water and Natural Harmonies

http://peswiki.com/index.php/OS:Jet-Turbine        Free energy device, still exploring

           For those with hope, there are answers !

Here are links to video that discuss Free Energy

The world is anew, brewing with new ideas and technologies.
Occasionally some of these break thru to the main stream but rarely.
Deny, ignoring, scoffing at the science, inventors, devices, etc does not remove the facts.

Global Warming, wars, deceiving media & gov. lord over us

But the solutions are abundant and ready now to implement

Will you hang on to a system long past it’s time ?
.    Or will you reach forward to embrace the new technologies ?

 What I do is try to get the best of information in sharp focus to make it simple for others.
.     Any help would be most welcome

Our world is controlled by info. 
You can get
better info if you want it.

Search Google for Free Energy, schematics, principles, inventors & devices.

Searl, Hutchinson Effect, Tesla, Joseph Newman,  Free Energy, SEM Motor

If you want some info, here are words, concepts,  phrases to search on Google

If you focus, as I do, you'll find real, valuable, precious, concise & focused information.

Today, information is not yet closed.
Corporations own gov. & media and close those paths of info.
But there are independent radio stations and tomes of information available to those who know how to search and sort thru the internet.

Good Hunting !


Free Energy: Maxwell

Starting with the Faraday / James Clerk Maxwell quaternion equations from Maxwell’s book in 1873
(I found a copy on line at the Carnegie Mellon Univ. Posner Library - my classmate designed this building)
This science, ignored by modern science, touched on free energy, and anti gravity, and this is 135 years ago.

Here the science:              On the discovery of relationship between electricity & magnetism:

Michael Faraday (did the experiments)

James Clerk Maxwell (did the quaternion vector equations, published in 1873)

Maxwell's Quaternion Equations by Col. Tom Bearden  http://www.rexresearch.com/maxwell.htm   www.Cheniere.org

Original theory was published as: James Clerk Maxwell, "A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field",
Royal Society Transactions, Vol. CLV, 1865, p 459. The paper was orally read Dec. 8, 1864.

Maxwell died in 1879 of stomach cancer.

In the 1880s, several scientists --- Heaviside, Gibbs, Hertz etc. --- strongly assaulted the Maxwellian theory and dramatically reduced it, creating vector algebra in the process. Then circa 1892 Lorentz arbitrarily symmetrized the already seriously constrained Heaviside-Maxwell equations, just to get simpler equations easier to solve algebraically, and thus to dramatically reduce the need for numerical methods (which were a "real bear" before the computer). But that symmetrization also arbitrarily discarded all asymmetrical Maxwellian systems - the very ones of interest to us today if we are seriously interested in usable EM energy from the vacuum.

The 1873 edition of A Treatise on Electricity & Magnetism contains the 20 Quaternion Equations that later were rewritten --- censored --- by Oliver Heaviside, et al.. These equations reconcile relativity with modern quantum physics and help to explain "free energy" and anti-gravity.

Links to the complete copies in the Posner Collection at Carnegie Mellon University:


Maxwell''s 1873 Edition of Treatise on Electricity And Magnetism
Posted on Saturday, March 11, 2006 Below are links the online copy of James Clerk Maxwell's 1873 book "Treatise On Electricity And Magnetism". This book will help all free energy researchers who are looking for well grounded scientific principles to explain their devices so mainstream science will have no choice but to accept their reality.

This book has the original quaternion equations that were later edited out of mainstream science by Oliver Heaviside, whose rewriting of Maxwell's original quaternion left modern physics with the four "Heaviside" equations which are totally inadequate for reconciling relativity with quantum physics, explaining the processes which operate "free energy" devices or explaining the phenomena of anti-gravity. Maxwell's original quaternion will help researchers in all of these fields.

Access Both Volumes Online

Treatise On Electricity And Magnetism - Vol 1. - 1873

Treatise On Electricity And Magnetism - Vol 2. - 1873

Status Quo.  Seals their world to what they know. (yielding to power & authority)

Science should be observation of the world,
not limited view that only matches the (limited) science they know.

What did Faraday & Maxwell observe – describe that our science today denies
because they have not considered the quaternion equations ?

Free Energy & Anti- Gravity ?            - - - - top of page index

Tesla for one, knew and used ether since 1900. Elden has video of Einstein publicly saying that ether may exist, even though his theories are based on assumption that it does not exist (hence denying the physics that makes free energy devices exist & work). Schauberger also did free energy devices in Austria / Germany since 1942 – gave up his patents to US government in 1944-45 and they have been sealed from public knowledge since, but may be secretly employed by private industry or secret government.  This could explain the many UFO sightings, (140 million people according to U.N) and other phenomena of which US gov. has been involved and keeping secret for 50+ years. see  Disclosure Project.com Dr. Steven Greer, also Orion Project developing FE for public ?

1976, 'Impossible' Engine, Invented for Real Los Angeles Times

Free Energy devices today use the ether,           the molasses that scientist are looking for.  - - - - top of page index

Vorktex Power Unit: 22" wide x 12" high x 8" deep - weighs about 70 pounds.

Here is unit to buy off the shelf. Working, tested, ready to install.


 4.8 KW  4 Output 12 Volts                        $4,200.00 USD 

Standard 12 volt 100 Amp 4 output unit. Add this unit to an existing setup of solar wind or bio-mass. This unit is for the owner who has a solar or wind unit that needs extra power for the down times. Unit comes with all the cables and instructions to place the power back into the bank of batteries 24 -7. This unit can only be used with lead acid or glass mat batteries.  (Will run whole house from 1 suitcase sized FE unit)

Magnacoaster Motor Company Inc. Ontario, Canada

DirectoryMagna Coaster Motor Company - PESWiki

Event2010Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies for Earth Transformation Conference - PESWiki

Magnacoaster Vorktex nearing commercial rollout        Photo Gallery

Magnetic power, green power, over unity, power for home, no wires, Richard Willis, Magnacoaster Motor Company Inc.

Vorktex- Magnacoster- Ontario Canada 5 kW $ 4-

site  by Ted Elden, Arch., ret. AIA, NCARB, Charleston, W. Va

304 344 2335,   t at abodia.com


Others to explore

Nathan Stubblefield - Ohio famer - etheric energy

Dennis Lee - NOT Recommended - possible scam !

I do not recommend the study or pursuit of Dennis Lee, as I personally know someone who has invested $ 150,000+ in his schemes and has not achieved any working solution as promised by Dennis Lee

Dennis Lee (may have) once (been) worth $ 50 million, in 1980s.  He tried first to offer all home owners in Washington state then in Massachusetts state, that they should pay briefly (at regular monthly energy cost) to buy their own home free energy generators, then continue to use them for a life time with no more energy costs.  His 20 year battle against huge corporate interest is detailed in his book - Alterative. - overview linked here

Learn of Dennis Lee, Better World Technologies, offer home owners of entire states to have free energy.