NASA Mooned America - Ralph Rene

Ralph Rene seems to give pretty definitive proof that WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON...

This book contains 3 full size, full color NASA photos and 6 more NASA black and whites. It is must reading for those who believe our great father in Washington tells us no lies. It opens the mind and then the eyes because I prove my case by using NASA photos, quotes from the Apollo astronauts and quotes from other government scientists. The new edition has a few appendices added and it has had many minor changes since its first printing in 1992. It uses an 8.5 X 11 inch format and has 206 pages.


The below essay deals with this-based on Rene's book:


NASA REALLY MOONED US! [Without Proper Protection, Radiation Will Kill You!!!] by Byron Lebeau


[AS A Citizen of the untied States of America, I am NOT PROUD to have to present the suggested data in the below VITAL REVIEW, but I perceive it as NECESSARY ~~ just like I thought it was necessary to expose the income tax scam & its misdirected cousin, The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, (both of which were reflected many months ago on my websites.) NOW, as President Bush is announcing a "return" to the Moon, I feel it is ABSOLUTELY VITAL to see why we


`There are three things that really stand out in my mind when I think about the MOON LANDING DECEPTIONS: the humble but devastating insights of former ROCKETDYNE employee, Bill Kaysing, and how he single-handedly ripped the mask off of NASA'S attempt to buffalo the American people (and indeed the world) about this most outrageous hoax; the inept non-specific blabber of NASA spokesperson and debunker of Kaysing, one, Brian Welsh, who was set in juxtaposition to Kaysing on the same broadcast and came across as nothing less than a buffoon; the complete and overwhelming data provided by Ralph Rene regarding the flimsy spacesuits vs. the utterly deadly VAN ALLEN BELTS & SOLAR FLARE activity that went on between 1960 and 1974, as presented in his self-published book, NASA MOONED AMERICA, but not fully appreciated on the above program since this data was not presented in any SPECIFIC way.

It is my intention to bring this deadly specific information to the forefront of the conscious mind of America, indeed the world because of its very importance!

DO NOT BELIEVE MY WORDS...BUT BELIEVE THE EVIDENCE OF THOSE WHO INTUITIVELY KNEW WHAT CAME DOWN OVER THIRTY YEARS AGO-AND STILL IS GOING ON TODAY! If you were not convinced by the FOX presentation a few years ago, perhaps, when you see the information that Mr. Rene has painstakingly presented in his book, you may be inclined to rethink your possibly misdirected attitude and read his book...since it makes the case for the MOON HOAX ever so clear and unambiguous. [The data is not "sexy" but the devil is in the details...and believe me, there is quite a DEVILISH DETAIL here!]

"The great masses of the people will fall victim to a big lie than a small one."

The linchpin, in my opinion, of the whole Moon deception, can be focused on the overwhelming data Ralph Rene presents in ONLY chapter fifteen of his excellently researched book, NASA MOONED AMERICA, and the chapter is simply called 'SUNSTROKE'...but firstly, who is Ralph Rene?

Rene, (according to the 'AUTHOR NOTES') is an ex-member of Mensa with an IQ in the top one half percent of the population. He is an inventor with two basic patents (without corporate help.) The author is also a self-taught engineer who has successfully designed beams, trusses, a mobile crane, boats, homes, factories, etc.... [cf. below website of Rene for additional biographical information.]


[I chose this chapter to review because ~ if this information is 100% true, then all the other lies and misdemeanors of NASA - fall neatly into place.]

Rene's premise is that NASA could not have gone to the Moon - PERIOD! This chapter (one of 18, plus 8 revealing addendums,) along with the Radiation Addendums, expose the truth of the NASA LIES, lies that incorporate the details about the Van Allen Belt & solar flares, and their deadly radiation. This data reflects the reason why Rene calls any astronaut who ventured into the Van Allen Belt and beyond ~ an 'astro-NOT!' [The author, though seemingly being flippant, is deadly realistic as the following data will soon reveal.]

To prove his thesis, Rene tries to get certain solar data from NATIONAL OCEANIC & ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION, (NOAA) using clever techniques to disguise his true intentions, [i.e. to get true data on solar flares.] NOAA, unfortunately, proved to be as cagey as Rene in dodging the giving out of any really good DETAILS on this matter, [you know, where the devil resides.]

Rene, seeing games being played, deduced that there must be two sets of data, one which is sent to scientists on the preferred list, and one sent to the likes of Rene as casual strangers. (p.125)

On page 126 of his manuscript, he actually secured 'MONTHLY COUNTS OF GROUPED SOLAR FLARES' (1967-1991) for reference. He notes that during 1968-1969, Apollo mission 8,9,10,11 & 12 "allegedly left the protection provided by the Van Allen Belt (shield) and entered lunar space.(p.126) On the same page, the author emphasizes that extremely powerful flares can randomly occur at any portion of the cycle.... FOR INSTANCE, from 1969 to 1972 there were 27,019 flares or 19 storms a day. Doing some calculations (p.127) ~ Rene concluded that Apollo 15 would have been bathed in 268 flares (an average of over 22 per day,( from July 26 through August 7 of 1971.


The author finally received some information about solar flares, but coming through a book called, NOAA TECHNICAL MEMORANDUN ERL-22, by J.A. McKinnon, an NOAA expert on solar flares. One can refer to Rene's book for details, but the bottom line:

"The sun can act as a formidable source of radiation." (p.128) which is just what the Russians told NASA in 1963. [cf. below remarks by Russian Cosmonaut at the end of this essay/review.]

As this chapter aptly reveals, solar flare activity was as predictable as ancient weather reports or...[Carry your umbrella at all times!]


1) Well, for starters, the outer skin of the LEM [Lunar Entry Module,] had "the thickness of heavy-duty aluminum foil..." as per John Wilford, Super Weight Improvement Program.(p.129)

2) Cosmic particles are dangerous, come from all sides, and require at least 2 meters of solid shielding around all living organisms, as per John H. Mauldin, who has a Masters in physics and a Ph.D. in science education. Furthermore, Mauldin states that the solar flares can give doses of hundreds of thousands of REM over a few hours at the distance from Earth. Such doses are fatal and millions of times greater than the permitted dose. DEATH IS LIKELY AFTER 500 REMS IN ANY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.


3) Surely the space suits were sufficiently protected? THINK AGAIN! says Rene. The TMG (thermal-meteoroid garment) was made of a dozen layers of ultra fine spun glass cloth, doped with silicon rubber, some aluminum threads & a coating of Teflon. [If this can stop particles up to 2 gigavolt (2 billion EV) than the author sarcastically adds how "easy" it would be to protect them in an atomic reactor where the particle energies are below 18 megavolts (18 million EV.) If they could [BUT THEY CAN'T!] they would be able to romp around in Three Mile Island's meltdown, still hot, reactor all day long in such a splendid garment. [Sadly, NASA's little lie is a tip-off for the BIG LIE A. Hitler uttered and cited at the beginning of this essay/review.]

4) HOW DANGEROUS ARE REMS? Well, Ralph Rene cites an interesting anecdote on page 130: the SST, (Super Sonic Transport) must lower course if the - get this - "millirems" (1/1000 of a rem) approaches 10! [It seems the elite who took this transport do not wish to take ANY CHANCES with even a few rays of radiation.] Of course, maybe they know something since 500 REM (according to McKinnon) cause 50% deaths within one month.(p.130) [cf. the various scale of this is also offered in Rene's manuscript on the same page.] 5) MORE REM DANGER: Rene read that even 170 REMS is dangerous & almost guaranteess a cancerous future, but when he checked the source, he found that it was 170 milli'rads' which is the equivalent of 170 REMS...[The source is indicated as footnote #15, which comes from 'POISON POWER,' "Gofman" & Tamplin, 1971, Rodale, p.126.] Rene muses, "No wonder the SST aborts its flight plan at 100 millirems." (p.132) 6) WHO GOT ZAPPED? 6a) During the Gemini 10 mission, Mike Collins allegedly received ".78 rads"(78 millirems) over 24 hours while under the Van Allen Belt umbrella, which is almost EIGHT TIMES what it takes for the SST to "streak for cover." (p.132) [If one were to peruse the opening part of NASA MOONED AMERICA, there seems to be a problem with the 'Mike Collins' pictures (faked, according to Rene,) going back to as early as July, 1966. Why? Maybe Collins was made of the "right stuff" - so much so - that he was immune to radiological poisoning?!? Obviously, Rene's astro-NOTS ' RIGHT STUFF is nothing but balogna sliced really thin...perhaps!] 6b) A big flare during Apollo 16, (April 17,1972) where "Astro-nots Young, Mattingly & Duke, should have been fried, but, of course, they weren't."(p.133) They also allegedly spent rearly 20 hours outside the LEM in the seering sunlight [judged to be about 250 degrees F.-really HOT!!!] and radiation from residual flares. 6c) Drawing on the frequency of sun flares over a 25 year period [that encompassed the time frame of the Apollo missions,] there were, on average, 5391 flares per year or 14.76 per day. The Apollo astro-nots were in space for 85 days, subjecting themselves to about 1254 (actually 1485) flares. According to McKinnon (cited previously) ~ even a 1% probability would mean at least 12 SUPER DEADLY FLARES OF X RATED CAPACITY or OVER ONE PER MISSION!(p.135)



If solar flares can potentially give doses up to hundreds to thousands of REM over a few hours at the distance of Earth - and as mentioned previously - DEATH IS LIKELY AFTER 500 REMS in any short time...[then you do not have to be a Sherlock Holmes to perceive the BIG LIE!] According to Rene, all 27 of the astro-NOTS who went to the Moon should be dead from radiation. [Shouldn't they?] If you are, however, the SUPER-skeptical type, I invite you read The Radiation Addendums. It's another eye-opener! #1 (by James Miller,) one can begin to ascertain the truth about atomic chain reactions and exactly how radioactivity is produced, contradicting other lies of NASA. #2 (James A. Van Allen) also proves that the three hours it takes coming & going through this belt (which, of course, was named after him,) that each of the solar storms per day [14.77 cited previously] produces a minimum of 369 REMS, and unless one has at least two meters (6 foot) of solid shielding [unlike what the astro-NOTS had,] one would be committing suicide. (John Mauldin, ex-NASA astrophysicist) OF COURSE, NASA's spin doctors claim that men can live after 500 REMS and that space has very little radiation. (p.170) WHOM DO YOU BELIEVE? IN Addendum #3, an expert on the Van Allen Belt, Dr. Frank Greening, proves (as deduced by Rene,) that even travelling within the Van Allen Belt, one could expect to receive enough radiation (coming & going) - that - "you would be dying upon reentry whether outer space contains radiation or is as radiation free as NASA claims it is. [The CASE SHOULD CLOSE RIGHT HERE...but Bush wants to go to Mars, so let me add one other Apollo 17 mission, at 12 days long was the longest flight made. With at least a million seconds in 12 days, at .32 rads/sec., the total exposure for each astro-not would be 320,000 rads. [WOULD YOU SIGN UP FOR BUSH's PLANNED MARS' TRIP?] ONCE ONE SEES CLEARLY that flimsy space suits will kill you in deadly space (as the Russians found out,) then all the other pieces start coming together ~ like in a secret place called Mercury, Nevada,(p.17) as part of the secured site, the site of the double-cross, the site where the REAL action was taking place long before AREA 51 became a bone of contention for Ufologists!


1) Why no stars are ever seen in any of the NASA photos...

2) Why the flag was "flapping" in no ostensible atmosphere: NO WIND, REMEMBER!

3) Why no blast crater was under the lunar lander: Hoisted from above? [Let's not forget the "no dust" either on the landing pads, or Kaysing would never forgive me!]

4) Why we see defined foot prints that can only be made with moisture!?!

5) Why all the hundreds of pictures were "picture perfect" even though the astronauts (or astro-nots, as Rene would have it) could not even bend their hands.

6) Why there HAD TO BE LIGHTING from other sources unless physcis has changed its properties! [This is so silly it is not even worth commenting on to the serious researcher.]

7) Why one of the spokespersons from NASA (Brian Welsh, as shown on the Fox Broadcast, DID WE LAND ON THE MOON? - said nothing of any value in trying to deflect the valid criticism of researchers like Bill Kaysing & Ralph Rene.

Even the so-called "bad editing" could be easily seen as bad NASA editing, drawing even more attention to their lies & cover up. [NOTE: Debunkers are never to get into details since they can't; their function is simply to deflect and dismiss and so bedazzle the ordinary Joe, (looking for guidance) and leading him down the cul~de~sac of disinformation. Hey Brian, you fit right in!]

BY THE WAY: the Russian Cosmonaut who knew better about the deadly radiation problem was mentioned by Bill Kaysing on the tv braodcast, and supported the Rene information of chapter 15 above: His name was Boris Valentinovich Volinov, and he feared that the radiation could come through the craft. [SMART GUY, just like Ralph Rene, former Mensa man!]

Incidentally, on a second tv interview of Bill Kaysing (technical writer for ROCKETDYNE from 1957-1963)~ done by a Ross Marshall (the 1995 production of WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON, which is also the name of Kaysing's book,) Bill discloses an interesting fact: He said that NORTON AIR FORCE BASE contained all the professional technological equipment necessary to pull off the STUNT AND DECEPTION OF LAST CENTURY. They are closed now, but back then, they were located in San Bernadino, Cal., which had the largest movie studio in the area.

AND lebeau IS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SKEPTICALLY READ THE BOOK AND CAME AWAY A BELIEVER IN THE ANALYSIS OF RALPH RENE...Below you will find a review by WAYNE GREEN, who, in effect, could find no fault with the 30 or so "gotcha's" that Rene pinned on NASA (Never a Straight Answer,) so I guess I am challenging every thinking tax-paying American to put aside his/her built-in prejudice in this matter and CRACK THE BOOK! It is the least you can do to convince yourself that 'crackpots' like lebeau & Green, Kaysing & especially Ralph Rene are OFF THEIR ROCKERS-OR- MAYBE THEY'RE NOT!?!



After viewing the words of Bill Kaysing, and both viewing and reading the masterful work by Ralph Rene about our NON-MOON SOJOURNS, then seeing even more alleged deceptions on ABOUT OTHER EXECUTIVE BRANCH "INITIATIVES"~~ I finally said: ENOUGH! So the following is the stream that flowed from my soul, voiced in poetic just anger:

As the thread...

As the thread begins to loosen the noose grows tighter still the darkness scurries ever deeper yet the light begins to fill...

As the tapestry unravels the veil comes crashing down the evil-doers stripped quite naked in such fleeced unstately 'gown'...

As the stench wafts ever higher toward the nooses on the tree denial now futile, so one cries out: "Have mercy on the likes of me!"

Will the circle be unbroken? by-and-by Lord, by-and-by there's a better home awaiting in the sky Lord, in the sky... As the clock begins to beckon with ropes now draped around each neck of every wolf who did deceiveth all the lambs they truly wrecked. byron lebeau


Certainly the above is DISTURBING INFORMATION, but doesn't it say in The Gospel of Thomas, Saying #2, the following:

"Let one who seeks not stop seeking until one finds. When one finds, one will be troubled. When one is troubled, one will marvel and will rule over all."

SO THEN, knowledge becomes power, and when one is 'troubled' it seems to begin the unraveling process (which I take is the "marvel" portion of the saying; Marvin Meyer in his notes for the below book, referred to this as part of the process of seeking & finding: "The Gospel of Thomas.") ONLY THEN you will rule! An interesting saying, to say the least, allegedly out of the mouth of Jesus, himself!


Ralph Rene cites a quote by Hitler in the beginning of his book that is often used by nefarious control-freak types to fool large groups of people, namely, ...